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  1. Reckon I’ll be off the wire for awhile. Y’all behave.
  2. Some items from The Mexican Punitive expedition. The government called out thousands of National Guard troops. They were stationed along the border with Mexico to ensure no further attacks were made by Villa's troops after the raid on Columbus NM. While the National Guard secured the border, Federal troops under General Pershing pursed Villa's army in retaliation for the Columbus raid. The Army gained field experience which would prove valuable in the coming World War a year later.
  3. I weary of these mask discussions. I wear one anywhere I might come in contact with people. If that labels me paranoid, panic stricken and cowardly, I don’t care. I don’t get in arguments over it. I don’t brow beat others who are maskless. I keep my opinions to myself. Too much finger pointing and hate going around. I’ve also been called fearful and paranoid because I carry a firearm.
  4. In Broomfield The rain from the plane Could hit you in the brain
  5. https://www.lawnow.org/the-reasonable-person/
  6. There’re great pilots, and there are lucky pilots!
  7. One good thing about living here is we have flight paths the North of us and a few to the South but never have any traffic directly overhead. Just in case. Except for the occasional B-1 for some reason. But nothing could go wrong with a bomber right? (insert appropriate news articles)
  8. Yes they are now made in China. I have 2 or three pre-Chinese ones I've had for decades.
  9. But don’t go by it necessarily. It says 20-30” for my area. Local code says 36”.
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