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  1. CB Radio?? Really?? No Kidding?? I haven't seen a Pick-up or a Car with an antenna farm for absolutely YEARS. I actually have no clue to mounting on Al-U-Minimum. Yep. No help to the OP. It's Thursday. Just finished mowing the lawn. Nope. Still no good ideas. Still have to rout the CoAx too. Best of Luck. CB. Kind of Retro idnnit??
  2. Lemme see. I shot a State match at which I hit a Shotgun Knockdown squarely 13 times. It never went down. 20 other shooters didn't have that problem (then 3 "Others" did) so eventually there was a re-shoot. Good thing the stage was still set up. I see we often ask a little "much" of the "TO" but is is reasonable to expect the dude or dudette with the timer to at least know the rules and pay attention to the shooter rather than "spot." Take professional Tennis for example. Many Venues have gone to Electronic means for calling "in or out" or "Fault." The cost is/was staggering
  3. Heard tell he has one most every year. Some years have been skipped??
  4. Oh Heck K.C. I was thinking you had a mechanical problem. You can certainly fix your cosmetic problem with a Black Permanent Sharpie
  5. Shooting Bull, Wood Moves. It expands and contracts with changes in temperature/humidity. Metallic fasteners don't expand and contract to any measurable degree and eventually will become loose. It does take a while. With modern adhesives such as Epoxy, Tightbond III, Gorilla Glue, the glue joint is actually stronger than the surrounding wood. Ace-of-Hearts most important reply concerns incorrect fitting and bedding of the stock to the metal. After repair, if the stock is not correctly fitted and bedded it WILL break again, just on different grain lines.
  6. The two biggest Mechanical contributors to your problem are the Lever Side Springs and the relationship of the Lever ledge and the bottom of the Carrier Block Arm. Next item up for bids is Gun Gas Fouling of the front face of the Carrier Block, the carrier block Mortice and Barrel Breach. Your didn't mention caliber nor whether the Side Springs were actual OEM springs. Once the lever first contacts the Carrier Block, the only thing powering the block "down" is the Carrier Arm Spring. That spring is also the only thing holding the Arm/Block down. You may find the solution to the p
  7. Long Term, Metallic Fasteners and Wood don't play well together. If reinforcement is needed, Dowels are you best bet. Insure the grain of the dowel and the stock are at right angles.
  8. Both are somewhat correct. Your "focus" should actually be on your sights. Your "awareness" should be on the target array. That results on the sights being in sharp focus and the actual target being somewhat "fuzzy."
  9. NO. This game is suppose to FUN. That ain't fun. (Piling On). PLUS to Utah Bob
  10. And when spotting for BP shooters, standing close in behind the shooter is kind of . . . . unproductive.
  11. I'd have a pair of Custom Built 1860 Henry Rifles. A 19 inch barrel Transitional Carbine and a 16 inch barrel Trapper set up for C45S, and . . wait!! I have those!! A Pair of Custom Built Pietta .44 Navy (never never) SNUBBIES and a Pair of Pietta Capt. Schaeffer Replicants and . . . wait!! I have those. A Pedersoli Hammer Double 12Ga and . . . Oh, I have that too. I'm Done.
  12. PLUS ONE to John Barleycorn Current Uberti SA Replicants are questionable based on the funky retract firing pin (3 click gun)
  13. I think you can still get 25 minutes inna parking meter for just ONE quarter. Maybe. Almost??
  14. Let us not forget, beyond Trix and Tech-Knee-Que, there is that awful "P" word. Most of those really (REALLY) fast folks put in an enormous amount of time at Practice. Both Dry Fire and Live Fire. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of PRACTICE (EVIL WORD). I, on the other hand, am old enough to not worry about it. Don't worry . . . . Be Happy
  15. Hey Iron Pony Been a While you betcha. You still got your reminder carved in the top of yer Kart??? To Cool absolutely.
  16. I personally never ran into any "Trench Art" Zippo's. Most that I knew, and myself had just the usual "plain jane" Zippo. I would suppose there were some who had something special mailed to them, but I don't remember ever seeing any.
  17. OH gimme a BREAK!! PLUS ONE to Rye Miles. Where we shoot, the Shotgun targets are spread all over the stage. Shoot two at Station One, move. Shoot two at Station Two, move, Shoot two at Station Three. Or skip station three and just shoot four. Normal spread is between targets is 6 feet. I wanna see ya take two down with one round. Often on a stage with just Two shotgun targets, the targets are at opposite ends of the stage target arrays. I'm not saying you can't have fun with the shotgun knockdowns standing shoulder to shoulder. You can. However, in t
  18. OR: Skip the Pump Handle shotgun and just source up a nice simple Hammer Double I know. I know. that didn't exactly address the OP's question. It's MONDAY after all
  19. Black Angus One more itty bitty bit of information. When building Pietta Cap Guns, I use a Ruger Pawl Spring and Plunger. Sourced from Brownells. Plunger is Brownells part number 780-001-231 and the spring is part number 780-000-464. I use a 3/32 drill. Be sure to clean out the hole and put a drop of oil in there. When drilling, use plenty of oil. DO NOT snap a drill off in there.
  20. Warden, The longevity of the Hand Spring will depend entirely on when the gun was manufactured. The "early" Hand Spring was a really thin flimsy thing, with a little bend at the end. The hand springs on your Pietta(s) are this type of spring. May last a while, may only last 5 rounds. Newer build guns have a much better, heavier hand spring with a distinct "hump" at the end and being made of much sterner stuff may well last indefinitely. When I was in the business of building Cap Guns for CAS, I converted them to Coil Spring and Plunger regardless.
  21. And miles of smiles. At was a GREAT match
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