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  1. When dealing with health related issues, most match directors will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
  2. I once asked Cobra Cat about that. He said the belt is "really tight!"
  3. By SASS standards that is a VERY stout load - actually about equivalent to original factory loads. Even black powder shooters seldom load to that level. It is also an excellent load to shoot any time. As you can see, just about everybody here shoots and recommends lighter loads. You have to shoot what is right for you. My wife and I also shoot stout 45 Colt loads and for years everyone used to tell us how we could do better with lighter loads. They know us now and realize we do what we do because it makes us smile and have fun. Do what YOU enjoy...
  4. "I don't know of a better place to die."
  5. I'm gonna call a second miss on this one. The rifle kd wasn't there because the shooter knocked it down when he shot the wrong target. Therefore the "missing" target was caused by the shooters own actions. There was no target failure. And yes, self inflicted wounds are the most painful.
  6. The whippings will continue until morale improves.
  7. Look into Coon Creek outfitters. They should be able to supply everything you need.
  8. I live about 10 minutes from Magma and I will be at Winter Range working in the stat house. Let me know what you need and we'll make it happen.
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