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  1. Could be older Turkish Contract S&W like this .44 Special
  2. https://powdervalleyinc.org/ is still there, trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money. I put a bunch of stuff in the "cart" to see what kind of payment they wanted: Scammer! I sent an email to Powder Valley, just in case their lawyers aren't already on this.
  3. A tactic some scammers are using is to build up a post count by replying to threads with innocuous comments, or adding cartoons in the Saloon. They hang back awhile and then hijack an old SASS #, and then post in the Classifieds. Yesterday we stopped another. While many are suspicious of those sellers who only have a very limited number of posts, or are new Wire members, the ones that we've been asked about lately have all been legit... Be aware that the "sleeper" tactic has been used successfully. If you have a question about any seller, ask. We'll be glad to follow up.
  4. "Muggle" has been banned. It appears that all entries in his profile, including Location and SASS # were removed. His e-mail address was changed to a new one. IP address has changed to a blacklisted VPN out of D.C.
  5. This reads sort of like a Want To Buy ad, and sort of like just a discussion post. Which did you want it to be? They belong in different areas.
  6. It was there the last time I visited the Forum. This one's a mystery to me. It's not even "hidden" where I can recover it. I'm looking further to see if a fragment remains?? * Edit: I refreshed the page and there it is! Never had that happen before.
  7. NJames has been answering WTB ads, referring people to a third person. He/She/They is shielded behind a blacklisted VPN out of Boston, via way of Nigeria. Banned (of course).
  8. Yep, according to my cartridge head stamp book, the .38 AMU mfg'd by Rem-UMC was a 38 Special full wadcutter cartridge especially adapted for the Smith & Wesson M52 and 52-2 semi-auto handguns. Among the first semi-auto handguns specifically made for 38 S&W Special. Now. I gotta go and look up if there are any others. Interesting!
  9. Koeman has been busted and banned. He/She was a guest answering WTB ads, referring to a third party. We've seen this before. But, be wary, they'll try again. If you ever have a question about a seller or someone "referring" you to another, just ask. Best to be safe.
  10. The rules laid out for the various Long Range or Precision Rifle matches are found in the Shooter's Handbook, SHB Vers. 26.2 ppg 29-31 Not all multiday matches will offer all the varieties of Long Range matches, or the same distances, or may come up with something completely different, such as a Long Range Bolt Action Military Match. It is totally up to the Match Director and how many volunteers they can find to run these matches. https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/Shooters Handbook Vers 26 - 2022 - FINAL.pdf
  11. You've shot with Three Cut, give him a holler. He'd more'n likely give you some good advice.
  12. The Gunfighter Action Package includes the short-stroke already. https://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=model-1873-carbines-rifles
  13. Girl needed to know the value of a "coup de gras" from beyond that buzzards reach, before going about her business. "When You Have To Shoot, Shoot. Don't Talk."
  14. Dungannon Gunner has made this available. https://www.google.com/maps/d/view?mid=1a5THNVZ2Dm_-CUf9h8jW6-fO8k1DPpab&ll=33.41000358725186%2C-84.8130792015625&z=5/ If the club is not currently on the SASS Affiliated Clubs page, it won't be listed here.
  15. JB said that he doesn't monitor the Wire, so he may not see your PM, contact him by call or text at the number listed.
  16. Howdy, The Classified Wire requires a price to be posted. If shipping from an FFL, find out what their total charge will be to ship. Buyers will want to know that. Otherwise, follow the advice given by Cypress Sun. Your instructor will help you with a realistic price to ask for. Good luck with your sales!
  17. Ronnie Miller is the seller's real name. Alias 1SG, is a SASS member from FL
  18. That's way beyond my pay grade. I don't know what software upgrades Envision allows or how much they would cost. You'd need to E-mail Ruby or Misty at the SASS office with your suggestions.
  19. I can't link to it with my phone right now, but if you would go to the SASS Wire FAQ section, you can scroll down to the "How do I delete messages in my inbox" post.
  20. There is a wealth of information about Magazines, Model 12s, setting up '97s for WB over here on the SASS Wild Bunch Forum Come on over and set a spell! https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/
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