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I Thought the Seahawks Were Supposed To Play Today

Subdeacon Joe

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Just read the same report, as BMC stated. Maybe I have to much faith in the team,but wouldn't the Colts have had the same advantaged, as the Patriots?

No for 2 reasons. First, the balls are separate. There are patriot balls, and there are colts balls. Whichever team is on offense should have it's ball out there. Second, not all QBs like under-inflated balls. They're saying Brady said in an interview in 2011 that he likes less pressure in his balls. Some of the QB announcers are saying it comes down to hand size. Guys with big hands prefer more inflation.


Now retired QBs are coming out talking about how they would pay off the ball boys. I think Brad Johnson said he paid the ball boy $7500 in a superbowl to either tamper with his balls, or make sure they weren't tampered with. I can't remember which. He said it was to make sure they weren't slick. I think i heard in the past that game balls were allowed to be broken in, but the kicking balls were not. The ball boys are not NFL employees, by the way.

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Saw that today, about the footballs. I always believed they used the same balls. ( fairness) I was wrong.

Read that about Brad Johnson, he paid for the balls to be tampered with.

Maybe it is more like wrestling, then I thought.

Makes me like baseball even more. ( But there are cheats there as well)

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