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  1. Hmmm. I dump my wet brass with SS pins into my former dry media/case separated with enough clean water to "rinse" the brass. Pins fall right out!
  2. Yep same here. I haven't changed so I've concluded the ground is getting harder!
  3. Last few years I've been looking for a replacement for the wife's car. This will be the last car I own before the kids take my Driver's license away for me. A Honda CRV, 1 or 2 two years old with low mileage is what I narrowed my choice too. Two cities away a Honda Dealer had two used ones on their lot. My research gave me what they were worth. My budget told what me what my top dollar would be. I had no intention of purchasing when I went to take a look. One of the two cars the Dealer had met all of my requirements except one (no power open/close on the rear hatch). I asked the Salesman why the price on the car's window was higher then what their web site's price? Salesman gave me a strange look then punched away at his computer keyboard, price shown on the car is what they should sale it for, he said. Yea sure I thought, they goofed. I explained to the Salesman IF we agreed on a price, other than sales tax, there would be no "add ons" or "additional charges". I knew what their sticker price was, and what their Internet price was so I asked him what their selling price was? The old "I have to check with the boss" routine before the Salesman gave me a price that was lower then my predetermined budget price!?!? RATS!!! I hadn't planned on buying! Now they are making me an offer that would be hard to turn down! I told the Salesman to write it up and when I saw the bottom line was the price we had agreed on I gave them a down payment using my credit card. I drove back home to get the wife and stopped at the bank for money before returning back to the Dealership. Salesman told me they forgot that the car had a few "options" that had an extra charge so they reworked the paper work. The look I gave the Salesman burned holes though his skull. He quickly showed me the new paperwork, the bottom line (the price we had agreed to earlier hadn't change). New paperwork just showed the "options" and their cost (Dealer took the hit). OK, I smiled, no problem. Salesman said I need to go see their Title man. Title man was all smiles and started talking about Platinum, Gold and Silver plans. I asked if he was talking about extended warranties? He said he was, to protect me from expensive car repairs. I asked him why would I need an extended warranty on a vehicle I had just been told was highly reliable? He didn't have an answer and lost his smile. I drove out with the car for the price the Salesman and I had agreed on. Perhaps the Salesman and Owner could sense that I was more then willing to walk away?
  4. As I walked into a Subway I read the hand lettered note on the door. "Cash only. CC is down". OK, no problem I thought. Then I learned their cash registered was connected to the Credit Card reader. Cash register was down so they couldn't accept customers credit cards. OK, no problem I thought wrong. The two young girls were trying to figure out how to use a electronic calculator to total up my bill. My sandwich was $4.99, I rounded it up to $5.00, move the decimal over two places gave me 5. 5 times 7% sale tax equals 35 cents. $5 plus 35 cents equals $5.35 and subtract the 1 cent I had rounded up, $5.34. The young ladies just stared and me for awhile when I told them what I owed before going back trying to figure out how to use their calculator. After coming up with several different totals on the their calculator they decided to use the figure I had given them.
  5. ALL of my incoming calls go straight to voice mail UNLESS the caller is in my contacts list. You calling me from a burner phone it will be a day or two before I check the VM. Burner phone is to make hard to trace outbound calls. Phone would be powered down until you needed so who could have called you any who?
  6. The only device that I have that is old enough to run ACES is my iPad. After our match I use my iPad and ACES to sync with the RO's iPad to get the match scores. Using my iPhone as a hot spot I emailed the scores to myself and using my laptop I access the Internet to retrieve the email to get the scores. Still using my laptop and "FileZilla" I push the scores to the Club's web site. Check the Club's website to confirm the scores got posted. Then using my iPhone I post on the Club's Facebook group that the scores are posted. This is done so when the cowpokes get home from the match the scores are posted and waiting for them! Ain't technology great!
  7. No, his mother had him tested...
  8. Because they're not human?
  9. Way back when I was a Town Marshal my salary was based on forty hours and working 60 hours a week wasn't abnormal. Then I changed careers and was the Plant Manager in a service industry, still salary based on 40 hours, working 45 hours a week was the norm. What's this hour here and hour there y'all are talking about?
  10. Do you realize Jules Verne wrote "Earth to Moon" in 1865? Does that mean we need an "astronaut" category too?
  11. He was trying to keep a low profile?
  12. I do the same. Never could figure out the logic of those that use up their reloading components before thinking about replenishing their inventory. Too much like having diarrhea and waiting until the last roll of toilet paper is used before buying more.
  13. Ahhh! I read "switch" and thought electrical! It's mechanical! Thank you! Back to the regular scheduled OP toptic....
  14. I though mail was shipped the long way around because all of it is run though "sniffers" smelling for anthrax and drugs like that?
  15. Wouldn't Dillon's life time warranty rebuild your "worn out" 650 for free?
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