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  1. Hoping lots of my Classic Pards are able to attend. Got several nice custom awards for this one! BP and Smokeless Buckle. Conchos! And even an award for Classic cowgirl BP.!
  2. I agree with Scout, if you all happen to have a list.. Times...ect. for the match it would be great! I would love to share it with several Classic shooters attending. Some are headed up all the way from Oklahoma and Texas and sure need time for planning. Thanks for any info.
  3. Always a great shoot at POP range. Folks if you have not attended.. I urge you to give this match a try. Sure hope I can make it this year myself.
  4. Back up!! Sure could use some cowgirls signing up for the Showdown... Come on ladies get in on this great shoot!
  5. Jed, I love the Classic Cowboy Category... It is a hoot for sure! Started a Classic Cowboy Showdown, few years back, if you can make it... Would be great for you to join us this year. If I can help in anyway.. Feel free to holler. majorarttillery@gmail.com
  6. I use one of these https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/allen-victory-duplex-attache-pistol-case-2-pistols-us-flag/FC-026509076094.html
  7. As you kick back... Using talk to text tech on your mobile (computer) phone to post on the world wide web? Yeah.. Golly you are right. Tidy up you Man-bun, go down to your local lattee shop and tell me another one ya hipster
  8. I will continue to do updates here also... And I have your email. Mostly another way to advertise and get the word out. How you been? Hope you can make the trip.. Be good to shoot with you again.
  9. I have started a Facebook Page for the Showdown... Please check it out. "Classic Cowboy / Cowgirl Showdown" (That should get you there if not, please let me know) It will have info and updates for this years showdown. But will also have photos and video from past showdowns. If you have attended past events and have photos or video.. Feel free to share them there.
  10. I sure wish I could make this trip again.. to personally congratulate the winners! Congratulations to you both.. Wear that buckle with pride, it is a great honor! Till we meet on down the trail.. Ya'll take care and have fun at Winter Range!
  11. Yep.. All I use are 12 gauge plastic wads. Works fine... When you clean the barrel you get this long plastic barrel skin though
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