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  1. In 2013, my wife and I went looking for a new Jeep to replace our 2004 Grand Cherokee. We were repeat Jeep customers, having had one in the family since 1984. The dealer knew he was probably going to make a sale, and guided us toward his most expensive Grand Cherokee. My wife hopped up into the driver's seat, and immediately jumped back out with a look of horror on her face. "What?" I asked. "Look at that dash!" she replied. Sure enough; the dash looked like a NASA control panel. She wanted nothing to do with the complexity, even if it meant she would have to dial her own phone calls an
  2. This burns my tushie. Any dealer suggesting that you should PAY for insurance to cover an inherent manufacturing or design flaw in his product is bordering on fraud. If he cannot stand behind his product, then HE should buy the coverage, and cover your lost time and loss of use as well. All this tells me is that you, and probably many others, are experiencing similar repeated failures, and he or the manufacturer are getting tired of eating the expense; they can't ask you to pay for the repairs, so they are trying to get a third party insurer on the hook for the costs
  3. In the words of that great philosopher and commentator on the human condition, William C. Fields: Water??? Egad, man!!! Don't you know what fish do in water? LL
  4. Yeah.....and everyone who ate pickles prior to 1880 is dead today.... LL
  5. Duh! I thought he was talking about that wonder drug that supposedly relieves all aches and pains.... LL
  6. This is why you don't buy gun insurance from a home or auto insurer - they just don't understand the business. I've been using Lockton Affinity; they know firearms. And they have not asked me for any serial numbers. https://locktonaffinityoutdoor.com/firearm-insurance/ LL
  7. What is the link between Dihydrogen Monoxide and gun violence? "The incidence of gun violence seems to be rising at an alarming rate. A recent stunning revelation is that in every single instance of violence involving guns, both in the U.S. and internationally, Dihydrogen Monoxide was involved. In fact, DHMO is often very available to those who would do harm to others. Meanwhile, apparently no efforts have been made to limit the availability of this potentially dangerous chemical compound." When I hit this one, I had to stop and think. How is this possible? When have you eve
  8. Good on ya. Bringing some unexpected joy to the life an older fella is a marvelous gift. LL
  9. Uh, do you mean "que sera, sera"? Roughly "what will be, will be"? Or are you happy about some pound cake (" What Sara Lee, Sara Lee?") LL
  10. Somehow, I have trouble reconciling James Bond with Dick Van Dyke.... But there was a second connection between the Bond films and Chitty Chitty... Both films featured Desmond Llewelyn (as Q in 17 007 films) LL
  11. With a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.... LL
  12. Brand preference? I like "Dad's" As a kid, we made our own from Dad's extract; I wonder if that's still around? LL
  13. Tearing that down would be just plain wasteful..... Paint it yellow and open a hamburger stand underneath it...... LL
  14. My Audi sat in the garage for 2 months, and would not start when I tried it. No clicks. No solenoid sound, No growls. I have an emergency starter battery pack - nada. Used jumper cables from the Jeep; lights, door buzzer, but nothing more. Called AAA; they got nothing more. Battery was less than a year old. Zippo. Had the car towed (flatbed) to the dealer. Battery was $265; install was $135; that's a $400 battery replacement. Still wouldn't start. Dead starter. Replacement was $650; labor was $900.
  15. Nope. Nor tea. Not virtue signaling; just never acquired the taste for it. LL
  16. I've never had a cup of coffee, and I have not had the virus; does that mean that NOT drinking coffee makes one virus-proof? Anecdotal reports of supposed correlations is not scientific proof of anything. To each his/her own. I, however, draw the line short of pig vaccines. LL
  17. CQ: Did this sale close? If not, I'd appreciate being next in line. Thanks LL
  18. Ooohhh....VERY pretty!!!! If MA would allow me to buy an Uberti cartridge revolver, I would be all over this beauty!!!! LL
  19. Nah...pre-existing conditions. LL
  20. The basic precept of insurance is to spread risk widely among as many insureds as possible, lowering the cost of insurance to an affordable level. If you allowed people to exclude the cost of the risks that they believe they will not incur, you basically end up as a self-insurer, or as an uninsured person, if for any reason you do become ill. Taking your example, you don't smoke so you want to exclude lung disease from the risks you are insured against. But many people become ill from lung conditions other than smoking; will your insurer now refuse to pay for your treatment? Can you imagin
  21. Only going to reach the 70's here; but we're under a tropical storm warning, with rain and thunderstorms all day, winds gusting to 70+ mph, and a threat of.......tornados! Going to be a challanging day; tie down the picnic table and the swing set! LL
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