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  1. Very nice model is the 68 as the 66 was a 3 band version, oh the drooling is starting to set in .
  2. Looking for a reproduction 1859 (15") Cavalry saddle ( Carrico) pm price if interested in offering one for sale OP
  3. Operation Overlord has started D Day The Allies are liberating Europe Never Forget our Brave Troops who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom.
  4. Partisan Rangers (43rd Bttln Virginia Cavalry)
  5. I just read they have an 8x8 You gotta be kidding me
  6. Any one have any experience with a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer ?? looking for honest reviews.
  7. In these trying times of todays hectic times , Take a moment and reflect our Nations Warriors who gave the ultimate sacrifice for OUR Nation , Not the sales , festivals just the Veterans past and present . I personally THANK YOU ALL !!!
  8. Today legendary singer BJ Thomas passed away , Who could ever forget Raindrops keep falling on my head in the 1969 Classic Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid . RIP 1942-2021
  9. Has anyone ever fired a Matchlock Musket ever ?? These early muskets while quite advanced for their times but antiquated by todays standards . loading problems ? Accuracies? any thing else ya might want to add
  10. Roundbarns are made in my local area they are comfy.
  11. So which Brand , Color , Style is your go too ?
  12. When any of y'all are in OKC check out the 45th Infantry Division Museum , It is Incredible.
  13. Ok Anglers , what is the best method ( besides purchasing) of obtaining earth worms ? Digging ? Hot Stick ? Soapy water ? etc ?
  14. Thanks for sharing , great turnout I thought .
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