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  1. Looking for some coated bullets in the 165grn range for 44-40. Would like to get them at .428.. Anybody point me in a direction?
  2. Good looking grips! Wish I had the funds.. I would love to own these.
  3. Practice? What is this you speak of? My Henry is untuned... No short stroke...and no spacer stick. But I am going to just leave this picture right here Big Brother
  4. As far as I know they can only win once, but honestly not for sure. Dragon Hill Dave can give us the info on that next time he check this post.
  5. Cayenne Kay actually was awarded this great honor last year... Sadly I did not get the chance to meet her.
  6. That is kind of a cool idea! Going to write that down. Thanks
  7. Great match, but they got so much going on there already. Would really like to keep it State or just an annual match somewhere.
  8. Got you on the list for sure buddy. I just need to figure out what weekends I have aviable next year and see what match will work. Keep me posted on your club Chili
  9. Probably too far for me next year... But got it wrote down on the list.
  10. Winter Range already has way to much going on as is. Would like to keep it to a State or annual match. Went my first time this year though.. Dang was it fun!
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