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  1. Ok so who as a kid in the 1960s and 70s bought those little Sea Monkeys ? And thought they were supposed to look like what was on the package ?
  2. 55 is the new Senior Citizen, you get AARP at 50 at 55 they have retirement communities, XXX we aint old we are just seasoned
  3. Looking for 1 (or a few ) Large Wrangler Brushpopper button up's lost mine from the days of old ( too many moves) PM with Color(s) and price. Thank you Okie Pan
  4. Santee How about one about Old west Blacksmiths, Farriers and Livery's okiepan
  5. Re case harden your frizzen , that is what I did and it worked for me , I had a tower pistol that I brought to the Rifle Shoppe in ok and they re hardened it and now it works like it was supposed too
  6. Okiepan

    Iwo Jima

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous stories, we can never let there stories remain dormant
  7. 75 years ago the battle for Iwo Jima started. May we never forget our Brave WWII veterans. Semper Fi
  8. Strobe lights , Black light posters , Incence, etc
  9. Ill take the brown ones PM with details
  10. I can't remember much of the 80s
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