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  1. Thx Two Shoots. I prefer the pistol grip stock. It is what I have now.
  2. Thx Johnny. I’ll take a look at land run if you don’t mind.
  3. Looking for a Brisco-tuned BSS. I'm open to like for like setup from a different gunsmith.
  4. What days are the pro steel match and what day is the wild bunch?
  5. I think somewhere in my RO1 & 2 training it mentioned don’t be a hard ass. 1. the ULT officer has verified the long guns clear as the shooter approached and entered the firing line. Therefore the long guns are in the proper configuration. If you are the timer operator and are okay with no ULT then assist the shooter because you accepted the fact you do not have an ULT officer. Expect what you inspect. 2. I signed onboard the movement to remove the penalty of coming to the line with a cocked rifle for two reasons. First reason is #1 above. Second reason is folks put a lot of time and money into attending big shoots. Big shoots are the best way for us to advertise our sport. If we look for reasons to penalize every shooter above providing an experience that retains and attracts shooter, then we are the problem and should understand that we are the problem. Help our fellow shooters be safe AND fun. Don’t have them drive home @ $4.00/gallon of fuel questioning why they are doing this on their weekends.
  6. I replaced the thin wire with a straightened out paper clip. Essentially free.
  7. CCI 11’s are fine. Magnums have too much active material for what we need. They explode and little cap shrapnel doesn’t make for sub-20 second stage times. I don’t recommend magnums. I put my slix nipples in a small hex nut with the ROA thread pitch. I then put it my drill and fitted the nipple with Emory cloth. CCIs have a shorter skirt than the Rems. this is why CCIs aren’t as good as the Rems, but I’ve made them work with good results. I hope this helps.
  8. Guess I’ll keep check Natchez. Thx.
  9. My fake email worked. How do you know they are legit? Why would this company have the coveted Rem 10s before the big box stores?
  10. I’m interested in .457 round ball if your making those. Crown bullet is out of business also. Hunters Supply is the next one I’ve found. I may have to start making my own.
  11. I have Goon’s ROAs, Cody ‘73 in .38 special and Brisco Kid BSS 12 ga. b/u: Goon’s ROAs, Griners’ ‘73 in .38 special and a LSS CZ Sharptail (cause I couldn’t find a Brisco kid BSS). Maybe I’ll find someone that will trade me a BSS from Brisco for my CZ. slix nipples set up to run Rem 10s or CCI 11s.
  12. Agreed. Great match. The team did a great job getting the match done right. A ton of hard work went into overhauling that range into the gem that it is today. Can’t wait to see the next round of improvements by the crafty minds at PCC. Looking forward to next year’s shoot!
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