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  1. I must admit having a thing for Emma Thompson after I watched this.
  2. I had discussions with a pilot in my department who was being recruited by the Alaska State Police. They wined and dined him for two weeks. Things are very different in the native villages of Alaska. It’s difficult to judge by the standards of the lower 48. Full time law enforcement officers are spread incredibly thin. The village police are there mainly as community service officers and to assist the State Police when they are called in. My friend didn’t take the job.
  3. Utah Bob #35998


  4. https://sassvets.homestead.com/Taps.html
  5. I was thinking more of his speech to Laertes.
  6. George Parnouagian- 25th INF Div (Tropic Lightning) Martin Beck- 5th Special Forces Grp John Rohr - 1st Cavalry Div Frank McNutt -5th Special Forces Grp Jim Gribbin - 5th Special Forces Grp Marty Schiller - 23rd INF Div (Americal) Terry Ketter - 1st Cavalry Div Some friends and comrades who didn’t come home from Vietnam. There are more names, but I can only remember their faces after all these years. These men, not picnics and barbecue, are in my thoughts every Memorial Day. May they Rest In Peace.
  7. I could quote Polonius (Hamlet, act 1 Scene 3) here....but I won’t.
  8. Back when I was a park ranger stationed at a beach park we had hundreds of turtle nests each season. Watching them hatch under a full moon is a great memory.
  9. I found a card in my dad’s papers. It showed he was an honorable discharged veteran. Issued in ‘46. They should have continued that program.
  10. Pecks Bill was a question on Jeopardy. Last night. I got it. They didn’t!
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