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  1. I guess this certainly has become, "A Different Membership Topic"
  2. As noted, a Life Member's alias is protected. The alias's of those who are yearly members, but have let their membership lapse are not protected. SASS rules are the same for all. Sometimes, the alias of an early yearly member gets duplicated, because that person never became a Life member. That's the way it is. (just a note, Roy Rogers was honored with an Honorary Life Membership, during his lifetime. John Wayne had already passed before SASS came along. We have had several members using the stage names of actors, such as Lash LaRue, Yakima Canutt, John Wayne, and others.) Tom Mix is up for grabs...
  3. Slip Hammer, Use your other log-in: Slip Hammer Yates 8456 That's what you've been using all these years. This one will be deleted.
  4. The issue(s) have been presented to the ROC for consideration or clarification. They thank everyone for your views and concerns.
  5. That was the essential part of the OP and question. This thread seems to be well and truly hijacked.
  6. As Tyrel said, you have successfully registered and posted in the SASS Wire Forum. You're good to go. If you wish to become a SASS member, everything you need is here: https://www.sassnet.com/Membership-Main-001A.php choose an alias you'd like to use. Check the Alias Lookup to see if it has already been taken. Or call the SASS office Felina Selina felina@sassnet.com Member Services SASS# 108513 (505) 843-1320
  7. Time for a reminder of the words of Misty Moonshine... "- Does this message add value to the forum? - Is this something I would say to a person face-to-face? *If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, please reconsider posting your message. IGNORE FEATURE TIP: If you find there is a forum user that you no longer wish to see posts from,-regardless of the reason, there is a feature built in to the SASS Wire Forums that allows you to "IGNORE" a User. " There are a lot of folks joining SASS in recent months. What you post is going to be the new or prospective members first impression of fellow SASS members. Like it or not, each of you is a SASS Ambassador.
  8. Just send me a private message with your new alias, and we'll get 'er done. Eli
  9. Yes, notifications will not come through on Gmail. March 27th something seemed to change and none of our messages seem to flow through them. This is not something that the SASS office can fix, as notifications are coming through with other e-mail services. I'm just an old cowboy rather than a tech wizard, but this has gone up the line and it doesn't appear to be on this end. I'm using a different service other than Gmail now myself. But, if you would like to use your Gmail address as your login, please send me a private message with the address and I'll change your log-in for you... but you won't get PM notifications or any messages concerning posts or forums you are following until this particular bug gets stomped. Yahoo Mail might be an option, that works fine. Eli
  10. Jared, Being that you're already posting here, that means you are registered and already rolling... If you are trying to change your registered name from Frontierman to something else, just let me know and I can do that for you. Eli
  11. "Offers on the Classifieds may only be posted by a SASS Member (you may not post for someone else), in good standing, and must include his/her SASS Number." We've been letting folks post for those who are disabled or not computer literate. In those cases, you may not sell guns that are not yours, but you may refer prospective buyers to the seller. The seller must be a SASS member and you must post their SASS name and number. Posts that do not meet these parameters will be deleted.
  12. All the SASS Handbooks and Course Materials, with several translations Rule Clarification Archives
  13. SASS Event Wire Guidelines . Use the following format: For example, July 1-4, 2018 should be written as 0701-0704 2018. That keeps the matches in order of occurrence. . Match announcements that aren't in the correct format will be deleted. . List your match location. . Follow your Topics, that way, if someone has a question, you will see it.
  14. Seamus,

    I went back and looked at old posts to see if any of yours got dropped.  The only one I could find was in the Town Drunk thread?  Was that it?



  15. Thanks, PW for this informational post of a rule change/clarification. It seems to have been discussed, rehashed and bashed. So, I'm going to lock it and pin it. Thanks, Eli
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