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  1. Gone. Busted along with several other names he/they registered under. Approx. 20% of new registrations that make it through the initial process lately have been scammers. We try to nail them as soon as we can. Your help by reporting them is invaluable. These "third party" offers seems to be their M.O. lately. Unfortunately, these days a certain degree of cynicism seems to be required. Eli
  2. I see that your message allowance is at 102% Here's some instructions on how to clean out what you no longer need. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/265878-how-do-i-delete-messages-in-my-mailbox/
  3. Some of the attachments folks put in their posts just can't be opened unless you have added software or the latest Apple OS. Some are just broken links. Others can't be opened if you have a certain "Ad Blocker" or a program like PeerBlock running. Here's a test, can you open this .pdf file? Antiquing SAA Revolver by Longshot Logan.pdf
  4. One of our shooters, Ripsaw, put in a lot of work on this Category Matrix. I find it an easy way for new shooters to figure out what is needed for each category. SASS Category Matrix v2.5.pdf
  5. Many of our pards will not be able to see JPEG File Interchange Format (.jfif), three-part images. If you convert them to .jpg before uploading folks more will be able to see them. The JFIF format is not used often and has been superseded by other improvements to the JPEG format.
  6. People who have been banned from the SASS-Wire for scamming can see your Sale/Buy/Trade ads. They cannot reply or contact you, UNLESS you have posted your e-mail address in the ad or your profile. If you have, please know that we have do not have control over scam e-mails you might receive if you have made your e-mail address public.
  7. Just be aware of this new group of scammers. They are sending unsolicited offers by PM from new Guests or new Members with odd/suspicious SASS numbers, and should be viewed critically. Especially if they are directing you towards a third person. We are being diligent in screening new sign-ups on the SASS Wire, but we are not on-line 24/7. Some still make through the cracks. You can help. "If you see something, say something". In a Post or PM, in the upper right corner is a link that says, "Report Post". This red-flags it and brings it immediately to our attention. You can also leave a comment. Eli
  8. Please be careful out there. Scammers and Spammers sign up all the time, with made up SASS numbers or as Guests. We catch most of them as they sign up, or soon after, but sometimes one slips through. Cypress Sun says "You can't get all of the speeders on the Interstate, the best you can do is slow them down." With your help, by reporting suspicious offers, we can drive out the culls.
  9. To reach a wider audience, you may want to convert you .jfif images to .jpeg format. Not all browsers are capable of viewing the files.
  10. T-Square, Please click the "Report Post" link in the upper right of the PM, when something like this happens. I may not have read this post, but I would see the red flag that comes up when something is reported. Thanks, Eli
  11. This. There's been a lot of stir-crazy squabbling we've had to remove because it was downright rude and uncalled for. Y'all are representatives of SASS. Keep it civil.
  12. Howdeedo! Click on the message envelope at the top of the page in the blue bar. The Messages dropdown box will appear. At the bottom of the dropdown list click on the "Go to Inbox" link Another dropdown box will appear on the left of the page, allowing you to scroll through your messages. The is a little checkbox square to the left of each message. Choose which ones you want to delete. At the bottom of the page a trash can will appear Choose to delete. Done.
  13. Done. By the way, no warning points, All permissions that I have access to are good. No locks on any part of the account. I'll have to send this up the chain and to the system admins.
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