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  1. Guns are not Mrs. LL's thing. She learned to shoot as a youngster at camp with a .22 rifle, but has not shot since. She does not have a MA permit, and so cannot buy me a gun here. For her, guns are like a mean junkyard dog; she really doesn't care to have one in the house, but it is comforting to her that one is nearby in case the need arises. LL
  2. From what I can see, Hasbro has renamed the toy line generally as "Potato Head", but has retained the "Mr." and "Mrs." variations as seperate models; looks more like a branding issue than any gender sensitivity. "Cherokee" has been a Jeep model continuously since 1973, and "Grand Cherokee" since 1993. This tribal sensitivity is misplaced. There is nothing demeaning about using a tribal name, in the absence of mockery or unflattering ethnic stereotyping. LL
  3. Exceptional blankets and clothing, including traditional patterns. LL
  4. Our Cape Cod cottage has a natural gas-fueled fireplace that has saved my butt several times when we lost power during the winter in our other house. Never in the 30+ years that we have had a cottage has our gas supply been interrupted; the fireplace is exceptionally efficient, and requires almost no maintenance. No wood supply issue. That being said, we have a wood burning fireplace in our other home (no gas available in the area). Atmosphere is great, but it struggles to keep our living room warm during a power failure in winter. That, added to the loss of power for our wel
  5. 1984 - the first year of production of the "modern" Jeep Cherokee - we bought our first Jeep, a Pioneer. Loved it, and began a 37 year relationship with a series of 6 Jeeps - Pioneer, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Limited, Liberty, and Wrangler Unlimited. Before I paid any extortion demand, I'd drop the "Indian" names and use Cowboy, Custer, Cavalry, Pilgrim, Pioneer, Trapper, Settler, Sodbuster, and every other frontier-related name I could think of that specifically excluded Indians. LL PS: Given the Jeep's WWII heritage, how about some WWI
  6. I retired from the practice of law early this year; I kinda swore to myself that I was done with this kind of dispute. But a few points got under my skin, so let me give it a go. This case involves a "consumer protection statute" - a creature of the state legislature, designed to punish businesses when they do not deliver on promises or "cheat" the consumer; the problem is in trying to seperate simple negligence (lack of due care) from the more egregious nastiness required under such statutes. In most states, negligence alone will not support a claim under such a statute; the pl
  7. Geez...I wish I knew what is wrong with the MA system. I'm still jumping through hoops, and no closer to getting an appointment. Try and try again. If I catch this damned bug because of a bureaucratic delay, I'm going to have my ashes dumped on the Governor's desk! LL
  8. My Dad was a boater, and he had this terrible boating accident...... Naw; just kidding. I'm the first gun owner in my family. No hand-me-downs here. Mine will probably go to my son, after I've had a bit more fun. LL
  9. Thank goodness I have DVDs of most of the Disney Classics, pre-snowflake warnings; I can show my grandchildren what great fun these shows were before the nancies got woke. What race is the Cookie Monster, and is there a stereotype at work there? LL
  10. There is still piping and a hot water generator inside the unit, and they both contain water; not a lot, but enough to freeze. LL
  11. Spent hours on the computer every day this past week, trying to register for a shot. Closed out of every vaccination site. Now looks like the state's allotment of vaccine has been used up, and there will be no more scheduling until another allotment is made. Meanwhile, I sit and wait. Mrs. LL managed to get an appointment; she's always been luckier than me. LL
  12. What do you want to bet that he's got no caps, either? LL
  13. For a country frequently starved for hard manufacturing jobs, that is quite a list of positions available. If I was in the manufacturing trades, I'd be looking at that list. And that all bodes well for increased production and product development. LL
  14. Today is the first day of vaccine availability for those 65+ in MA. We are required to go online and register for an appointment. So I went to the State's site this morning, and what do I get? This application crashed If you are a visitor, please try again shortly. If you are the owner of this application, check your logs for errors, or restart your app.
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