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  1. I run Rugers (New Model, but stamped Vaquero) chambered in 44 Special, and 73s in 44 special. The are a lot of 44 special Colt clones, SAA, and open tops available.
  2. I've taken a bunch of them out using the same method described by Larsen. I have a couple of caliber specific sizes of brass rods that I place in the barrel to drive the bushing back in place.
  3. I repair the bolts so they will accept the uberti replaceable tab. If something happens then the shooter can just buy a replacement tab. I also add a coil spring like I do for the extractor to allow a little give to them.
  4. Had a guy bring one to me in the shop in a box. He had taken it all apart 30+ years ago and moved several times since then. Surprisingly most of it was there.
  5. A Chicago screw with a couple of washers fits the hole perfect.
  6. The barrel and tube should still come off. If it does, see if you can use a small non marring tool between the bolt and carrier to drop the carrier and free the bolt.
  7. Does it still feel like it has good hammer spring tension? Sometimes if the mainspring screw is ran loose to get a lighter feeling action the screw can back out and lock gun up or let the mainspring pull out of position (some mainspring don't have much of a groove for the retaining pin) and lock up gun. Disassembly required.
  8. Precision rifle barrel fitting book. $80 shipped.
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