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  1. We just contacted the county health dept. and they made an appointment. Went in, got the shot, had to sit there for about 20 minutes to make sure there was no adverse reaction..
  2. I have never heard that but apparently both terms are used. https://ok2bme.ca/resources/kids-teens/what-does-lgbtq-mean/
  3. "One of my child molesters......" There aren't too many professions where you can make that statement.
  4. The main thing I look for in a home defense sg or rifle is size. That’s why I got the Shockwave. The environment of a dark residence is not conducive to a long barrel. Tables, chairs, lamps, TV sets, curtains etc. the Shockwave is wonderfully compact as is my AK under folder. Of course the AK is not one you would want to employ if over penetration was a concern. For me it’s not. If a furry 4 legged burglar intruded, as one did in a lady’s house a few miles away, the AK would be the one I’d grab. Soft skinned 2 leggers get the Mossberg.
  5. I haven’t tried them in my Stoeger. I’ll do that tomorrow if I get a chance.
  6. I use Break Free on most everything. But Mobil 1 and Lubriplate work well on my Garand. Also on my lever actions.
  7. But he’s not using it for campaign funding.
  8. The main purpose is to be able to stuff more shells in your defensive shotgun mag tube, not specifically to lessen recoil. So that’s why only 12 ga I reckon.
  9. Nope that’s a mulie. They also have the white patch. Nearest white tails are over in Disappointment Valley, about 50 miles northeast from here.
  10. The army uses stars for campaigns and OLC for subsequent wards.
  11. I have only used them in the 12 ga shockwave. the recoil is light. So I image a 20 ga would be less..
  12. I understood him. Wassamatta? His coat of arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The shield color is green. He’s describing the stripe’s location, and the location of the duck and it’s color gold.
  13. I’ll be dead before the town gets out here.
  14. My wife hates blue, purple, pink etc guns. Everytime I show her one in a magazine she rolls her eyes and makes a gagging noise. And she’s not really a shooter.
  15. There are a number of S&W pistols in that caliber. Photos or markings are necessary to identify it.
  16. Mossberg 12 ga Shockwave with Crimson Trace laser sight.
  17. In basic training on bivouac I leaned my M14 against a tree during chow call. Then After eating iI remembered! Trying not to look like I I was in a panic I went back to the tree. It was gone.then I saw another about 19 feet away so I picked it up. 3 days later we all turned them in to the arms room. Then when it was range time, I got mine back, and the guy who had walked away with mine got his back. Thank God it wasn’t the Drill Sgt who took it.
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