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  1. Tequila If your serious about running Cap Guns for Frontiersman, and having your guns be competitive, then a mechanical means of keeping the cap fragments out of the action is a necessity. I am a proponent of "Cap Rakes" and put them in EVERY Cap Gun I prepared commercially. NO exceptions. My guns are ALL just as reliable as any Suppository Shooter. I shoot Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter and the guns HAVE to be 100% reliable. I don't know if Long Hunter Shooting Supply is still prepping Uberti Percussion guns, but I am NOT a fan of Uberti. Just too much trouble to m
  2. PLUS ONE for Prairie Dawg (Both). However: When planning to interchange Pietta parts, only the parts from the last 8 or so years interchange. Older Major assemblies like barrels will NOT mate up to more recent manufacture frames. I actually try to keep my parts swapping within the same year or two of manufacture. I'm not real into Hysterical accuracy so "never never" guns are just the ticket. Cap Guns are FUN!!
  3. These aren't 1858s. They are however, SNUBBIES. My Main Match Guns.
  4. How soon we forget. The recently departed was also the king of the pencil whip with the Executive Order. Nearly pencil whipped the National Parks out of existence. The Keystone Pipeline was a travesty from the inception. Put it across Canada. Let it leak on Canada.
  5. Makes one heck of a Night Light though. Need dark glasses widit.
  6. Aw cummon. It's a Ruger. Ball Peen Hammer!!
  7. I like BPI 1044 10Ga Plastic Wads or BPI SPITFIRE 12Ga Wads. And throw the fiber wads away. Since I have to clean the barrels anyway, the "snake skin" makes no difference at all.
  8. Double Triggers. And while yer at it, skip the stoeger and go for Double Hammers as well you betcha!!
  9. It looks just the same to everybody else Pat. It must yer Meds are off. You'll get better. Promise
  10. Looks . . . . Different. But . . . . I'll well learn to like it. Already starting to like it.
  11. PLUS ONE for Tyrell Cody and Prairie Dawg you betcha.
  12. My preference would be Pietta Great Western II. Personally, I prefer stainless.
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