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  1. Hmm...if the store saved 10% from the use of self-checkouts, who is more likely to benefit....the customer or the store? I think I know, but then I have a cynical view of life in general. LL
  2. Hmmm... I thought that was Special K with the freeze dried berries... LL
  3. Note quite. Boca Chica means "small mouth" in a literal translation. It is a common place name, with use in FL, TX, CA and the Dominican Republic. In this usage, "chica" means small, not girl. LL
  4. After years of guzzling Diet Cokes to the tune of 6-8 per day, I gave it up cold turkey. I don't drink coffee or tea. Water became my prime beverage, but got boring fast. I use Sunkist drink powders (yes, they contain aspartame, but you've got to die from something eventually). The flavor is great, and they are very convenient. LL
  5. Bloomberg was the mayor; the store with the shopping bags was Bloomingdale's. LL
  6. If there's even a chance that he'll leave...... LL Canada's Justin Trudeau says he thinks daily about leaving 'crazy job' 16 hours ago By Jessica Murphy,BBC News Share Reuters Canada's prime minister says he frequently thinks about leaving his "crazy job" but plans to stay on through another election. Justin Trudeau has faced growing questions about his political future, with polls suggesting he is increasingly unpopular among Canadians. In an interview with broadcaster Radio-Canada, Mr Trudeau also spoke about personal sacrifices of his job. Canada's next general election must be held by October 2025. Opinion polling in recent months indicates that Canadians are feeling a growing dissatisfaction with his government, spurred by frustration with issues like housing affordability and the cost of living. The governing Liberals have been trailing behind the Conservatives, the main opposition, often by double digits. Concerns that the "Trudeau brand" might be a drag on the Liberal party's fortunes has led to speculation in political circles that Mr Trudeau may be eyeing the exit, and even some allies have suggested it's time for him to leave. But in a 24-minute interview released on Friday with the French-language broadcaster, Mr Trudeau said: "I could not be the man I am and abandon the fight at this point." "I think about quitting every day. It's a crazy job I'm doing, making the personal sacrifices," said the leader, who has been in office since 2015. "Of course, it's super tough. It's super boring at times." Last year, he and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, announced they were separating. They have three children together. Mr Trudeau came to power with an impressive majority election victory that ended nearly a decade of Conservative party rule in Canada. But support for the Liberals has eroded over two subsequent elections. His minority government is currently in a so-called "supply and confidence" agreement with the New Democrats, where the left-leaning party supports the Liberals in key votes in parliament. Mr Trudeau, 52, said on Friday that he entered politics "not to be popular, not for personal reasons - because I want to serve and I know I have something to offer". "The choice that Canadians will make, in a year in the elections, will be so fundamental." In one high-stakes fight, some provincial premiers and the federal Conservatives are pushing to cancel a planned increase to the federal carbon tax - one of his government's key climate initiatives - that is coming into force next month. Mr Trudeau told Radio-Canada that he planned to stay the course, arguing that increases are offset for most Canadians through a rebate. "It is very easy in politics these days to attack a tax, to attack concrete measures," he said.
  7. Look at the smile on that young man's face......worth a million dollars!!! LL
  8. Somehow, I seriously doubt that Rules of War would be my major concern. LL
  9. Oh, I don't agree... He's got bigger guns than anyone else in the photos I've seen.... . LL
  10. Wait a minute...... You found a way to escape CA..... And went straight to........Chicago????? A real devil for punishment, eh? LL
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