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  1. Thanks for the responses. I think I have a deal in the works! Asa
  2. Thanks Stone, I know how Wah-makers fit, hate to guess on other brands. Thanks for the offer anyway Asa
  3. My Wah-Makers have shrunk due to COVID. If you have a pair or 2 of 38" waist with uncut or 34" or more inseam let me know. Not looking for new, just useable. People that know me know I "Won't quite a garment just cause it shows a little wear". Please PM me or post here, not on all the time but check a few times a day..... Thanks Asa
  4. Put Insanity and I on the list. Great place for a CC dinner! Thanks for organizing this Major... Asa Smith
  5. Hate to sound like the fool but.... What is a "Plainsman" match? Trapdoors and such make it sound interesting... Asa
  6. I second the nomination for: High Plains Hud A true cowboy from the day I met him, many years ago. Always dresses the part of a Classic, shots the big guns with style and makes it look easy! He was/is a tireless worker at our club. Ran/wrote WB matches, including the annual event for years. My sons and I have many the fond memory working, building and shooting with him. Still helping make our club better and stronger. Proud to call him friend. (He was fast even back in the day when shooting full loads with unmodified guns were the rule. I'm sure this will start the conversations!) Dantankerous is another great choice, always behaves like a true classic, (at least when I'm watching) My humble opinion Asa Smith
  7. Nice looking pistols! I have done business with The Spaniard, a true Cowboy! Good luck! Asa
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