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  1. Actually, I think it is ignorance and indifference. And it Sux! LL
  2. This is the "justification" argument that I heard in the 1960's and 1970's in school. It still does not justify making war. https://www.independent.org/news/article.asp?id=1930 LL
  3. HC: You're talking about MA, my friend; common sense and an understanding of the Constitution do not exist here. The arrogance of the ruling party is unbelievable. I seem to remember being taught (in public schools in PA) that the essence of our republic was rule by the majority with respect for the rights of the minority; that latter concept has long been forgotten in MA (and maybe in the country as a whole). LL
  4. Elmore Leonard was amazing. Every time I find a new Western book I want to read, it turns out that Leonard wrote it. I'm knee deep in The Bounty Hunters on Kindle, and every time I put it down, I need to rinse the dust from my mouth with a shot of mescal. Man, he could write! Raylan Givens, Chili Palmer, Hombre, Valdez is Coming, Last Stand at Saber River, 3:10 to Yuma, plus dozens more, all flowed from that fertile mind with a style unmatched. I need to slow down; I don't want to run out of his books. LL
  5. Did you catch the civilian running out from the left and laying down in front of the horses? LL
  6. Ooooo.... GrubHub for kitty owners - mice delivery!!! LL
  7. Just starting here; we have 12" in the forecast overnight, and another 6-10" Monday. LL
  8. You might try this: https://niedbalskioutfitters.com/military-surplus/surplus-jackets/swiss-alpenflage-poncho-new If it's the same as mine (and it looks it) it is nylon, not PVC. Much less odor. LL
  9. Except that Ironside was a cop, not a lawyer.... LL
  10. Partly due to physical and intellectual laziness. We do not even need to leave our houses (or our beds) to receive world-wide "news" coverage. Open wide, and they will channel the whole world into your mind. No critical thinking, no concern with accuracy or sources, no analysis of reliability. The ultimate failure of the "Free Press", which for the sake of dollars and political alignment, has abandon its primary function of finding and reporting the truth. I do not fear technology; used properly, it can be a huge boon to our society. But used thoughtlessly, it is a garbage pit of gossip, lies, and inaccuracy. I do not use Facebook or Twitter or any othe social media outside of this Wire. In my law firm, I am regarded as a Luddite. But that is not accurate; I simply have no time or desire for gossiping over the electronic backyard fence. Like many others here, I have abandoned much of the popular media, and use instead a group of seemingly more reliable news sources, taking ALL with a grain of salt until and unless they can be objectively verified. Looking forward to vacation in the Caribbean in a couple of weeks. Shut off the phones and the laptops for 10 days; listen to local island radio, where the news is largely related to where to find the best fishing. Amazing how clear your mind can become if you turn off the live streaming nonsense. LL
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