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  1. Howdy Forty, I haven't found a way yet to pull one comment out of a thread and make a new thread out of it. But, you can copy and paste it as a new topic, and then I can delete this here for you. Eli
  2. In .pdf format 40th Anniversary 2021 Posse Assignments for CAS and WB Matches
  3. **Please note, this will be the last posted Shooter List and Waitlist. If any changes are made, folks on the waitlist will be contacted directly. ** https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/downloads/Whos Coming - Waitlist (Last Post).pdf
  4. You can't do that just yet. Only SASS members can initiate a post on the Classified Forum. But, you can reply to existing ads.
  5. Howdy Ezra. Please include your SASS number in your profile. If you don't have one, non-SASS members are not allowed to create posts in the Classified section. Non-members are welcome to reply to post here. Thanks, Eli
  6. The SASS Wire Classified is for NON-COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ONLY.
  7. Welcome!! Let me know what your new alias is, and I'll change your Forum name for you.
  8. New temporary password for Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L has been sent to your Marshal TKD2 account.
  9. I am sorry that folks close to you had this reaction. Hopefully, they'll get over it, now that they won everything. But, I doubt it. Politics stirs strong "us vs. them" feelings. However, this thread is just begging political controversy, and shooting from the lip from both sides. (The reason the Political Fire no longer exists.) So, we're going to close this here.
  10. You can't delete a post, you can only edit it.
  11. You're asking legal counsel of SASS Wire members? Maybe hoping that their opinion will matter if you get in trouble? Do a search of the State AND local laws of the places involved. A city may have regulations that are stricter than State laws.
  12. Still happening, they use VPNs or throw-away phones to disguise their true location, then they send PMs to anybody with a WTB post.
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