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  1. Super Stage this weekend. Horse and buckboard is ready! Horse's name is "Old Blue".
  2. Read the last sentence in the OP, " Also using Remington primers and also was told it happened a couple of times on my rifle. "
  3. Evidently you didn't read the posts where the OP was loading less then the manufacturer's minimum powder loads nor the post where problem was occurring in pistol AND rifle?
  4. OP might have left the winning lottery ticket in his vehilce which makes the concern on how to pay the house mortgage moot. How is "might" germane to the OP?
  5. Following the powder manufacturer's load recommendations could solve your problem and prevent future injuries from fellow cowpokes.
  6. No I do not have backups for my backups because I don't have any backups to begin with. My guns are stock and been used for close to 21 years. Had one flat spring that cracked but I was able to finish the day with it. Last winter both pistols were showing wear and light trigger pulls so they went to a Coyote Moon Gun Works for maintenance.
  7. If you a wanting to attend the 2-day and experience the Super Stage in person, you can register on site Friday morning. Just tell the Matthew sent you.
  8. 2 seconds You can see the score for 2019 Super Stage <Click Here>
  9. Total time minus bonuses
  10. Ohhhh...thanks for clearing that up....
  11. CMA? Is that an offshoot of NFL or NBA?
  12. Nah you didn't fail. Phantom has no sense of humor.
  13. Super Stage! What is a Super Stage you might ask? Well I’ll tell ya! But before I do I’ll be a needing to give y’all a little background first. Wolff’s Rowdy Rangers are the creator of the Super Stage (my story my facts). At the time of its creation space was limited for their annual two-day match. The solution was to combine two stages into one! The Super Stage requires two rifle, four pistols, a good part of a box of shotgun shells and sometimes a 22 pistol and/or rifle (club provided). Most cowpokes have several sets of firearms, or in my case I borrow from another cowpoke. First time I heard the reading of the senecio I said to myself, “WHAT!?!?”. Then after I shot the stage I said to myself, “I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!” For the stage description and scenario for last year’s Super Stage <Click Here>. It was a no miss, count bonuses only stage. For a video of Michigan Slim shooting the 2017 Super Stage <Click Here> Don’t believe what I’m a telling ya? Come see for yourself September 25th (side matches), 26th and 27th. Wolff’s Rowdy Ranger’s is located in Bristol, Indiana. Top center part of the State and just south of the Michigan State line. Since the Super Stage creation the bays have been enlarged, concrete side berms, new stages, limestone parking have been added. Check out a video of the new range <Click Here>. Additional information <Click Here>
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