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  1. My well is over 600 feet; pulling the pump is a mighty task. After the original pump went, I got to thinking about all the years that I had been cleaning all of the sink faucet spout strainers every week - they would clog up with sand and fine gravel. So, I asked the pump guy to lift the new pump at least 20 feet off of the bottom. He did. No more sand, no more clodgged faucets, no more burned out pumps (I hope). LL
  2. And those customers do not whine about "weapons designed for the battlefield" or complain about lethality. LL
  3. Giada De Laurentiis- enough to motivate you to start hanging out in the housewares department... LL
  4. My friend, there is no such thing. There is honest, and then there is not honest. Some things are black and white. Glad to hear that you choose honesty. Too many choose the other. LL
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/us/colt-suspending-production-of-ar-15-for-civilians Hmmm.... LL
  6. Depends on the policy. A standard auto or property policy will apply depreciation depending upon the age and condition of the insured property, reducing the recovery. There are, however, policies available for so-called "replacement cost" or "agreed value" coverage, which in many cases will pay the full replacement cost without depreciation. The premium is usually higher, but it eliminates all the haggling with the insurer over depreciation. Many insurers, however, will hold back some percentage of the replacement cost until you prove that you actually replaced the property. Failing to reveal pre-existing damage IS insurance fraud. You are misrepresenting the condition and value of the insured property if you do not reveal that damage during the processing of the claim. You are, in essence, claiming a higher value than you are entitled to recover (unless you have a policy that does not apply depreciation). You have an affirmative obligation to reveal that damage; an insurance claim is not a game of hide and seek. LL PS: In most claims, before you are issued a check, the insurer will want you to sign a sworn statement, verifying your ownership of the insured property and your representation of its pre-loss value. Don't fib. LL
  7. Didn't Damon learn from True Grit that playing Texans is not his forte? A kid from Cambridge playing a Texan...isn't that cultural appropriation? LL
  8. After Ted Williams, Yaz is my favorite all-time Red Sox player. In a career without corked bats, juiced balls and 'roids, his accomplishments are mind boggling: "Yastrzemski played his entire 23-year Major League career with the Boston Red Sox (1961–1983). He was primarily a left fielder, but also played 33 games as a third baseman[3] and mostly was a first baseman and designated hitter later in his career.[4] Yastrzemski is an 18-time All-Star, the possessor of seven Gold Gloves, a member of the 3,000 hit club, and the first American League player in that club to also accumulate over 400 home runs.[5] He is second on the all-time list for games played, and third for total at-bats. He is the Red Sox' all-time leader in career RBIs, runs, hits, singles, doubles, total bases, and games played, and is third on the team's list for home runs behind Ted Williams and David Ortiz.[5] His career coincided with my youth, and he made me, for the first time, a baseball fan. No social media, no braggadocio, no illicit affairs, no drugs, no holding out for more money at the expense of the fans - just a down-to-earth solid individual with a true love for the game and a God-given talent. Thanks, Yaz, for 1967 and memories that will never die. LL
  9. That's a good recommendation. I have the P238, and have thought about the 9; the only thing holding me back is that I own no other 9mm, and I'm not real eager to add another set of dies to the reloading budget. Despite it's gun-unfriendly reputation, MA is not overly restrictive on CCW. Once you have a permit, there are no qualification requirements and no listing of which guns are covered by the permit - add on and subtract freely and without paperwork. We do have a somewhat limited list of approved guns, but you can probably find something that satisfies you. My two carry guns are a Para Slim Hawg in .45ACP and the P238 in .380; the P938 matches the 1911 controls on those guns, and would fill out the trio nicely, I think. LL
  10. It does not hurt to understand the social and political structures of your allies...and for that matter, of your enemies, too. LL
  11. Try this; should keep you busy for a month or two http://www.edwardianpromenade.com/resources/titles-and-orders-of-precedence/ LL
  12. That may be true....but I still can't help but chuckle when I thnk of the two of them living "on a ranch"..... LL
  13. Picked one of these up a few years ago; $65. SS. I don't like the plastic sheath. Need a horizontal belt sheath in leather, that will work behind my back. LL tanto.jfif
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