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  1. With most targets at 10 - 12 yards, Chokes in yer shotgun are about like a Drag Chute on a Turtle. Cylinder bore works just fine.
  2. Somethin FUN this way cometh youbetcha!! Not to mention somethin Yum!! Biscuits-n-Gravy-n-Bacon-n-Taters.
  3. Both of those rifles appear to have been subjected to Gross Overloads of the WRONG powder.
  4. PLUS ONE too Phantom you betcha!!
  5. I personally find that comparison laughable. It all depends on the driver. There are folks out there running Stoegers as fast as SKBs. there are even a couple of guys running Hammer Doubles as fast as SKBs.
  6. I made a pretty good living as a CAS gun smith for 20 plus years. I specialized in toggle link rifles. Henry's, '66s and '73. There was occasional rumor of a Henry or '66 with a stretched frame. I never saw one. I never met anyone whom claimed to have one. I seriously doubt you're going to find an actual example. That isn't to say it absolutely can't happen. However, the load or diet of loads that would do that would venture on STUPID. The rifle would have to be pushed at and beyond 44 Magnum pressure levels. I have always preferred Brass Rifles. After several Hundreds of thousands of rounds, I have never hurt one. Good luck on your quest. The pictures your included are of 1873 rifles (originals) that suffered Bore Obstructions. You will note, the barrel ruptured before any damage to the links. The toggle link system is far stronger than most folks imagine. Most whom claim weakness are simple PARROTING someone else whom also has no real knowledge. YMMV
  7. Just as a point of order, the "Generations" thing with Short Stroke Kits is/was a determination of lever throw by Jim Lincoln of Cowboys and Indian Store fame. The "other" current offering, from Pioneer Gunworks are "Standard" and "Super Short." Not that it's a big deal. At one time, some Lustrum ago, there were some "speed" problems between Pioneer "Standard" and "Super" for large bore cartridges. Same same for Cowboys and Indian. Those little glitches were resolved quite a while ago and today's Short Stroke Kits are equally fast and smooth whether big bore or small bore.
  8. I've been retired for a while and some of the guys around me have retired also. My personal suggestions would be Slix lever side springs (need some fitting) and a reduced Main Spring (someone is offering reduced mains springs now). to go with your reduced Main Spring you'll want a reduced Firing Pin Return spring. My preference these days for the Short Stroke Kit and Firing Pin & Return Spring is Cowboys and Indian Store. Super products. Did business with Jim Lincoln for years. I don't remember whom is offering the Reduced Main Springs. Might be Shotgun Boogie You can't do part of the job and expect a Harmonious outcome.
  9. I'd like to add a "Chime In Here." After Changing out a Breach Block (bolt) on a Uberti (change to the new "kit") the rifle exhibited exactly your malady. The problem turned out to be the fit of the Toggle Link into the pivot recess in the back of the Bolt. The link didn't fit into the radius of the bolt. Had to relieve that radius for the link to pivot into lock-up smoothly. Just an additional thought. Maybe.
  10. Nah. Cut the stock square and install a THIN Pacmayar (sp) ribbed shotgun pad. Nice and no slippy.
  11. Hi Goodie The Hartford on the EMF Web Page for $1150 is the "New" Pietta. Actually made by Pedersoli. If you compare the photo of the "Wyatt Earp" to the "Hartford" you'll see a striking resemblance. Since I own both, I can compare actual innards as well. The Wyatt Earp is now reduced to $1550. A real bargain.
  12. Abilene Absolutely true. Howsomever, EMF use to market the TTNesque 1878 replica as their "Hartford." Then the Chinese guns all started going to Cimarron. EMF and Taylors had to scramble for a replacement. Both EMF and Taylors carried the Pedersoli 1878 Replica. Some pricy, but the finest made Hammer Double out there. Now, Pietta is providing an "new" 1878 replica to EMF (Pietta own EMF). The new EMF Hartford is made by Pedersoli just toned down a bit. The machine work and the furniture are absolutely OUTSTANDING. Makes the TTNesque guns look like clubs (they are, actually). I just happen to have a sample example (literally) of the "new" Hartford vis Pietta and it is absolutely SUPERB!!!
  13. Deacon, Cowboy 45 Specials are THE answer for .45 Handguns. Supper cool with 165Gr bullets and even cooler with 130Gr Barnstormers you betcha!!
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