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I Thought the Seahawks Were Supposed To Play Today

Subdeacon Joe

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I am still 100% losing. No matter WHO I hope wins......they lose.


GF had em 16-0 when I posted my post above.


and now, just like ALL my other picks, they turned around and lost.


I was for Bama, and then I was for the Ducks. Go figure.


O.K..... here goes my last one for the day:






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Crow is better tasting when warm.


I have to admit that Seahawks are the better team. Especially since they have won.




Drinks for the house. :(

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Seahawks Ron Rivera was on da Bears 85 Superbowl winning team.

All Chicago must be snickering....


Snickers, natures perfect food...



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Seahawks vs. Patriots

Sunday Feburary 1, 2015


Hope this one is better then the Colts/Patriots. It was not an exciting game.

Although the Colts are saying the Patriots deflated the ball. Guess the refs never handled the ball during the game. Ravens the week before said, New England's line formations were not by the rules. ?? What ever that means.

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Poor ole Blount.


Gets kicked off the bears who could not win a game.

And runs over everybody in this game to go on to the Superbowl.

He might just send the Bears a Thank You card. :o


But he did cost me a few hundred in this game. As he cost me the Championship of

our FF league. :(


Hoping the Seahawk get it together to make a better game of it when they play the Pats.

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Heckova choice! I'd like to see the Seahawks handed their lunch, after last year! But I'm not a Pats fan either. Now, the big question is whether Manning will come back for another year, under Koobs! Anyway, Ol' Horseface John has his roomate and backup QB back in Denver. (Hey, John, if Payton backs away will you...? Nawww! :o;):P )

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