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  1. He might have lost to Holmes in a boxing match. But I was going into a knock down drag out back alley real fight. I would take Tex.
  2. I had one in the past. Great little rifle. BUT. No way could I run it as fast as I do my Henry Golden Boy.
  3. Have seen AA's all over around home. Wal-Mart pretty much always has them. It's the Remington STS or Gun Club I can't find. Nobody around us seems to have those.
  4. Same for me. I wear trifocals all day every day. But I sure don't for shooting. Set up for front sight is VERY clear. If the targets are a little fuzzy, so be it. I do have to hold something out a way's to be able to read in them. But shooting is the main purpose when I am on a stage.
  5. Same for me. Federal Magnum is my preferred primer. Will shoot the regular primers in the summertime. But cooler to cold weather it's magnums only.
  6. Well not that I see you added money don't matter. Shooting a smooth easy running short stroked gun is pretty sweet. And just a joy to shoot.
  7. It's my new favorite show right now.
  8. Nicely done. Could not have picked better folks to do this video on. And will say. You should see Doc Roja shoot now. She has really taken to it.
  9. For what you are doing. I would not spend the money for that.
  10. Have the Widdermatic done to it. Then he can run those 100gr rnfp bullets in it like butter. I know you have that mold.
  11. Good luck and enjoy. The wife and I have talked about doing that when she is ready to retire.
  12. Had a LDA years ago. Mine was a great gun. Was stupid for selling it. Have always wished I had it back.
  13. Those are cool. BUT. Do you really think the crooks are not going to figure that out at hotels with a bunch of trucks with that on it.
  14. You did great. On a side note. Had some family went to Nebraska for a big 11U tournament last week. They got to see a few of the College game while there. And yes. The Texas Baseball Club kicked butt in the 11U. Only giving up 3 runs in bracket play.
  15. We the people munitions store! (3dcartstores.com)
  16. Great Job TGJ. The school is lucky to have you as a SRO.
  17. Cowboys and Indians 5th gen for me. Have it in both my rifles. Shotgun Boogie's would work for me also. To many problems with some others.
  18. Yep. They go out to eat.. Hang it on the chair or set it in the floor. At the store they put it in the cart. My wife won't carry in her purse/bag. It's on her. But if your wife is going to carry in a bag. Yes. Get one that is not easy to cut.
  19. Cross draws and a big belly just don't go together. Been there done that. I wanted to use one in the past. Belly just gets in the way to make it really work.
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