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  1. I realize that some folks are disturbed by the differences between the 2000 and an original. None of that bothers me. When I went looking, I wanted a "real" S&W, made by S&W. I wanted the deep, fluid blue, and the precise manufacture of S&W firearms. And I wanted the original caliber - .45 Schofield. So i have a pair with 7" barrels. And they make me smile. LL
  2. Close encounter - humpback among fishermen off Plymouth, MA https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/whale-jumping-on-boat-explainer/2788602/ LL
  3. Yeah; I don't go over the bridges anymore, if I can avoid it. LL
  4. These formed up over the beach today; the Atlantic is on the left. Ominous. LL
  5. My dad loved technology - especially electronics. Came home one night after night school in Philadelphia in '66 or '67, and he had picked up a loaner color TV from a local shop. All it took was one episode of Bonanza in color and he was hooked. LL
  6. Inflation has been creeping up on guns for years; I paid $440 each for my Vaquero birdsheads in 2004; I imagine that replacement cost is probably north of $1000 ea. (if you could find any). LL
  7. And there are a fair number of individuals who see nothing wrong with that reasoning..... LL
  8. I have no connection to these guns, other than they are for sale in my LGS. Here's the link: https://used.fsguns.com/ .45 - $1995.95/pair LL
  9. Cooled by closed water jacket system: From Wiki: " During sustained fire, the barrel would heat up which heated the water in the jacket until hot enough for the water to evaporate or boil thereby cooling the barrel releasing the heat through steam. It took the Mk I 600 rounds of continuous fire to boil the water in the jacket, evaporating at a rate of 1.5 pints (0.852 L) per 1,000 rounds.[26] The steam would reach the top of the jacket and enter a steam tube which led to a port that was situated under the jacket near the muzzle. A hose was connected to this, which released the steam into a metal water can allowing it to be vented away from the rest of the gun hiding the steam cloud and the gun's position. This also allowed any condensate to be reclaimed from the steam. Before the can got too full, it would be emptied back into the jacket to replenish the water level which would have fallen as the water evaporated and boiled away. If the water jacket needed to be emptied, a plug under the jacket could be unscrewed to drain the entire jacket." LL
  10. How would you like to repoint that baby... LL
  11. Reminds me of The Three Musketeers with Oliver Reed, Michael York and Sophia Loren...oh, and Charlton Heston. LL
  12. Kinda surprised we have not been treated to images of Joe and Kamala, in the command center, wearing military hats, and watching the strike on a big screen. LL
  13. This reads like a script for a movie about a fascist government stripping its citizens of their arms, rendering them passive and defenseless....oh, wait, that's exactly what is happening..... Will someone have the guts to resist??? LL
  14. We have a similar service - goats graze off the poison ivy....
  15. When he says "Make it so".......or "Engage". LL
  16. Well, MA is not a communist state. It is over-regulated, and many of the controlling laws and regulations are focused on substituting a politician's judgment for the citizen's own freedom of choice. These decisions, and the politicians that make them, are not attempts to emulate Communism; they are almost always selfish acts, intended to convince voters that the government is "taking care" of them, or protecting them from something scary. It depends on voters being willing to relinquish their right to act as an independent person, in exchange for being relieved of the burden of making decisions and carrying the responsibility for the results. At its core, it is citizen laziness. As much as the Ds in MA have tried to regulate guns out of existence, they have failed. I can still buy and own a wide range of SASS guns, with little regulatory effect. I wish I could buy Colts, but that is just a matter of taste, and will not inhibit my ability to participate in the Game. There are work-arounds for restrictions on reloading supplies, and my shelves are still full. I cannot buy any AR-15 or AK derivatives; their sale is now banned (like it was during the "Assault Weapons" ban). But I may have one in the safe, and there are still many alternatives not affected by the current MA ban. For instance, I can still buy a Tavor X95 in 5.56, a Mini 14 (with a ten round magazine) or a M1A, among other long arms. I can buy most commercially available shotguns. I'm not happy about the current ban, and if the NRA or the FPC would just get involved in MA, I believe the ban is constitutionally vulnerable and would fall to a court challenge. But I am still adequately armed. No socialist has appeared at my door trying to take my guns. There is no doubt that we need to be vigilant and active; but the sky is not falling. LL
  17. Oooooo...time to collect some more European lead soldiers..... LL
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