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  1. I seem to recall having been called ....... mental ..... from time to time
  2. PLUS ONE to Springfield Slim. The Full Cock Ledge on the hammer is not wonderful. The trigger is .... KAPUT. Removing enough metal from the trigger to give you a good sear may well extend hammer travel too far. I might first look at a trigger from Uberti, or Pietta to see if I could modify to work. Then recut the full cock ledge to match.
  3. Aw POOP!! Facebook Imbeded. I can't get it to play. Still, way cool Culpepper!! I won't admit having started a stage at the PA state match and suddenly discovering I failed to actually LOAD my Cap Guns. Just Caps on empty chambers. I did however, continue to bust all 10 Caps.
  4. Sort of funny thing from the Middle East of today. Some training materials were found in a mop'd up combat area. One item was a picture of an A-10 in flight just a little ways away from the camera. The writing under the photo translated to "Never, Ever, Shoot at one of these Planes."
  5. Laughed so hard it was a "Near Death Experience."
  6. Purple Loctite, Blue Loctite, Use Red, only if ya dare. Music to that. In all honesty, there is little if any reason to pull the ejector housing and or the rod and spring for cleaning. Easy way to clean it (if you need to) is a shot of Break Cleaner. PS: I forgot to add ... It is real common for folks to get frustrated and start applying some REAL torque to that screw. Don't even be tempted to do that. There are only just a couple of threads and once you strip them, you're in lots of trouble. Grab some LocTite. A little dab'll do ya ..... Burma Shave
  7. Some Lustrum ago, I worked at several occupations that required frequent changes of shift. Never could get my Awake/Sleep time adjusted. Then ...... I became permanently unemployed. DST holds no terror for me. I still wake up at roughly the same time every day. I fall asleep in my Recliner at about the same time every night. Doesn't matter what the clock says. The other serious problem affecting me are Weekends. Due to the work schedules of "others" my "Weekend" starts of Monday and runs through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for "chores" and errand running and attending CAS matches. It's actually a pretty tough schedule, but someone has to do it.
  8. SMLE MK IV. Mail order from some lace I don't remember. Next gun was a Ruger Super Blackhawk
  9. Seamus is gonna look really STUNNING in that Ball Gown!! Just absolutely STUNNING.
  10. Left their chutes in the forward equipment bin in the airplane.... I was too busy setting up the delivery and didn't pay attention to the crew until it was time to "Hook-Up" PS: Sloppy on the Aircrew as well. Too much attention deficit.
  11. At least the Sheridan was fine. Being Air Force, I never heard what disciplinary action was handed out to the Sheridan crew. Never had anyone else do anything that stupid again though.
  12. We .... My C-130 crew were delivering a Sheridan via Parachute extraction and it's crew right behind it. After I kicked out the Sheridan I turned to send out the tank crew. They were "gone." The crew had snuck into the Sheridan, strapped in and went out IN the vehicle. They all were banged up pretty good when the Sheridan landed. Case of Beer Dare.
  13. Ah ...... Why Bother?? Just turn it around backwards and file off the corner.
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