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  1. Lightly used Colt Competition Series 1911, 2 mags, fiber optic front, Harrison Design true radius sear, Novak adjustable rear, spacer kit installed with 80's series safety parts included $800 shipped to your FFL.
  2. 1,000 pieces of 45 acp small primer brass. $60 shipped or $30 for 500 shipped
  3. 4" barrel IDPA legal. I bought for IDPA and IDPA died around here, I shoot USPSA and a 6 shot is quite a workout so intentions are to pick up the 9mm version.
  4. S&W Performance Center 625-8. Holster, Houge grip, 4 moon clip holders, 26 moon clips. $975 shipped
  5. Bought a MEC off a shooter and has a ton of bushing with it that I won't use $5 each and shipping, EZ Packs $15 plus shipping. Bushing sizes multiples of 14-15-16-22-29-30-31-32-33-34-35 total of 23
  6. I use the Gunkote brass, and it looks good. If you do them yourself they have to be sandblasted with 120 aluminum oxide
  7. Does gunsmith number 1 have an FFL? If he does, and he should, how did he sell a customers gun that should be in his gunsmith book and not his A&D book? If his paperwork is that sloppy he is asking for trouble.
  8. Not yet, maybe today. Mail doesn't get here until 3:30 or 4. Will let you know.
  9. #1& #2 shotgun buttstock covers $45 each shipped, #3 flat buttstock 66-73 rifle cover $35 shipped
  10. New 73 rifle hammer, lightened and jeweled. $75 shipped
  11. New set of Super Blackhawk Hammers. $75 shipped/insured
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