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  1. I have been doing this since 1993. Started with colt second gen. 7 1/2" 45 colts. Went to 4 3/4" 3rd gen 38/40's cause I could. Now shoot 5 1/2" rnv after shooting 4.62" rugers for 6 years. Once I grab the gun I can not really tell the difference. My fastest time with the 5.5" out of the holster shooting at a times balloon is .49 seconds. Very similar to my time with a 4.62" or 4.75". The stage is not won at the draw, it is in the transition, as my friend Galvez says. If you practice with a 5.5" you will be just as fast as a 3.5". Just my observations. The really fast people would be fast with any barrel length.
  2. Prayers up for Bob "Winchester" Blair!!!!! He really loves this sport and the cowboy way!!!!!!!
  3. Lumpy, that looks like a great product! I have a Shiloh 45-90 and a Shiloh 50-140. The 45-90 is fun to shoot and the 50-140 is fun for other people to shoot. The 50-140 is a New York gun from before the move to Montana. 140 grains of 2f and a 630 grain pill will get your attention.
  4. Condolences to the family and to you Phantom. We are a big family and when we lose a close one, well it is hard! Prayers for his family. Prayers for you as we all know that close friends become part of us.
  5. Hellbender, It was great shooting with you! Posse 4 rocked!!!!!
  6. You already have the answers from prior posts! I think we have had enough of the back and forth. Put the credit on the folks that put on trailhead!!!!!!!! They did a great job, worked their tails off and pulled off a great match! Phantom, I respect your posts! "Keep your powder dry and your humor dryer, for if you need your powder, you will damn sure need your humor", as my dad would tell one of his best friends.
  7. The guys and girls at Trailhead have put on a great one!
  8. Phantom, I did not attack you! You have an attitude. I was making a joke about the judge and you did not get it and maybe I did not say it right. I forgot to put in there about the fact that I did not know it was the judge at the time and told Taco Bill I just gave some guy smoking a cigar $400.00 for a life membership in SASS and did not get a receipt. As for the numbers on the badges, it was to illustrate that I have been doing this longer than you have and have seen most of the changes and most of the buiishit. If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I am a positive person. Maybe you should look back at your posts over time and see how negative someone might view your opinions. Why are you trying to denigrate me or anything or anyone else. Get a grip! I have been to all but three Trailheads since 1997 and have won my category a time or two.
  9. Phantom, You have your ways and I have mine, as my grandfather used to say! I guess what I was saying is that some people do not have a way of having open and honest discussion as their opinion is fact. I went out of my way to say I was talking in generalities and you took it personal. I was not talking to you! I do not know you and probably never will. You have stated your opinions on Trailhead in the past that were not favorable. It is your opinion that it was bad that THSS did not allow you to move with a drawn pistol. That is an opinion! Now you are expressing your opinion about the targets that were waaaaay out there and that was bad. Your very thread is an opinion. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes it is negative in a way that is not taken as it should be. My post was a positive post and it is turning negative due to someone having a difference of opinion with me. I know you have been doing this a long time and I have been a member of SASS since 1994 and a life member since 1997 when I gave a fellow at the sass booth at Mule Camp my life membership money. That fellow was the Judge. LOL Red River Rudy signing off!!!
  10. Sass rules applied! Loading tables were full! Phantom, I am not sure what you are talking about with moving with a pistol in hand. All of the SASS rules applied as far as I know. All things change, sometimes for the better!!!!!!! Posse 4 had no P's that I know of. Did not hear anyone complaining, except for the couple of people complaining about themselves missing a "stand and deliver" stage shooting at a target the size of a Volkswagen at five paces. LOL, the pistol targets were close enough for me to hit shooting outlaw, and I am not a "T-Bone Dooley" shooter! Lets remember that when we post our personal opinions, sometime we influence people when we later find out we were somewhat wrong in our opinion and we have already caused harm. If someone does not have something good to say, maybe our silence will give our opinion. I am not speaking about anyone in particular. I just do not like negative comments, about anything. I guess that is the way I was taught growing up in the country. Just my 2 cents. This post is not directed toward anyone! I respect Phantom and his input and I am making general statements, so nobody should think that I am making statements about Phantom.
  11. Trailhead 2019 was one of the best shoots that I have been to in a long time. The targets are closer that I have ever seen them and I have been going to this shoot for 20+ years. The targets are also made of A500 steel that rings like a bell. The overall theme of the match was Lonesome Dove, which everyone loves. The scenarios were simple with the pistol sequences being easy and the rifle instructions the same as the pistol. Easy shotgun targets, not like the chickens we all know are coming later this year.(just kidding T-Bone). Trailhead is a must shoot next year!!!!! Keep up the great work. This club also has the Sharpshooter and Cody/Dixon categories, which are a bunch of fun. I also enjoyed watching the long range match, which is held at a real black powder silhouette range. Also, they let me, Texas Mac, Crazy Ed and E.T. shoot the Outlaw category!!! Hope I did not leave anyone out of our category. Cowboys and Cowgirls, please consider going to one of the oldest shoots in Texas next year! You will not regret it!
  12. Should have read the whole thread. If this jacket runs small that I will have to withdraw my post about taking the jacket. I need a full 2xl. I am sorry if my post caused any confusion. Thanks
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