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  1. I have to have an answering machine to screen my calls.
  2. Ins e no words. My thoughts are with you both.
  3. Refresh my memory please. Who are we talking about? Google didn’t help.
  4. They just removed the last pay phone in NYC. https://www.npr.org/2022/05/24/1100931534/last-pay-phone-new-york-city-public-nyc
  5. Uno and the Sewing Machines. Good band name.
  6. Too much goin on these days. Ukraine, elections, mass shooting, bad fire season predicted. So I’m sitting back in the lazyboy with a beverage and some Diana Krall on the stereo.
  7. Until I was in my late 40s I could just about eat anything with out any weight gain. My dad was the same way, always thin. But I had to start exercising more heavily. After I retired I eventually hit up to about 175. Not a comfortable weight. Don’t want to be there again.
  8. That would be a sure sign of the Apocalypse.
  9. Why?, you may ask. Today I reached my weight goal. As of this morning I am down to the same weight I was than when the accompanying daguerreotype was taken.. That was in 1968, when I was 150 pounds of airborne fighting fury. So I pigged out a bit. and Drinks are on me. p.s. salad for dinner I guess.
  10. I got this back from the prosecutor’s office. ”Thank you Robert for sending in your request to deny the clemency. Thank you also for your years of dedication to your community.”
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