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  1. I believe it went straight to video. Never had a theatrical release.
  2. And whiners who can’t bear the lack of paper towels at the store and closed movie theaters. One wonders how they would have done under gas rationing, no new cars, and Meatless Tuesdays.
  3. Ditto. For years after I saw that I put Cat Fud on the grocery list whenever the Friskies supply ran low.
  4. You sh** it for the first time. I bet there won’t be a second time.
  5. I always have my shoe pointing to the right though.
  6. There’s always next year. Baseball fans are durable and long lived.
  7. A city councilman in Charlotte has proposed defunding any tear gas for the police after an incident the other day.
  8. Same old story as far as riots go. They are usually located in the rioters’ neighborhoods. Makes it easier to get back home with the booze, tv and trunk full of Nike’s. L.A. Watts riots, McDuffie riots in Miami, Rodney King, Ferguson riots, etc were localized But this time there are some differences. Macy’s in NYC and some fancy shops on Rodeo drive in LA were hit. The addition of Antifa members who are mostly white and very mobile and not locals no doubt has inserted an extra dimension to the situation
  9. A nickel plated 38 Super with fancy Mexican grips is on my bucket list.
  10. Most people don’t even recognize it.
  11. Make sure you ask for the Propofol. It’s awesome.;)
  12. We had some discussion on that the other day. The oc content in bear spray is less than self defense spray because bears have more sensitive olfactory receptors. So it’s less effective on humans. The advantage is Bear spray puts out a big cloud rather than a stream. Good for a crowd. Not good for close quarters. I had an expired can of bear spray so I went out and let it rip just to see the range. About 35 feet and a big orange cloud.
  13. More of a strong suggestion. Recommendation? Enlightenment?
  14. I think you’re assuming they’re jerks. That may be a premature judgement. They probably recommended a 38 because it’s a Much better self defense weapon. I’ll give em the benefit of the doubt. 2 of our local shops are owned by women. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear how they acted.
  15. One night in Phouc Vinh base camp In 1970 about 9 pm we received a hefty rocket attack that lasted about 10 minutes our battalion escaped unscathed but a neighboring unit, that had just moved into an area we vacated a few days, before took several casualties. As the officers gathered after the attack, the Bn Exec rushed in screaming they were using gas and for everyone to man the perimeter etc. He was coughing, snorting, and really hyper. As usual the attack was not followed up by any ground assault. It was the work of a few local VC firing from improvised launchers. There were no mainforce NVA units in the area. I didn’t know what the the XO was talking about by a gas attack. We found out the next morning that he had been walking along the road that led to the 1/9 Cav officers club. At the sight of the rocket’s red glare the intrepid major dove into the nearest shelter along the road. It was an old abandoned ARVN bunker that was used by some of the local good time girls to “entertain“. After repeated attempts to curtail the business, the MPs had dumped a 25 pound bag of CS crystals in it. CS is in crystalline form and only becomes a gas when heated or a spray when mixed with a liquid medium. That tactic effectively ended any future illicit rendezvous. The major dove right into the pile of CS like hitting a sack of four, filling the bunker with a nice cloud of irritating dust.
  16. Depends on what you mean by classify. The NFA definition for firearms is one thing. The classification of vehicles depends on the state in which they’re registered. 25 years is pretty standard but some vary. Most professional antique dealers will define it as an object at least 100 years old. Newer objects are frequently termed “vintage”.But over the years this has been generally diluted. Newer objects are frequently termed “vintage”.
  17. They can be charming. But the organization is an organized crime one, as sophisticated as the Mafia. I new an FBI agent who was undercover in the Mafia for several years. He said they can be great seeming guys. Friendly, kind to kids, contributing to charity and active in the local church. He had to remind himself that they were actually brutal criminals with little regard to human life and making their living off of the misery of others. The Angels started out as a veterans club after WW2. But the club changed by the 60s.
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