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  1. Only good serpent is a deceased one IMHO
  2. Another unknown or forgotten Outlaws/ Bandits of the Oklahoma territory were : Cattle Annie and LittleBritches , Quite an interesting read I have enclosed. They rode with the Doolin Gang and were captured by the US Marshals . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle_Annie It was also a 1981 film starring Burt Lancaster.
  3. Here is an interview with the Train / Bank Robber Al Jennings who was an outlaw during the 1890s in the Oklahoma Territory.
  4. Here is quite another interesting Old West Outlaw. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Jennings
  5. This is the 13 minutes left of the original 1915 Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws. In this movie is Bill Tilghman , Chris Madsen, Arkansas Tom , Al Jennings , These are the folks who really lived in the Old West .
  6. Here is the original 1915 movie ( of whats left) The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws which has Bill Tilghman and Chris Madsen in it These are the real Deputies of the Old West who were chasing the Doolin Dalton Gang .
  7. Just thought I'd share this image with y'all.
  8. His work is Amazing!!!! I have a McClellan (1858) Model
  9. If you have gas checks you can make some with them .
  10. Looking for a Reproduction CW IW M-1851 Enlisted Cavalry Sword Belt Buckle with the applied silver wreath . Thank y'all
  11. Played in the 1966 Wild Angels with Peter Fonda He played the Loser . It was a B Movie Nancy Sinatra was in it as well .
  12. Original's or Reproduction trapdoors ? 1873 or 1884 style
  13. Looking for a Wheat colored Duster ( Lite tan ) Size Large or Extra Large , If you have an extra lemme know . Thank you
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