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  1. Sorry to hear you are hanging it up. Please send Scarf slide 41 and arm garter #20 and #22 my way. I will put them to good use! Will send PM with shipping information
  2. Well.... I got an extra stainless Ruger OMV in 357. Runs smooth. Been a good gun for me. PM me with your email address and I will send pictures.
  3. Interested. Can you bring them to the match on Saturday?
  4. Dag-nabbit! I've been swindled!
  5. Looks like some blue sleeve garters are hiding in the picture. Those up for sale too?
  6. Good advise. A buddy of mine gave me some primers he had in his garage for years. Loaded a few hundred and had more not go bang than I could stand. Figured they had too many temperature swings and humidity. I am with you. Just waiting for the right time to stock up. Just gettin an itchy trigger finger....
  7. So... just a question, what is the shelf life on primers? I do want to maintain a comfortable stock. Do they go "bad"?
  8. Absolutely! I think I have all my attire figured out. Might need a piece or two. Good thing I have a hammered shotgun already.
  9. This sounds like a great match! I’m going to put it on my calendar and keep looking for more information on the free state rangers website.
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