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  1. Yep, Blackpowder and Cap n Ball revolvers are allowed in every category
  2. I don't know if this would help, but one of our members, Ripsaw, created this Category Matrix that might clarify the category requirements: SASS Category Matrix v2.5 (8).pdf
  3. If you can't report it then copy and paste what is in the address bar. This helps me locate it and follow along.
  4. Do me a favor, if you come across posts with dead links, please click on "report", ( 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post), and include a note. This will send me a red flag message, and pinpoint exactly on the forum the post is located. Thanks!
  5. Yep, he made up a new name. He's been PerryJS, JSPerry, and other iterations. This time Jason SP. Banned. Thanks for the heads up! He uses a Proxy/VPN service to disguise his real location; but seems to originate near Lagos? Typical 3rd Party Scam.
  6. dhqlyahf1 from Karachi has been banned, and his posts deleted. I did not open his Valentine's attachment. Who knows what that could do? Just don't open attachments. Don't do it.
  7. Howdy Ho Joe! I think Jackrabbit Joe be joshin' us. For the rest of the audience, the rules are: "- A pocket pistol is a small frame, fixed sight, pre-1900 design revolver having a barrel length of four inches or less. Pocket pistols must be .31 caliber or larger. Model ā€œPā€ Colts, and clones and revolvers with swing-out cylinders are specifically not allowed regardless of caliber, frame size, or barrel length. Colt Model 1877 DA revolvers are LEGAL for use as pocket pistols. Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolvers."... SHB Vers 27.4, pg 29 Eli
  8. Since y'all want roll it back to Men, Ladies, and BP, let's bring back rank points. Raise the PF to 150. You have to start stages prone under a wagon, jump over fences, and run 50 yds on a stick horse. Don't forget you have to hit a bullseye with a tomahawk on the clock before you can fire the first gun.
  9. A single 1911 is all you need. And several good magazines.
  10. 1911 requirements are unchanged. However, as always, local Match Directors have the ability to institute changes in their matches.
  11. Speaking only about what you wrote, that is a no call if there's no round in the chamber. If there is a round in the chamber, then an SDQ is warranted for unsafe gun handling, or moving with a cocked, loaded gun. The same as any other time during the stage. Again, this is simply addressing your statement. After you let go of the cocked gun and stage it, that's another matter.
  12. This is SASS's "Cowboy" side of things. What you need is on the SASS Wild Bunch Forum https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/ You'll need a separate Login and Password there.
  13. Misty Moonshine, SASS#83232 https://www.facebook.com/sassnet/videos/333311725863208 Santa Fe River Stan, SASS#36999 https://www.facebook.com/sassnet/videos/279390968325573/ Captain George Baylor, SASS#24287 https://www.facebook.com/sassnet/videos/1381394652757386/ Dillon Precision https://www.facebook.com/sassnet/videos/224462233739586/
  14. Congratulations to the SASS Western Heritage Museum & Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Fame 2023 Inductees: Captain George Baylor, Santa Fe River Stan, Misty Moonshine, and Dillon Precision. Inducted, Oct 11, 2023!
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