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  1. OK DPC, Here is the skinny on the Cimarron/TTN Hammer Double. Currently the most popular Hammer Double in CAS. The guns are a little rough on the inside. You are correct, they are built like tanks. Tough as nails. Bad feature ..... the little decorative "horns" on the top of the hammers are "MEAT SLICERS" when you're trying to go fast. Most EVERYBODY dulls them down or outright remove em. The guns take a licking and keep on ticking. Once in a while a Main Spring will go away, but parts are available. I personally have been shooting them for about 10 years. I have Three. Obviously, I like them alot. Your Call.
  2. Well ... To be completely fair, at that price, there are those of us whom would race you to the gun shop to snap up that Hammer Double. Really FUN guns. Useable in ANY SASS category. Um ..... Where is this Gun Shop??
  3. I gotta admit. Ms. Delaney is a whole bunch better lookin than Rye. A LOT BETTER!!
  4. Something to remember. Shotgun triggers were actually meant to be "Slapped" rapidly. Not squeezed as in bullseye targets. May not be a really good idea to mess with your triggers. There isn't a whole lot to be done anyway. The trigger "pull" is mostly affected by the Main Springs pressure on the hammers.
  5. PILING ON!! I personally see no good reason to spend 12 to 1800 Bucks for a Shotgun for CAS. OK, if your one of the top 5% in this game (it IS a game), maybe. BUT .... there is nothing wrong with a Stoeger. DOUBLE TRIGGER!! I'd also suggest the Supreme. You get chokes and a recoil pad (I'm a recoil wimp). A far as the actual finish goes, select what is most ascetically pleasing to YOU. Your the one who has to shot it after all. ONE other CAVEAT: The most important CAVEAT. You CANNOT share shotguns with your sweetie. Unless you two are the exact height, reach and weight. If you get behind a shotgun that DOES NOT fit, the outcome will NOT be harmonious. Most "Target" ammunition is NOT light. Consider Winchester AA Featherlight. They have a numerical designation but I forget. You are correct, a good mid-range piece of equipment will give very good performance in the hands of someone whom is willing to practice a little.
  6. NO CALL!! Some folks try to make up rules as they go. Don't work that way
  7. Happy Easter right back atcha Bubba.
  8. PLUS ONE to J BAR Personally I find shooting Josey Wales with Cap Guns to be a bit "much" to do on a regular basis. Plus, Josey Wales in this neck of the woods is shot with FIVE Cap Gun. Josey didn't have no Shotgun. All Pistol. An excellent solution is to work the unloading table while you recharge your cylinders. I have found loading off the gun with Cylinder Loader, Scoop and Funnel to be much quicker than loading on the gun. Of course, the Arbor/Barrel fit absolutely MUST be correct as well the Wedge. Should be able to seat the wedge with your thumb and tap it back out with a light rap with a screw driver handle ..... or a firm push with your thumb. I also have four (4) of my Cap Guns set up as Cartridge Conversions. C45S cases and 130Gr Bullets. Work a treat.
  9. OK. I don't know why someone would assemble the rifle without a firing pin return spring. Usually when an action job is done the firing pin return spring is replaced with a much lighter and shorter spring. Just sufficient to return the firing pin and extension rod and no more. If an OEM return spring is used, the spring would be shortened to a length to allow return of the firing pin and extension rod and no more. An OEM return spring could very well have enough resistance to cause fail to fire with a light Main Spring. As you have seen with this rifle, a '73 will function without the return spring.
  10. Been done. MythBusters parked a Firebird in the back of a Semi Trailer. The actual physics made it easy peasy.
  11. There are no Topics nor Questions, so simple, that we can't start an argument AND drift completely off thread. Boy this is FUN
  12. ADDRESS??? What time do you expect the Lasagna out of the oven ??? Should I bring a Beverage??? Red or White ???? Seamus have a preference??? Pick up a Dawg onna way???
  13. Have your friend look again, very very carefully. Often the firing pin return spring will stick in the Breach Block. It will look initially like a ledge machined in there. Stick the tip of the firing pin in there and see if it moves. Most places that have a firing pin return spring, it is a reduced power spring and is attached to a firing pin. Brownells carries parts. However, there is a really really good chance the postage for a single spring or single screw will exceed the cost of the part. PS: Forgot. If this rifle has had action work your friend may well NOT want an OEM Firing Pin Return Spring in the rifle.
  14. Here in Pannsyltuckey, the Keystone of Liberty, you'd be fine. As previously mentioned though, You'd make the 6 O'clock News, with some commentator standing in front of your house, advertising your address to every other wacko within 100 miles, thereby painting a target on yer back and for lack of other "Breaking News" they would be out there for about 3 days. Unless one of those deceased was an underage teenage victim, at which point, you're screwed.
  15. Ah, you realize Ms Delaney is beyond military retirement age ... yes??
  16. When I attended High School (I did show up mostly), english class provided words under a certain number of letters were not to be abbreviated. I don't believe there is a true abbreviation nor acronym for "Barrel." At least, not as applicable to a Gun Barrel. Sort of like there is no 45 Long Colt. The term is only used in misuse.
  17. Rotisserie Chawowoa if the neighbors don't shut that thing up.
  18. FLASH!!! Thanks a bunchier that article. My Uncle ran a Duck Club just south of Sacramento California on the Pacific Flyway. Most of the year his land was planted for rice. Come Duck Season, the "Tanks" were set up with blinds for the well-too-do folks from Sacramento and San Francisco. I spent a goodly number of weekend mornings freezing my toes off, sitting in a blind shooting Ducks and Geese. Part of the year, he released Pheasants. Some really great shooting!!
  19. Ok, Sure. But yer still gettin beatup by a little girl. You can still beat her. But, She will have to start with her hands tied behind her back and give you a two stage running start
  20. Ain't no pigeon worth 1200 Bucks. Suckin tham li'l suckers (primers) up in yer shop vac without the filter can get some interesting. Don't ask how I just happen to know that li'l FACT.
  21. Aw cummon guys. Atz a swell hat. The kerchief is some swell too. The braces also gotz a certain cachet. All those things really do contribute to raw speed. After all, betcha he's gotten all the way down into the 30s and 40s from the 50s. Sides, Seamus and I both know how much a way cool hat can help yer times. You betcha.
  22. I really like Badman Bullets. I like 165Gr RNFP bullets in my 45s and 125Gr TC in 38/357. Almost forgot, I use 200Gr RNFP in 45 Schofield cases for Rifle.
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