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  1. Not a deer to be seen here. They always disappear around hunting season.
  2. I need less years under my belt.
  3. Ours are narrow leaf cottonwoods. Populous angustifolia. Some guy on line tried to argue they weren’t cottonwoods cause his had broad leaves. btw auto correct changed it to Angus Tinfoil 3 times.
  4. Alays peaceful here. The big Cottonwood is our sentinel tree. It's always the first to change. Nice cool northern breeze today makin Old Glory stand out against the Fall sky. I went over to Durango yesterday and the Aspens are staring to turn color at around 8,000 ft. The smoke cleared quite a bit too. Stll hazy on the horizon to the west though.
  5. '43. In Italy. Rough year. Who knew Italy as full of wine?
  6. My VFW post frequently gets requests for funeral honors. We always check to ensure the deceased is in fact a veteran. Frequently the family members will share tales of his military rank, escapades, and decorations. Sometimes they have been misled. Our funeral ceremonies never mention such things. I cringe to see some of the obituaries posted outlining fictional heroics. We never inform family members however unless it turns out the deceased absolutely was not a veteran.
  7. Howdy Mark. Welcome to the fun. Lot’s of great clubs and matches in La Florida. I left there in ‘06. I have a rule never to stay in one place longer than 50 years.
  8. Yeah. I have a real wired phone. Because there is no cell service out here. Most people in the United States can’t conceive of that. But it happens.
  9. About Valor, or the lack of it. https://coffeeordie.com/daddy-green-beret/?fbclid=IwAR3z52Qz1i4FcHlaFTnJ5oY2YUelkLTAXvhboO7_AmBG_WYfqLURlIuQbA0
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