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  1. I will give them a call this week and get an idea of cost of everything I need It is a dang nice buckle.
  2. What about Shotgun Boogie's kit with the set screws?
  3. Thank you sir! That was the kind of info I was looking for. Pondering on doing it myself or sending to Boomstick. But I Amy try it once just to see if I can get it done. Thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks for the info. Hard to install yourself?
  5. Young Henry is kinda cool.... I just looking for a smoother feel to the action.
  6. I have never tried to tune/short stroke my own rifle... But considering doing it to my Henry. Thinking 3rd Gen Short Stroke... But not sure what all to get or is needed to get it done. Any suggestions folks? M.A.T.
  7. I shoot a Uberti 1860 Henry in 44-40 and love it! Personally I am saving up for the Henry Rifle Co. Version... They are absolutely beautiful firearms! Steel frame, brass frame, or the carbine... And American made they way it should be. During an event called the Classic Cowboy Showdown, we even put up a buckle for the fastest Classic shooter using a Henry. Ain't nothing that screams CLASSIC more. Several ways to shoot a Henry.... Do the 'hop' as the follower gets to your hand. Put in a dowel rod after loading ammo, requires you to hold close to receiver. Or cup you hand and let it roll between your fingers.
  8. Yeah now he will whip us even worse. He is a great young man, and I look forward to him joining us again shooting classic.
  9. Well looks like that slipped through, dang it... I have to start writing things down. Bulldog is going to get a picture of the three of the for me.
  10. Thanks Jax T.... Looking forward to bringing it down your way.
  11. Now you could buy the Henry... Ain't nothing more classic then a Henry.
  12. Hmm I thought so... But maybe we didn't get one.
  13. The group of classics this year.... Missing is Star Shooter & Parson Remington
  14. Thank you who all took on the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Showdown 2022. We ended up with 26 Classics. I look forward to next year, and hope to see many of you join in the Showdown for 2023. Classic Cowboy Senior Classic Classic Cowgirl Top 1860 Henry Shooter and Classic Cowboy Swagger Recipient
  15. Drive safe, we shall see you at Butterfield Gulch!
  16. Yeah. Had a few go through this past week. A couple chances of thunderstorms this week. But looks like 70-80 degrees the days of the match with clear skies. Well so far. M.A.T.
  17. One week left to go! Look forward to seeing all my classic pards!
  18. $200... But your a nice fella so I would be willing to give you $300. Honestly lately I have seen them around $700
  19. On the outside.. sorry didn't mention that
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