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  1. My sweetheart had a full knee replacement last year. For a dance teacher this is no small thing. But she is doing wondefully. Now! ❤️
  2. At any rate i apparently am still in good standing in the Saloon. And the night is young. 🤣
  3. I wonder if this is connected to the worldwide IT problems
  4. The national VFW wants all posts to have a Facebook page unfortunately. Facebook is very convenient for me to contact and keep up with friends and family. It can be abused of course, but overall I have few problems with it because I know what to ignore.
  5. Yeah that was fairly simple but the Meta thing is a whole different animal. I have 180 days to appeal. This is the only info I can find out. That’s Not my instagram account anyway, which I use about once a year. So seeing as how it’s not my account, I can’t log into it to appeal. Catch 22.
  6. Said It was reported that I violated community standards? When I follow the click here to appeal thing it just takes me to the Meta page on personal information. Not mine just their 25 foot long company policy. Message says my instagram account doesnt conform to their policy, then they give me a bogus instagram account that is not mine. No recourse to do anything else. It wouldn’t bother me but now I cannot access or manage the VFW Pot FB page whic is under my account.😡
  7. We frequently complain about singers making the national anthem performance about themselves. This was a classic case. I would prefer a brass band to many of the singers I have seen in recent years. I’m not sure when this “interpretation” crap started. I wonder if other countries are experiencing it?
  8. Finally got the pic from the photographer. VFW Post 5181 preparing to lead off the parade in Dove Creek.on the 4th. A great small town celebration. After the parade, Greased pole climb, pig catching, sack races, pit barbecue, etc. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
  9. Fedex Smart Post goes to the post office. Is FedEx SmartPost always delivered by USPS? FedEx Ground Economy, formerly FedEx SmartPost, is a shipping service that utilizes FedEx's Ground with final delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. With SmartPost, FedEx delivers packages to the post office closest to the final destination. Then, USPS delivers them to customers, usually the next day.
  10. Yes. Meatloaf’s rendition was superb. He sang it with emotion and skill. One of the best I’ve ever heard!
  11. I thought at first the sound system was malfunctioning, then I thought maybe I was having a stroke as my mouth seemed to be stuck open. Then I thought, “Maybe She’s having a stroke”. I sat paralyzed in disbelief and horror. I checked the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. Is she Roseanne Barr’s daughter, I wondered? I reached for the remote to mute the volume….but it was too late. I had head the whole thing. I may never be the same,
  12. Too dang hot up there. Took the scenic route back. Nice drive.
  13. Actually he was referring to, and extolling the virtues of, the .380 PPK that was replacing Bond’s little .25 Beretta 418.
  14. No. It’s just the MOST dangerous place.
  15. “Like a brick through a plate glass window”, as Q said.
  16. Yup. The Legion will take anybody.
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