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  1. I liked 4.3Gr TightGroup with 130Gr Barnstormer Bullets. However . . . . I don't shoot smokeless anymore and load APP to the base of the Barnstormer bullet. Sweet!!
  2. Gimmie a Break. Not necessary to completely remove the "Lever Lock." Just file off the little annoying tab and contour the other side to not interfere with the lever. Little "Cold Blue" and done.
  3. BILLY D TEXAN - The reason the lever side spring screws are "jammed" is because the rear of the spring boss has not been ground to fit the radius of the frame, causing the spring to tilt as the screw is tightened, binding the screw. BEFORE reinstalling the springs and screws, re-shape the back of the spring so it will set flat. ALL - VTI GUNPARTS carries sets of hardened replacement screws. However, after the initial removal, without over tightening and with correct screwdrivers, hardened screws are not really needed. LONE RIDER - VTI carries excellent quality parts.
  4. PLUS ONE for Prairie Dawg New build Pietta are optimized for 451.
  5. Yul, Tried to send you a PM. Says you can't receive messages ??
  6. Those who spout "ignore it and it will go away" are causing people to die. Those who spout that masks don't work, are causing people to die. Those who quote bogus no scientific supported crap are causing people to die. Your mask isn't to protect you. It's to protect others from you. The others who wear masks ARE protecting you.
  7. It's real simple. Simply head out to the range with about 10,000 rounds of practice ammunition. Repeat as Necessary, as Necessary, as Necessary, as Necessary . . . . . . .
  8. Same same thought ... I also prefer a bead that resembles a Door Knob. SlixBead is your huckleberry. Available from Badman Bullets.
  9. Y'all DO realize, "Don't Mess With Texas" refers to an Anti-Litter campaign, yes??
  10. You don't mention if you acquired the rifle second hand or ??? The lever on the top has seen some work done. The lever on the bottom also does not appear to be a "standard" Uberti item. Normally, short stroke sets have to be fit to the rifle and once fit, ONLY work with that rifle. It take some very specific skills to start from "scratch." In my sordid past, of building competition Toggle Link rifles, when I accepted one "not working well" that had seen previous "work" I first removed all the screws and shook it over the trans can and started over with all OEM parts.
  11. Uberti calls the item he (I think) is talking about, I have always called it a "knee" pin. Staking is an OK idea, but the actual staking will need done on the link. That pin will laugh at a punch. Also, Important to put a feeler gage in-between the link bosses to prevent the links pinching together. I would personally replace the links as a set.
  12. Dave . . . There isn't much lining up to do. I use a punch as a "slave pin." Before reassembly, put a very slight "kink" in the pin
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