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  1. An also, don't forget to flush the Toilette either. Domestic Tranquility note (put the seat back down too).
  2. PLUS ONE too Prairie Dawg Normal-Lee (Normal = Dryer Setting) I try and shoot second or third (right behind Dawg) then Dawg and I do "rock - paper - scissors" to see whom gets the Unloading table. Once Practiced, it doesn't take that long to recharge yer cylinders. Dawg and I both use Cylinder loading stands.
  3. In my weak and sordid mind the '97 ain't cowboy. Ever see the "Duke" wid da '97 ?? Double guns were the rule. Double guns wid Hammers iffy you want to be specific. So .. .. MY choice and suggestion is for a Hammer Double. With as short a set of barrels as is legal Never met a barrel too short
  4. First find convenient Tree. About 8 inches in Diameter. Grip Shotgun barrels firmly in classic baseball batting stance, next to tree. Swing Shotgun against tree and "swing for the cheap seats." Stock will come off quite quickly. PS: Forgot. Take the screws and bolts out first
  5. Turned the Monitor upside down and shook it real hard Then hit "SAVE" before turning it rightside up
  6. We just load the Target Count. Josey shooters have to "hit" the shotgun targets. Don't have to actually knock them down. Hit or miss scoring, no makeup.
  7. Warden Cal ..... If your still playing with Ruger .45s .... Ruger is famous .. or .. infamous for undersize Cylinder throats. Very common for a 451/452 bore and .448 cylinder throats. Try dropping a known .451 diameter bullet thru your throats. Should go thru with a light pencil tap. If they stop hard, the throats need reaming. Tight throats will also result in more felt recoil. Cylinder throat should be at least .4515 or .452.
  8. Warden, I ain't Dawg, but I do shoot wid 'im. Shoot JW once inna whale too. SO: When there are more shotgun targets, at the buzzer, add that 6th round if the stage cassel for it. With my Cap Guns, that's when I cap the 6th chamber. Works a treat. Josey didn't have a Shotgun. Very little use of a rifle. ALWAYS had 5 pistols.
  9. Ummm......Plus One to Catlow. Awesome Shooters Book. However, I do have some doubt as I was totally unaware Catlow could ...... read
  10. Hummmmmm .... Must make Sacrifice to Weather Goddess. Searching for suitable subject. Hummmmmmmmmmm.
  11. PLUS ONE to Laramie!!! Shooters book was OUTSTANDING
  12. Pyrodex is a RUSTING AGENT that just happens to burn. I wouldn't use it for anything except FERTILIZER.
  13. It would be remiss if I didn't remind Seamus (or is it rub-it-in) that Charlie was running Cap Guns inna Rain wouldn't nit
  14. Following a stint in a private school, upon return to "public' school in 1960s California, I was exposed to "The New Math." Didn't care what answer you got. Just had to show how you got what ever answer you came up with. Made no sense at all. Still doesn't.
  15. Hi Rye Was shooting Frontiersman Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter with my favorite pair of Snubbie Cap Guns. One started failing to fire. Couldn't fix the problem at the range. BOO HOO. Real annoying. And ..... then it started to RAIN. "Well - - - Bye"
  16. There are some physics involved that have been touched on in answer to the OP's question. The Cowboy 45 Special case and the 130Gr Hollow Base Barnstormer bullet were developed by Adirondack Jack. The purpose was to put a .45 revolver on an even footing with .38 shooters. It works .... mostly. The best solution for the .45 shooter is the C45S case which reduces the case capacity to promote a better "burn" with reduced powder charges. this also translates to BP and Subs. Allows reduce BP and Sub loading without fillers (maybe). Couple that with a really reduced weight bullet and you get vastly reduced recoil. HOWEVER: Ruger is famous for undersize cylinder throat dimensions which creates excess chamber pressure and increased felt recoil and the possibility of wonky accuracy. If shooting a Ruger .45, the first step is to verify the cylinder throats. Shooting a .451 or .452 bullet through a .448 or .449 throat is going to create excess felt recoil and result in an undersize for bore bullet. For a .451 bore, the cylinder throat should be reamed to .4515 or .452 (for lead bullets at least). SO: Best bet for the OP is to forsake the 45 Colt case and switch to the C45S case. Best choice for bullet is the 45 Barnstormer now available from Shootin Fox. And ..... PLUS ONE too Griff. Citing various and sundry references which contain an incorrect moniker do not make that incorrect moniker correct. The use of the incorrect moniker just highlights a common mistake.
  17. Well POO It was "WAS" a wonderful match. Right up 'till it started to rain. I are a card carrying member of "Wimps-R-Us" and since I already had a gun pack it in, I left early and came home. Boo Hoo. Biscuits-n-Gravy was some superb though. Not a total loss. Hope the rest of the folks had fun. "Rain" is not in my Lexicon of fun
  18. Usta B Be correct. A "Widdermatic" Marlin will run 45 Colt and Cowboy 45 Special interchangeably. A Uberti Toggle Link Rifle (Henry, 1866 & 1873) require a modified Carrier Block (Smith Shop). To switch from C45S to 45 Colt requires changing out the carrier block. I have shot Uberti '73s, 1866s and Henrys with the C45S since the inception of the cartridge. They run just fine. There is the usual 45 Blow By.
  19. Ha! No sweat compadre. I took care of the clean match on the second stage. It went down hill from there. Still a really great and fun day !!!! More fun to come tomorrow !!! Yee Haw!! Not to ignore Pam's Chuckwagon and the Fab Biscuits-n-Gravy - Yum Yum
  20. Recently (last couple of months) replaced my 50 inch Panasonic with a brandy new LG 70 inch. My sweetie said she wanted to be able to read the Tennis Channel scores without her glasses. Who was I to quibble?? Real happy with it.
  21. Shooter picks up Shotgun, closes it, is standing in the WRONG position TO yells MOVE!! Shooter doesn't think and moves with a loaded shotgun. Shooter is responsible for opening the gun BEFORE they move. Most don't. I prefer it for the TO to keep shut. I'll take a "P" any day over a SDQ. There are "goods" and "Bads" to "helping." Of course, it also doesn't help when the Peanut Gallery screams "MOOVE."
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