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  1. I’m doing Blueberry mmmmmuffins right now.
  2. In Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Maybe not so lightly in bears.
  3. Nice day. Walked up the ridge this afternoon. Found these pottery shards and worked stone pieces in about 5 minutes. Two grindstones I found a few years back. The big broken one looks to be granite. No granite around here for quite a distance. Probably a trade item. I found it down in the creek bed. Found one half and then the other half a day later.
  4. https://www.insider.com/prince-philip-did-not-have-a-state-funeral-2021-4
  5. True. Stone is stone. But they can sometimes be dated approximately due to location where they were found and knowledge of tribal history and migrations in the area. If you have a point in a box with no other information, it’s anybody’s guess really. The souvenir shops are full of modern arrowheads for a buck or two a piece.
  6. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/5-great-357-magnum-lever-action-rifles/
  7. A day of pride and reflection for me. I feel the spirit. It still lives, 250 years later. For some of us. Not the chest thumping, loud yelling kind of spirit. The other kind. If you know what I mean.
  8. Surf in Florida only comes with a storm. Teeny waves is what we get.
  9. That was the best employment tactic for the KV1. It had 90mm of frontal armor and a big gun. In a hull down emplacement it was near invulnerable. But it was a heavy beast and easily outmaneuvered by the Germans in the open.
  10. The German running into the tree was hilarious.
  11. Well that was a quick right turn from the weather discussion.
  12. Yes, this area has been frequented by Navajo and Ute peoples in the recent (200-300 years) past, and prior to that the Anasazi (now officially called The Ancestors of the Modern Puebloan People. Yeah I know), and Basket Weavers. There is one spot on the property I call the pottery shop that has thousands of pottery shards and another area that was used for tool and lithic making. In addition, there were trade routes per through the area. I have found some obsidian fragments which is not found around here. Probably came from much farther south according to a museum researcher I contacted.
  13. ......got wet down at Cocoa Beach. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/ww-ii-era-plane-makes-emergency-ocean-landing-at-air-show/3004865/
  14. I get multiple “delivery alert” emails every week. They seem to come in cycles. Every one has been bogus.
  15. Yes. I usually go out in the spring after the snowmelt and before the weeds come up.
  16. I don’t need pics. But some of the criminals on the internet might. So don’t bother. I have it in my mind’s eye. It is. But there is no such thing as a, “that couldn’t happen here” completely safe place. Nowhere.
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