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  1. 'Rat-Sized' Monster Moth Too Heavy to Fly Discovered at Australian School https://www.newsweek.com/rat-sized-monster-moth-too-heavy-fly-discovered-australian-school-1588652
  2. In Australia, even the plants try to kill you! https://au.news.yahoo.com/oxford-gympie-gympie-grown-inside-cage-home-worlds-most-venomous-plant-100451000.html
  3. Just wondering. Does "reparations" mean that they tax everybody and give to just one group, depending on their skin color? Or do they just tax people of one skin color to give to other skin color? What about people of skin tones that were not involved in this at all? What if the people chosen to pay reparations are recent immigrants to this country, or their families didn't even live here back then. What if you're mixed race? What if the people who are supposed to get reparations weren't in this country at the time and had never been slaves? I'm just sceptical that all the money taxed or redistributed will actually go to someone who in some way was effected, and instead just fund a huge bureaucracy set up to somehow figure this all out, and cost more than is ever raised by the new redistribution tax. Isn't that what happened with the "war on poverty?" Actually giving a million dollars to everyone below the poverty level would have cost far less. Yes, that's factual. You can look it up.
  4. Looks like it's the same gun listed on Guns.com and Guns International. The same used .357. It looks like someone got Cerakote happy. I think it looks like a royal mess! A hard Pass for me.
  5. I was having a problem like that, too. So, I experimented with e-mail programs and get prompt notifications on Yahoo. If you're out and about, you can set it up on your phone. But, then you have to set up your phone to notify you that you got an e-mail I was able to get a good deal on my Vaqueros that way. But, I'm normally too late, because I forget to bring my phone, or can't hear the notification sound. The folks who have that thingy in their ears and go around talking to themselves are faster on the draw than I am!
  6. I'm totally confused by the term "open category". I've never heard it mentioned by anyone. Is that a category where any age can shoot any style? Does this mean a gunfighter can move over to an age-based category and shoot it Gunfighter-style?
  7. The loading table gets so crowded you can't hardly move? I'd have to start coughing, sneezing, smile and tell folks I musta ate a bad batch of bat soup! Where I shoot, only 3 at a time are allowed on the loading table. That's just courteous.
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