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  1. Nobody but you is going to notice it. And can be quickly fixed if you really want to.
  2. At $600 bucks. It's $550 over priced.
  3. Shoot with a person that has been shooting one for awhile. Has been working good for him. But has had some work done to it. Boomstick Arms got some in awhile back. Don't know if he has sold them all yet.
  4. Have had pork belly at a good BBQ joint. It was really good. Been wanting to get one to smoke myself. Just have not got around to it yet.
  5. We ordered out today for the first time after all this started. Our favorite fish place was open. And looked they was doing ok with take out orders. But sure not all places are doing as good.
  6. One reason I do NOT do those. I have always felt it was a way of getting info on you. So I read other peoples. But don't do them myself.
  7. Sad to see it moved. But I sure understand why. Won't know till the next school year starts if I can still make it. Hope so.
  8. Those look great. Looks like he is doing good work.
  9. Hate to hear it. After missing the last few years. Was going to hit it this year. But with all this going on. How do they plan for it. So I can see why they did. See you all at EOT 2021.
  10. GSG 1911-22 It's a fun little pistol to shoot. I also like shooting my M&P 1522
  11. Wife is from NC. And she puts it on her BBQ sammiche. Think they do that type of thing a lot there. Not for me.
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