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  1. PM: I'll bet that slow moving cars get out of your way when you pull up behind them with that bumper...... LL
  2. Judge Benitez has been an assiduous 2nd Amendment defender for Californians....struck down the ammo background check requirement, struck down the "large capacity magazine" ban, and now agrees that the plaintiffs have standing to challenge the assault weapons ban. You folks are lucky to have him on board. Thank you, W, for nominating him to the bench. LL
  3. Just wait, my friend...just wait. I guarantee that in a couple of years, when faced with the same issues in your own performance, you will cling to that driver's license like it was a lifeline. Hardest thing my Dad ever did was give up his license...and then only after it was abundantly clear that he could not function. I'm sure that there were a few youngsters behind him during the prior couple of years that were swearing at him for being an "incumbrance". I would respond like your the guy in your post - driving slow is not against the law in most places, and a little courtesy and understanding is DUE to older folks. LL
  4. Geez, Pat....the clock runs on all of us, eventually. Your countdown to retirement is actually an indicator of when you can expect to suffer the same indignities of old age as that fellow does. Add in your multiple injuries from cycling, and you are probably looking at a few restrictions on your speed and agility. I truly hope you age more gently, but next time you are behind a grey headed driver, picture them as your own Dad or Grandad, and have a little compassion. Take it more slowly, and you'll have a more harmonius outcome.... LL
  5. Funny; that was my first thought. That new gasoline is tough on small engine fuel systems, especially if you let it sit for any period of time with no stabilizer in the tank. I have developed an intimate relationship with the carburetors on my tractor and snow blower. LL
  6. Man, do I know what this is about. I've developed some back issues that have forced me to use a cane, get a special bed, stop shooting, stop working, and pretty much spend my life sitting down. Every day is a challange to figure out how to carry plates or bowls, retreive the mail, move packages in from the front step, negotiate stairs, and avoid disaster. I've never cursed, yelled or complained so much in my life. Bottom line is that I'm angry at myself...with no one to blame but myself, I need to vent - often and loudly. Covid has suspended my PT treatments, but if we can get past this hiatus of life, I hope to get the use of my body back again. Don't despair; follow the MD's directions; do your therapy; yell if it helps, but make sure your sweetheart knows that you are not angry with her. You may want to let your wife know, too. Damned canes! LL
  7. I would suggest not engaging him; let the Moderators do their thing, and he will be blocked. You do not want to become a target. LL
  8. Yeah; I have reported each of his posts - he's up to 15 or so. Must be quite the collection to have all these items on hand...even small pistol primers!!! LL
  9. Just in case anyone has not noticed, we have a Vistor who just started posting. In response to every "WTB" post, he miraculously has exactly what you are looking for, and invites you to respond to a numerical GMail address. He's sent such responses to every single recent add, regardless of the item requested. Something tells me that this is a phishing expedition, or some other nefarious activity. Watch your step. LL
  10. What are the odds that one non-SASS member, with no prior posts and a numeric Gmail address, has exactly what a buyer is searcing for on three consecutive "Looking For" ads????? Buyer beware. LL Edit: Make that 7 consecutive ads.....either this fellow has one heck of a collection, or..... LL
  11. Ha! 1991...Hurricane Bob. Neighbor's 22' sport fisherman pulled its mooring and was pushed up river in front of an 18' tidal surge. When the sea receded, it was left stuck between two trees, 15' off the ground, sorta like this truck. Needed a crane and a chain saw to get it down. Mother Nature can be wicked. LL
  12. If you want to borrow my tools, you need to take me with them. They do not leave my sight. I'll be glad to help you fix something using my tools, but they are MY tools. LL
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