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  1. Title says it all. Offers posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted without notice.
  2. They're gone now... whacked some more moles. Be careful out there!
  3. Until SASS says otherwise, at this time there is nothing to prevent a merchant from adjusting their settings to "follow" the Classifieds and swooping in and snagging a good deal. If they turn around and the list it for sale at a higher price, nothing's stopping them. But, there is nothing to stop you from doing the same thing. As with any ad, anywhere else, it's whoever shows up first with cash in hand.
  4. Folks, I know the temptation might be strong today, but please be aware of the SASS Wire Guidelines "...political threads that are deemed inappropriate or needlessly provocative will be removed without warning." So please, keep it clean...
  5. FJT, I apologize for the person who made those comments, and for not catching it sooner. I have also removed all comments that mentioned those removed posts. Thank you for your radio program, your, (and Hud's), contributions to the game over the years, and your music! Eli
  6. Send me a PM with your SASS Alias and number.
  7. The Shotgun Boogie Raffle is rolling over to next End of Trail and the raffle tickets are still available for purchase. This information was included in the April Bulletin email blast, where SASS announced the EoT cancellation and was included in the next two monthly email bulletins.
  8. More than likely, Bald Eagle was a victim of the dreaded "Auto Correct" that sometimes attacks unwary Smartphone users. I posted an edit to the original to help the thread along.
  9. Just change the title heading to "delete". The sweepers will clean it up.
  10. Shooters and Spotters ... ‎Shamrock Sadie‎ to The Doily Gang"Take it easy on your Timer Operator (TO). I frequently see WTC posts on the SASS Wire and on FB where folks are asking ‘where was the TO” or “time to get a new TO” when they make a mistake. Remember that folks haven’t been shooting for a while due to the COVID virus. Guess what; that means the TOs haven’t been getting timer practice either. Knot and I are just now getting back into shooting more matches, even though there isn’t a vaccine yet. So we are a little rusty and trying to get back into the groove of posse responsibilities. In the past, I’ve heard (right straight from their own mouths) some shooters tell the Match Director (MD) not to choose certain people as the TO or PM, because they have seen them simply make a mistake or two before (not for other reasons, but because they have made a mistake). Well guess what, that means you won’t have anyone to time the shooters or be Posse Marshals, because every TO and PM is going to make a mistake. At the shoot I was at this weekend, I had made a mistake as a TO, by telling the shooter the wrong gun to start with (very first stage and first shooter). He almost got a P, but came up to me after unloading his guns and discussed it with me. He handled the situation very well by not getting outwardly upset about it, he unloaded his guns and talked about it with his family, then came over to me and discussed what happened. It dawned on me that in fact I did give him the wrong instructions for which firearm to start with, so I gave him a reshoot. The spotters handled it very well too. I love “the cowboy way” attitude that most SASS shooters have. I was frustrated with myself that I told him the wrong instructions (because I care about doing the right thing), as I hadn’t yet gotten my act together to start up the posse on the first stage. So every stage after that (with getting acknowledgment back from the awesome spotters on the posse), I repeated back what the scenario starting position was and the gun order before I started the first shooter. So keep in mind during this time that the TOs are probably a little rusty on focusing on what they need to do at the line."
  11. This is not a "hack" where Fire Walls are breached and data stolen. This is "data mining", where unscrupulous characters go through a web page and use publicly available information. So, anyone in the Training and Safety list, anyone of the "Contacts" on the "SASS Affiliated Clubs" page, is liable to get unwanted advertising, phishing scams, or even phone calls at those listed numbers. Be vigilant. Listen to that little inner voice that says, "this doesn't sound right." Verify. Especially before going out and sending funds through untraceable "gift cards". I would also caution about including phone numbers or e-mail addresses in posts on the Wire. Posts are viewable by the general public. A person only has to register in order to reply or make a post themselves. We also find the occasional new Wire "member" who makes it through the initial screening who originates in Nigeria or other interesting locales. Just like the "Snake Oil" salesmen and grifters of the Old West, "they" are still among us. Thank you for bringing this up. Everybody should be reminded that no one is "safe" from scammers. Be aware.
  12. It's darn hard to be on here 24/7 x 365. That's why we depend on y'all. In the upper right of every post is a link that says "Report post". If something is offensive, report it. That sends up a little Red Flag about that post and we'll review it, and take the appropriate action, if need be. Like "they" say; "If you see something, say something".
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