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  1. HK I read about the new restrictions on more "assault weapons", but have not seen anything that would further restrict cowboy guns; what did I miss? LL
  2. And most T riders would gladly forgo googly eyes in exchange for trains that ran even occasionally on time..... LL
  3. If you go to Worcester, and call it 'Wooster" or "Worchester'', you will be firmly corrected. LL
  4. So Einstein was a conspiracy particle theorist ??
  5. Count your blessings..... Both of our Senators are Progressives; all 9 of our Congressional reps are Democrats. I've been waiting for a voice in Congress since Scott Brown briefly "stole" Teddy Kennedy's seat. I've given up hope. LL
  6. Or devolves, depending upon how it is used (or misused). LL
  7. Doug: I don't see this gun on the MA Approved Roster; am I missing something? LL
  8. How about vinegar and baking soda? Or Mentos and Coke? LL
  9. Nice pics. UB. Whatever happened to the solar farm they were threatening to build across the road? LL
  10. Uhh.... Klingons are denizens of Star Trek, not Star Wars; let's keep our aliens properly arranged and attributed, shall we? LL
  11. I've been using electric garage door openers for 40 plus years; my only disabling failures have been due to a lightning strike and a broken spring; pretty darn good reliability, as moving parts go. You do not need to carry a key; just install a touch pad on the overhead door frame. I'm a Luddite too; but some electro-mechanical devices are just too useful to ignore; even the Amish use power tools. LL
  12. There were several scholarship programs for WWII vets returning after the war. I worked for a lawyer who attended law school at my alma mater on a full ride, despite never obtaining an undergrad degree. This was a private program, funded by the law school, intended to help to compensate for the time and opportunities the vets lost by being out of the normal flow of school and work. My memory is that the admissions dean at Harvard ran a similar program. There were (and still are) folks who want to do the right thing. LL
  13. Hmmm... I suspect a Photoshop. Striping on skirt does not match the fanned portion in color or placement or width; I think the entire left edge of the "skirt" has been inserted. LL
  14. Hmm...if the store saved 10% from the use of self-checkouts, who is more likely to benefit....the customer or the store? I think I know, but then I have a cynical view of life in general. LL
  15. Hmmm... I thought that was Special K with the freeze dried berries... LL
  16. Note quite. Boca Chica means "small mouth" in a literal translation. It is a common place name, with use in FL, TX, CA and the Dominican Republic. In this usage, "chica" means small, not girl. LL
  17. After years of guzzling Diet Cokes to the tune of 6-8 per day, I gave it up cold turkey. I don't drink coffee or tea. Water became my prime beverage, but got boring fast. I use Sunkist drink powders (yes, they contain aspartame, but you've got to die from something eventually). The flavor is great, and they are very convenient. LL
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