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  1. I couldn’t agree more! This club always does a grand job at their monthly and annual shoots. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and I will continue to come to this shoot year after year. This is one of those shoots that would draw 500 people it’s that good.
  2. Yes pacific are the same bushings. All of Hornaday in Pacific‘s pressers use the same Bushings as far as I know
  3. I have been a big fan of the heritage Roughrider for the last four years. That is until the Ruger wrangler was introduced and brought out on the market. There’s nothing wrong with the heritage Roughrider. You definitely get what you pay for. The only problem is there is nothing you can do to make it much smoother or faster. No aftermarket parts to speed it up are available. On the other hand the Ruger wrangler is in the same category as all other ruger Single action revolver‘s. There are many manufacturers of aftermarket parts to make them smoother and faster.
  4. I will take it. Send me a pm to discuss payment.
  5. Our goal is to have fun. And yes we do have a great range there at the Briggsdale County shootist. You can’t see Canada so we can definitely see Wyoming. my thought with the stencil reminded me of a movie line where they talk about hanging somebody in effigy. And someone replies, to hell with effigy let’s hang him here! That’s kind of how I feel about the virus. Take out a little frustration on that thing when we all get back to shooting.
  6. That would be fun. I am sure they will.
  7. I truly understand how you feel Widder. That’s why I came up with the idea of the stencil. It made me feel like I could take some of my frustration out on that virus in a somewhat comical way. the small group that I shot with today did have great fun at focusing our shots on that target.
  8. Went to the range today for a little practice with just a few friends. When we got there we noticed that there was a mild outbreak. With determined shooters and skilled social distancing. We were able to eradicate the virus. Yes this stencil is available for sale more info soon in SASS classifieds
  9. I looked at buying one. I personally held three or four different ones. Yes the trigger guard can be removed it looked and felt like a normal bond Derringer. Ended up getting a Texas defender because it was 357. The rough deck did not come in that caliber. I think it would be a great purchase
  10. I have 35 pieces of once fired Starline 44 Smith and Wesson brass $10 plus shipping. thanks Oak Creek Martin
  11. 44 magnum mixed brass 160 pieces $20 Plus shipping thanks Oak Creek Martin
  12. I have approximately 500 mixed head stamp 38 special nickel brass cases it has been fired once or twice to my knowledge. $25 plus shipping. Thanks Oak Creek Martin
  13. I have 500 mixed head stamp 357 nickel brass cases it has been fired once or twice to my knowledge. $25 plus shipping. Thanks Oak Creek Martin
  14. Dillon precision square deal B 41 Magnum Conversion kit $35 plus shipping. Thanks Oak Creek Martin
  15. Hello Griz if you have pictures of the complete score sheet please post them,just dying to see how all my my friends from Colorado did

    Thanks Oak Creek Martin

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      Grizzly Dave

      if you have facebook, this will take you to the first page and you can scroll thru




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      Grizzly Dave

      or maybe not.  not my pics, just saw someone else post them.

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