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  1. Actually, I'd prefer to push it to 10 - 10 - 5 - 6. For those with latent Gamer tendencies, the Go - To Rifle would be the 1876. Uberti would probably build a few more for us. 1886 would be next in line right along with a Fish. July: The limit of the short stroke is not determined by cartridge length. It's determined by geometry required for the Links to move the bolt. The action already has enough travel for the cartridge. No Problemo. The '86 and the Fish just need polishing up and the usual springs (They ALL need Spring work). It'd sure be FUN!!
  2. Pretty Close Cliff Hanger The problem was the then Secretary, Stewart Simington (sic) who was financially involved with Convair. His demand was that Nortrup should merge. Northrup told him to go pound sand. The military immediately went out and bought a obsolete airplane for an obscene amount of money. Simington also ordered ALL existing examples of the B49 be destroyed. What a Putz. Stay Safe Out There
  3. Upon occasion, Answers are provided when there was no problem to begin with. PLUS ONE too Utah Bob
  4. Woo Hoo !! We had a shooter in my neck of the woods do just that some Lustrum ago. Moccasins. Feathered Headband. Called it Plains Indian. It was a HOOT!!
  5. John Boy, Why on earth would I want to scorch a perfectly good Towel?? My bucket of water, is just plain Tap Water. Why would one waste perfectly good Ice Cubes?? Quenching to quickly cool has no effect on Brass . . . . . . . .
  6. Pistol Grip stock and Carbine stock are NOT interchangeable nor comparable. As Mentioned above, completely different configuration of the Lower Tang.
  7. Lumpy beat me to the Popcorn. I get the Peanuts and Cracker Jax concession. Light weight long sleeves are actually cooler than short sleeves. Believe it.
  8. Sorry Tex. What's yer POINT??? Ammunition is available and your whining?? Gimmie a BREAK!!
  9. Marshal Matt, We're now two miles down the page, butt . . . . YES. The reason I don't anneal handgun cases (nor recommend) is extraction. It can be very difficult to extract in a normal manner. Becomes: Pull cylinder - Use Punch. Don't ask how I have garnered this little factoid.
  10. I am personally a fan of Brass Rifles. Feel much smoother than your average '73. Brass rifles DO NOT have a trigger block safety. SO WHAT!! I have never had an Out of Battery discharge. OBD happens when the shooter get himself or herself out of time with the rifle. Shooter Error. A '66 is no more difficult to take down than a '73. One extra screw. Should only need a full take down about once a year. I don't see an advantage to a '73. Exactly the same internal action parts and operation in ALL the Uberti Toggle Link rifles. The Henry can be a real problem if the Side Plat
  11. Marshal Matt PLUS ONE too Choctaw. I also anneal on the cheap. It doesn't have to be done "every" loading. I use a 1/2 inch (I think) socket, with a bolt thru it, chuck it up in a cordless drill motor. I use those little fat camping propane tanks with a torch head. Rotate the case in the socket with the top half inna flame, watch the color. Quit as it goes orange. then I dump it inna little bucket of water cause I don't want to wait for the cases to cool. Cheap. SKULL NUMBING BORING. But well worth it. Completely eliminates Blow-By with straight wall cases in
  12. Quality Control at ASM was abysmal. Their guns were super close replicas of Colt and S & W. Just too poorly made. If you can find OEM S&W parts for the 2000 series, they should take very little fitting to install and have work. OOPS: I don't know of any current guys that will work on the ASM. It's a lot like repeatedly hitting yer thumb with a Hammer
  13. Video is out of the TBM being "recovered." They just put cables on it and DRUG it over the beach. It'll be several years in restoration . . Again.
  14. PLUS ONE too Utah Bob and Singin' Sue You Betcha!!!
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