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  1. So, does that mean if I are the sole entrant in "Silver Senior Frontiersman Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter with Snubbies" I might expect to NOT receive an award?? How Depressing. Humpff.
  2. Are you saying, the Main Spring has been converted to Coil Spring?? Or a Coil Spring and Plunger for the Hand Spring?? Also appears the Trigger/Bolt Spring has been replaced?? Sorry but work done is not real clear.
  3. Don't feel too bad Cat. I saw the Dawg settin wid Rye explaining the words too Rye too. I are half blind so the pitchers don't help me too good.
  4. PLUS ONE two Both of you old Curmudgeons. And Bah Humbug!!
  5. Yep. Uberti does offer the '73 Carbine in honest to goodness 44 Manglem. I don't have one though. No help here.
  6. First a CAVEAT: I don't care for Uberti. In the past, Uberti have required more work to be acceptable for CAS service than have Pietta. All of my main match revolvers are Pietta. None of the current Percussion revolvers are CAS ready out of the box. ALL will require some degree of work to be really user friendly. Were I to recommend a particular Pietta 1851 it would be the Capt. Schaeffer replica. Put a set of Slixshot nipples and a reduced main spring, shoot it with Remington # 10 caps and you'll have a really good start. 36 Caliber. With Pietta, you can also get an 1851 pattern gun in .44 and in 44 I'd recommend one of the Marshal series guns. All available from EMF Neither of my recommendations fall into the "inexpensive" category
  7. Tyrel, There are dimensional and weight differences between the Snap Cap and actual cartridges. Without having it in my hands, I can't explain the Snap Caps. I don't care what it does with snap caps, it must run with real cartridges. Trailrider, OP does not mention a problem with Turtles. The rifle is out of time.
  8. OK Folks, pay attention to the OPs photographs. The ammunition is NOT too short. The rifle is badly OUT OF TIME. If you all will notice, the cartridge rim is bang up against the cartridge guide tab at the bottom of the Breach Block. The Breach Block (Bolt) MUST retract fully into the frame BEFORE the cartridge rim comes up against the guide tab. The rifle is OUT of TIME. It will eventually break the guide tab OFF. Rifle needs to be correctly timed.
  9. My understanding, Cimarron also has a "new" 1878 Deluxe on offer, I'm not familiar with it, no comment. You may wish to look into the Hammer Double '78 look-a-like from EMF (Pietta made), not familiar with it, no comment. Or, if you have deep pockets, the top dog is the Pedersoli "Wyatt Earp" which is my personal Favorite. Not cheap though. Best made hammer double out there bar none. Will need a little work on the Main Springs.
  10. Humpff!! Afghanistan didn't threaten us inna first place. 9/11 Terrorists were from Saudi. Throughout history, no one has ever pacified or successfully occupied Afghanistan. I think someone at the top be smoking Wacki Tabacki 'cause the Taliban ain't gonna talk peace with anybody. We just need to grab our socks and cut a chogi
  11. DeWalt Compound Mitre Saw. Tape the stock, measure, mark, shim square, CHOP.
  12. PLUS ONE to Birdgun Quail. So. Why do I maintain my Hacienda in Pennsyltuckey??
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