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  1. There were many neon sign makers back then. They were the standard, even for run down dives. I imagine the price to replace just the numbers wouldn’t have been exorbitant.
  2. When I was in the army in Germany in ‘68, they had a pre- release showing of The Green Berets at the post theater. It was free and we were required to go. It’s a good thing Duke wasn’t there. He would not have been pleased at the laughter.
  3. What? An improbable Hollywood movie? Say it ain’t so!
  4. Suspension of disbelief is a requirement. Usually I’m pretty good at that.
  5. Snow, then rain, then hail with lightning! A brief moment of partial sunshine and I beat it back into the house before it started to rain locusts, frogs, and blood.
  6. I like the series. Hopefully they can change things up for this one. No way I’m going to a theater though. I’ll wait. By the way. The Holiday Inn won’t accept these. They still want a credit card. IMG_6979.MOV
  7. 2:15am. I awoke. Laid there for a couple of minutes before realizing why I awoke. It was quiet. Too quiet. The white noise machine wasn’t on. No sound but the occasional creak, tick and crack of the house. The house cooling off. Because the power was out! After about 5 minutes of debating with myself I got out of bed, layered up. Got a flashlight and went to check the breaker box. All okay there. Then to the west window. I can see the neighbors barn light down the road from there. It wasn’t on. Called the power company to talk to the computer. It told me that: Our. System. Indicates. An outage. In. Your area. This. Outage. Affects. Two. Hundred. And. Thirty. Seven. Customers. Our. Crews. Have. Been. Dispatched. But. There. Is. No. Estimated. Time. Of. Power. Restoration. Well thank you computer lady voice. I lit a fire. Got the oil lamps distributed and debated going back to bed. I started thinking about breakfast. Probably because the PB&J sammich I had was a pretty light dinner. Then I remembered that I was supposed to haul some firewood up from the shed yesterday. But I didn’t. Rats! 20° outside. 50 yards down to the woodshed. Probably mountain lions, bears and wolves between me and the wood. I found that the coffee was still hot in the thermos so I had a cup. I sat down in the recliner hoping the power would come back on, but it’s a power Lazyboy and wouldn’t recline dang it. Then with a sigh I put on 2 more layers and my boots, headed for the door and… the power came back on. Now it’s 3:30. I have this inflatable solar camping light that I hung in the bathroom. I pushed the off button and it cycles through 3 brightness levels and one emergency level where it flashes: 3 short flashes 3 long flashes 3 short flashes SOS “Good idea”, I says to myself. So I made some. Yum. All’s well that ends well. 10:30 EDIT: I must admit that my initial motivation for getting out of bed was that lyric from My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. You know the one. (No not the one about hookers)
  8. Town is Cortez, Dove Creek is Dove Creek, Cahone is The Post Office, Durango is The big City.
  9. There’s a over in Mexican Hat Utah that has a huge swinging grill like that. Can’t remember the nam of it.
  10. The day dawned bright and clear at last. I was able to negotiate the mud and slush in the driveway (with difficulty) get into town, accomplish some tasks, and return home. A good day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.
  11. Expletive like liverwurst. I have never understood that. But I never ask they why because it doesn’t interest me.
  12. Good news - the storm seems to have finally moved out and I was able to do some plowing Bad news - It was a warm nasty storm leaving tons of slush, ice and mud The driveway is a sloppy slippery mess. Hopefully I can escape to town tomorrow without getting stuck if the mud freezes tonight. Getting back in may be a problem. Better news - I was finally able to get to the drop Box and get my UPS package.
  13. We are wandering afield as to be expected I fear, and could continue on tangential comparisons indefinitely. It has been and will always be a difficult and touchy subject. But the point is, did the soldier violate the Rules of Engagement as specified by his organization or the Laws of Land Warfare as set down by the 1899 Hague Convention. Personal trauma, stress, combat fatigue, etc may be mitigating circumstance and may have an affect on the sentence if adjudicated guilty. But they are not a legal justification. We will have to see what the investigation and trial reveal.
  14. I feel like I’m in Grand Central Station! Snowin steady for 28 hours and blowin about 35mph here right now. I’m dreaming of warmer times. https://huihuirestaurant.com/menus/dinner
  15. A god friend who was a biologist and bow Hitler told me fat is essential in the diet.
  16. The British fielded the first tanks. Then between the wars the French and Germans ran with the concept, developing better models. Then at the outbreak of WW2, the UK and US had to play catch up.
  17. I’ve seen several videos of Russian armor doing that while trying to load in it conditions
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