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  1. I hope the pilot gets to paint a balloon on his plane.
  2. Yeah well ours are armed with long range balloon to balloon missiles with Kung Pau seeking warheads.
  3. Just released photo of 2 US Hunter Killer baloons on the way to intercept the Chinese Comiekaze.
  4. So what if the supposedly harmless Sinoinflatable thing is in itself a weapon and intentionally crashes down suddenly on a power plant….or worse …a saloon. Would it then be considered a Commiekaze? Call me curious in Colorado.
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-may-use-soviet-biplanes-to-find-ukraine-air-defenses-2022-3
  6. Used to be it was 20 Below. Now it’s Negative 20. Why?
  7. It seems people, mostly your urban types, are putting in chicken coops in the hope that they will be able to have cheap eggs. Of course unless you’re selling eggs you won’t be saving a dime, due to the cost of keeping chickens. Now the local chicken rescue sanctuary (who knew there was such a thing?) is worried that they’ll be inundated with rescue chickens when people realize they aren’t saving money and can’t handle the maintenance. And I thought, “Turn your chickens over the the chicken sanctuary? Don’t you have a recipe book?”.
  8. From Chinese spy baloons. And I’m thinking if they shaped it like a dragon people would just assume it was a runaway from a Chinese New Year parade and they could continue to take pics of Americans sunbathing in there back yards. Although there’s not much of that going on in Montana right now.
  9. Get drunk first. You will be relaxed and less apt to jump when startled.
  10. But then whatever equipment the baloon is carrying plummets to terra firma and plonks a citizen on the head, sparking another spate of personal injury lawyers commercials.
  11. What did you do in the war Daddy?
  12. Whipped up a little parfait. But not having any fancy parfait cups I just used this wee dish and added some chocolate-cherry preserves a friend gifted me. Tasty.
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