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  1. I see that starline has 38 special brass available to order.
  2. Something to remember. People come to this game for the shooting but they stay the camaraderie and the friendships. As long as you enjoy coming and you are safe that’s all that counts. It’s not about your speeds or whether the fastest shooters have to wait for you to come-pleat a stage. Sass as a family and everybody has a place. Hope you stay with it. I’m hoping to meet you someday. I have always impressed by your carpentry skills would love to spend a few days with you in the shop.
  3. He was one of my favorite people to give A hard time too. I always teased him that it was easy to spot for him,you couldn’t see the target but you could always hear the impact. He always shot maximum load black powder. I enjoyed watching him shoot his 10 gauge shotgun. I’ve seen him knock over quite a few targets or break them right off of the stand. Great man good sense of humor. He was always very generous two new shooters and to the 4-H kids. A great ambassador for the soot. He will be missed rest easy my friend!
  4. The title says it all. Vaquero which is made by Ruger no one else ever made a vaquero revolver, because it is a vaquero it would be single action. It is large frame which means it the old style and it is 357. Not that hard!
  5. He very much is. That’s why we he got our blessing. Great young man good addition to our family. Look forward to seeing you soon.
  6. The reason I’m looking is I have a lot of cowboy friends that don’t reload their own and we all know it’s very hard to find low recoil shotgun ammo right now. Plus with the 4H- western heritage kids they need to shoot a factory manufactured or remanufactured ammunition. We’re doing good over here getting ready to have a Western heritage fun shoot in October. Sorry I missed you at the state shoot my daughter got married that weekend so that’s where I was at.
  7. Just wondering if there is a private company that is a licensed ammo manufacture that reload shotgun ammunition 12 and 20 gauge to be used in cowboy action low recoil type loads
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