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  1. . ……did you see that airplane flying upside down about a hunnert feet off the ground? Yes I did Bubba. Want some cake? And did you hear that big ole boom right after it flew over the chicken house? Yes I did, want a beer? Sure Babe. You reckon it was thunder? What else could it have been Bubba? I swear sometimes yore so dumb! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-family-said-they-saw-the-missing-f-35-fighter-jet-flying-upside-down-at-just-over-100-feet-before-it-crashed/ar-AA1h28YP?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=cc4314082daf47cbbba7e8ecbde7388f&ei=14
  2. “WOMBAT" by Ogden Nash The wombat lives across the seas,Among the far Antipodes.He may exist on nuts and berries,Or then again, on missionaries;His distant habitat precludesConclusive knowledge of his moods,But I would not engage the wombatIn any form of mortal combat.
  3. It’s been one helluva day. So crappy I ain’t even gonna drink. Buy y’all enjoy yourself on my tab. Tomorrow’s another day.
  4. I hope the drone got out of the way of the muzzle blast.
  5. At least rattlers don’t spit at you like the one I…………. never mind. Don’t ask.
  6. I have several cartons of shelf milk store in case of emergency. It is widely available. But it’s usually not in the dairy section of the supermarket.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/sheriff-in-new-mexico-s-most-populous-county-rejects-governor-s-gun-ban-calling-it-unconstitutional/ar-AA1gzeDI?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=f72f28688a2042ababa3755b33ff908c&ei=57
  8. The market is very fluid indeed and also varies by location
  9. My lady friend had a squirrel raiding her bird feeders last month. She shot it. And ate it. ❤️
  10. The US and Britain tried parasite fighters on dirigibles in the 20s and 30s. The Navy airships Akron and Macon could carry 5 single seat fighters or two 2 seat scout planes in internal hangers. It worked well. But the airships were destroyed in storms, ending the project. Then the XF85 and F84 were tried for the B36 in the 50s. An interesting concept. The soviets, as usual, went big.
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