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  1. Boomstick Arms. If he don't have any. Just send him the one you have. He can do it.
  2. That's the one they listed. But was full. Looked like a nice one.
  3. I called the RV place they listed. They was booked up also. Did find another down the road. Not as close or as nice. But was the next best choice.
  4. I have not shot down there in years because of the. Well, lets just say, ways. Had heard they have been changing. So hope they have. And we just sent ours in a few days ago. Have they changed enough?? Will see. If not. It will be the last time I give them another chance. But hope for the best. Come on THSS. Do it right.
  5. You asked for opinions. Mine is they are way overrated. But that is just my opinion.
  6. Hat Can. Can get them in single, double or like Alpo posted a triple. Can get at any good western store.
  7. Got ours a couple of weeks ago. Direct deposit.
  8. Why anyone would buy from them is beyond me. They are the worst at jacking up prices. Think they even got brought up on charges for it if I remember right.
  9. I just paid $1,000 for one last month for a older carbine. Was hard to find. So jumped on it when it came up. Did I pay a little to much? Maybe a little. But how long was I going to wait to find another. Great backup for the wife.
  10. Sunday I got 300 rounds of CCI 22LR Mini-Mag for $27 Those stores that are sticking it to you. I am writing off and will never buy from. Same store I have been getting 9mm for .27cents a round.
  11. Don't have pics But got a new 73. Got to shoot it for the first time this weekend. Set up just like my old one. Wife's (new to her) backup Marlin shows to be out for delivery today.
  12. Yes he is. And. If you don't take that gun. I will also. Just pm me. We are close enough I can run over and get it. Gunslinger is the man for those guns. I shot one for years. If I remember right from Sat. You are right handed. He can swap the triggers and make it much easier for you to get to that back trigger.
  13. Bought a pair when I first started. Quickly found it was a very poor choice for me. The ergonomics of the grip frame and hammer just did not work for me AT ALL. Especially when I was shooting Duelist or GFer. Try BEFORE you buy. As for .38 vs .45 That a personal thing. But .38s are much cheaper to shoot. You might also want to think about which category you think you are going to shoot before you buy guns or gear.
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