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  1. Asa - Get a grip on yourself! BTT for a good pard!
  2. I'll be dog gonned.... I'm running TrailBoss with coated bullets. Usually clean them every match... Guess I can slow down the cleaning process a bit. In that case, one of them thar tools might be helpful.
  3. So how often should you be clean'n them?
  4. I enjoyed the heck out of Paintball for quite a few years. As I got older I realized this is a young person's sport. So I built a tank.... I continue to play at the DDay Adventure park - Oklahoma D-day scenario once a year. It is quite a hoot! Over 1000 players this year. (down from 4000 in 2009...). There is a movie about it on Netflix called "Soldiers of Paint". The sport has gone down a bit in popularity over the years as young people find other "electronic" things to do. However, the thrill seekers and adventurers are still out there playing. I am really happy that I have had the opportunity to play paintball and I am REALLY happy to have the opportunity to enjoy CAS. The people are awesome and the shootin' is fun.
  5. Good information. The Wiley glasses look good. Anyone have any experience with their RX inserts for prescription lenses?
  6. I wear prescription glasses and have a cheap pair of Over the Glasses safety glasses. Recently I had a few larger fragments bounce off the glasses and realized I am relying on a pair of $5.00 safety glasses to protect my vision. Please provide recommendations on what you all use, where to get them, and what they cost. Your help is appreciated!
  7. I didn't expect this rig to last too long. It is a $700 value new... Quite a deal. Enjoy Hoodoo!
  8. If I took both would you include shipping?
  9. Hmm... Classic Cowboy showdown? I may switch from Duelist to Classic Cowboy for this one.
  10. Looking forward to this one! It will be my first time at this shoot. I'ma hearin it's a goodun…!
  11. This is my favorite non-sass pistol. Fits well and shoots straight. good price on this one.
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