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  1. There has been a change in YouTube. On other sites, it's been found that embedding does not function as it used to, leaving an image capture or a link, instead of an active video.
  2. Thank y'all for the "heads up", I've reported the problems up the line. With Thanksgiving Week upon us, it may take a while.
  3. The English word squaw, (as has been used in "squaw grip" here in this thread), is an ethnic and sexual slur, historically used for Indigenous North American women. Contemporary use of the term, especially by non-Natives, is considered offensive, derogatory, misogynist and racist, similar to words used in the past for black Americans. The English word is not used among Native American, First Nations, Inuit, or Métis peoples.
  4. Just one person has to report. It's basically a "hey look at this", because we can't read every post in every thread. We have lives, jobs, and home "stuff", we rely on y'all to help point out things that 'tain't right.
  5. If you want the thread deleted, just hit the 'report' button. Nobody else has complained, but I'll be glad to do it, just for you.
  6. Customer Service SASS World Headquarters Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST Friday 8:00-12:00 PM MST Address: SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY 215 Cowboy Way Edgewood, New Mexico 87015 Phone Toll Free ( U.S. Only) : (877)-411-7277 Phone (Outside U.S) : (505) 843-1320 Fax: (877) 770-8687
  7. Any revisions to rules or conventions have to be voted on by the Territorial Governors. The ROC can propose changes, as in the "cocked hammer from the loading table", but do not just change rules on their own. They can rule on interpretations. Coming out with a new version of the Handbook every time someone thinks that wording should be changed would result in a never-ending stream of "updates", sort of like the ever-present "Windows updates". We are currently using SHB Vers 23.2, just to show you how many revisions the Handbook has gone through. For 2020 there will be a new version, and as always, there will be some updates to the wording, and clarifications. But, they are trying to keep the Handbook manageable, and not publish and Encyclopedia version. Please remember that the members of the ROC are volunteers, and as all of us, have real lives, jobs, and families. They've been doing a great job, doing the best they can while balancing work/life, and other "real world" stuff. So, give them a break instead of demanding immediate fixes.
  8. Sue, Just label it Non-SASS and what it is in the title. So people know what it is, (of course). As long as you are a private seller, the guns are yours, and you are not an FFL Dealer, Importer or Manufacturer. Go for it! Eli
  9. The SASS forums shall not be used as for any of the following:  To challenge vendors, or to argue cases or conflicts. As a leveraging tool for any reason. The SASS Wire Classifieds is not a venue of mediation.
  10. Just a reminder, we don't do politics on the SASS Wire. Consider this our refuge from all that goes on elsewhere.
  11. This is not SASS itself, it is a problem at local club level. I'm glad you brought it up at the time. An alert Chief Range Officer, (CRO), the one with the timer, should be making sure spotters are doing their jobs properly, and that guns are being checked at the loading and unloading table, in whichever manner the club has chosen.
  12. I guess this certainly has become, "A Different Membership Topic"
  13. As noted, a Life Member's alias is protected. The alias's of those who are yearly members, but have let their membership lapse are not protected. SASS rules are the same for all. Sometimes, the alias of an early yearly member gets duplicated, because that person never became a Life member. That's the way it is. (just a note, Roy Rogers was honored with an Honorary Life Membership, during his lifetime. John Wayne had already passed before SASS came along. We have had several members using the stage names of actors, such as Lash LaRue, Yakima Canutt, John Wayne, and others.) Tom Mix is up for grabs...
  14. As Tyrel said, you have successfully registered and posted in the SASS Wire Forum. You're good to go. If you wish to become a SASS member, everything you need is here: https://www.sassnet.com/Membership-Main-001A.php choose an alias you'd like to use. Check the Alias Lookup to see if it has already been taken. Or call the SASS office Felina Selina felina@sassnet.com Member Services SASS# 108513 (505) 843-1320
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