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  1. I have in factory pkgs one G-30 and one G-17, 34 and another stamped on the bottom PG 30
  2. My list that I got with these shows a 52 Smith mag. The Hi Std mags all look alike so I am not sure what fits what. I am looking. I do not find a Smith 39 mag. I have two HI Std but no way of telling if they are for the Victor
  3. In one of my trades I now have hundreds of mostly new magazines for various pistols and rifles. Makes include: S & W, Beretta, Remington, LLama. Bersa, Star, Astra, Win, Savage, Springfield, Glock, H & K, Marlin, Browning, Ruger, Sig, misc. $15 each and up. PM for wants
  4. Me too. I am curious about the guy who shot a deer in SW Montana and mentioned having to carry it out to his vehicle. BUT, he had left the entire legs on the deer.
  5. A small round needle file will deepen the notch enough for the screw to fit. No pressure problems will be created.
  6. I have 4 I got in a trade. The one in the factory package says for 3904. The other three are just marked 39 on tape on the side.
  7. Stallions are a pain in the ass. Fight geldings, chase mares, fight fences if there is a mare in heat somewhere. Unless gelded young they still act like stallions. My dad shot one of our stallions when he turned out his favorite gelding and forgot the stallion was in that pasture. The fight did not last long as dad had his '94 on the saddle and with one shot the fight ended.
  8. A plastic tool as part of your western attire?
  9. That is a good looking saddle. What tree is it?
  10. So the money is stuffed in from the end of the belt? I have seen those that opened on top instead so it would seem easier to retrieve the bills?
  11. I do not see a money belt on your website. Can you pm a pic to me
  12. FS: S & W in 500 calibre. Fired 3 times. 8 3/8 " barrel. Very good condition. $1000 plus shipping to an FFL holder,
  13. Cash is easier to deal with and a check usually works for larger buys. And I have seen money belts shown on this site
  14. Wanted- Money belt capable of comfortably holding up to $5000.
  15. I am ready to submit funds if you give me your particulars and total $ needed. GR
  16. But he has 500 rounds of these moly bullets and likes to shoot black and not smokeless
  17. Shooting with the bunch last nite. One of the guys had 44-40 rounds loaded with black powder and moly coated bullets. This resulted in extreme fouling in the bore which was difficult to remove after only 12 shots. He also shot some rounds loaded with smokeless and the same moly coat bullets. These smokeless rounds did not cause fouling of the bore. OK; the answer is obvious but I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.
  18. PM sent re: to mold handles yesterday

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