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  1. There's a flock of about 24 Army Lakotas over south central Georgia right now....and 8 Talons over San Antonio. LL
  2. I use Flightradar24, and see quite a few military aircraft...this morning had an Army Lakota chopper fly over at 1800 feet; frequently watch groups of 8-10 Talons (Army, Navy or Air Force) in training flights over Texas; C-130s and KC-135R tankers are overhead weekly; lots of Coast Guard planes and copters, often in search patterns over Cape Cod bay. LL
  3. Watch your six, Major. Thanks for safeguarding the folks at home. LL
  4. During 1980-81, my firm sent me to Cape Cod to open a branch office. No sooner had we opened our doors than interest rates went to 21%. Effectively shut down all commercial and residential lending, and most related building and business activity. So much for expanding the practice. Taught me a lesson I'll never forget. LL
  5. First thing I'd do, once I was inside the door, is break open a bottle of Irish whiskey and thank the Gods for my good luck and their protection.... LL
  6. How does one pipeline carry multiple fuels (with varying levels of refinement) and natural gas? Or are we talking about one pipeline carrier, whose multiple lines are affected? LL
  7. So much for trifling with the lady's affections..... LL
  8. Um.....there is no "tactical" feature claimed....rather "tactile". The surfaces are individually machined to enhance grip. That, added to titanium stock and custom hand construction, moves the pens into a class that some folks willingly pay big bucks for. Not my taste, but hardly a Bic. LL
  9. Cat: They are yours. Final numbers will follow. Thank you. LL
  10. Dawg: You got it; I'll get back to you with final cost and PayPal info. Many thanks. LL
  11. Getting ready to move; cleaning out the library. First "I'll take it" gets it; all prices are plus shipping; USPS flat rate boxes, as long as they fit; books are lightly handled and in very good condition; non-smoker household. "PB" - paperback; "HC" - hardcover 1. "The Killer Angels" - Michael Saara - PB - Civil War novel set in Gettysburg (2003) ($5.00) 2. Gettysburg Expedition Guide - includes multiple CDs, driving audio tour and illustrated guidebook (2000) ($10.00) 3. "Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation" - Allen Guelzo - HB - 2004 ($5.00
  12. We've had poodles (one - high maintenance), Scottish Terriers (Three - determined ratters and bird killers, but extremely affectionate toward one owner), Malamute (One, with a bit of German Shepherd mixed in; stubborn, strong, and the best personal protection my family every had; when I traveled he went into super guard dog mode, and would have gleefully chewed the legs off of anyone who tried to harm them); and Labs (Three - largely gentle, good natured and people-oriented). Once we get settled down in our retirement home, I expect that we will get another Lab. I need a buddy. L
  13. Geez...talk about choosing to recall only the bad...and it wasn't even all that bad....after all, he had a hat on. RIP, Mark. LL
  14. https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/news/grand-canyon-national-park-seeks-skilled-volunteers-for-north-rim-bison-reduction.htm LL
  15. Try this one on for size. https://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/gun-room It's the source for the image I posted above. LL
  16. I think the market on Lewis guns has already been cornered.....
  17. It took me well over a year to get the Boston Police to return my Para Slim Hawg, and even then the case, ammo and spare magazine were all missing. And I didn't even shoot anybody! LL
  18. Why take the chance? I've never been too lucky trying to guess how bad the other guy can be.... LL
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