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  1. Background A few years back a Father and Son were sharing a rifle. Their rifle broke so I offered to share mine so they could continue the match. Both rifles were 45 Colt caliber so they used their reloads.. Next stage they were having problems with my rifle feeding. Cost them a lot of time during that stage. I felt they were starting to question my motives for loaning them a "defective" rifle. I used it on the same stage with zero problems. We compared their reloads to mine and discovered their cartridges over all length was considerably longer. They finished the match using my reloads with zero problems. My Wonderments Better to loan out a firearm if they used only ammo provided by you? Let them use their ammo so they don't feel so beholden? Ignore the situation and let those that push an arsenal around in their gun carts offer to help?
  2. Fort Reno Kid, Split the difference in what he paid for them and $75 (per thousand) I'd say would be fair.
  3. Come on guys! Where in the “news” article did it state the reloading powder caused the explosion?
  4. Gas leak. I suspect the wife flicked a lit cigarette in her husband’s direction. Case in point. My wife left me a note telling me my supper was in the oven. All I had to do was lite the oven to warm the food up. P.S. stated she already turned the gas on for me.
  5. Same reason why I own more the one firearm. Because I can.
  6. I blame all of my misses on bad target placement.
  7. It’s been 15 or more years when I did the math. I was paying 50 cents a round for 45 Colt. $50 a match, $100 when the son shot too. Reloading and reusing brass it cost me 10 cents a round. The $40 savings per match ($80 savings including the son) paid for the Dillion Square Deal within the first year. This winter I’m reloading for the 2022 SASS season using primers and powder I bought two years ago.
  8. Our daughter was a Peace Corp volunteer serving in Togo Africa. She was in the local “Post Office” to pickup a package we had sent her. “Post Master” claimed he didn’t have it but the daughter could see it laying on a shelf behind the Post Master. She could even read her address on the package. He still denied having her package when she pointed to it. He was expecting a bribe and what he got was a little white American girl giving him a royal chewing out in African French! She got her package!
  9. I’m sorry for your dad’s death and I am sorry after his death he started voting Democrat
  10. Sorry El Catorce, You asked for helping in locating plans and instead got hijacked.
  11. Tempted I’ll be driving though southern Illinois around the weekend of October 1st. PM me a pickup location and I’ll figure out if it is practical.
  12. I had a iPhone that was next day shipped. It arrived two weeks after the Carrier claimed it was delivered. I’m guessing it was delivered to the wrong address and the receiver was honest to report it to the Carrier.
  13. American asked his Russian friend what the news in Russia was like. Friend said he didn’t know because Russians didn’t watch the news because they knew it was all propaganda.
  14. Use computer and a text program to print the design. Tape the printed design to the stock.. Using an awl or nail transfer the tack locations to the wood. Predrill.
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