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  1. Cattlemen's Steakhouse in OKC is open fer Breakfast
  2. 244 years and still strong God Bless America, and many thanks to all Americans who made it great
  3. The 54th Mass statue with Col Shaw in Boston was defaced as well , why ?
  4. From Bobs Country Bunker we have both Country and Western
  5. Won't go in one period !!! Campfire coffee is way better , Plus I would rather support a local shop than a corporate shop.
  6. Okiepan


    Ok so for those of you that indulge in tobacco products, Who chews on / smokes the authentic cigar ( circa 1840) Marsh Wheeling Comments ??
  7. NORMANDY ,The Allied invasion of Europe has started Thank you ALL for providing our freedom at such a high cost in blood. RIP for those that have taken the ultimate sacrifice.
  8. Still looking for a Military 3 Banded sharps 54 rifle ( Reproduction )
  9. Anybody ever shoot or own a British 577 Snider rifle ?? Comments , Concerns , etc thinking bout getting one thank y'all
  10. DHS has the Coast Guard Now , treasury has not had them since 1967 , 1967 -2003 the fell under DOT in 2003 the became part of DHS
  11. If masks are the answer to help reduce The spread of this horrible virus , Then why are states letting criminals out of incarceration ? But to arrest and jail citizens that go to a beach or cut someones hair I just don't get it
  12. Used my E Tool guess that is close enough
  13. Okiepan

    VE Day

    May 08 1945 75 years ago The Axis of Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces thus ending WW2 in Europe . Never forget our brave men and women who defended our nation and gave us our FREEDOM.
  14. Either my 1862 pocket police or my patterson. But I cant forget the 1851 Frontiersman
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