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  1. C'mon man, here's the deal,there is no evidence of registration tampering.
  2. I would give it a try depending on the when and where. I have moved into Senior Gunfighter but I can hold my own against the youngsters. I am also a Gunsmith.
  3. My pards Dakota, Missouri Traveler, Missouri Lefty, Les Hitts, and Coop Dogs entries must not have hit Papa Daves inbox yet.
  4. I talked a couple more into entering, one hasn't been for several years, and the other has never been to Wartrace.
  5. Numrich had them at one time, haven't checked lately.
  6. I did a Uberti 73 last month that was hands down the worst out of the box 73 I ever handled. This cowboy ordered it, if it had been on the rack somewhere I don't think it would have ever sold. Good thing it was in for a complete gutting.
  7. Lightly used JP muzzle brake for .308 5/8-24. $75 shipped. 3 aluminum double stack/single stack adjustable mag holders $75.00 shipped
  8. Entry went out Monday. Gonna miss shooting against you Widder.
  9. Sorry, if it is the older version it is China, the newer ones are Pakistan.
  10. I ran 44 Russians in my 73 with a Happy Trails carrier for a few years while shooting Russian revolvers. Never had a problem, unless I forgot to push last round past the stop.
  11. If it is very old Navy Arms there are a lot of differences. Bolt and extention, hammers, pin sizes, mag tube, ......
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