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  1. Shoot, Hud... I always get whipped by my elders it seems! .
  2. Bunch of books $50 for all (64 books a couple of duplicates)
  3. The tan Pair is Frontier Classics and the black is Wahmaker. Sending you a PM
  4. Have several things up for sale, all Items are +Shipping. (Or they can be picked up at Land Run) Will be adding more as I go through things. (1) Used Starline 44 Special Brass 210 pieces - $35 ***SPF*** (2) .223 Stripper Clips and Keys, 12 clips & 3 keys - $5 ***SPF*** (3) Louis L'Amour Leatherette Book, "The Daybteakers" - $5 (4) Louis L'Amour Leatherette Book, "Flint" - $5 (5) Louis L'Amour Hardback Book, "The Rustlers Of West Fork" - $3 (6) 64 paperback Western books, several Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, and others. A couple duplicates. - $50 (for all) (7) Frontier Classics "Rough Rider" Blue Shirt, Size L - $10 ***SPF*** (8) Frontier Classis white/blue shirt (has almost a "Homespun" look to it) Size XL - $10 ***SPF*** (9) Dallas Hats Blue Shirt. Lightweight shirt. Size 3XL (I would say it fits more like a XL) - $5 (10) Frontier Classics Trousers, tan/brown Size 36x36 - $10 ***Sold*** (11) Wahmaker Trousers, Black Size 36x36 - $10 ***Sold*** (12) Wild Tags, Silk, set of 3, - $15 for all three. ***Sold***
  5. Great range, Fast stages! I had a fantastic time! Thanks to all the crew who put on the match... well done!
  6. I would be great to have you join us! PM me your contact info and I will add you to my email list for the Showdown
  7. Up for sale two sets of used Ruger Vaquero/Blackhawk Grips. Kind of a gray Laminated wood look to them. They have a couple of handling marks on them, but in great shape. $75 shipped for both *** SOLD ***
  8. I have not had that problem... Yet anyway. I clean mine quite a bit so perhaps that is why? When I run out I will give that Lucas red a look. Thanks for the info
  9. I use Lucas White Lithium grease on the links and lever of my Lever Actions as well
  10. Up for sale a Lee 444Marlin Die Set. 4 die set comes with the factory Crip Die, shell holder..ect. $50 shipped to ya SOLD
  11. He is switching categories and going for a new look... After tooo much BBQ. I got a picture some where of him in his new shooting outfit. Ahhhh here it is! Going B-WESTERN... Here comes Dantastic!
  12. Howdy classics! Had a couple more buckles sponsored for the CC Showdown! Added to the current list. Elder Statesman Classic Cowboy Black Powder Classic Cowboy I hope to see entries available soon! Will keep you all posted!
  13. While processing cattle, using several pistol grip syringes and pour on guns, you think about the best "transitions" from "gun to gun"!
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