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  1. If I'm understanding your question (heighten above in red) correctly. No, the Shooter is not out of ammo and is unable to finish the stage. A missed rifle or pistol target is NOT reengaged until hit.
  2. Like the ones that attacked their Trainer?
  3. Last time I did the math. 45 Colt. Store bought. 50 cents per round Reload with store bought bullets, 10 cents per round. 8 cents per round use free lead casted bullets. Not including LP for melting the lead.
  4. The Town of Tombstone Arzonia requires diapers on all horses on their main tourist street.
  5. 1. Always treat all firearms as if they were loaded. 2. Never allow the muzzle of any firearm to point at anything you are not willing to destroy. 3. Never put your finger near the trigger until you are ready to fire. How does moving from a Loading Table to the stage with a loaded rifle with a hammer in a half cock/full cocked position violate the three cardinal rules of handling firearms?
  6. My OP was looking at the NEW card they sent me with my renewal notice.
  7. I bought one for my mother’s house. She’s housebound. Dad built the house in the late 1940s. 60 AMP service. I had a 200 AMP transfer switch install with 200 AMP wiring to and back from generator. They extended the natural gas line and included a tee by the electric water heater. As I recall the installation cost was minimal compare to the overall cost. Two men had it Installed, online and tested within four hours. Cost was around $5,000 for the Generack
  8. Cutter's Raiders would shoot a stage then met in the club house to warm up before moving on to the next stage. Repeat until all five stages were shot. It would be so cold the Smokers would have to thaw out thier matches in the clubhouse microwave.
  9. I was looking at the back of my membership card. Four car rental and four hotels give SASS discounts. I'm asking for membership experience in using the offered discounts and roughly the money y'all saved.
  10. I did that at the request of the purchaser of my dry tumbler. As I recall it took on a little over a year (or was it two?) for him to receive it
  11. Not necessarily. Perhaps the Shooter said he was going to shoot and didn't care what the TO said?
  12. Sunday at Wildwood Wranglers. 5 stages. 100 rounds shot Of the 98 casings returned to me; 1 case was split. 1 case didn't belong to me (WW). My headstamps were Winchester and Tombstone.
  13. It's possible just not politically correct to do so?
  14. Build the fire lanes the same way the power company built the towers and run the power lines.
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