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  1. They started up pretty much as I stopped shooting. Got to hit Shootin for the Brand once I started back. And they are going to be on my must hit list anytime they are having one. The food alone at Shooting for the Brand was worth going.
  2. Pick one? Not sure I could. Only been to one WR. And it was REALLY good. That might be my pick. No match gives me the adrenaline rush shooting a stage like EOT. So really like that about it. But now my favorite. As for matches that I could get to every year. Hell Fire down at Slick's is one that have really enjoyed every time I get to shoot it. Think I would really enjoy Bordertown. Once we retire I hope to be able to shoot it.
  3. I have NO problem with the idea of it. Don't really see it as a competitive advantage. And if it is. Don't really care. I just feel there is a little bit of a safety issue with it as it is now. Find a fix for that. And I might even add one. But that is my only issue with it.
  4. GSG 1911 .22 It's a blast to shoot. And a great little gun to boot.
  5. If you want to stop jacking rounds out. Practice. Just my opinion. But I think it is a stupid idea. Again. That's just my opinion. Which some might not think much of.
  6. Ok. I see xdraw is OUT. But Double Duelist really opens up some fun transitions.
  7. Not sure that would be a good idea even if legal. You for sure would be asking for some AD's to happen. Transferring a cocked loaded gun just don't sound like a good idea. See very few duelist shooters not shooting double duelist anymore. I still transfer left to right at times. But not very often. 99% is DD. Faster with my left. More accurate with my right. If I was going to shoot duelist and only shoot with my right hand. Would might look real hard at going X draw.
  8. Lets just say it. AA sucks. Last time I bought some. Got 5 boxes for EOT. OVER HALF would not go through my checker. OVER HALF. I will only use them if I HAVE TO. Or if they are free. And then only for a monthly or practice.
  9. Not getting to shoot the match. But might try and swing over there that Sat. Spend a little with some vendors.
  10. Good post. And I have seen it. Push the targets out. And the top shooters will win by even a bigger margin than before. As for the bottom of the pack shooter. They will really be left in the dust. Leaving many frustrated or butt hurt. Anvil Al. Also a group 3 shooter.
  11. Without that ruling from the ROC. He might end up getting called for it when he goes to a big match. And that "well they let me use it at my home club won't fly"
  12. Best movie to me was Steel. That should have been best movie horse was a horst called Steel. Was in a ton of movies. Actors would request him. Ben Johnson ended up buying him and won his World roping Championship on him. Was not one of the tv show horses. But would have a ton of movie credits. Big favorite of Randolph Scott and others.
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