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  1. Plenty of cheese on the Pizza!
  2. I’m having some demon rum I’m with my pizza. Hot and buttered
  3. Pops the bride on the butt with the flat of the blade.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/oregon-mink-farm-has-covid-19-outbreak-after-advocates-warned-of-danger-in-state/ar-BB1bsahL?ocid=mailsignout
  5. One of the reasons I wear these jump boots is they're real wide in the toe area. Another is ankle support. Another is nostalgia. Another is style points.
  6. Not the East Coast. The Yankee Northeast. They don't call it gravy in Florida, Georgia or the Cariolinas.
  7. My pizza dough is proofing in the oven right now. 'Bout 6pm I will make one awesome Pizza. And Pizza ain't Italian any more. It's as 'Merican as apple pie, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, French Fries, and Toyotas. We appropriate the best of everything. That's what we roll.
  8. My word for the day is Covid. When two people in different houses watch the same DVD at the same time.
  9. There are two ways of lacing. Cross Cross and Ladder style. At least in the old days. MPs tended to like the ladder style, because they wore white laces and it showed them off. Some troopers did too. I never did. Too complicated for me. Ladder Style
  10. Yeah, Mexican war. At least that’s the legend. Supposedly from the battle of Chapultepec. But it’s just a legend according to the Marine History Division and the National Museum of the Marine Corps in San Diego. The Marines actually added the stripe to the uniform 6 years before the war. And there were over 400 Marines in the battle. 7 were KIA. Tradition and Legends die hard.
  11. A friend wanted me to perform the nuptials. I had to get a Notary Public cert. cost 20 bucks as I recall. I think the ordained minister thing depends on the state.
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