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  1. WIDDER'S Goin to DISNEY WORLD!! Widder ain't gonna have time fer CAS. Too busy with Mouse Safari I betcha Naturally, I have NO CLUE about CAS clubs in the Orlando area but I have stayed at a DISNEY RESORT!! Which probably won't help Widder with his original quest. November is Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Yum yum
  2. Shooters Packs ...... Schmooters Packs. I'm thinkin Buiscuits-n-Gravy ya howdy. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hiya Dawg!!
  3. PLUS ONE too Driftwood. I also wore out quite a few motorcycles traveling in the UK and Europe. I own the finest Rain Suit on the planet. I don't ride a bike inna rain anymore either.
  4. Answered your own question. It's a simple job ..... until it isn't. Never .. ever .. forget .. Murphy's Law.
  5. Two ..... Miserably LONG weeks. Just wishing for the HERE and NOW!! Can't hardly wait. I are ready. Well, truth be known, almost ready. Need an afternoon of quality time in the Munitions Fabrik. Just two weeks more!!! Yee Ha ha ha ha Wheeeeeeeeeeee
  6. All you need is a REFORGER at Grafenwoehr to cure you liking Rain
  7. Ruger Blackhawk .45 Loaded to 44 Manglem Plus velocity. Brutal. Don't have it anymore
  8. All ye Pastafarians show yer Jolly Rogers!! Avast!! Prepare to be boarded!!
  9. Really really really wanted a pair of Schofields. Then I got one. I was finally happy. Happy the day I sold it. Just couldn't shoot it. Really really really wanted a pair of USFA Omnipotent. Pure unadulterated LUST!! Finally had the folding green and ordered a pair in .38. Just plain GORGEOUS!! Could not shoot em. Couldn't find a way to get em out of the holsters to shoot Gunfighter. Just tickled pink the day I was able to sell em on. Have a "thing" for conversion guns. Just absolutely had to have a pair of ASM conversions. Took 11 guns to get enough parts to make a pair that worked. UCK. Plus one to J Mark. What crap.
  10. PLUS ONE too Rye Miles AND Marshal Hangtree I personally quit shooting in the rain 12 - 15 years ago. This game is suppose to be FUN. Being WET is in no way FUN!!
  11. BGB, Go back and read my last paragraph. BEFORE you put the side springs back in the rifle, re-shape the back of the spring boss to clear the rifle frame or you'll just be doing the same waltz again.
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