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  1. Weak and Feeble minds be curious
  2. Around 10 or 15 years ago, Uberti "Standardized" their lever rifles. Changed to same same Tang dimensions throughout. Also changed to the same screw layout. So: As Abilene said, it "should." All of the straight stock Butt Stocks should interchange. There may well be some "fiddling" and minor fitting. The only large difference belongs to the Henry Butt Stock, which is about 5/8 of an inch longer in overall length. Best of luck.
  3. I am to gather, I suppose, that ALL Right Thinking, Right Wing conservatives are of absolute integrity?? Smoke and Mirrors me thinks. PS: I darn'd near forgot. Of course Baldwin pulled the trigger. Single Action shooters knew that from DAY 1
  4. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Mural artists are few and far between. Encourage her to keep up the fantastic work
  5. I'm with the guys who see light primer strikes. Whether or not the rifles have "never never" done this before, one must respect Murphy. There can be multiplicities of mechanical reasons as mentioned by Garrison Joe that rear their ugly head. THE most common is light firing pin strikes. If your cartridges fired in your other guns, your Federal Primers are the very least likely problem.
  6. PLUS ONE for Creeker The biggest BANG for the BUCK is a good quality action job. It's amazing how light and fast (not quick) a '73 can be with good action work. If done right, on down the road a Short Stroke can be added quite simply. Without good action work, a Short Stroke Kit just results in a very very heavy lever throw. Takes two men and a girl to run the lever. You Pays yer Money and Takes yer Chances.
  7. PLUS ONE for Pettifogger Advertising writers are truly a Bane. They just simply don't have a clue no matter if "they" are here or "down under." Collective stupidity runs rampant. The Miroku/Winchester has a shorter stroke than a Uberti. ALL Miroku built '73s have a shorter stroke. And once you have one, that's what you have. There are no after-market parts for the Miroku at this time. The Uberti on the other hand, has a plethora of after-market speed parts available. Sufficient speed parts to result in lever throw MUCH shorter than a Miroku built gun. There are a multitude of opinions out there whether the Miroku/Winchester or the Uberti is the better sample example. You pays your money and takes your chances.
  8. At present, contrary to some "theories" the current prices of fossil fuels have nothing to do with actual or imagined politics. It comes down to one simple truth. BIG OIL is scamming us all. Using excuses to justify Record Level profit taking. There are no conspiracies except those of BIG OIL.
  9. PLUS ONE for Abilene The lower Tang on the 1866 is a solid part of the Receiver Casting and is not removable.
  10. Ah, It doesn't matter. It's too long. Cut one down to just a squeak over 5/8th inch. Or . . . order up a lighter version from Cowboys and Indian or Pioneer Gunworks or > > > If your using some commonly available spring stock, Cut it to just a squeak over 5/8th inch. Or . . . order up > > > >
  11. PLUS ONE for Pettifogger YOU BETCHA!!! What a grand idea. A taser attached to the timer. Just stick it onna Butt and letter rip. Nobody'd miss that I bet!!
  12. Ah well, Hydrogen Peroxide is sensitive to UV radiation (Sun Light). The Half Life of Hydrogen Peroxide when exposed to UV radiation is about 8 days. Which is why you find it in the little brown bottles in the Super Market. I mix my PAM in a small Dark Squirt bottle which I wrap in a Drink Cosie. Shielded from UV radiation the Half Life of the Peroxide increases about 200 times, or somewhere around a Year. The Alcohol (I use Denatured) and Murphy don't have any effect on the Hydrogen Peroxide. PAM works wonders.
  13. Now we know what the Theme for Game of Thrones came from
  14. Oh Yea. Shooter completes pistol string. Shooter stops and pulls Gloves out of belt, puts gloves on. Picks up Rifle and shoots rifle string. Shooter stops, strips Gloves off, picks up shotgun and engages shotgun targets. Oh. Sure. NOT. Shooter dropped Gloves at station three. Had to return to pick-'em up to avoid the penalty for littering the stage And I actually had to look-up "Pedantic." At were fun
  15. I prefer to have the direction of travel at the top. Dunno why. Just do.
  16. PLUS ONE for Phantom you betcha
  17. I tried a Hackamore once. Just once. Didn't end well. Full Bridle works much much better. You still have to really hang on though.
  18. I cannot imagine. A bunch of "rubber" balls with no real weight/mass would have no effect on the felt recoil. I also could not call it a "system." Why someone would do that is a mystery to me. Putting "weights" of some sort in a shotgun Butt Stock has been done for decades. Change the balance, reduce felt recoil, that sort of thins. Little rubber balls?? No clue. Adding weight and mass is simple physics. Little rubber balls is just silliness.
  19. I know this is of no help to the OP. BUT it's Sunday morning, warm and humid and I'm bored. SO: I have a scale. I don't know who made it. It's covered in dust. Lots of dust. Since I shoot BP and APP, I have found "weight" to be meaningless trivia.
  20. YES!! A simple error as pointed out by Creeker. What I MEANT to convey, a leather barrel wrap is perfectly legal on an 1860 Henry or 1860 Henry Replica, whether from Henry Repeating Arms or Uberti or even Navy Arms. Nanny Nanny Poo Poo
  21. One CAN put a leather wrap on the barrel of a Henry. Perfectly legal. On a Henry.
  22. Hey!! Wait a minute!! I shot the Match Clean!! Well, One stage clean. The only stage. Then my Rifle quit and went home. Waaaaaa snivel snivel. At least there is still NEXT MONTH
  23. Some low life dirtbag has managed to pirate our credit card number. Our credit card folks called to day to ask about a 55 dollar order for Papa John's Pizza. Order placed On-Line. Card was declined several times and the card folks called to ask if it was indeed us. Nope Twernt. Now a new card/number has to be issued and we have the hassle of changing the numbers at a ton of places we do business with. And I just got that number memorized. Boo Hiss. Boo Hiss
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