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  1. I’ve corrupted another shooter to come to the dark side and shoot c&b pistols!
  2. I tried to sell a single 45 vaquero, blued, 4 5/8” barrel for $900 shipped a while back. No takers. Too bad I didn’t have a mate for it. Can’t say people are looking to hard.
  3. I did the same. The Doc got a kick out of it. Brought out some old timey setup to get a clear sight picture for me. But it’s hell when they ask me to read the stages and I’m in cover with low light. For those situations I wish I had reading glasses. But overall I prefer the single prescription method.
  4. that’s probably best…send me a pm w/ any questions. I’ll be glad to help covert you to the dark side.
  5. If you decide to load on the gun with an ROA, ensure that you have the base pin lock engaged. I was instructed by my mentor that if you don’t, then you run the risk of bending the base pin. Good luck finding a base pin. I load off the gun for that reason. Added bonus: allows me to check the nipples are clear and that I can wipe them off between stages. Clearly up to you and your preference.
  6. If you know how to mine through the SASS Chronicles, Major Art Tillery had a very detailed article a few years ago for brass shot shell reloading.
  7. Work N Ranch in Bennet, Nebraska has a walk-in area. If your coming to that area of the world and you give them a call, he’ll open up for you if he can. They had a section in the Lincoln, Nebraska’s “The Fort”. They bought the inventory when that section was closed down. I see them at the bigger shoots.
  8. +1 to Big Iron Carts. Don’t have one, I saw several in action last weekend at Iowa State. Looked very well built and usable. Looks like a good way to go imo.
  9. Glad you got it figured out. Get well soon. See you down the trail.
  10. Reading the rule book in the SDQ section it says when, “A cocked revolver leaving the shooters hand.” The amplifying or clarification is not in the SDQ section. I say no call. “Shooters” is plural and not possessive. So to me it implies either hand without distinction of the “shooting” hand. The revolver didn’t leave either of the hands or gravity would have prevailed.
  11. What they said. A great place to shoot and have a good time.
  12. This. I also ran rounds w/ different heaviness of crimps to find which worked best but had enough crimp to not push bullets into the case when loading into the rifle. I also started running a jag & patch w/moose milk down the barrel to get the chamber clean each stage. juat some things I’ve been doing.
  13. Another good example why the only person to speak or give commands to the shooter is the TO.
  14. I was playing 45 Cowboy specials the other day loading in the top, much easier than full length 45 Colt. Do you have some 38 shorts or can you cut some 38 specials down?
  15. I’ll go to dinner, but I’m keeping a close eye on the major so I get a good seat this time.
  16. Nice range! Only 9 hrs away. Might have to put this one in the queue.
  17. I fell for that last year. Fool me once…..
  18. I think he is ESCC now. He said is entry is on the way
  19. I’m coming in as a CC. Haven’t decided as a BP shooter or that fancy stuff yet. Dad will be there also. You can add us to the CC list.
  20. Cap and ball is allowed in any category. For me it will be decided upon cap availability. ymmv.
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