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  1. He's been banned. Along with a few of his friends. Looks like there was a run of them lately.
  2. What is this "shopping" you speak of? Does it involve leaving the house? (Daughter tells me what the grandkids want for Christmas. I look it up online and have it delivered. Wrap. Done.) I cook Christmas dinner from provisions I bought ahead of time. They come to me. Done. Merry Christmas!
  3. Changed it to Copper Sean O'Driscoll... however, the software will no longer accept the apostrophe. I'll have to refer that to the SASS Office as another difficulty with the new version upgrade.
  4. The last time Yeso Kid logged on here was in Dec. 2001
  5. The SASS Office is aware of the problems. Please reread Misty's multiple comments through this thread. I've merged all 3 similar threads. As she said, if you are having problems, notify the SASS office so they can be aware of what browser edition, operating system, etc. you are dealing with. They may also be able to walk you through a fix. Eli
  6. The state of New Jersey and many cities require percussion revolvers to go through an FFL This!
  7. Misty has seen the threads describing the difficulties in accessing the Saloon. They are on it. Give them some time to connect with the Invision folks, and for Ziggy Invision to find his tool box and adjust the defenestratingaussenomemometor into proper alignment with the phase of the moon, and do the proper dance to appease the cyber spirits.
  8. The difficulty seems to show up more on Apple products. I've sent copies of these threads to the SASS Office.
  9. Wait... We can do that? Well, this IS the Saloon. Bottles, set 'em up. First rounds on me! And may the festivities begin, I thank you.
  10. Like UB n' Pat Riot said. Polytickin' on the Wire is gonna git shot down.
  11. An http 500 error means that there was a network server error. I'll pass this on!
  12. ... And avatars under a certain size. The one in my regular profile still shows properly.
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