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  1. Circa 2001 - 1981 Browning Citori 12 gauge. Purchased it from a friend, who had taken me to his club to learn to shoot. Other than a .22 in Scout camp, it was the first gun I ever shot. Somehow, guns never entered my childhood. I was just shy of 50 yrs. old when I bought the Citori. Things have accelerated a bit since then. LL
  2. Even construction is not immune to misspellings, mispronunciations and malapropisms. The ridges on a fastener are "threads" not "treads"; The plywood on the outside of the framing is "sheathing", not "sheeting"; The horizontal framing member in a floor or ceiling is a "joist", not a "joyce"; And the black material in roofing is "asphalt" not "ashphalt". It's a losing battle; language is in a constant state of flux, getting better and worse at the same time. LL
  3. Man, what a gut punch! If those were my tools, I'd be doubled over and crying.... Condolences to your boy. LL
  4. Google "EB Enterprises - flux capacitor" - you will find multiple sources that do sell this prop. LL
  5. In this instance, I'm not certain that Hi-Point's action was in the best interests of the customer - or of anyone within 100' of the customer. Unbelievable. After round 2, just where did the shooter think the rounds were going? LL
  6. Really? It's the Federal government! Of course they go for the new vehicle - and upgrade it while they are at it. LL
  7. There's always one character that will take a good thing too far......
  8. Dang, dang, dang! Somewhere on Beacon Hill, there's a little closet with a little guy inside, whose sole job is to read everything he can about guns, and then to write nearly unintelligible regulations banning or restricting their sale in MA. Oh, wait...it's a woman, not a guy...and the sign on her door says "Attorney General"!!!!! Sigh..... LL
  9. Click the link in the bottom right corner of the video; it will take you to the video on YouTube. Look below the image on YouTube; the OP identifies the narrator as Arthur Kennedy. You are right; there are similarities between the two actors. Listen to Kennedy's voice, and think back to Lawrence of Arabia. LL
  10. No single political group has a monopoly on immaturity and stupidity; but the most recent flock of 20-somethings certainly has been striving to earn that distinction. From the well-intentioned but woefully uninformed kids who protested against gun rights after Sandy Hook (and who were egged on by the media, who loved their new darlings' message) to the know-nothings of the Occupy movement, who staged "live-ins" outside banks and in public places (with encouragement from their "founder", Elizabeth Warren) demanding to be given that for which they would not agree to work, to this latest crop of so-called "socialists" (who I sincerely doubt would agree to go without their creature comforts in order to raise up the true poor and disadvantaged), these screamers and wailers and whiners now help me to understand how our parents must have felt in the 60's, when hippies and anti-war protesters wanted to run our society without investing in it, and without paying any dues. For them, everything is a conspiracy, run by capitalists, banks, Jews and anyone over 45, determined to deny them their "free stuff". For all of their pointing and accusing, they act more like the Brown Shirts, trying to scapegoat others to justify their grab for power. We need the legitimate press to come back to life, to accurately and without bias expose the lies and specious arguments advanced by these pretenders. It is time for serious men and women to step forward, and send these children back to school until they are capable of organized and logical thought. LL
  11. My brother from a different mother! Did the same as a kid; bought the components over the counter from the local drug store, no questions asked. Used an old book Dad had for formulas and techniques. Made packet charges with fuses, and sunk multiple plastic ship models (including my Texaco tanker) in the neighbor's in-ground pool. Parental confiscation ensued. LL
  12. Isn't that Arthur Kennedy explaining the process?
  13. Talk about creating a strategy for drying up all commercial lending, and ending all private financing of construction and public works projects. Of course, if you are a Socialist, you want all of that power to be controlled by the government, so you will deny any role to private banking. How many times do anti-capitalists have to see their alternate 'systems' collapse before they recognize that open markets and free enterprise are the engines of economic growth? LL
  14. Yeah, I guess it is one thing to impose it and another to execute it. With the passage of time and varying political winds, anything is possible. I hope the Governor is forced to read the pathologist's report, and view the crime scene photos. Animals do not deserve protection from the natural consequences of their actions. LL
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