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  1. Yep. Good folks at Oakwood. Have not been able to get down there in a long time. Sure hope to before long.
  2. Annie Hillman aka Miss Annie Sewansew has done a few for me. leatherandlogs@chibardun.net
  3. Don't remember my first pair. But was given a pair of Halls about 38 years ago. They have been worn a BUNCH. Still use them a lot. Have had George Blackwood make me and the wife several pair and he has also made us 5-6 bits over the years.
  4. Had such a great time. Well ran match. Good stages, good targets, good target placement. Absolutely a fantastic match in every way.
  5. Just want to say a big THANKS to those folks that put on Land Run. Wife (Sierra Starr) and I had that best time. Good fun stages. And FUN is what it's about. And the crew at Land Run has not forgot that. Good stages, good targets and target placement. Food was good also. The Chicken Fried Steak on Friday night was really good. And I thought the banquet was tops. Just can't say enough good things about this match. Really looking forward to them hosting the Nationals in 2022. We are already making plans.
  6. MUCH prefer the ones with the rubber cup. Works much better for me. Also like the ones that are a little longer.
  7. Took the camper up today and got it set up and ready to go for Wed. Was already some others set up.
  8. #12 for Sierra Starr and I. Looks like we are going to have a good posse.
  9. Would have been the 3 mile run that would do me in. Got my 2nd yesterday also. Arm only sore if I touch the spot. But do feel like I am getting a fever now. Wife got one after her 2nd. But it was on day 2 that she ran a fever. Only lasted a day.
  10. Ketchup on my dog. Yes It's my dog. Will have it the way I like.
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