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  1. Typical bureaucrat that can only ask what’s on the screen in front of her.
  2. Two ears and one mouth … good practice to listen twice as much as we talk.
  3. OK. I watched a few more YouTubes. Yes there is a “back door” combination depending on the model of electronic keypad Liberty used. It’s call a maintenance or supervisor code. This code is primary and the combination you use is a secondary code. On some models you can delete the back door code and others you can not. IF you did NOT complete and return the warranty information Liberty has no idea who bought the safe thereby cannot provide LE any information. Hello this is Liberty Safe. This is the FBI and we need the combination to a Liberty safe owned by a Matthew Duncan. Sorry we have no Matthew Duncan in our records. AND if you removed the serial number from the exterior of your safe LE couldn’t call Liberty Safe to ask for the combination for a safe with the serial number of….
  4. Swap out the Liberty electronic key pad with a mechanical dial and eliminating any back door access.
  5. I understand that the caffeine in coffee is bad for you so I drink Mountain Dew instead.
  6. More I think about it the more I agree with leave the drugs and call the cops. If you dispose of the drugs yourself the cops will suspect something is wrong when the drugs don’t show up on the streets for sale. Now if a firearm related forum hasn’t gotten the interest of the Federal alphabet agencies, adding executing drug dealers and how to dispose of illegal drugs should help to do so.
  7. What do you a Italian with only one arm? A speech impediment. ( needs both arms waving when they talk )
  8. No “new” guns so you buy them “used”!
  9. My wife is afraid of firearms, doesn’t want to know anything about my firearms and doesn’t want to see them around the house. OK I can work with that. Over the years I’ve used overtime money or accumulative Birthday money to purchase firearms. No purchases were ever made with household budgeted money. I’m the one that paid the house mortgage, car payments and all other household expenses. A few years back the wife asked how many firearms did I own? What she really wanted to know was how much she could have gotten from me to spend on her hobbies. I reminded her that she “didn’t want to know anything about my firearms” which ended the conversation. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this year.
  10. My Honda instructions tell me to hold the dead battery fob against the start/stop button to start the car. For those that hid a fob inside the car. Bust a window and I can drive off with your car?
  11. And if I became a suspect I wouldn’t want any drug residue to be found in or around my toilet.
  12. I think the bigger risk was already taken in murdering the two Drug Dealers. Drug disposal would be minor IMHO.
  13. I had a Class B+ for 3 years. Bought it used. All the comforts of home. Named it SKI (Spending Kid’s Inherence). Main purpose in the purchase was to attend SASS Nationals in New Mexico and circular route back home, Grand Canyon, etc. Also the son lived in Georgia and didn’t have a spare bedroom for when we visited. SASS Nationals moved to Oklahoma and son moved to Wisconsin (spare bedroom). Overnight stays at SASS matches and a trip to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Overnight stays at Cracker Barrel, Bass Pro, WalMart parking lots were a breeze. One WalMart stay noisy construction started around 4 AM, I slid into the driver’s seat and off we went. 10 MPG was normal, once I had a strong tail wind and got 12 MPG. Retail market was high at the time so I sold it. If I had a place for inside storage I would have kept it.
  14. Just make sure you stand up wind. I’d slit each package and drop them all down a sewer manhole one package at a time.
  15. Buckshot Bear, I noticed your building didn’t have any ventilation. Suggest a vent at both peaks to let the heat trapped inside during the day to vent out.
  16. Can’t battle with an unarmed opponent!
  17. Matthew Duncan


    Amazing how my stage times have improved when I’m serious instead of having fun. Considering retiring my TTN external hammered SxS 12 gauge with a quality internal hammered, single trigger, short barreled that’s been blessed by a known gunsmith. Recommendations?
  18. “A pilot ejected from the aircraft on Sunday afternoon after a "mishap." Mishap was the pilot pulling the “EJECT” strap?
  19. They should look under the Russian trawler.
  20. LBJ was in Dunlap after the Palm Sunday tornado’s had devastated the area. He said he was in Goshen and pronounced it as “Gosheen”. What twerp I thought, didn’t bother to ask where he was at or how to pronounce it.
  21. I had a government declared “evil black” rifle that repented and was converted.
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