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  1. TW, Ah, how long you been playin this game?? Had access to the Handbooks?? Really??
  2. Hey Capt. Bill Didja know with APP Lube is superfluous ??
  3. Allow me digress for a moment. In guard to the OP, there most certainly should be a penalty involved. Since the infraction was not discovered until the stage was complete, the penalty is to "Slap the shooter on the hand and saying Don't Do That Again." In regard to the second cited instance, the MD and TO were most certainly wrong. Again, the same above cited penalty should be assessed to the shooter. The MD and TO however, should be sent to play some other game.
  4. Ha!! Nothing like stepping up to a stage and have your right hand gun go Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Not that ever happened to me of course. No way that could ever happen.
  5. OK. Your solution of Heat Shrink Tubing is a bit novel. And, in my opine, not real smart. Just because it has worked, doesn't mean it's a smart thing to do. Those of us who shoot Cap Guns ALL THE TIME understand Cap Jam is always just around the corner. First fix is to match your Nipples and your Caps to good fit. Slix and rem#10 are a good bet. Polish the contact face of the Hamme, buff away the burrs on the sides of the Hammer Safety Notch. Buff away the sharp "fangs" at the bottom of the safety notch. This will get you some relief. The next step is a mechanical means of keeping the caps out of the hammer channel at that is usually a Cap Rake. Bite the bullet and have Cap Rakes installed (by someone who actually know how). You may still experience the occasional Cap Jam at the Water Table, but there is no Fix for that one.
  6. Now that there solution from Rye is just the ticket!! Double yer pleasure - Double yer Fun (stolen famous commercial line)
  7. Ah Well. None of the above. Suggest you simply acquire a Smith Shop Carrier Block (toggle Link rifle??) and shoot them there little short rounds in both
  8. Would it not have been much easier to purchase a nice shiny one to start with??
  9. Griff lives in a tree and has the luck of the Irish. Chain Fire is not a guaranteed outcome of anything. In all actuality, the cited causes of Chain Fire are mostly a WAG (Military acronym for Wild Ass'd Guess). No one has ever managed to capture the exact instant a Chain Fire begins with high speed film and cameras. My personal opine, Griff is some kind of lucky. Might could go south at any time, might not ever go south. Totally unpredictable. I do like hedging my bets though so I don't play with uncapped charged chambers. I insure my balls of choice will shave a full ring of lead EVERY time. I had ONE Chain Fire. Can't guess why. Didn't hurt anything (well, maybe my shorts). Just well hedging my bets.
  10. FOOD FOR THOUGHT on Wednesday The BATFE has absolutely NO SENSE OF HUMOR. None at all. If you run afoul the BATFE your regret will know no bounds. BATFE will PROSECUTE and it is a FELONY. Is taking a chance worth it??
  11. PLUS ONE for Chain Fire happening from the BACK. Poorly fitted Caps. Greasing yer balls (snicker snicker) is not real effective except for making a mess. If you take a look, after firing, the round fired has blown the grease off the adjacent chamber. Lots of folks swear by it though. You'll be better served with a wad under the ball.
  12. Bisley Joe, In the past, ALL the barrel/cylinder combinations for the Open Top would interchange. The only problem was the abysmal Barrel to Arbor fit which needed correction. They still need the Barrel to Arbor fit corrected. There are two way to do it. Cheap, quick and simple is to drop a #10 Split washer down the barrel bore, re-assemble and re-Fit the wedge. The washer has to be used with each different barrel. More involved method requires some machine work to the arbor with a permanent spacer. Check Pettifogger's tutorial for this fix. Uberti often changes little dimensions between production runs. It may require some minor fitting to change calibers. My personal guns have 45 Schofield Cylinders/Barrels, 44 Colt Cylinders/Barrels and .38 Special Cylinders/Barrels. I can change cartridges in about 10 minutes for both guns. I don't necessarily like running 45 Colt in the Open Top Cylinder as the chamber walls are quite thin. The 45s use to have a habit of spitting out the little bit of metal in the bottom of the cylinder bolt notch.
  13. PLUS ONE for John E. Law Thru several of my "Audits" I found surprisingly, no two BATFE agents/inspectors always tell the same tale. For peace of mind, you may find the fee's associated with an FFL to actually be cheap "Peace of Mind" insurance."
  14. C. J. True. At one point I had 11 of them. Two were my Main Match guns for several years. The rest (9) were my "parts stash." The only difference in the ASM "1860" and an "1861" was the Grip Frame. The ASM "1860" did not have the stepped cylinder. The only difference between those and the "1851" was the Barrel/ejector assembly. As close as one could get to a Richards Conversion without spending mega bucks for a custom job. I liked mine alot. As mentioned, Super Accurate. A shop out in California use to use ASM major parts to cobble up some really fine Conversions. Didn't last long though. Legal problems (Drat).
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