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  1. Okiepan


    Has anyone ever owned a pair of Jeremiah Watts spurs ?' quality etc need reviews thanks okiepan
  2. Try Dixie Gun Works they have some that work off of 22 Blanks
  3. Okiepan


    Greetings: does any one have a good smokeless reloading data for the 56-50 spencer carbine ? I will be using lyman 515139 350 grn lead in starline cases, I have the GOEX data but none for smokeless, ( Trail Boss etc ) Thanks to All.
  4. Who does the conversions of the 44-40 to the colt/ russian ?
  5. Always look forward to new episodes very informative How about one on farming and farms on the frontier
  6. BP

    send me your address I will take the 45 acp RCBS dies for 25$


    1. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Okiepan, send me your address so I can determine the shipping costs.  Then you can send me a check or money order for the total.   My email address is in the ad. 


      Buckeye Pete



    2. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941



      cost of the dies is $25.  shipping is $7.00 for a total of $32.


      Please send a check or money order for $32 to:


      Tom Colaric

      3500 S. Old Spanish Trl

      Tucson, Az  85730




      Buckeye Pete

  7. Is that A 1895 US model carbine?
  8. Another motorcycle company gone, the new excelcisor is gone, indians have been reintroduced ( but they are not like the real ones) guess HD is the only one still on top.
  9. Okiepan

    Advise on a 97

    Well I will try all the advise I was about to use the bailing wire and duct tape.
  10. Okiepan

    Advise on a 97

    I have a 97 Winny takedown model , it seems that when I pull the foreend back to chamber and when I go forward it comes out of the frame , then I have to but the rails back in the receiver, any words of wisdom ?
  11. Guess when your old you start losing things, I lost my good 20-20 wish i could find it
  12. Fast and friendly service from PV inv
  13. At least they get to keep there Rating's and rating badges back , and No NOS's Another tradition such as all the above mentioned.
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