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  1. Dag-nabbit! I've been swindled!
  2. Looks like some blue sleeve garters are hiding in the picture. Those up for sale too?
  3. Good advise. A buddy of mine gave me some primers he had in his garage for years. Loaded a few hundred and had more not go bang than I could stand. Figured they had too many temperature swings and humidity. I am with you. Just waiting for the right time to stock up. Just gettin an itchy trigger finger....
  4. So... just a question, what is the shelf life on primers? I do want to maintain a comfortable stock. Do they go "bad"?
  5. Short version - Looking for an old model Ruger Vaquero in Stainless .357 with a 5.5" barrel Long version - I have one 5.5 and one 4.62. My other daughter wants to start shooting and the miss matched pair just doesn't quite work for her. Hope you all can help out. Have to have the 5.5" barrel. Send a PM with whatcha got. Many Thanks!
  6. Absolutely! I think I have all my attire figured out. Might need a piece or two. Good thing I have a hammered shotgun already.
  7. This sounds like a great match! I’m going to put it on my calendar and keep looking for more information on the free state rangers website.
  8. Heck - you should have got my check by now. You are one busy cowboy. Send my box when you can. Thanks!
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