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  1. As noted above: "Welcome, If you're leaving a message here, you're already in and running. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! " It's a gmail problem. There's nothing more that needs to be done.
  2. Post the guns for sale in the Classifieds, along with a price. They'll get gone pretty quick!
  3. There is an established method for those that wish a change in the way the game is played to have their voice heard. That method is to articulate your case to your local Territorial Governor. Your TG may then discuss it on the TG Wire and/or bring it forward for further discussion at the TG Meetings at Land Run and EoT. They'll take it up from there.
  4. All you do is click on the last page number (13) and you're at the end. No wading, no problems.
  5. There's 13 pages. Just click on the 13 next to the thread name and you're at the end.
  6. Why don't you use the "Stuff for Free" thread that's pinned to the top of the Classified Forum?
  7. At least 3 of our legitimate members have had their accounts taken over, or "hacked", and then scammers posted items for "sale" on the Classified Wire, in the past couple of months, in the member's names. Change your passwords regularly, (or) use a password generating software, (or) use a short phrase, along with some numbers and symbols. Don't make it easy for the buggers!
  8. That took a left turn fairly quickly. Wiped the slate clean.
  9. Welcome Bonesteel, Since you are able to leave that comment, and get replies, you're already in. Proceed at your own risk
  10. https://www.scam-detector.com/validator/
  11. Whatever it is, is on your end. Take a look at your browser's security settings, and any blocking software that might be installed. (sometimes they can be seen in little icons to the right of the address line.
  12. Howdy, my send me a PM with the name you'd prefer and SASS number, (if you have one). We'll git ya sorted out
  13. Pike, Send me a PM with what email address you want to use for the Dusty Wyatt account.
  14. Looks like it's your permissions. I'll fix that for you.
  15. SASS is not the police, the ATF, or any kind of agency. If there is a problem with the buyer and seller, involve those who have some force of law. Think of the Classified Forum the same way you would a free newspaper. It's a place to post or see ads. Nothing more.
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