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  1. Rebel 17 https://stainlesstumblingmedia.com/shop/reloading-products/tumblers.html
  2. Kel Tec Sub 2000 caliber 40 S&W. Painfully smacks my check bone at every shot.
  3. Yep. Local match Shooter runs out of or forgot to bring shotgun shells to the stage. Shooter is handed some shells from the TO's belt. We all laugh. State match and I was the TO. Shooter shot their pistols and rifle, pickup up their shot gun as they reached to their belt for shot gun shells. By habit (and in error) I handed the Shooter shells from by belt. Shooter hesitated before taking them to finish the stage. TO (me) made two errors. As the Shooter was staging their guns I failed to check their belt for shotgun shells. Second error was handing them shells during the stage. I will no longer purposely break a SASS rule because it's "just" a monthly match. New Shooter at a monthly, sure make accommodations accordingly.
  4. One of Murphy's laws. Another is:. Home repairs. When you have the time you don't have the money. When you have the money you don't have the time.
  5. You sell widgets. Your profit per widget is 10 cents. One of your material suppliers raise their price to you by 10 cents per widget. Do you wait until all of your widget inventory are sold before increasing your pricing? If you do, your company made no profit AND you will lose interest on money you have invested behave you need more money to by materials. So actually you lost money on every inventory widget you sold.
  6. Economic law of supply and demand.
  7. Been reading they are excellent for SASS. Went to online to purchase and saw they appear to have steel bases. Is this is correct? Steel has always been frowned at by SxS users for hanging up in the chamber(s).
  8. I have the same problem with my SxS and AAs. Hangup in the right barrel. I've polished the barrel, reamed and polished again then hosed down with silicon spray. Full size shell check each round before using, perfect. As soon as it's fired the petals hangup on the chamber and refuses to shuck. My final solution was to stop using AAs.
  9. The 9th Annual Shootout at Shakey’s Gulch! September 27th Friday side matches, 28th & 29th. Wolff’s Rowdy Rangers weekend match that rivals most State matches for a whole less cost, $50! Ladies your spouse can shoot too for only $30 more. Always wanted to shoot in a State match but felt intimidated or don’t qualify because you’re not a member of SASS yet? Here’s your chance! Home of the world famous SUPER STAGE! Two stages combined into one. Two rifles, four pistols and box full of shotgun shells. Don’t have the extra firearms? Let it be known when you send in the application or ask to posse with Matthew Duncan, he’ll share his 45s and provide the ammo too. Port-a-potties - indoor restrooms (at two locations) - showers - on site dry camping with power - nearby hotels and campground - breakfast and lunch (Saturday and Sunday) - a whole weekend of YAHOO! Register early to guarantee a name badge or register on the day, however your schedule permits. Application: http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com/SSG 9 A.pdf More about the hosts: http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com/WRRFlyer.pdf Wolff's Rowdy Rangers website: http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com Back to your regular scheduled program...
  10. When you email the reports to post, are the reports in PDF or HTML format?
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