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  1. Wow!! Seems a lot like taking a 53 Buick Road Master to a Drag Strip.
  2. If your using a reduced Main Spring, you should also be using a reduced Firing Pin Return Spring. Suggestions would be Shotgun Boogie, Cowboys and Indian Store or Pioneer Gunworks. In the interim, you can cut the OEM return spring back to just a tad over 5/8 inch. The Firing Pin is in fact partially inertial and the OEM return spring won't allow enough whack with a reduced Main Spring. You can also add a Main Spring tension screw similar to the '73 if so desired. Fairly simple to do. Drill and tap the lower tang for a #8 set screw. Drill the hole at the "dash" on the lower tang.
  3. Well, actually no, I haven't tried pistol primers. Haven't seen a need. I have been shooting a 38-55 H&R Handi Rifle. I started out shooting 90Gr EPP UG .36 pistol bullets (really, seriously, I did). But they tended to wander all over past 75 yards. I've no settled on 275Gr bullets, I don't know by who (special deal on 700 of em. Lube doesn't matter as I load with 3F APP. Just for grins and giggles, you might want to try APP. Easy to load. Easy to clean up. Lube doesn't matter. BP Lube is OK, Smokeless Lube is OK, NO Lube is OK. Lube simply doesn't matter. APP is yer friend. Just fill the case to the base of the bullet and GO!! No muss, Fo Fuss. Seriously, give it a try!! Just ask Scarlett!!
  4. Yep. Got a "timer" function on My iWatch, My iPhone, My iPad, My Lap Top and My Alexa thingie. Trying to add or subtract time from any of them is just too taxing or just doesn't work. Much simpler to Cancel a specific timer and reset. Or, if it's going to be recurrent, like stirring a pot or a clothes dryer, sooooo much simpler to wait for the time to run out and then restart.
  5. I've always seen them as a solution desperately seeking a problem. Why bother. It ain't all that hard to load a '73 or a '66. There is plenty of time to load a rifle at the loading table. Wouldn't waste my time or money on one. Just my unbiased opine.
  6. Well, shucks. I tote my fired brass home, wash it in Vinegar Water, Dry it, toss in the vibratory tumbler for half hour > Done. Bright, shiny brass does not tickle my fancy. KISS
  7. Oh Hey!! Let's keep this simple OK? With either cartridge, load 3F AFF to the bullet base and crimp. Done. Recommend a nice 160 or 165Gr bullet. No scales, no measuring, just APP to the base and done.
  8. When you become "engaged" to a TG, it should be a public affair. The proposal should be done at one of the Disney parks. Bended Knee and Rings. All that stuff. Obviously, I don't think matters one whit. This is SASS's game. SASS owns it, lock, stock and double barrel and will do what ever "they" want. Get Over It
  9. Oh Cummon. RUGER. A dime a dozen. Not now and never will be a "collectors" item. Mass produced by the dozens. Why Bother??
  10. I resolved ALL those pesky issues some time back. If you run ALL BRASS hulls, you don't need all that stuff.
  11. I'm of no help. But I'm bored, so: I haven't polished a pair of boots or shoes since I retired from the Military. However, RedWing use to market a really good "oil" for waterproofing and revitalizing boots. Don't know if they still do. I just realized I retired from Active Duty 29 years ago. Gad Zooks but I feel old all of a sudden.
  12. What is this "Scale" thingie of which you guys speak?? Never use one. Just dump some propellant inna case till it looks "right" then shove inna bullet. Shooting APP or BP makes it just SO simple you betcha!!
  13. Punxsutawney PA, is a Drinking Town with a Rodent problem to be sure!!
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