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  1. Then a good old fashion answering machine would be beneficial
  2. Find a landowner. Put your agreement with the landowner in WRITING Figure out how to pay for the targets in advance. Notify all that you can to see IF there is a big enough group interested.
  3. Their call would be screened by voice mail and you can promptly return their call.
  4. They put the wife on a pill, cost was around a hundred per month. She was all for it until she realized she would have to pay for it so she talked to the Pharmacist. She could get the same thing OTC for a whole lot less. She then asked her Doctor to rewrite the prescription for the OTC, Doctor did and she's happier.
  5. iPhone. I've turn on the feature that blocks ALL calls UNLESS their number is in my contact list, their call goes directly to voice mail.
  6. "They" had to make an example out of the Pastor because he refused them entry twice before.
  7. Pistol calibers, no. Rifle calibers, yes.
  8. A squirt of Dawn dish washing soap and a touch of citric acid.
  9. What caused your carrier to "wear out"? Asking because mine is 20 years old and I'd hate to have it break because I didn't check for?
  10. You can keep inflating a balloon until it POPS. The same with the stock market. Stock is a worthless piece of paper that you hope you can sell for more then what you paid for it. History repeats itself. Remembered what happen in the early 1900s!
  11. I operate on the theory that by cleaning my brass before reloading, the resizing die will last longer. A dirty resizing die can scratch brass causing the brass to prematurely split when fired.
  12. Bait and switch. Since the advertised entry fee wasn't accurate I'd suspect the "Hourly free prizes" wouldn't be true either.
  13. What you do depends on which you prefer free or paid TV
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