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  1. Thinking of some action/mystery books. 1. Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. 2. Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins. 3. Peter Ash series by Nick Petrie. Reacher - Veteran Colson - Veteran Ash - Veteran Remember when about the only veterans portrayed in fiction, both books and movies, were not heroes but drooling psycho murderers? I do. Times change eh?
  2. Big Trouble in Little China is in the Blu-ray and a couple fingers of George Dickel is in my hand. Now that’s a Friday night!
  3. But how do you read the screen If you’re blind??
  4. Staying the course until retirement is something the current generation doesn’t seem to be concerned with. I was able to retire at 57 with 30 years in law enforcement. I read somewhere that the average today is 5 years at one job before moving on!
  5. Bought lost my lunch on that one. Coulda used a warning.
  6. Alas. Leadership in politics is not in fashion these days.
  7. He was in Aurora at the scene of the 2012 theater shooing. Liberals are thick as flies. He’s not about to come to a town like mine.
  8. He’s a mini 70s rock star. Not a Pirate! And it’s a very annoying commercial!
  9. My Mom’s favorite service song. But she was biased.
  10. So no leisure suit and white platforms for you? Too bad. You’d look Awesome!
  11. Nothing wrong with posting a link. You may not ask for contributions to charities. And you’re not.
  12. Astra 600. Bought it at the Rod & Gun club on post in Germany. Spanish Army surplus. Paid $18 for it. Hideous trigger pull. Weird take down. Patted myself on the back when I sold it for a tasty profit of $7.00 a year later. Well...$5.00. I inset a pair of Special Forces crests in the grips. That cost me $2.
  13. Only if you mention my tinfoil beret.
  14. Come to think of it I do seem to recall warnings about silver and Tarn-x years ago. I’ve been dipping my wif’s jewelry in it for a long time with no apparent ill effects. Just the silver though, not the gemstones.
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