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  1. Not only do we not worry about categories we allow shooters to pick any category they care to try out on any given stage. This is the place to experiment, try something new and different and learn...
  2. For what it may or may not be worth. A friend has been dealing with that for some years now. Lately he has started wearing weighted wrist cuffs and that simple thing has really helped him. Hasn't eliminated the problem, but has made everything much more controllable. Good luck and may the shooting gods smile upon your efforts.
  3. These are Frankford Arsenal from Midway. $50 for both. I will be at EOT Sunday thru Sunday.
  4. I'll take it. I will also be at EOT. Let me know about details (payment, etc).
  5. That's as good as chronos get! Sweet price. I've had one for about 30 years now and use it often.
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