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  1. Congrats to Matt on EOT! That is an amazing stage to beat Spencer! Keep up the great work! Should be a sub 10 second stage coming up! (would not surprise me) LOL
  2. Calvin N. Hobbs, thanks for your service!!!!!!!! Is your new alias Buffalowinter? Are you going to the Bar 3 or Shooting in the Shade?
  3. Slick, those are right up Irish Pat's alley! Have you talked to him? Be pretty on his colts.
  4. Glad you are back! Maybe we will see you at the Bar 3?
  5. Trade you $400 cash and my mec 9000 with hydraulic operation for the series 70. Just a thought.
  6. Buy extra brass if you do not do the following. After the match, ask the Match director if you can go out in front of the stages and pick up 10 empties at each stage. Problem of brass loss solved!
  7. I am not selling it for $795.00, I am just saying that Ebay had one for $795.00. Make me a reasonable offer
  8. hydraulic press with some upgrades. $600.00 or best offer. I have a MEC 9000 hydraulic foot pedal operation 12 gauge reloader for sale or trade. Has all of the usual stuff and a micrometer bar for shot and powder. I got this reloader from Matt Masterson(Matt Parker) several years ago. He had just gotten it back from having MEC put everything back to specs. I have loaded less than 100 shells on it. Ebay has one for a buy it now price of $795.00. Make me an offer or suggest a trade. Thanks Rudy Tucker
  9. I have an iron framed Henry in 45 lc  Call or email 225-324-2100 or rtucker@eatel.net

  10. Ok, I am challenging everyone that the boys from Louisiana are cooking something that is only cooked in Louisiana or in another world at Comin AtCha 2017. I may cook a pig in the Cajun microwave or an alligator and turtle sauce picante or a chicken and sausage jambalaya or a sure nuf alligator border chili. I challenge everyone else to try to top this at the parking lot wars. Ought to be on television. I do grow my own pigs and alligators.
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