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  1. If you have to question if your truck will handle your load. Then it probably won't. Better to have a little to much. Than a little to little. I don't have much use for a 1/2 ton.
  2. It was Comanche Moon was the one I was thinking about. With a young Call and Gus. Steve Zahn plays the young Gus and really nailed it. Have not seen Dead Mans Walk.
  3. Love Lonesome Dove. Return to Lonesome Dove and the other one that James Garner plays Call. Are just OK. I also like (sorry, can't remember the name) Of the one with Gus and Call in the early years. The guy that plays the young Gus nails it also.
  4. I have had two. HAD. If that tells you anything.
  5. Was able to get some early yesterday before they ran out. Not as many as I would have liked (lot of big expenses this month) But did grab a few. E-mail today says they have shipped. Was also able to let a few friends know really early and they picked some up also. Yes they was on the high side. But at least we got a few. Have been able to hit the local Cabelas and have picked some up the last few months at $79.
  6. Had to DQ a SXS shooter at a regional once. It was not close. He REALLY tipped it up and back. Also seen two shooters get it called on them at Winter Range the one time I got to go. Both 97 shooters. So it does and has been called.
  7. Had two as pets when I was a kid. BUT. They can/do get into everything. Will never be like a dog or cat. But I sure loved and enjoyed them as a kid. They are a LOT of work.
  8. Yes. It is a gut punch to all of us here in North Texas/Southern OK. He lost his battle with Covid this morning. We at the Texas Ten Horns have lost another one of our friends and a club officer. This is a big loss to take right after we lost Colorado Jackson just a little over a month ago. I don't have the words to put how I feel right now. All I can do is pray for his family.
  9. Short rifle for me. Marlin Carbine is what the wife shoots.
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