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  1. Spoken like an airline pilot.
  2. Combined Ohio and Wisconsin State bands! That’s the way to do it!! I replayed it 3 times. ,
  3. Border Shootout with a Glenn Ford Now Justified which is set in the East can be considered a “Western” not because Raylan was a US Marshal, and not because he wore a cowboy hat. I consider it a western because of Raylan’s line in the first episode. ”He pulled first”
  4. The point was that Hull wanted a long detailed blow by blow description of why war had commenced. FDR didn’t want that. He wanted a sharp, clear, and visceral response that people, and Congress, would get. And they got it. Only one vote against the War Declaration. Pacifist Representative Jeanette Rankin from Montana.
  5. Local news anchor almost screwed up when she was saying there were 2000 service members killed at Pearl Harbor. She said Servicemen! Heaven forbid! Then corrected herself. Obviously the teleprompter said Service Members. There were 82 Army nurses at Pearl Harbor. None were killed. No women were stationed on war ships in WWll. No women flew combat planes. Things have changed. But youngsters who write the new scripts don’t know much about history do they? And then there was a story about the two sailors who were recently identified through DNA. They interviewed a young woman who found out one of them was her great uncle who she had never heard about. She thought it was “cool”. Yeah. Cool. And I assumed that one of the networks would be showing In Harms Way, Air Force, Back to Bataan or some such classic (but hopefully not the ridiculous Pearl Harbor). But I was wrong.
  6. One thing l never do is drink when I’m down. I found it doesn’t help a dang thing. Doesn’t really elevate my mood or make me feel better at all. I just drink when I’m in a good mood. That works for me.
  7. I disagree with ole George on that one.
  8. https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2019/12/07/nas-pensacola-shooting-victim-identified-joshua-kaleb-watson-saved-countless-lives/4364516002/?fbclid=IwAR0eC1cO86xQtKSKH4SR6nEpFNApLzkORlxtUF4DWQix4xdKp94LobgN6T4
  9. Among dozens of other history books, I read Reach for the Sky when I was in high school. Fantastic story.
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