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  1. Anybody of Pre shopping mall age knows what a strip center was. I suspect Millennials would be confused.
  2. http://www.desototimes.com/news/gunsmoke-was-a-dream-come-true-for-actor-buck-taylor/article_164fa704-0185-11ee-837b-cf82b57f4958.html
  3. How about explosives? They missed one.
  4. Road Rage incidents do Not require any provocation at all. There are simply too many drunks and lunatics driving out there.
  5. I will have some lamb and Tetsina tonight.
  6. I have seen six flies, one squirrel, and two wasps. More accurate than a fat rodent.
  7. I always heard the term referring to military chaplains. But I was watching an episode of Death Valley Days and a guy called the new reverend in Carson City a Sky Pilot. I wondered why they would use a modern term like that. But a little research revealed the first use was around 1865 and again in 1883 and refers of the a pilot in the nautical guide sense. Guiding souls to heaven. Ya larn something new every day.
  8. I saw one at the old Kermit Weeks museum in Florida nefore the hurricane destroyed the facility. It is an impressive beast! I’d love to see one make a gun run.
  9. I’m in the market for one but haven’t checked the market yet. Gunshow prices seem ridiculous. What might I expect a decent price to be?
  10. They re louder than they sound in the movies. And your head is right next to the tube. The BLOOP sound they make in Hollywood films is what they sound like from several hundred yards away. Of course the loudest sound is when they land right next to you. But you might not hear that one.
  11. I’d drive through them. Laughing. Might back up over em after must for fun. I have good tires.
  12. Those are the good servers. The ones who don’t day, “And what would you guys like tonight”
  13. I wonder why they used US M1919 guns. I assume they were converted to .303.
  14. While I am all for gentlemanly behavior and try to practice it at all times.I feel ordering for the lady is one holdover from the Victorian era than is not relevant in todays society. It is more of a male dominance driven act than one of courtesy. I still open doors, walk on the traffic side of the footway, pull out the chair for the lady and give flowers. But ordering dinner, no. Do I would not refer to my companion as anything to the waiter.
  15. During WW2. They trained B17 and B29 pilots in Hillsborough County in Florida. I had a teacher in High School who had been stationed there. They had a saying. “One a day in Tampa Bay”
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