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  1. Only way to be sure your beer is cold
  2. Hot , dusty work. One time a rattler came up with a bundle of hay
  3. I heard this BS many years ago when I was a kid. My brother and I tried this with a manila lariet and then with my horsehair mecate. Neither would even slow a rattler down. I have watched them move through a cactus patch so a rope would not bother them.
  4. How about the ..74 cents price? I have never seen anyone ride with metal stirrups so I wonder when wood came in use? I have a couple old sidesaddles but both have wood stirrups
  5. Needing parts for a CH and a Hornady I did not get responses from either company for assistance.
  6. Stirrups are best adjusted when you are in the saddle. Stand up in your stirrups and you should be able to slide your hand flat under your crotch. This is approximately 3/4 inch. Consequently when you go from a walk into a trot or run you will stand up in your stirrups. Do not use what you see in the movies as a way to ride. Unless it is an old western when the boys could really ride. As they said about the horse cavalry when they charge they "rise up in their stirrups." There are quick-change buckles but if you are the only one riding your saddle there is no reason for these; just use the laces on the leathers. Best if you have someone helping while you stay in the saddle or you can get on and off to make the adjustment. That is what they meant by adjusting on the ground.
  7. I have a Browning in .45 Colt with Browning tang site I have been thinking about selling but I have no idea of value.
  8. TR- Luckily we made contact yesterday. I still think the PM system on this site is not working like it could
  9. We have them again and they first eat the leaves on the clover and next the grass.
  10. Shoot in Montana where the only thing stopping the Canadian breeze is a couple of barb wire fences and you will wear whatever you have regardless.
  11. I would like to buy one of these. Are they currently made and a contact if you have one. Thanks. GR
  12. And a bottle of whiskey
  13. Great song by a great country singer. Only second to Strawberry Roan
  14. I am not that far from Roundup
  15. Those are mules and the movie guys with a small bedroll always produce a coffee pot, frying pan and a guitar!
  16. I need some so how about hooking me up with the seller
  17. They can be both as I have experienced most of my life
  18. You can bet he was one hell of a cowboy but he rides an ugly horse
  19. Grass Range


    A rodent control animal that belongs in the barn
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