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  1. Police use the PIT maneuver all the time. Just watch On Patrol Live. See it pretty much every week. Sorry for the officer. Not so much for the other driver.
  2. Hope they pony up some cash to buy some new targets. This kind of thing really upsets me as it cost the club.
  3. Most clubs around here in Texas relax the dress code in the summer. It's been around 104-108. We have lines to say. But it's not a requirement to say them. But most do.
  4. They give a good clue. He tells him. You will have it for 7 generations. They we will take it back.
  5. Wife and I both have them and are very happy. Getting ready to order again but have them in my regular prescription for driving. My first ones are set up just for shooting.
  6. +1 in the past. Had all most 4K in damage to the side of the camper and wires it tore out do to blow outs. All on the same trip. It was after that we started buying better tires and replacing them every 3 years. Not that it still can't/won't happen. Also proper tire air pressure is a must.
  7. Next will probably be a Sig 365 Macro
  8. We have had the same problem. Have had a lot of tire problems in the past. With tires that LOOKED brand new. I have had the best luck with Maxxis. But. I will NOT run them past 3 years. Don't care if the only have 1,000 miles on them. Since doing that. It's funny. I have not had any more trailer tire problems. Has it cost me a little extra money? Maybe. But after all the tire problems I had before. That I have not had since. It's worth it. I also check that date on the tires when I buy. If over 8 months old. I will not except them.
  9. Mertens Tx. Population at the time was around 130. That was in the early 80's. Think it's around 2,000 now. Biggest was Kansas City Kansas. Close to 180,000 at the time.
  10. As you shoot at different places. A lot of the sweeps get called something at one place and something else at another. For me. Just forget the name. Just tell me what order I need to shoot,
  11. Mine holds 12. Have done a shotgun only stage before that was 10. Also some fastest shotgun side matches with 8.
  12. Been using the same MEC Grabber for 17-18 years now. Never had a problem. Still going.
  13. Probably wrote, filmed and in the can before any of the Bud Light stuff happened.
  14. Been shooting in mine for a little over a year now. Wife has also went to them. Don't know how many of our club members have gone to them now. Reviews and good all the way around.
  15. We have three 10year olds shooting at our club. All are shooting 12ga shotguns. But grandson (Cool Hand Carter) just started this spring. He is shooting a 1oz load with 11 grains of clays and handles them just fine they take down our shotgun targets just fine. We have another buckaroo (Heartbreak Kid) that is shooting if I remember correctly. 3/4 oz load with about the same charge of powder. He also takes them down and handles that load very well. BUT. Remember. Buckaroos DO NOT have to knock them down. Just hit them. So if you need to start them with a fairly light load. SO be it. Those first few months while I was trying to get his load worked up to what he could handle. I would get one now and then that was. Well. The wad came out. lol.
  16. My 10-year-old grandson just started this year. Started with .22's. We just got him some .38 pistols and looks like he is going to get along with the wife's backup Marlin Carbine really well. We have another buckaroo shooter the same age that has been shooting a few years now. He made the jump from .22's to .38's about 4 months ago and is getting along VERY well. But they both did start with .22's Our club and most all the clubs around here offer a .22 category for anyone that wants to shoot it. I do every now and then. And have no problem with clubs offering it. BUT. Will say. Think that's where it needs to stay. At the club monthly match level. Just to add. We have never really had any problem with spotters counting for the .22 shooters. Will also add. Hobby's cost. That's just a fact. This sport is cheaper than MANY out there. Can't get a nice motorcycle for what it cost to get into SASS. Horses?? Forget about it. Boats?? Not even close Have heard this same thing about cost to get into this sport for 17-18 years.
  17. We just started watching it last night. Got in the first 2 episodes of season 1. Will watch a few more tonight. It's a little on the slow-moving side. But has been interesting so far.
  18. Hey. That's our posse. Thats the only video of my wife Sierra Starr from that match. Thanks for that.
  19. I liked the movie. Have watched it many times. I don't analyze Hollywood westerns to much. Just set back and enjoy them for what they are. I just used all the lines for out annual match from this movie. There are some good lines.
  20. I VERY MUCH dislike using sweep names. Some are called one thing at one club, and another at a different club or part of the country. About the only one that seems to stay the same everywhere is the Nevada Sweep. Just give me the shooting order please. Leave the sweep names out of it.
  21. If you can find videos of Randy Saint Eagle, Tennesse Williams, Hairtrigger Hayes and watch them. You can pick up A LOT form them. Also any of Billy Boots. He is a VERY smooth Double Duelist.
  22. Feet stay the same to all guns. Learn to shoot your pistols with the way your feet are for rifle and shotgun. As in the video of Tennesse Willams and Randy Saint Eagle. Learn to holster your first pistol while shooting/pulling your 2nd. That lets you get your hand on the next gun if possible. Only keep first pistol out if pistols are last. (or if you just miss your holster) When possible. Always have the off hand doing something. Don't watch the 2nd one that comes up. I screwed up. Cost myself at least 2 seconds.
  23. Hooked up. Sierra Starr, myself. Hairtrigger Hayes and One Chance Fancy are all headed out in the morning. Following each other down, Hit the campgrounds and then head to the range in time for side matches.
  24. Billy Boots shoots a pair of those. They sure are nice.
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