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  1. Got me some of those when I was a kid.
  2. For rifle have her try a Marlin Carbine.
  3. Just got them ordered. Thanks. Did not see anything about color. If there is a choice. I like kind of a reddish brown. But no big deal if not. Looking forward to seeing them. Have been using some that I made. They work. But don't look as good as yours. And don't have Anvil Al on there. So have lost a few that I dropped someplace along the way.
  4. Sorry. Wife's dad past. Had to go out of town. But that sounds great. I will go over to the website and get them ordered.
  5. Was thinking about ordering 6. Will try and get that done when I get back next week. Any price break for 6? (never know if you don't ask)
  6. If we ever get the chance to shoot together. (hope we get to sometime) I will be more than glad to help you with this. I will be happy to point out ALL the traps, and hard targets, and how you was just running on the edge of all the pistol targets on the stage before. How you pretty much missed your holster with that first pistol on the stage before. You know. Everything I can think of for you to avoid right before you shoot. As you know I would be wanting to help you with this all I can by pointing out ALL the negative stuff I can for you to avoid right before you shoot. Your helpful friend, Anvil Al
  7. It's hard to get his humor here on the wire. But in person. He can be funny.
  8. It's hard for me to like anything Houston. But the last few years the Astros has been really fun to watch. And Altuve had kind became my favorite player to watch. The clubs have been stealing signs from the time they first started to use them. But Houston took it to a new level. Altuve grabbing that shirt after hitting a homer. And them going back in and changing before coming back out. Just to me points to how far they had taken it. Hope he gets nailed at every ball park they play in this year. And let the boo's and the signs around the ball parks let him know what people think of them now.
  9. And I would have to laugh at thinking pulling a horse trailer around with a 1/2 ton is a good idea.
  10. Yes. That was really what I was talking about. But yes. Blowouts on the trailer is no fun.
  11. As posted a few posts above. Just go with E rated. Don't even bother messing around with others.
  12. One horse is still pretty heavy. So just one horse still needs more than just a 1/2 ton to be safe. Safe for them. Safe for the horse. Safe for the other drivers on the road. Made my living with horses in one way of the other for most my adult life. And I will tell you. Pulling a load that heavy is not what a 1/2 ton is for. 3/4 ton will do it just fine.
  13. 1/2 tons are for taking the lawn mower to the shop and picking up a little lumber. I don't care what the dealer says. They are not for hauling horses. I have hauled them ALL over the country. And would never do it in a 1/2 ton. Do the other drivers on the road a favor and get at least a 3/4 ton that is made to pull and STOP that kind of a load properly and safely.
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