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  1. I could be wrong but I doubt it was a mystic deity that decided the Frontiersman category. As I posted earlier, a group of shooters developed and petitioned to have Frontiersman created as a category of their creation. I was not in that group, but I like playing the Frontiersman category. C&B pistols make me giggle and can make me upset all in the same stage. If we switch to hammer guns that is okay, but not what I signed up for when I joined the category. If we are discussing untouchable changes, don’t alienate your base by changes to the rules to allow guns that were not allowed in their category of choosing when they started shooting that category. I assimilated to the Frontiersman rules. There can be changes, I don’t think changes to the category requirements is a good move.
  2. Please don’t get that started again. Not giving trophy or like on this idea. Sorry buddy. This is not a cut. The group that created Frontiersman created the same as the FCGFs did a few years ago. They built it. We weren’t there. I play Frontiersman by their rules and I love the category more than the others. Leave Frontiersman alone!
  3. HoW is a wonderful shoot. We were blessed with great competitors, great weather, great stages and a great venue. July 2021 will be a long wait. It’s a great trip to make to shoot HoW. It just so happens to be in a very beautiful part of the country. Last year I stopped by Chimney Rock on the way home to SE Nebraska. This year we went to Mt. Rushmore and Devil’s Tower. Breathtaking. We have plans to go to Custer State Park next year. Fun stages. All 12 were different. The warm up stages got you time to work out a bug or two. Can be four days of shooting if you try your hand at the shoot off. Job well done. The Border Vigilantes should be proud of their hard work.
  4. I think you got the right idea. Most shut downs don’t take longer than recapping and firing the gun.
  5. I’ll give it a shot Phantom. We can discuss further this week when I come to HoW. If a c&b shooter has a chamber that does not fire, then it must be cleared on the line. The firing line is designed to be shot at. Most unloading tables are not. The TO has to be capable to stop the line and allow the shooter to clear the pistol. This can be done after the clock has stopped. Cartridge gun shooters aren’t penalized if they have a bad round in their pistol. The c&b shooter needs to be ready to declare “broke” or accrue the time on the clock if they so choose to clear the pistol on the clock. So please, if you are a TO, then watch the gun and count the rounds down range. You have three spotters. They will do their job. Please watch the gun for me and keep me from being stupid. There have been some inventive ways discussed to clear the ball from the chamber. I’m going to look into the CO2 cartridge gadget. I’ve not been unfortunate to have been placed in the scenario described by Artie. The experience in the room may have some information about how long to wait before trying to remove the nipple or use a bullet puller. Hope this helps.
  6. The ones I have shot use a dump plate with. Misses only count on the dump plate. It’s fun for the gallery to count the misses in the dump plate. Tombstones are a good mix to your clubs target mix.
  7. T Square has been begging you for months to release some of your stock. Where is he now? You want his phone #?
  8. I bought small thread protector from hardware store and cut to length. Come in bright colors and are easy for me and the LTO to see the empty chamber w/o looking down the barrel.
  9. Last I talked to them they would special order a set of slim panel grips for XR3-red frames. The special order was close to the eagle grips price. So I decided not for my b/u pistols. For that money I’ll swap grips if I need to swap pistols. If they are interested in a group purchase and price is reasonable I may be interested to join in.
  10. Not that I’m aware of. The stars that I have shot usually have a spray paint spot that runs down vertically to show the balance point of the star to aid the staging. This should have everyone shoot the same stage.
  11. That sux. But yea, done that before. Welcome to the club!
  12. What is the cowboy review on the Black Aces sxs? Who has used one in CAS? Do they slick up nicely? Who works on them? I love my BSS and TTNs. Is this another choice?
  13. Looks like a good heads up by the Frontiersman and TO. Cap and Ball pistols must be cleared on the line. The lure of shooting Frontiersman, it brings about its own special and unique failures.
  14. I use teams for most of my telecommuting work. When the company wants to get all of company on line for mgmt to talk to us all, they use zoom. I like teams. I log into the computer to use the remote access via Citrix and also join in on cell phone or ipad w/the teams app and talk via Bluetooth thru my JBL speaker or Airshokz bone conduction head set. Teams is good enough that I am slightly annoyed there are a couple of meetings that still use a join call phone bridge.
  15. Best $15 I spent in a long time. VETERAN in bold red letters at the bottom of my DL. Use it all the time. Your county court house should have someone in a veterans affairs office or similar to help you out.
  16. New categories require a group of shooters to champion the change to the SASS categories. That being said, the match director and/or host club can offer whatever category they choose to offer. Outlaw is indeed an outlaw category and I think they want it that way. Kinda fits the theme. Pretty cool if you ask me. I love to watch the outlaw shooters. I have a hard enough hitting the big and close targets with a sight picture..ish. Hope this answers your question. I know outlaw is not allowed at Powder Creek in Lenexa,KS. The risk of a round over the berm cannot be mitigated by the baffle system. Check with your MD or Range Master prior to attempting outlaw.
  17. W. N. S., Thanks for having the courage and bringing up a sensitive topic. I agree with letting people come into the game with what they have to get them hooked. Face it, we are like drug dealers trying to get others to join in our madness because we love it so much. That being said, Ruger Blackhawks are not necessarily the cheapest entry gun unless they already own two. There are more economical choices to get started. So, if one is to get into the game and is dead set on owning Rugers, the Blackhawk may be a limiting choice if wanting to shoot other categories. This is why the number one bit of advice offered to new shooters is to go to a match and talk with other shooters before they buy anything. I have not witnessed at any time a shooter was not allowed to use whatever pistol or rifle they have if it close to the SASS guidelines for new shooters within reason. If they were to show up with two SA revolvers, a lever action rifle and their Benelli M4, they will more than likely get a choice to use many different styles of shotguns that day to see what they like best. As previously stated, if you want to shoot black with your adjustable sight SA revolvers, it can still be done in age based categories. Yes those categories are typically populated by smokeless shooters in those categories, but within the rules to shoot black powder propellant in those categories. I disagree with the proposed rule change as it will not garner the affect you are soliciting. For my buddy Noz, “Leave Frontiersman Alone!”
  18. Dive to surface ratio was always1:1 for me. The punch line from one of my buddies telling the story of running aground in a nuclear submarine off the coast of Miami, “ There are seven continents in this world, I’ve hit one of ‘em!”
  19. Finished the Homeland series today....stay tuned. <— for those that have watched if I was allowed to do meth, I wouldn’t have slept or worked between episodes. My wife will be happy because I’m not hogging the living room tv watching my stupid spy shows.
  20. Is this the adjustable sight that you are referring to in the OP? I dunno, seems like a slippery slope to me.
  21. Great now I gotta go look at mine!
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