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  1. Larsen E. I just gotta know. Who built that '73/Henry?? Just gotta know. There were several occasions when I was working really hard to re-Barrel a '66 frame with a Henry Barrel assembly. Even put the two clapped out donors in the safe. Just never got the build done though. So: Who dun nit?? Weak Mind wants to know !! Pretty Please. May have to dust off those donors and actually finishing the project for just "One More Build."
  2. Maria Uberti, Aldo Uberti's daughter ran Uberti USA in Lakeville Ct. Uberti USA was Uberti's prime US importer. When Uberti was sold, one of the conditions was Uberti USA could no longer exist. Maria went home and the facility became VTI Gun Parts, operated by Lisa Miller. Lisa was Uberti USA's Parts and Service Manager. VTI Gun Parts is still chugging right along.
  3. PLUS ONE for Abilene About 2 maybe 3 seasons ago, I got bitten by the "10Ga" bug. Went seriously hunting an exposed hammer 10Ga double. I found one. Then I went sourcing Al Brass 10Ga hulls. 7 - 9 bucks a pop. Absolutely now way says I. Called the guy with the 10Ga back and expressed my reluctance. Admittedly, those machined 10Ga Hulls would last several lifetimes, but that is a bunch of dinero. So I recovered from the 10Ga illness quickly.
  4. Well Gosh Waxahachie, hate to disappoint, but Magtech 12Ga All Brass hulls still go for around 25 Bucks a Box of 25. Bout a dollar a round. Unless some Ham Hock steps on em, shooting Subs, the life is indefinite (a long time).
  5. Don't have the problem anymore. Annealed cases eliminated the Blow-By. Rifles shoot super clean you betcha
  6. CONSIDER: Attacking the "Latch" and the barrel Stud with sharp tools is only going to open the distance the latch has to travel, making the problem worse. SUGGEST: Replace the latch, inspect and replace the barrel stud if needed. Also, determine if the loading arm is indeed straight.
  7. Best I can do . . . . "Because."
  8. I am betting my WAG on the .45 Government. Produced to provide comparable ammunition for both .45 Colt SAAs and .45 Schofield for the military (and civilian) when the military found logistics problems and field problems when the .45 Colt and .45 Schofield were found to be incompatible.
  9. Historically speaking, there were Seven known versions of the Henry Transitional made by Winchester. ALL seven still exist in private collections. At one time, all seven were pictured on the "Rare Winchesters" site, however the owners have since taken the pictures down. The Rifle shown by Hege in Germany is a Uberti built gun. Approximately 260 were imported by Taylors & Co. The loading gate shown is based on the original "Kings Patent" loading gate which later became the "Ladle" we know today. I also built several replicas for myself and Prairie Dawg. Super Fun!!
  10. It looks to be a tad sort for a .45 Colt. How does it measure compared to a 45 Schofield ??
  11. PLUS ONE for Scarlett you betcha. 9 or 9+ by weight of 3f APP more than makes the smoke standard. Easy Peasy. Strongly suggest using a filler. Burn Through: Oh yes. APP in like loadings makes a lot more smoke than GOEX.
  12. PLUS ONE for The Mad Dane The "Rod" part of the ejector is screwed into the "Thumb" button. Curious . . . Why you wanna take it apart ??
  13. Way back inna Wabac (thank you Perfesser and Sherman), when Adirondack Jack and I were messing with "Short" cases, I put a Case Trimmer head on a wood bock, then ran the Carbide trim cutter in my horizontal boring machine. Made several thousand that way. PLUS ONE for Eyesa Horg you betcha
  14. Oh for joy!! The finely crafted sample example expertly displayed and photograph'd by the xsteamed Pettifogger . . . is a version intended for the ubiquitous 1866 version of the Toggle Link Rifle. The fine item displayed by Cypress Sun, as it's label implies, is intended for the 1873 version of the Toggle Link Rifle. Burma Shave
  15. Your Crimp is just right. The green bullet shown will likely feed a tad smoother then the black one. When loading bullets with those shapes, it's very important to crimp so the case mouth is completely behind the bullet nose and in the crimp groove.
  16. PLUS ONE for rye Miles Duffield be so far out in Left Field, he's inna cheap shots . . . er, seats as it twer
  17. Mondays are the first day of my Weekend. Yep. I are retired. I personally celebrate October 12th as my Late Mother's Birthday.
  18. PLUS ONE for Tyrel Cody See it alot around the patch. Bad Boys want their diesel pick up to be REALLY obnoxious.
  19. The Postal service in the UK and Germany, as well as the Scandinavian Countries is second to none. Germany and England provide Overnight Delivery for the equivalent of First Class Postage. Understand though, the equivalent of "First Class Postage" is roughly 3 to 4 times a much as ours.
  20. 4.0Gr TightGroup. 451 round Ball. Crimp'd tightly in the fat part of the ball. OR: APP to the ball and crimp'd same same.
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