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  1. Some Lustrum ago, I enquired of a "Quality" manufacturer what was used over the CCH. I was told "Piano Finish" with no elaboration. The manufacturer's representative(s) would not elaborate further.
  2. The NASCAR race cars of today bare no resemblance to "STOCK" cars. Specialty built full cage chassis and carbon fiber and aluminum bodies that only resemble the actual car. Aerodynamics that create huge down-force. Yet, at the speeds they run, the cars are on a razors edge of out of control. Interrupt the airflow and the car will lift off and fly. I miss the days when NASCAR rides were the actual manufacturers cars with an added roll cage. Unfortunately those cars killed a lot of drivers. Rubbin-n-Bumpin has long been a feature of NASCAR racing. Results in lots of wrecks and excitement. With all the cars running similar engines something is just missing.
  3. PLUS ONE too Garrison Joe. Very little if any monetary return for action work/engraving.
  4. Powder load depends on the velocity result you would be looking for. However, for optimum feeding, either 105Gr Truncated Cone, 125Gr Truncated Cone or 130Gr Truncated Cone. The nose of Truncated Cone bullets heavier than 145Gr may well be wide enough to cause jamming as the flat of the nose hits the breach end of the barrel. Primers will depend on how light your action is. I have never run anything but Federal Primers.
  5. Heck, you ask that of most publicans and you also get confused blank looks.
  6. PLUS ONE too ALL of the ABOVE. Tinnitus is permanent. You'll see a whole bunch of "Snake Oil" adverts promising to cure it. There is no known effective treatment. I can't hear the buzzers on the Washer, Dryer, Microwave or Stove. I have to use Alexa as My timer because Alexa talks.
  7. From what references I could find, the Canadian built 94s chambered for 44-40 suffered the same maladies the US made 44Mag and 45Colt guns made here did. The '94 action was just not optimized for short cartridges. The '94 does make a great 03-30 or 38-55 though.
  8. Dawg be nimble, Dawg be quick, Dawg jumped on this one lickety Split. Dawg gonna be sportin a knew look this season you betcha
  9. Nah. Those are all just too long. A prime waste of steel. I personally cut mine to 18 1/4. Only reason I add the quarter inch is 'cause some feds get righteous annoyed when the length is egg-zack-lee 18 inches (Fed Legal Minimum). Most all the commercial manufacture coach guns, especially the higher end guns come in at 20 inches. I can live with 20 inches in my high end guns. The difference in velocity and pattern density is academic and the guns swing target to target some easier/faster.
  10. Since you already have a 44 Mag rifle, there is no real reason not to continue the theme into your handgun choice with 44 Special. Wabac (thank you perfesser) the most popular cartridges were (and still are) 357/38 and 45 Colt. 45 Colt was thought of as THE cowboy cartridge (it wasn't) and the 44 special couldn't possibly have been "cowboy" 'cause it didn't exist. Don't forget, this is actually a "fantasy" GAME!! Further, if you wish to "down load" for your handguns, the 44 Russian case is perfect. As mentioned, "Big Lube" bullets are wonderful. I have no idea how lipstick bullets can keep BP fouling "soft."
  11. Pat, the phenomenon you describe occurs in Euro clothing. I have two full sets of Motorcycle Leathers, made in England, that reversed closure. This design "flaw" is also prevalent in the foreign or off-shore manufacturers of clothing. Hoodies, sip up sweats, well made leather goods, will often have what we consider flawed closure. It's not ladies clothes. Mens clothing in the Edwardian and Victorian periods were made the same way. So they aren't actually "Womens" jacket zippers. All you need is your Batt Man.
  12. Talk about behind the curve. I've had an iPhone 6 for ever. Well, since the 6 came out. Just upgraded to an iPhone 8 (I don't like the 10 or 11 at all). Just discovered Voice to Text. Really cool feature. I'm a dinosaur.
  13. First Question. YES. You have obviously been Hallucinating . Absolutely DO DOUBT. But not about the second question. Yes. You have seen many if not most of Ladies clothing that "fastens" the opposite of Mens clothing. This anomaly is a hold over from Victorian and Edwardian "Ladies" clothing when "proper" Ladies of station had their personal Maids and "Hand Maidens." The opposite closure was to facilitate predominately right handed "Servants" to dress their charges. This phenomenon is also seen (though much less) in European Men's clothing. And for the same reason. Right handed "Man servant" dressing the Lord of the Manor what. Pip Pip and all that.
  14. Hey TC. If you do find that "good deal" on a '66 in .36 Spl, lemmie know where you found it. Really!!
  15. PLUS ONE too J-BAR. AND, All too often the knee-jerk reaction is to immediately jump up and penalize the shooter. Especially here on the wire. Near everybody seem to forget "Benefit of the Doubt goes to THE SHOOTER" Stop and think. This a game. We all pay to play, There is no Pearlescent White Caddy Escalade for first place. Does everyone just forget this is suppose to FUN???? Playing "Who Flung Dung" is not necessarily FUN.
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