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  1. As long as the instruction/ruling is applied consistently ther should be no problem.
  2. For what ever it may (or may not) be worth, during WWII and Korea the the 24th Infantry Regiment was part of the 25th Infantry Division.
  3. Lately I acquired a M-86 45-70 with a crescent bull plate and it is beating the tar out of me even with lighter loads. Where can I find a lace-on recoil pad that works with the crescent butt plate?
  4. That was all he left after the indian fight.
  5. This movie really requires a big screen, No, not a75" screen, more like the side of the house. I first saw it in 1969 when it first came out on a huge curved screen and the visuals were beyond spectacular (and I wasn't stoned or anything). On small screen I can understand how folks think it is nothing special.
  6. Another one for the list: "The Third Man".
  7. ...some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug...
  8. Because of the sights the Colt New Frontier is a joy to shoot. They are easier to see and pick up and they line up beautifully. For carrying in the field (as opposed to CAS) I prefer the New Frontier because of the sights.
  9. Stay with the 44 special. It will have the best availability and lowest cost.
  10. Ariat boots are hard to beat. I have two pairs 9round toe and square toe) and like 'em both.
  11. As a match director and posse marshal my reaction is: "play the hand as dealt!"
  12. I'm gonna call a second miss on this one. The rifle kd wasn't there because the shooter knocked it down when he shot the wrong target. Therefore the "missing" target was caused by the shooters own actions. There was no target failure. And yes, self inflicted wounds are the most painful.
  13. The whippings will continue until morale improves.
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