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  1. I know you can buy them from Ruger's website... And Brownells I believe. https://shopruger.com/Revolvers/products/7400/
  2. One of my favorite event to attend! I just never make it there as often as I would like!
  3. Thanks for the bump to the top. I am really looking forward to the event, and shooting with you folks!
  4. Looking forward to seeing ya Uncle Bulldog! It has been too long.
  5. I missed that post!! Dang pard... Sorry to hear this!
  6. Sorry to let ya down pard. Lol I would have had to sale that Hi-Point at a loss for like $10,000 In all honesty It is crazy.. what people are paying out there. Watched a box of shells sale at a local auction for $45!! That is insane!
  7. I will take them! Got me a high dollar fancy gun to reload ammo for. Yeah. ... It's a Hi-Point, don't hate me because I have money to spend.
  8. Time is running out.. get them entries sent in to take part in the Showdown!
  9. That is sad to hear pard! We will have to continue our 1860 Henry Battle another time... Till then you heal up and we will catch you on down the trail.
  10. Always a good one to buy! I love my 1860 Henry! Do you shoot classic by chance?
  11. I agree.. Endowment member here of the NRA. I also just joined the GOA (Gun Owners Of America)... Another great organization. Going to join my Local Rifle Association as well again... As I have let my membership there lapse.
  12. Looking forward to Shooting With You folks! Hope to have a good group of Classic Shooters join us!
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