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  1. They can be persistently aggressive. Watched a couple of toms chase a neighbor into her garage with the groceries; she was terrorized and broke down crying. Another neighbor lady called the police a while back; a tom had chased her child in the street, and then attacked her when she went out to intervene. Police tried their best to shoo it out of the street, but it repeatedly charged them, flying into the air at the end of each charge and trying to catch them with his talons. They ended up ending him. I prefer my turkey deep fried. LL PS The turkey and the golfer reminded me of another one of my neighbors. He was a veterinarian, specializing in large animals. Out on the golf course one day, and tried to shoo away a large group of Canada geese. One of the geese took issue with him, and wings a-flappin', charged him. Canada geese are BIG birds, and an angry goose can do some damage. He waved it off with a club several times, but it would not give up. Finally, he smacked it with a wood. End of goose. And nearly the end of his career. The MSPCA filed a complaint with the licensing board, alleging that he was unfit to be allowed to care for animals, and tried to get them to pull his ticket. It took almost a year, and cost him mucho dinero, but he finally got to keep his license. What kind of people try to take away your livelihood because you had to defend yourself from a goose? LL
  2. There is a section of the airport that has hangers with flat brown/grey painted aircraft with no markings, but I don't know who they are. The drone, however, was privately owned by an individual from NY. LL
  3. So I got interested in Flightradar24, watched local air traffic, and just upgraded my subscription to dump the ads and get more aircraft information. Maybe one of you can help me with the following: I saw an icon this morning that I did not recognize. Turned out to be a 4 rotor drone. It originated in upstate NY. Flew SE out past Provincetown, looped around, and flew into Logan Airport, making an approach just like a commercial plane. It "landed" (speed dropped to 0) and stayed stationary on the runway. Ten minutes later it was gone. I thought drones were banned from airspace near airports; is there some logical explanation for what I saw? LL
  4. I liked the part where the owner stuck his face underwater, cigar and all, and came back up with the cigar still firmly between his teeth. I'll bet that stogie was a bit softened and sour. Had no idea that a gator so small would take a pup that size. Ambitious. LL
  5. Not a tax....just a processing fee. Just ask Chief Justice Roberts. LL
  6. For those who could not access the WSJ article: https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-security-chief-accused-of-offering-bribe-of-ipads-for-gun-permits/ LL
  7. How ironic....the same folks who heavily funded and supported anti-2nd Amendment candidates now seem to think that they (or a select group within their circle) need and deserve that which they want to deny to the rest of us..... Their solution? Covert bribery of public officials, promising 200 IPads in exchange for four concealed carry permits. https://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-security-chief-offered-ipads-to-police-as-a-bribe-for-gun-permits-prosecutors-allege-11606176850?mod=lead_feature_below_a_pos1 LL
  8. We had a Governor a few years back, whose politics did not attract me. But he did ride the subway to work, and carry his lunch in a paper sack. I admired his sense of civic responsibility, and his reluctance to spend my money on his personal pleasures. But that just could not overcome his laughable pretentions to military competence when he ran for President.....
  9. Steam opens clogged bronchial passageways; so, what you may be doing is creating an easier route for Covid to reach your lungs,,,,,,sorry..it seems that every anecdotal report regarding somebody's aunt who "got the virus" contains yet another conflicting version of how it's transmitted. Until I can get vaccinated, I'm staying isolated and washing/wiping everything. I'm in the same boat as you - over 65 with "tender" lungs that seem to attract every infection and contaminant in sight. LL
  10. https://genius.com/Noel-coward-mad-dogs-and-englishmen-lyrics LL
  11. Beautiful...but LOTS of sanding and re-varnishing in that guy's future. I'd probably stick with galvanized corrugated steel panels. LL
  12. Good thing Woolworth's had an emergency response plan: "Clean up on aisle Three - bring your mop and your gas mask!" LL
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