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  1. Independent oil explorer/driller in the old days. Non-standard cartridges.
  2. up and running again as of this evening when I checked
  3. for lead I like Montana Extreme Cowboy Blend and for copper Butch's Bore Shine
  4. Ruger baby Vaquero (Single Six) in 32 H & R.
  5. Mernickle is good people and he builds good leather.
  6. between the wars historical note: Bonnie and Clyde used BARs, not Thompsons.
  7. Sounds kinda like "Once Upon A Time In The West".
  8. Lots more members now, lots more "lawyers" now...
  9. I'm gonna call a second miss on this one. The rifle kd wasn't there because the shooter knocked it down when he shot the wrong target. Therefore the "missing" target was caused by the shooters own actions. There was no target failure. And yes, self inflicted wounds are the most painful.
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