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  1. I see VERY few Duelist shooting with just one hand anymore. Most all are shooting Double Duelist. But no need for another category. Doc Roy L Pain is one mentioned that just uses one hand. And he is VERY good at it. But pretty much every other duelist I can think of is DD.
  2. Shot with him just a few weeks ago. A good man lost. Prayers out to his whole family.
  3. I'm pretty darn sure you are looking for the video of Badlands Bud. Should be on youtube.
  4. Way to step up Misty. She did not have to do that. Great to see. Congratulations to everyone who earn that nice buckle.
  5. Been a few years. Taking a refresher in 3 weeks.
  6. Any word if it will be State again?
  7. $89 while out of stock. But what will it be went it is back in stock. That's the only way to compare. Price will probably go up when they get some more in.
  8. When I contacted them about that. They sent me one for free. Had to beat those Henry .22's
  9. You want a clean match. Then Don't miss. There. Done.
  10. I run Michelin on everything I can. Always have the best luck and wear out of them than anything I have tried in the past.
  11. I prefer the 5.5. They seem to balance and point better for me.
  12. I do my reloads the same method as Randy. Went to the 66 style from Boogie and really like it.
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