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  1. Well…I’m tempted. Shot there 10-15 years ago. Had a blast. Always meant to return…
  2. The years the son and I were sharing two pistols, a rifle and a shotgun we'd just mention the fact to the Posse Leader. We never ran into a situation when we weren't allowed to "space out".
  3. Room for tents, absolutely! Hope to see you down the trail.
  4. Don't let one cowpoke rile you up. Life is too short for that.
  5. Drive on up to Bristol, Indiana! Wolff's Rowdy Rangers are hosting their 11th annual Shootout at Shakey's Gulch in September. Application: http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com/Information/SSG_XI.PDF Website: http://www.wolffsrowdyrangers.com Video of last years 10th annual: At 4:22 is a view of their "Super Stage, two stages combined into one. At 7:21 is Boss Outlaw shooting the Super Stage.
  6. OP wanted to buy "shipping boxes from Uberti". Who else would have them but Uberti?
  7. How about contacting Uberti direct and ask them?
  8. On site RV camping. What amenities are available, application doesn’t state.
  9. I shoot 45s and was told the same thing as you. I just smiled back and said 45s are suppose to have recoil!!!! You see my dad was stubborn and so was mom. That means I have a double dose of stubbornness!
  10. I took a report on a silver dime collection stolen in a house burglary. Notified the local merchants to be on the lookout for any customers with silver dimes to spend. Gas Station called the next day. Owner had most of the dime collection in his register. He watched as I confirmed the dates and mints. He wasn't to happy when I took the dimes as evidence. Arrested local juvenile for the burglary and returned the dimes to the their owner. When the police arrived I would ask then to verify your newly purchased antique revolver was stolen property. If confirmed then send a copy
  11. A&W available at the drive ups… when it can be found.
  12. My wife gets down on her hands and knees when she talks to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her favorite words are, "Get out from under that bed your coward!
  13. Reminds me of when we were newly weds and the wife asked when I was going to start on the "To Do" list she had started for me. My answer was as soon as I finished her "To Do" list. She never mentioned it again. Nip it in the bud! Farmer hitch up the mule to the cart for a trip into town to pick up his mail order Bride. On their way back to the farm the mule got stubborn and sat down in the middle of the road. Pleading with their mule didn't work so the farmer pulled from the cart an hickory axe handle and smacked the mule on its head. That got the mule up and moving again. F
  14. How about selling the house? You get full value and with today's market more than full value. Then rent a place to live. You have the money form your house sell sitting in the bank to do with as you see fit.
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