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  1. OK to me means Oklahoma! Just saying
  2. Glad you like the Yoder IMHO these are the BEST smokers made commercially Enjoy it
  3. November 22 1963 Dallas Texas, Never Forget our slain President JFK. 1917-1963
  4. YODER smokers top notch made in USA
  5. To all of you that have Served, THANK YOU and Welcome Home.
  6. As of now just my paint , maybe If i saved my pennies or got a job with cookie Id be in the wagon
  7. Looking for a reproduction 1853 Enfield Whitworth percussion rifle . Thank ya
  8. Remember what Bobs wife said I we have both Country and Western ( Bobs Country Bunker) Featuring The Good Ol Boys. But Jake and Elwood played there.
  9. Why at last nights debate there were no American flags present ?
  10. Is history trying to be repeated 1933 ?
  11. Now thats funny, Semper Fi !!
  12. So If the lefties don't like what you wear thats bad , But you should like what they wear or like ? what happened to freedom of choice, kinda like that co exist bumper sticker I have seen
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