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  1. I had a great time at the Great Spaghetti Western match! The Texas Tenhorns know how to put on shooter friendly stages! Food, friends and shooting, does not get any better than that!
  2. Fox Creek Stitcher, I have a Buffalo Classic with a barrel mounted peep. If you are going to the Great Spaghetti Western shoot in Texas in June, I can have it there. Let me know and I will start figuring how much gold. Nice gun in 38-55
  3. I have $3,500

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    2. Red River Rudy, SASS #8490 LIFE

      Red River Rudy, SASS #8490 LIFE

      Don't have that old model anymore.  I do have a Taurus 1911 in stainless



    3. Red River Rudy, SASS #8490 LIFE

      Red River Rudy, SASS #8490 LIFE

      I do have an old model bisley in 45.  I think it is an old model


    4. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      I’d be interested in the either one. Can you send me pics to my phone 318-278-9071 ?

      when would you like want to meet ?

  4. Silver Cloud, I am so sorry!!!!!! If there is anything I can do, let me know! Was with him at Fort Parker in November! Great Cowboy! Really did a lot to help out at Fort Parker. Always had a great story about his military days. He and Silver Cloud had an anniversary in November. He will be missed. RIP
  5. I shoot my Shilo 50-140 a few times a year. 630 grain bullet. It is stout, but not anything like my 50 bmg. I sometimes load it with 300 grain bullets for kids and ladies to shoot, just so they can say they shot a Big 50. The 300 gr bullets are for my 50-110 winchester '86. The 50-140 holds a bunch of black or aap and makes a bunch of smoke. Most of my loads are with 5744.
  6. I have an iron framed Henry in 45 lc  Call or email 225-324-2100 or rtucker@eatel.net

  7. Ok, I am challenging everyone that the boys from Louisiana are cooking something that is only cooked in Louisiana or in another world at Comin AtCha 2017. I may cook a pig in the Cajun microwave or an alligator and turtle sauce picante or a chicken and sausage jambalaya or a sure nuf alligator border chili. I challenge everyone else to try to top this at the parking lot wars. Ought to be on television. I do grow my own pigs and alligators.
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