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  1. That is correct, trying to send message but it says you can't receive.
  2. Anything in pic is $10- $15 each plus about $8 shipping, combine and save. 2, 7 round Springfield Armory mags and 2, 8 round Chip McCormick Shooting Star mags all of which are very low mileage.
  3. I have been using the Estate 1145 fps for several years, never had any issues at all and never hang up in my SKB.
  4. Thanks Blaze, but I wouldn't have a use for them at this time.
  5. If anyone found something to complain about they really had to dig. Excellent match!!
  6. Congratulations on joining the Jedi ranks. Sorry I missed it, they must have done it at the banquet last night.
  7. I have a single, let me think about if I really want to sell. It has a butchered front sight that I planned to replace but haven't had time.
  8. Are those from Lipseys? I have a pair like them except my serial numbers start 510-xxxx. Mine were from a 500 run also. I know they also did a run of 500 blued ones and a run of 500 with the shorter barrels.
  9. If anyone needs Federal small or large pistol primers, let me know. I am picking some up Friday.
  10. If the current 1878's that are available are made in Pakistan I am glad I found out now.
  11. Just in case anyone has been looking for a 1878 Hammered shotgun, they are back in stock at Cimarron, or local dealers can get you one
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