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  1. Back up for a look... Keep the day open, will have entries available soon!
  2. Yeah there is a buckle up for BLACK POWDER classic Shooter... Thanks to another fine Classic! Should be a picture in an above post.
  3. 5.0 grains of Trail Boss with a 165grn bullet from Badman bullets
  4. I sure hope so! Ya better make the trip... Just would not be right, not having you there to whooop up on!
  5. So planning on having a classic Cowboy side match stage. What do you all think of this? Must be shooting Classic Cowboy /Cowgirl and meet the needed criteria. Side matches incude: Fastest Stage Fastest Duelist/Double Duelist Fastest Hammered Fastest 87 Fastest Rifle Fastest 1860 Henry I think this would be a hoot!!! Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Had a shooter from Nebraska put up a custom loading block for one lucky classic at the Showdown! Thanks Crooked Creek!
  7. I believe they are still working on getting it ready. As soon as they do I will get it poated. Ya shoot'n classic for the match Uncle Bulldog?
  8. Buckle for the Classic Cowboy Showdown! This is for those not shooting Black Powder. Check out them blue stones.. Dang this is a nice look'n Buckle! Sign up folks... Lets get ready to battle it out.
  9. Mine is made in Big Timber... And it is excellent. Doubt you will hear anyone say otherwise.
  10. Thank you for providing that list, I appreciate it. If you are wanting to attend this great match, and need a room you may want to chexk on them now. Hope to see you all at Border Wars!
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