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  1. There's no rum like Naval rum !!!! LL
  2. A woman after my own heart; you're a fortunate fellow. LL
  3. That's OK; H.G.Wells was on the same level as Jules Verne. LL
  4. You're all better and stronger men than I. I would fold up like a wet newspaper if I lost my beloved. I wish you all nothing but sweet memories. LL
  5. Hmmm..... I wonder if they retracted that bold statement after Constitution sent Guerriere to Davy Jones locker? LL
  6. I realize that some folks are disturbed by the differences between the 2000 and an original. None of that bothers me. When I went looking, I wanted a "real" S&W, made by S&W. I wanted the deep, fluid blue, and the precise manufacture of S&W firearms. And I wanted the original caliber - .45 Schofield. So i have a pair with 7" barrels. And they make me smile. LL
  7. Close encounter - humpback among fishermen off Plymouth, MA https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/whale-jumping-on-boat-explainer/2788602/ LL
  8. Yeah; I don't go over the bridges anymore, if I can avoid it. LL
  9. These formed up over the beach today; the Atlantic is on the left. Ominous. LL
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