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  1. You got them on.. your good to go. I wear braces ( suspenders) under a vest all the time. The items need to be worn on the person in order to count. Ya only have 5 and take an item off your out of category.
  2. In the past I shot a Marlin 1894 Cowboy in 32-20 and two Uberti Single Action Revolvers Chambered in it as well. I only met one other fella that did... He had a 73 Chambered in it as well as a set of those Ruger convertible revolvers Chambered in it. Never me anyone else that I know of.
  3. Hope you can make it this year buddy! We gotta get together this next year for sure!
  4. Yes sir... A buckle has been donated. Along with other awards.
  5. I hope so as well. Should be a great time in Iowa for the match. Remember John Wayne's Birthplace and museum is just a short drive from the event!
  6. Psst.... How many of you classics are going to make it? Get them entries in folks!
  7. I get what your saying... I may have to dig in a little deeper... Just for my own curiosity
  8. I would recommend a Marlin as others have mentioned. Also you can transport a loaded rifle in Kansas, it doesn't need unloaded. Now Crossing state lines may be a different matter. https://giffords.org/lawcenter/state-laws/guns-in-vehicles-in-kansas/
  9. I'm not sure he can handle the recoil of such a cartridge as the 45/70... He is a frail lil fella. He probably should leave said cartridge to a real man
  10. Right now I plan on attending the Classic Cowboy Showdown held in Conjunction with the Iowa State Match over Memorial Weekend.
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