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  1. I will keep an eye on the status of Ike Museum, if I hear anything I will let you know. It is a neat place to visit.
  2. Your welcome! Ya enjoy it, maybe run into you at a shooting event someday!
  3. Soooo who else wants to come play? .... Got a great bunch of classics already verbally committed! Join in on the fun... Or at least pass the word. M.A.T.
  4. Crap thought I already had you on there,! ..
  5. It was built for Ruger Vaqueros with 7 1/2 barrels. The belt is 44" to center hole. With three holes each way. The holsters are steel lined so you can adjust the tension on your pistols. They also are built so they will stay in place on the belt. Really nicely built, I just always use a set a good friend built me when I started... These have been used less then a 12 times. Both holsters are angled as I shoot duelist with my right hand. Asking $250 Any questions just ask. M.A.T.
  6. Great! How ya been Largo? I was hoping you two could make the trip! Always good shooting with you buddy!
  7. Looks like I have several Classics willing to take up the challenge!
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