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  1. Has anyone ever had the opportunity to shoot a 1858 Remington Carbine ( uberti) thoughts just watched Duelist Dens new video .
  2. Preferably an 1860 Army with Thunderer grip.
  3. Still looking would make a nice gift for me
  4. I have had this same thing happen to me numerous times, when I look closer it says the responder is a guest on the wire. as usual let the buyer beware.
  5. Ok after along deliberation and youtube and wire research I want one !! So any of y'all want to part with an 1860 snubbie ?? Thank ya OP
  6. Well I am sold and gotta have one NOW
  7. Ok so what is the hype about the 1851,1860, 1861 Snub Nose cap and ball revolvers . Any comments on the good , bad , indifferent. Do the conversion cylinders work properly as well ? who knows I might want one . Thank you OP
  8. Looking for a used but not abused spiller burr. OP
  9. I noticed the 4 button sack coat but the dress uniform and helmet match the 1881 versions The MVM on the sign needs more research. Really neat picture. Thanks for sharing
  10. What ever happened to Baby Jane ??
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