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  1. Why at last nights debate there were no American flags present ?
  2. Is history trying to be repeated 1933 ?
  3. Now thats funny, Semper Fi !!
  4. So If the lefties don't like what you wear thats bad , But you should like what they wear or like ? what happened to freedom of choice, kinda like that co exist bumper sticker I have seen
  5. On 01 September 1893 the bloody battle of Ingalls , O.T. Occurred between the Doolin- Dalton Gang and the US Marshals., A very bloody day in Oklahoma history 3 DUSM were killed and several of the Doolin Dalton gang were wounded and Arkansas Tom was captured during the battle. If you are ever find yourself on Hwy 51 east of stillwater there is a sign on the south side of the highway.
  6. Powder inc They are out of Arkansas OP
  7. Looking for a reproduction 1859 3 band sharps rifle 54 caliber, That won't break the bank, new ones are way high, looking for a shooter. Thanks OP
  8. Great site for early American recipes and they actually taste really good!! also try kent Rollins He is a cowboy chuck wagon cook and his recipes are awesome as well.
  9. Always look forward to new episodes very informative How about one on farming and farms on the frontier
  10. BP

    send me your address I will take the 45 acp RCBS dies for 25$


    1. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Okiepan, send me your address so I can determine the shipping costs.  Then you can send me a check or money order for the total.   My email address is in the ad. 


      Buckeye Pete



    2. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941



      cost of the dies is $25.  shipping is $7.00 for a total of $32.


      Please send a check or money order for $32 to:


      Tom Colaric

      3500 S. Old Spanish Trl

      Tucson, Az  85730




      Buckeye Pete

  11. Is that A 1895 US model carbine?
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