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  1. If you loan anything (especially money) consider it a gift. Things are more easily replaced then friends.
  2. Noticed they didn’t report how this bionic eye would be wired to your brain
  3. IMHO the parent company (Bass Pro) inventory takes priority and Cabela's gets the leftovers, if any.
  4. Computers have a camera and mike built into them. Why not use them?
  5. The night before our flight to London (to see daughter and SIL) the wife was in Wal-Mart doing last minute shopping. She called me crying. All I could understand was something about the car and her purse. I thought she had locked herself out of the car. I got the spare key and was putting on my boots when she pulled into the garage. She came into the kitchen still crying and said she had to go back to Wal-Mart. And off she went! Later I learned she was crying because she had left her purse in the cart when she put the cart into the parking lot cart corral. In her purse was her driver's license, credit cards and cash. Without her Driver's license she thought she wouldn't be able to board the flight, miss seeing our daughter who we haven't see in 2 years. When she returned to Wal-Mart she learned that the Wal-Mart employee that gathers the parking lot carts and returns them to the store had found her purse and gave it to the manager. Nothing was missing from her purse. Her passport (which she could use to board the airplanes) I had locked up in the gun safe. On the flip side I had a co-worker that would steal a dollar if given the chance.
  6. I bought a brass catcher for my evil non-politicaly correct, black non-California compliant rifle before I lost said rifle during the canoe accident. Catcher's straps Velcro the bag over the ejection port. 4 or 5 times each magazine the spent brass would bounce off the bag back into the rifle to cause a jam. Let me know your shipping address and I'll send it to you. It's the only thing that survived the canoe accident.
  7. Yep. Home owner called. Her live in boy friend beat her up. I had his parents come and pick him up to get him out of the house. She promised me she would contact the County Prosecutor in the morning to file charges. I promised her the Prosecutor would have my report by noon. She didn't keep her promise. A week later she called again, this time the beating was worse. His parents were called again. He's out of the house again. She refuses medical treatment again. I remind her of her earlier broken promise to file charges, if she doesn't this time don't bother to call us because we will not respond. She promises again. She calls a third time. I asked if she filed charges for the two earlier assaults (I knew she hadn't). "No" she said. "If you not willing to help yourself there is nothing we can do for you." I told her before I hung up. Soon after that she moved out of Town. It's sad that some women are staved for attention so much that they are willing to take a beating to get it.
  8. Yesterday I was in Menards. Customer was loudly asking a store employee, "WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO RESTOCK THE SHELVES?" I thought, "Didn't the customer realize there was an attempted coup in progress?"
  9. Last week we drove down to Georgia to visit family. I noticed one of the three Cabela's we drive pass was closed, all lettering was removed from the store front and signs. Across the Interstate was a Bass Pro. I wanted to stock up on 9mm for the 2020 season. Cabela's online have no bulk 9mm and only a few defensive loads. Bass Pro online had one bulk selection and a larger selection of defensive loads. Today I received a Cabela's email, 10% off on purchases today plus free shipping on orders over $50. The only rimfire ammo Cabela's has is 22 Mag. Bass Pro has a large (considering the times) 22 LR selection. When Bass Pro bought out Cabela's they said there would be no changes. I figured that meant no changes until the bean counters had completed their audit. I hadn't thought (or hoped) the "no change" change would have happen this quick.
  10. You are applying logic to an organization that doesn't use it.
  11. Oliver North tried... Where is LaPierre's letter that his two page article said was coming?
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