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  1. Skip to main content You are here Home » What We Do » Mission Areas » Firearms FIREARMS MENU Is a license needed to engage in the business of engraving, customizing, refinishing or repairing firearms? Yes. A person conducting such activities as a business is considered to be a gunsmith within the definition of a dealer. [18 U.S.C. 921(a)(11) and (21); 27 CFR 478.11] Last Reviewed July 13, 20
  2. You could drill and tap a stock one for an adjustable timing set screw.
  3. Online Outpost is great to do business with.
  4. There is a form that must be filled out by FFL when shipping USPS.
  5. It is 680 green locktite a little heat should loosen them up so you can pop them off.
  6. There was a sheriff model run of 500, a blued 4 5/8 run of 500, and a stainless 4 5/8 run of 500. I have a pair of the stainless, and I know where 3 more are, but can't get them to part with them.
  7. Wow....I managed to keep my sense of humor under control.
  8. I bought a thousand Federal Large pistol match magnum for $63 + tax at a shop for a friend...beats that $250 gunbroker price.
  9. Wow....No conspiracy theories about limiting shooters, just a simple innocent question about parking being a limiting factor, and maybe being able to squeeze in a few more shooters. Everyone is doing an outstanding job to make this happen
  10. If the parking is what is limiting EOT to 500, there will be a lot of the shooters traveling together in 1 vehicle, I know of several that are 3 to a vehicle, could there be a way of getting the current waiting in the shoot. Parking passes of some type.... There may be other issues limiting to 500 but I sure would like to see this other group get in.
  11. I cannot do the whole match, so if I hadn't made the cut for cowboy, I would have shot Wild Bunch.
  12. Made it in but 5 of the others that I shoot with did not
  13. Here's the deal on the knurled ones. I made some for stainless mag tubes. Sold a few but the last 2 guys that bought one they would not fit. I test fit on 4 tubes after I make one, but Uberti has some tubes out there that are too small. I have one of the tubes it came off of a brand new rifle. The factory cap was snug, my cap would not fit, older factory caps would not fit, scrub oak willies hex key cap would not fit, I suspect the brass ones won't fit either. So for now I only make them for rifles in the shop, or stainless tube conversions until I figure a happy medium.
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