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  1. It's a Western. Not only that but a big budget TV Western series. If it's successful, then the hollywood copycat mill will churn out other TV Western series. I'm hoping that this will start a resurgence!!
  2. My rifle will cycle flawlessly either .357 Magnum cases and a 125gr bullet or a .38 Special with a 125gr bullet. My revolvers are .357s so yeah, they'll do either just fine. For cowboy loads, the data is pretty similar. After shooting both, I couldn't tell a difference. So, no problem. I have a good supply of both length cases. That got me to wondering. For cowboy shooting, is there any advantage to using one over the other? Thanks, CK
  3. The vendor could be on the road right now. Lots of big matches at this time of year.
  4. I have a Uberti '73 20". I want to switch out the stock front sight to a Marbles front sight. The store I'm buying from says they have 4 heights, .37, .41, .45 and .50 Is there a recommended front sight height? The rear sight that's on there is a semi-buckhorn.
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