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  1. My wife and I stood in line and voted last week. It didn't take long. There was a certain satisfaction on feeding the ballot into the machine that sucked it up. But I couldn't shake the thought that it looked a lot like a shredder!
  2. Henry H015 Single Shot Rifle & Shotgun Safety Recall https://www.henryusa.com/recall/
  3. We know that the Election season is upon us, and emotions are running high and hot. But, turning the SASS Wire Forum into a Facebook page is not allowed. Y'all agreed to the terms of use when you signed on. SASS is made up of people from all political and social views. Some may not like that, but it is so. It matters not whether the moderators agree with your political views or not. We are here to keep the SASS Wire Forum "neutral ground", and a place to get away from politics and the entanglements of the "real world". Private Messages have been sent to some of you over the past weeks to keep it "clean" and keep it non-political. Some haven't gotten the hint. Please don't make us remove your posting privileges. At the same time, we urge you all to exercise your right to VOTE. If you don't, then whatever happens in the elections, you are a hypocrite when you complain. For those who feel the need to make political posts, get a Facebook page, or set up a blog and write to your heart's content. This is not the place.
  4. More information would be required by the help desk. Sent you a PM
  5. Title says it all. Offers to Buy/Sell/Trade posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted without notice.
  6. They're gone now... whacked some more moles. Be careful out there!
  7. Until SASS says otherwise, at this time there is nothing to prevent a merchant from adjusting their settings to "follow" the Classifieds and swooping in and snagging a good deal. If they turn around and the list it for sale at a higher price, nothing's stopping them. But, there is nothing to stop you from doing the same thing. As with any ad, anywhere else, it's whoever shows up first with cash in hand.
  8. Folks, I know the temptation might be strong today, but please be aware of the SASS Wire Guidelines "...political threads that are deemed inappropriate or needlessly provocative will be removed without warning." So please, keep it clean...
  9. FJT, I apologize for the person who made those comments, and for not catching it sooner. I have also removed all comments that mentioned those removed posts. Thank you for your radio program, your, (and Hud's), contributions to the game over the years, and your music! Eli
  10. Send me a PM with your SASS Alias and number.
  11. The Shotgun Boogie Raffle is rolling over to next End of Trail and the raffle tickets are still available for purchase. This information was included in the April Bulletin email blast, where SASS announced the EoT cancellation and was included in the next two monthly email bulletins.
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