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  1. This what I have been using for reloading .45 Schofield - 230gr bullet with 4 grains of American Select powder. .45 Colt - 200gr bullet with 4.6 grains of Clays (if you can find it....) .38sp - 125gr bullet with 3 grains of Clays Hodgdon website is my go to for starting loads. Good luck!
  2. I have never had any issues with Missouri Bullets. They are a great supporter of our local range. They will send tracking information if requested. Just have to give them a couple of days for processing. Usually the package arrives before I think about getting the tracking.
  3. I have an original 1887 made in 1895. I believe it has been redone but redone well. $1895 OBO
  4. Should I use it or not? Let me know what your experience says. I have accumulated a bit and I am wondering if I should use it. Your help is appreciated!
  5. Congratulations to Dandy for coming in First Place! It was a great match run by great people. I always enjoy shooting at Parker with the Free State Rangers!
  6. Competitive is relative. I will NEVER outshoot Matt Black. I just want to outshoot my buddy Three Shot Shamrock!
  7. I did hear a rumor that problem could be fixed by a competent smith but do not know of such a person at this time. Anyone?
  8. When I started this game I had no shotguns. When the boat sank I filed an insurance claim for 16 SASS Legal shotguns.... Darn boat...
  9. Larsen is correct. I got a pair because.... well they are just cool. I shoot gunfighter and indeed if you have any finger pressure on the trigger they will not cock. I haven't shot them in a match yet but plan to do so. I may not be as fast but will still enjoy shooting them. I suspect with time and practice I can get back up to speed. There is always the opportunity to shoot Duelist as a Classic Cowboy!
  10. I am definitely interested! Might even consider loading some black powder for gunfighter.
  11. New Scammer alert - Watch out! Milli Mil Hi bud, I got someone who want to let sell at cheaper rate, you can reach him chesterfieldway5@gmail.com . Have a good day. Stay safe.
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