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  1. I had a Terrible Itch. I was searching hard for a nice 10Ga Hammer Double to become a coach gun. Then I found out how much it was going to cost to feed it. That cured the "itch" real quick.
  2. As many Cap Guns as I have set up for CAS, I've never had the opportunity for a coil spring and plunger inna Dragoon. I would refer ya to Pettifoggers tutorials for "how" to measure it though.
  3. NO. "Hammer Down" is exactly as it says. Hammer ALL the way down.
  4. Upon sighting a '97 with a Poly Choke, my alter ego, Hacksaw McGurk drool'd all over his tools. Then the Poly Choke disappeared.
  5. Why would I be interested in shiny Pits??
  6. If Television was suppose to be entertainment, why on earth does everything have to have some sort of "Message." I gave up on broadcast TV years ago and don't miss a minute of it.
  7. I was unfortunate enough to be in High School in the '60s. I NEVER had an English teacher who knew what they were talking about. Absolutely NOTHING stuck. I acquired a love of reading on my own. After running out of shelf space, I found NOOK. Shortly after that I found KINDLE. I read for pleasure and to escape everyday humdrum. Also learned to read to educate myself. My school teachers killed any interest in poetry. Like others, they also managed to kill great literature by truing to find the true meaning of life in every passage. THAT endeavor does NOT make reading FUN at all. To Quote "All that Krap I was forced to learn in High School."
  8. However, with that really swell Umbrella, your gonna need to tie your kart down inna WIND
  9. Aw Heck. NONE OF THE ABOVE I run 11Gr of 3F APP with 125Gr Bullets. Except for my .36 conversions. There I run 11Gr of 3F APP with 148Gr Wadcutters for a .375 bore. Mucho FUNNER!!
  10. I just happen to know of a .36 built on a ROA frame. Really kool. Not cheap to build either.
  11. I always use to suggest "Arntzen Targets," but Arntzen has been sold and I don't remember to Whom. Where ever you get your targets, DO NOT use Re-Bar for stands.
  12. "Argyle" can be any one of many different patterns. Not necessarily "diamond." Turning the more common argyle pattern slightly askew from the vertical results is multiple little squares and bigger squares. The original pattern comes from Scotland.
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