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  1. That seems to be a lot of extra work. I just asked my chickens not to lay them until we needed them. I just have to remember to post how many we want the night before.
  2. My order vacationing in Memphis is now in Indiana! I should have it tomorrow!
  3. My wife is one up on you wife. Mine fired a 38 once.
  4. SASS started their membership pin program last year or the year before.
  5. They can't charge us for NOT using their "service"......................oh wait, were talking government here.....
  6. The Credit Union we use offers free online payment forour bills. Saves me the money from purchasing checks AND saves postage too! USPS will have to find a different way to lose my payments!
  7. I emailed my supplier to ask if they could light a fire under FedEx as I too have a pacage that's been taken a long vacation in Memphis TN. Here is the reply from my Supplier: "All of the packages we send via FedEx Express 2-Day are shipped by air and go through the FedEx Express air hub in Memphis, TN. This hub was impacted by severe winter weather for multiple days last week and this is causing delays with many of our shipments. The weather has improved and packages are starting to move but there is a backlog that will take some time to clear. Once the backlog is
  8. Hat has "CSA" badge. That is NOT going to change.
  9. I could pierce my ears and hang them from my lobes.........NOT!
  10. From the front of the badge stick the pin though an badge opening. From the back of the badge slide the pin retainer dohickey on tight.
  11. Quandary - which badge to wear? 20 plus years ago it was Cutter’s Raiders (particularly Midnite Desporado and Thorny Rose) that got the Son and I involved with Cowboy Action shooting. Been wearing a Cutter’s Raiders badge (number 13) on my gun belt ever since. Since Cutter’s Raiders was dissolved a few years back, past time for me to update? Should I replace the Cutter’s Raiders badge with the my current clubs badge, Wolff’s Rowdy Rangers or the SASS Life badge that the mail is delivering Saturday? And no I will not wear mutable badges.
  12. Andy of Mayberry. We all know that Barney was ordered to carry his revolver empty and THE bullet in his shirt pocket. Well Andy had caught a high profile crook and the State Police was on the way to get the crook. Barney was left to watch the Crook locked in the Mayberry jail cell. Well the Crook got the drop on Barney and took Barney's revolver. Crook locked Barney in the cell and was half way to the door when Andy walked in. Andy was nervous until he learned it was Barney's revolver the Crook was pointing at him. Andy told the Crook that the gun was empty...click...click.
  13. An aquarium air pump rubbered band to the side of the powder hopper. The vibrations from the pump (no hoses attached) are transferred to the powder hopper and keeps the powder flowing.
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