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  1. In November and December I listed and sold many rifle and pistol magazines. Last week I received a check from a member in Kansas. No note so I do not know what he is buying. I wrote SASS board to see if I could get his alias but no response. I cannot read what he wrote on the memo line. Hopefully he is reading this and can contact me. GR
  2. Depending on how far the herd is strung out the first thing I remember is one of the point riders heading back yelling "we lost the lead".
  3. Both of my 45-60s use modern ammo which you can find with a little effort. Cutting down a different calibre is not the answer. I like to look at the head of a cartridge and see what it is.
  4. I bought a Frontier model in an old holster but I did get a little history. Nothing interesting
  5. 32-40 decapping-expanding stem complete. Stem, nut, expanding ball, pin. RCBS does not respond. I can use any stem and any nut and pin but the expanding ball is what I need
  6. Pictograph Park near Billings is nothing compared to the one 20 miles East of Lewistown, Montana
  7. FS- Bulgarian Makarov 9 x 18 (circle 10) with 2 mags. Very good condition. On Gun Broker listed at $550. MINE is for sale @ $350
  8. And they shrink when washed. I do not like sleeves ending halfway between my wrist and elbow
  9. The last Wrangler shirt I bought ( always long sleeves) now the cuffs are halfway up to my elbow after being washed twice
  10. My one time Elk hunting partner had a pocket thermometer he hung on a tree limb at nite. Often 25 below zero in the AM. Calls for a good sleeping bag ( and do not believe what the sales tag says in the big stores).
  11. I asked a member of our Cheyenne people and he could care less; but, he does not live in Cleveland.
  12. A pommel holster will definately be in the way when you rope.
  13. I understand they may have had a revolver rolled up in a coat behind the cantle or in a saddle bag. They had enough to do when roping the steed of the day, saddling and topping off. A revolver bouncing around on your hip would be a problem. I have tried it and the rev wound up under me and my tailbone still hurts. This is when your steed does not want you with him. And, if you have never been bucked off you have not done any riding. Still, I think some did pack revs and maybe rifles.
  14. I spent a year at Ft. Chaffee AR. Is it still there?
  15. I have a Redding 3 die set, slightly used. this is the competition set. $25 plus shipping
  16. Does the fan have enough power to pull the cart?
  17. If Pat changes his mind I would buy it. GR
  18. Xs mean nothing at this era. They did originally but now the cheap hats could have 10 xs and be junk as I saw a friends hat fall apart in a rain storm
  19. Found 4 other Star 45 mags. These are somewhat different than the chrome one. Mag retainer notch is different?
  20. Hopefully I have answered all enquiries. I still have several different mags left. If the SASS staff helps me clean out my pm account it will help
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