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  1. My wife and I attended the same private college for undergrad, and both worked year-round to pay our tuition as incurred. No loan balances after graduation. I went on to law school, and ended up needing a loan the last semester; the price of tuition was accelerating faster than any jobs we had. Still, we paid them off within 2 years of graduation. The big difference is the artificially inflated cost of college. My freshman year tuition (1970-71) was about $1200; you could earn enough over the summer to pay that bill and still cover some living and commuting expenses. Today, that same school charges $45,000 per year. How does a kid earn that much while still in school? My High School guidance counselor suggested, based on aptitude testing, that I become a plumber; maybe I should have listened. LL
  2. My personal lesson of aging is that getting old is like a mutual fund.....past performance is no guarantee of future returns - sad and unfair, but true. LL
  3. The key is in the model of the car - Highlander - in the movie and TV series of the same name, it was a catch phrase - "There can be only one". The immortals would fight until there was only one left. LL
  4. Somehow, I think I would prefer a design that allowed internal pressure to be released (like a powder locker), rather than trying to contain it (Kaboom) LL
  5. And just a few years later, suffering from depression after rejection by his family, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his orchard. Another glorious accomplishment for the socialist state.... LL
  6. Exactly; and Orcas top out at about 35 mph, and weigh 6-8 ton The pattern of Orca attacks on ships in the area adjacent to the entry to the Med has been eerily consistent; a pod of orcas (and often the same pod family) attacks the rudder, destroying the ability of the ship to maneuver. These suckers are smart, and there is a working theory that one pod has been teaching others how to conduct these attacks. Somebody pissed off Mama, and she is taking revenge. So much for the myth of a peaceful matriarchy. LL
  7. I think it has more to do with greater profit from selling 4 at a time - the "COSTCO phenomena". LL
  8. Another graduate of the Joe Biden School of Ballistics... LL
  9. I lost you. Housing that was acceptable to house workers becomes unacceptable when used for illegals? Giving folks quarters, at no cost, that were perfectly fine for seamen and then for workers are now "inhumane" when provided to non-workers? LL
  10. Found it: https://arcantools.com/lighting/alultrafl Very solid, well made. 5000 LM LL
  11. I keep a big Maglite in the driver's door pocket of my car; I like its heft. I keep a couple of smaller Maglites in my tool buckets; they're handy. My son gave me a bunch of LED rechargeable work lights of various sizes; he received them as promotional samples from the manufacturer (he runs Amazon's tool business). They are the brightest lights I've ever seen. They're probably Chinese, but they were free..... LL
  12. Johnny Depp has certainly let himself go... LL
  13. Because their real goal is not to establish a new holiday celebrating indigenous people, but rather in spiteful anger to cancel any celebration of Columbus or any other white hero. LL
  14. Alpo Try shopping high end women's clothing sites; $250 is nothing. LL
  15. I know it's a regional thing....but what is "chocolate gravy"? (Other than unspeakably wrong?) LL
  16. Not with my tools. Hospitals provide combs/brushes for patient use. Why risk transferring anything from the patient to yourself.
  17. Andy Capp popularized Kick-a-poo Joy Juice....and it had nothing to do with lemon soda!!!
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