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  1. Carlzbad, SASS 4221 is a long-time SASS member. He just didn't know how to access his old account, so he created a new one. They've been merged now.
  2. That must have been posted a long time ago. Probably on an older version of the forum. Sawyer doesn't currently have any attachments in his files. A search for "The Last Ride" only brings up a poem by Doc Nelson and a thread by Branchwater Jack.
  3. Looks like you're on Squad 208: Current Shooters Paul (Tick Ridge) Carter - Elder Statesman Gunfighter Constence (Avocatessa) Carter - Grand Dame (70+) Jim (Max Payne) Fletcher - Cattle Baron (75+) Debby (Ophelia Payne) Fletcher - Grand Dame (70+) Jackie (Jake Dunson) Farmer - Silver Senior (65+) Justin (Justin S. Accurate) Farmer - Cowboy (Open Age) Mark (Whiskey Mac) McRoy - Senior (60+) Debbie (Candice B Real) Rose - Ladies Senior (60+) Leslie (Dancin Angel) Furnald - Ladies Silver Senior (65+) Robert (Jesamy Kid) Furnald - Silver Senior (65+) Rhonda (Sue Render) Metz - Ladies Forty Niner (49+) Joseph (Kid Ray) Metz - Senior (60+) Gary (Pig Iron Lane) Reece - Elder Statesman Frontier Cartridge Gail (Witch Doctor) Reece - Cattle Baroness (75+) Cass (Cassalong Hopidy) Vickers - Gunfighter
  4. Darnell626 banned. Third Party sales.
  5. For my niece, gone too soon. We love you and miss you, sweet Melissa.
  6. VictorH (previously known as Vicher), is not a SASS member. He was very briefly a Wire member on July 14. He was listed as a scammer in the pinned and starred scammer thread in the Classified Section. This thread has been kept active and updated for over a year. At this point, get the police involved. The classic mode these folks use is to PM everybody who lists a WTB ad, and hope that someone bites before they get kicked off. They can no longer contact you through the Wire. But, if you've given them your e-mail address, they can keep going at you. Every shipping service provides a tracking number FREE, once the label is printed. If the item was not a firearm, Paypal will issue you a refund. If you used Paypal Friends and Family, no refund. If it was a firearm, no refund, firearm sales are prohibited by Paypal. If you receive an unsolicited PM offer, if anything strikes you as suspicious, or even if it doesn't, just report it by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of any post or PM. We'll check it out for you and let you know if we see any "Red Flags", before going any further.
  7. Banned. Unsolicited PMs from non-SASS members, referring you to buy from an unknown 3rd party, is the classic scam. Don't fall for it!
  8. I had to read up on them. It's true. There was a crime syndicate of lions (like the Corleones) called the Mapogo Lion Coalition, descendants of the original crime bosses. Their lives could parallel the infighting and rise to power of different factions of the old Italian mob. Cool! Thanks Pat, I had no idea.
  9. NJ requires they go through an FFL. Various large cities require BP revolvers to go through an FFL, although the State and Federal Gov't does not.
  10. "VictorH" has also been banned. But, I expect we'll see him back under another alias, doing the 3rd party trick.
  11. Hit "report" within the conversation, upper right corner, the 3 dots, so we can see how he is communicating with you, as he's been banned from the Wire. Is he using PM? email? If you are receiving such messages through SASS Wire PMs, always hit "report" from within the conversation, so we can mash these bugs.
  12. Jreese - Las Vegas via way of Lagos. Banned
  13. Some comments hidden. When two SASS members cannot come to a meeting of the minds about what is shipping damage or not, who should pay shipping fees or not, that is not a scam. SASS will not allow disparaging posts for the purposes of "leverage".
  14. You are at a car dealership. All the real salespeople have name tags with the dealership's logo. You are browsing the used cars on the lot when some random dude off the street wanders by and says, "Psst... hey listen, I hear you're looking for a good used Jeep CJ7. I know a guy who has just what you want. Here's his e-mail address. You can't see the Jeep in person, you can only look at his pictures, send him the money, and he'll get it shipped to you." You don't know the random dude or his buddy, no one else knows them, and there's no one to vouch for them. But, the pictures look good. So, you send him the money via some cash app that will not help you if you don't receive the CJ7... and you wait... and you wait... and you wait. You never hear from the guy or the random dude again. No CJ7. You get mad at the car dealership. This is the 3rd Party Scam. We warn people repeatedly, but some still get scammed. Don't do it. If you get contacted via PM by somebody you don't know, about an item you WTB, (Want to Buy), ask us for verification! If the person who contacted you is a real SASS member, we'll let you know. Most likely, they are not, and you are walking into a scam.
  15. For those of you wondering, the OP really is Stands Alone, SASS #13.
  16. Dang. I'm sure sorry you got caught up in one of those 3rd party scams. Daniel56 was not a SASS member. He was very briefly a Wire member. He registered at 2:18 am and was banned that same morning. His email name was supposedly "Daniel Dominguez" out of Florida. But, his location was hidden behind a VPN. But, he slipped up once and we can trace his IP address back to Nigeria. Everybody please, this is why we restrict Classified sales to SASS Members only.
  17. Yep, the Third Party Scam. Donkj90, (IP address resolves to Lagos). Good catch folks. They scan the classified listings in forums for WTB posts and answer them all, hoping somebody, anybody, will fall for it.
  18. I''ve had one through 4 renewals. So far have used it when purchasing a Winchester Model 1897, a Lee Enfield, and two revolvers, (pre-WWII). Purchase a "bound book" and keep it up to date. But, I haven't sold anything, so that parts easy. All incoming, no outgoing.
  19. Using the third-party scam, Daniel56 was answering all the WTB ads. His IP address is hidden behind a VPN, so there is no way to know where he is. Be wary.
  20. I do not know if bornintheussr is a scammer. But, since he is using a SASS number that is not his, he has been banned.
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