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  1. The definitions of "assault" and "battery" vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Kentucky appears to include wrongful bodily contact with resulting physical injury within the definition of "assault'' and given the facts of the case, it's probably a misdemeanor. 508.030 Assault in the fourth degree. (1) A person is guilty of assault in the fourth degree when: (a) He intentionally or wantonly causes physical injury to another person; or (b) With recklessness he causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument. (2) Assault in the fourth degree is a Class A misdemeanor. Effective: July 15, 1982 History: Amended 1982 Ky. Acts ch. 429, sec. 2, effective July 15, 1982. -- Created 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 406, sec. 67, effective January 1, 1975. LL
  2. If only I could get my Coopers interested in the tree rats.....balance of nature. LL
  3. How does privately paid endorsement money increase ticket prices? LL
  4. For the first time in my memory, it looks like we are going to finish a winter with no appreciable snowfall. Now, we did retire to Cape Cod 2 years ago, and the Cape does tend to be a bit more temperate than the mainland, but despite the relocation we usually got at least 2 storms and several lesser accumulations every year. This year, we dusted the driveway a couple of times, but nothing to justify a plow, a snowblower or even a shovel. No salt spread. I'm getting the impression that global warming may actually be a thing. LL
  5. Para Slim Hawg in .45 ACP and ivory. To fit my delicate hands. LL
  6. That would have been confusing, since my Dad was already Jr. When I was born, I had an uncle serving with the Marines in Korea. Apparently, my birth weight matched some kind of ordnance that was nicknamed a "buzz bomb". The name stuck; to this day no one in my family (except my wife) calls me Frank; they all call me Buzz. LL
  7. My folks named me after my grandfather and my father, making me Frank III. I never felt slighted, but rather complimented. At times it was a burden to live up to their example; at others, it was motivation to do so. LL
  8. My Dad was a Jr.; most folks in his family called him Junior. You must have come from a classier town than mine; I am a Third, but the kids i grew up with were more likely to call me ' The Turd' than 'Trey'. LL
  9. Blackhawk Down or Private Ryan - don't recall which. Sizemore was standing near a building. Rounds were ripping in all around him. Splinters everywhere. He never flinched. Totally calm and unaffected. I know he was acting, but boy was he the image of a guy who knew that you would go when it was your time, and not before. Impressive actor. LL
  10. My choice; pressurize the bottle with an inert gas, and pop goes the weasel ! No disintegrated corks, no blood, no failures. https://www.amazon.com/Cork-Pops-Legacy-Bottle-Opener/dp/B00092M4AI/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=nitrogen+wine+opener&qid=1677755287&sr=8-1 LL
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