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  1. It was a pleasure shooting with you and Ethan. You're a great Gunfighter and ran some super stages in spite of your injury.
  2. I installed one in a Beretta, you will need to replace or modify the lever.
  3. You will have to crunch your numbers again Buck. Lefty had a miss.
  4. Congratulations Duke, kick butt at Indiana State this weekend. I'll try to get Chinaman to fill your shoes on our posse this Saturday.
  5. Great job Stoney, always a pleasure to shoot with you.
  6. Shot on same posse, all I can say is WOW!!
  7. Personally, not being allowed to re-engage shotgun targets in Wild Bunch is one thing I wish would change.
  8. Widder graciously offered to show me how to do them, but we couldn't get together due to different circumstances last year, so I tore into one and understood what he was talking about, but I locate and pin them from the side for the short stroke, then polish everything, then set up the springs and do the trigger.
  9. Great match, great club. Always a fun place to shoot.
  10. I know of one guy that had loading issues with frangible bullets, and have seen recalls on some frangible ammo.
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