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  1. Never mind. Will just say. I will NOT shoot in order.
  2. I stopped for almost 5 years. Just burnt out. Had Lone Star Bullets and going to matches every single weekend for 4-5 years just burnt me out. Needed a break. Sold the bullet biz. Was going to just slow down. But took another job that had way more hours than I expected. So ended up just not shooting at all for about 5 years. Now semi retired so have time again. But glad I came back to it. Enjoying it again. Traveling and shooting with friends has been great.
  3. Yep. We will have to pick one or the other. What also hurts is its only a few weeks after EOT. So those from Texas that traveled to EOT only have a few weeks to have to hit that and then Regional back to back. Was really hoping last part of April would have given folks a little time inbetween. Have to pick one. So will probably be the Regional.
  4. Dang. Probably won't make it. Way to close to the Regional for me to go back to back weekends. Was hoping it was going to be the last half of April. Being that close is really going to hurt both matches.
  5. If I don't have fun. I don't go back. And YES. A few clubs I don't go back to.
  6. Have been to the local Cabela's twice. Once last week. And yesterday. Was able to get a brick each time. One Federal small pistol mag match. And one Federal small pistol. Each time it was the last on the shelf. Had some friends that was also able to pick a brick up last week. SO maybe things are going to slowly show back up.
  7. I like to see the side match pistol and shotgun split. Side match awards don't have to cost much. Ask around the club. Might even find a member to donate the awards so it does not come out of club funds. As a duelist. It's hard for us to compare how we stack up with the two handers. But like to see how we do against fellow duelist and GFers. Also see many two handers try there hand at duelist and GFer in side matches that might not ever do it if it was not split.
  8. Couple of Uberti 73's for me. .357 Couple Marlin's for the wife. .357 (she shoots B Western) 5 Henry Golden Boy .22's ( waiting for grandsons to get old enough to give to them) Have had a couple of 92's in the past. They did not work out.
  9. JMO. I would be ok with it at a small monthly match. Bigger match?? I would be for once a round goes down range. You are locked in. Bring backups.
  10. I'm good with that. Needing to book a vacation for next year and did not want to book it over when Texas State was going to be. Normally have a good idea on dates by now.
  11. Anybody know what club is hosting Texas State next year. And When?? It's normally been around March or April.
  12. All I wear anymore is jeans to shoot in. Blue, black or brown at small matchs. Black or brown at bigger matches. Always wear cuffs and hat. Use to wear my spurs all the time until doctor had me switch to lace up boots. Chinks sometimes.
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