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  1. C.W. I've "unarchived" your ad, but it will take a few minutes to percolate. Then you'll be able to send it up again.
  2. That's how most of the contact has been made. They register as a guest and then start spamming folks on the Classified, especially those who post a WTB, offering whatever that person was looking for.
  3. This is a repeat scammer who has appeared under other names, contacting our members by PM, or e-mail if you have posted yours. If you get unsolicited PMs from non-members with offers to sell, please hit the "Report Post" in the upper right of the post. Eli
  4. Please follow forum rules when posting your Winter Range "for sale" items here. Post Prices. Do not indicate that you are open to taking part in a "Straw Purchase". SASS does not condone any violation of BATF&E rules. Such comments will be removed immediately.
  5. Click on Bad Bascomb's name on the left of one of his posts. That will open another window, with his name, a link to "follow member" and a link to send a "message". Click on "message " and that will open the Private Message (PM). Bad Bascomb will receive a notification when you have sent it. You will see a notification icon when you receive one. You may also see an e-mail notification when a message is sent to you. Do not answer or reply through the e-mail. That is a notification only.
  6. Since Misty Moonshine became CEO she has made every effort to make SASS extremely transparent and above board. She has posted updates on almost everything. I've never been confused, deceived, or misinformed, if I took the time to ask direct questions and not listen to the "hive mind". Apparently some are upset by the recent ROC clarifications of recent rule changes, and don't realize that the ROC were the ones that put forward the rule change to start with, and the TGs agreed with them. There is also a venue for getting a rule changed that you don't agree with. It starts with your TG, not with the Wire. For direct information about how things work, call the SASS Office or send Misty an email. Contact information is available though the front page. They would be happy to talk to you.
  7. Chase, I'm using an Android OS phone, without problem. No other problems have been reported yet specific to the Android or Apple operating systems.
  8. Your content count shows 82 posts. But I can't find them... I can find 4 images, all recent, but not the posts they were attached to. I can see your activity since June 2018, but not the posts themselves. This is beyond my knowledge, so I'll have to ask. If I hear anything, I'll send you a PM.
  9. I haven't done anything with your posts or anything concerning Action Shooting Network. I'll ask others. From my end, Ie can't find anything either. I'll see if there's anything we can do, but right now you are looking like a blank slate. I do not know if one of the recent flurry of software updates and patches is the cause, but I doubt it. By doing a search for "actionshootingnetwork.com" I found a few posts, but not many.
  10. There is a maintenance release to fix bug reports in the works to fix bugs in the patch that fixed bugs in the last update. I'm sure writing software code is a thankless job. Glad I don't have to do it!
  11. Yes, go to YouTube and play the video you wish. you can copy and paste the Video URL from the video, it will take a moment longer to convert, or go up to the address bar and copy and paste, into your post, the address visible in the that address bar. Depending on your personal Internet Speed, it may take a moment to display. It will not work in PMs.
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