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  1. What do you think of this for a shtf arsenal? I think the owner is gun poor.
  2. I have a routine too, but when something breaks that routine! I had purchase wooden spoked wheels for my gun cart. Wheels were out in the shop drying from a coat of paint when I loaded the truck up on Friday evening. Saturday morning I was a mile from home when I remembered (fortunately) the the wheels were in the shop and not in the truck.
  3. Some quality craftsman are NOT businessmen and don't refuse and/or give realistic dates for fear of disappointing and/or losing the work. We have a excellent local mechanic but you just have to remember to time 4 the times he tells you.
  4. Beautiful! Truck ain't bad looking either.
  5. When I was nine I had a 1876 lever action Dasiy BB rifle. Does that count? I wasn't allowed to watch westerns because they were too violent (black & white with no special effects). Once in while Roy Rodgers was allowed.
  6. Twenty year ago I read on this here forum that cowpokes had check off lists so they wouldn't leave a vital piece of equipment at home. Shucks said I, what's wrong with their memory. I've got my memory list! Well it's been an awful long winter, first match of the year is tomorrow. Trying to find where everything got moved to since last year. and not end up leaving something behind. Started thinking perhaps a list would help....
  7. Think I used a boxed in wrench to tighten my TTN hammer pin nuts.
  8. If your shop power is fed from your house:. X10.com Swap out the shop flood light switch with a X10 programmable light switch. Plug the reveiver in any electrical outlet in your house. Pressing a button on the fob will turn on/off your flood light. X10 sends a coded single over your electrical cable i use the same setup to open/close the chicken coop door from the house.
  9. Bah humbug on shaded glasses, just squint as needed. Now I'm told I have cataracts starting to form and yes I've shallowed my pride, admit I was wrong and where shades religiously.
  10. Mongo. Like you I hate letting brass go. Brand name, off brand, it didn't matter. Then I started to have too many split casings hanging up in the rifle's chamber. My hand shakes and my mind thinks "perhaps one more reload" as I drop off brand and suspect brass into the...........brass to the junk yard jug.
  11. Three stages shared with pine tress and two stages overflowed onto the main long range bays with no down range movement. Conflicts with other shooting disciplines. No more!!!!!!
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