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  1. How did the good people become out numbered and controlled by SAN, LA & SFO? The only way Evil can triumph is when good men do nothing.
  2. The "Debaters" are the same folks that dare criticize President Trump for the way he acts.
  3. Rotate the SxS 180 degrees and the action will remain open. Closer to page three...
  4. Swany's instructions on how to make your own: http://www.wolffsrowdyrangers.com/Leverwrap.pdf
  5. They brought it on themselves IMHO. Instead of running for office or holding elected officials accountable they buried their heads or left the State.
  6. Barrels up configuration would be sweeping the cart Pusher!
  7. Nothing in the SASS rules would prevent "gun barrels down". Shot at a local SASS match using my "gun barrels up" SASS cart. A few weeks later I went to the same range and shot in a 3-gun completion using the same SASS cart. I was told 3-gun requires "gun barrels down" so I flipped my long guns, didn't fit to well either.
  8. What's this "renewal" thing y'all are talking about? Looked at mine and it has "Lifetime" printed on it.
  9. Received mine today. The Broc Rider is higher then what y'all got pictured. It's partially covered by the label. For $20 Yankee it's (IMHO) and excellent buy.
  10. Surprise you alright! Tonight when she gets into bed she’ll put her cold feet on your WAHOO!!!
  11. Wonder how much he’d want for that 1050? I’ve got a stack of paper bills...all in Confederate notes.
  12. Bunch of Shot Timer APPs in Apples APP Store
  13. I'm not getting any younger you know. Update?
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