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  1. Heck - you should have got my check by now. You are one busy cowboy. Send my box when you can. Thanks!
  2. Gold is on the stage for the order. Thanks!
  3. I would like 2000 ACP if you still have some available. Let me know the total with shipping and I will get a check to you!
  4. Green pair look to be a 34 inch inseam. Brown pair are at 31 inch inseam. Blue striped pair are actually a 34 inch waist. I’d go 45 for both the green and brown shipped. It’s what I paid for them not too long ago. They are great pants I sure wish I could fit in them Just as happy getting a new shooter started
  5. Got some good pants. found out I’m not a 36... let me know if you’re interested
  6. Back to top. Packed up and ready for you! make offers! thanks!
  7. This kit is Sold Pending Funds. Please check out the Single Stage Reloading kit I have on another listing. thanks!
  8. Extra reloading set up: RCBS Partner press 505 Scale - Plastic on the leveling screw is broken. 2 trays Funnel Case lube tray Redding bench stand Powder measure Lyman EZ-prime set up $120 SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL TO YOU! (will be at Land Run if you want to save on shipping) Thanks for looking!
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