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  1. TJB is correct; however, the MA testing regulations (including the drop test requirement) apply to manufacturers and/or gun dealers - not to individuals. It is the manufacturer's obligation to pay for the testing and certify the results to the state; it is the dealer's obligation to sell only those guns that appear on the Approved List (and they don't get on the List without passing the drop test); the Regulations do not forbid subsequent owner modifications. However, any individual who sells a gun that has been modified such that it would no longer pass that test is inviting a negligence claim if the modification results in an injury - especially if he does not fully advise the buyer of the nature and scope of the modifications and the resulting safety issues. Even then, the seller may still be exposed to liability to a third party injured by the use of the modified gun. Modify away if you can accept the risk; but re-install before you sell. LL
  2. Uh-oh....huge array of scaffolding on the roof; what do you bet they'll blame the contractor? LL
  3. Yeah, he's still a bit slow - only 4 weeks old. We'll bring him home at 8 weeks, and I expect he'll be a bit livelier then. Puppies are almost universally cute; it's Nature's way of making sure that they all get adopted. LL
  4. My lovely wife thanks you......and looks sideways at me. LL
  5. Cheddar....or as they pronounce it around here, "Cheddah". He's a him. LL
  6. Lost our beloved Yellow Lab almost a year ago. Figured it was time.... (PS - click on the video link after the last pic) 2019_04_13_CHEDDAR.MOV
  7. Well, we have no grassy plains....but we do have expansive views... The low, dark shadow on the horizon is Martha's Vineyard, 7 miles to the East. And you can't get there by horse. LL
  8. I hate to inject excessive legalities, but if I were counsel to Browning, and my client received a letter asking for its opinions on the safety of a fire damaged gun, I would politely suggest that they either advise against further use or take a pass on the request. In our current climate, a manufacturer who expresses such an opinion (especially without seeing or testing the gun) could be opening itself up to liability if the gun subsequently malfunctions and causes harm. Those are the cold realities of doing business; there is simply no upside. If it were my gun, I would want a rebuild and a real test by a qualified gunsmith before I would be comfortable using it again LL
  9. Now that's great! i would pay to be able to use that as a service. LL
  10. Could you kindly post a couple more pics of the 16? Any cracks in the stock? How is the bore? Date of mfg.? Much appreciated; not kicking tires; seriously interested. LL
  11. For the first time in a long time, I got the chance to re-watch Rio Grande. Ben Johnson stole this film; he is at the top of my list of real cowboys. Yo! https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07QGJLZCM/ref=atv_hm_hom_c_JssQGI_47_3 LL
  12. Oh, I think I can fit it all in...... LL
  13. Well...saves you that long walk back to the truck pulling the carcass behind you...... LL
  14. "Did you ever think, Bullock, of not going straight at a thing?" "No." Deadwood. The Movie. May 31. HBO Raylan has a new hat. My cup runneth over. April 14 - Game of Thrones - Final Season April 19 - Bosch - Season 5 May 31 - Deadwood - The Movie. I'll see y'all in July. LL
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