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  1. Tang sight is real handicap for CAS. Like trying to find the next target wearing blinders.
  2. HA!! Two minutes inna Microwave, unwrap and chow down. Just like a Canned Ham or SPAM you betcha. Yum
  3. SlixShot nipples are not as large as pictured. They are actually a Venturi, as in a Rocket Nozzle. It accelerates and concentrates the flame travel. Better ignition.
  4. PLUS ONE for Larsen E. Blue or Purple LocTite are your friends. DO NOT TORQUE it. Torque is NOT your friend. That Chinese steel is quite soft. Strip the threads and you'll have a fine Wall Hanger
  5. Getting back on topic PLUS ONE for Trailrider # 896. This bit of CLICK BAIT is provided by someone who has absolutely no connection to Boeing nor NASA. Unfortunately, they have learned to upload their garbage to You Boob. Along with, Based on the lead up known history of Starliner, you couldn't pay me enough money to ride the thing.
  6. NO!! Applies not only to the door, but also to the contents. The flame from the torch and the slag entering the safe would also set the contents on fire. Anything paper or wood in the safe would be ash by the time you could actually reach into the safe. It would also be hours before one could safely reach into the safe. Strictly Holyweird.
  7. Oh heck. I thought this was going to be about the Motorcycle Rally in Johnstown PA.
  8. I've never worried much over the about 30 years I've played CAS. However I have had a need for Iron Supplements to help rebuild my Blood counts. Seems every time I walk by the fridge now, ALL the fridge magnets jump to ME. Weird that.
  9. Nah. None of the above. 180Gr RNFP COATED (Bullets by Scarlett) , 14Gr 3F APP, Cream-0-Wheat to fill to bullet base = FUN!! * * Easy to clean up too PS: What Blackwater Said too.
  10. Well, I have found using my left hand, with both of my 650s works quite well. No problem getting the bullets nose up at all. No special springs or levels were needed. Don't worry about the ability to load fast. I just listen to the CD player and enjoy my loading session.
  11. My toaster has 6 different settings for different breads as well as Bagels and such. Learning to run the thing takes an "Operations Manual" to figure it out. Had it for six or eight years now. Actually know how to make toast. Or flat charcoal. Durn thing will toast 4 slices of anything you put innit.
  12. After shooting Gunfighter for near on 30 years, I found NO advantage to commonly mounted "adjustable" sights. It is common practice for many Colt Pattern replicants, to open up the rear sight for a faster sight acquisition. Perfectly legal as well to open the rear sight channel.
  13. PLUS ONE for Larsen E. 357s are a stretch, as are full length 45s-n-44-40 with a 16 inch barrel.
  14. PLUS ONE for Larsen E. I'd like to add, Short Stroke ain't all it's cracked up to be. to get the same reliability of ignition with short hammer fall you have to compensate with somewhat heavier springs.
  15. I absolutely HATE it when I forget my Dentures. Makes me look RALLY REALLY OLD. Not to mention silly.
  16. Some how, dat don't look like and 1860 Army?? Before I retired, I lost count of the guys that brought me a box with more than one gun's worth of parts. And, of course, the customer always wanted to know "Why does this cost so much??" If the customer admitted to owning a Dremel, I instantly doubled my estimate.
  17. YEPPER!! Like the Marshal, I too have a "Checklist." I have to laugh at myself as I remember all the "Checklists" from the days I was a Pilot. My memory is shot and without my "Copilot" going over the checklist, I'll forget something I really need. Unfortunately, "they" forgot to issue us an Operations Manual for getting OLD. It's a RPITA.
  18. Ya know. Cowboys are kinda hard to recycle. Getting 'em to stand for being stuffed inna bucket is tough. Most of them shoot well enough I really don't wanna try it. Nope. No way
  19. Much as I enjoy yanking on Blackwater's chain, I have to agree with his reply to my quip. Unfortunately for ALL of us, Right, Left, Middle or Who Cares, current Politics and politicians SUCK. I am some sick of having the media, right, left or who cares, shoving the LGBTQ crap down my throat. There are only TWO genders. Male and Female. Girls don't compete against Boys and boys don't compete against Girls. It's that simple. I'm also sick and tired of ALL the "Oh Poor Me" coverage of that .001% trying to hold the rest hostage to their "pronouns." I better quit before I wind up in Wire Jail. PS: Just read Pb Mark's commentary. That's called hitting the nail on the head. ALL of our broadcast media are FCC registered as ENTERTAINMENT. They ALL want to sell commercial time even if they have to lie, cheat, steal or debate The Earth is Flat.
  20. Thanks a bunch Matt. First time I've been able to play in Eight Months. Things are looking UP you betcha.
  21. Lead Back Splatter is a product of Physics. The target faces have to be set at Back Angles at the bottom to deflect spent bullets and shot DOWN. The floor under the targets MUST be lined with thick carpet or wood to absorb spent bullets and shot. NO targets can be at right angles to the firing line. The bay walls would need to be lined with material to trap spent bullets and shot. The overhead would require baffles, probably wood, to trap spent bullets and shot. Absolutely NO rebar target stands. Absolutely NO reactive targets whether for Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun. Then, large fans are needed behind the firing lines to "Overpressure" shooting bays, with exhaust fans at the far end, vented OUT of the shooting bays. The overpressure and venting are extremely important. If even ONE of these requirements is NOT met, the range is NOT SAFE to use. Don't go there.
  22. Gotta remember, BLACKWATER is on just a LITTLE Opinionated. Really simple. Doesn't like anything not FAR RIGHT
  23. PLUS ONE for Cypress Sun There is NO single GOOD news source
  24. You don't really expect to get a correct, factual story out of FOX NEWS do ya?? Fat Chance.
  25. Dirt Slider-n-Dusty Lady-n-Everybody, Thanks a bundle for putting up wid beat up me and my Cap Guns. I had an incredibly MARVELOUS Day. Hope to be better next month you betcha!!
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