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  1. I have had a few of them and they have all been pretty good for a cheaper little gun. Not as good as the Sig. But for the money it's not bad. But would sure pick the Sig 238 or Glock 42 over it in a heart beat. Wife loves her P238. It depends on where and how she is carrying as to if she takes it or the G42. Bersa just stays in the old farm truck.
  2. Another plus 1 for the Sig P238. I have one, and so does the wife (hers is the purple with purple pearl grips). Both are great shooters. Wife also really likes her Glock 42. They seem to be a little better shooters than the Bersa .380. But have to say. It's not bad either. Keep it in the old work truck. If going 9mm. Another vote for Sig. Have a couple of the P938s. Liked the first one so much. Had to get another. Carry it or the Glock 43X.
  3. I would look at it like this. Even if someone could be just as fast with a 87. The potential for the train wreck seems to be higher with the 87. One small wreck on one stage will cost you the match. Might be why the SxS is more popular with most the leading CC shooters. Think the same goes for the 97 in other category's. And I feel why many of the overall champions switched to the SxS. Having said that. The 87 does look like fun. But would have way to many moving parts for me.
  4. Very true. At least for me. Like my Ruger Bisleys for Duelist and GFer. But if I was shooting two handed? They would not be my choice.
  5. I shoot Duelist. So. Ruger Bisleys.
  6. Go to the school board. Have a time line when things was happening.
  7. But it sounds like this has happened, and more than just once. SO. Before you drop a loaded pistol. Or maybe even a loaded cocked pistol. It might be time to make a switch. Either find a way to get less recoil if that is the problem. Or stop shooting double duelist and move to just shooting right handed.
  8. Yes. But sure would not do it cocked. If you feel you can't do at least 5 shots with that hand. Then maybe time to start thinking about just using just your right hand.
  9. Dang that is some nice craftsmanship. So nicely done. And CJ gets it. WOW. That lucky dog.
  10. That one is my favorite. Did not think to much for Bing in it. But liked Cord. And anything with Ann Margret.
  11. We have had the best luck with Maxxis tires for the travel trailer.
  12. I look at it this way. If you can't find a category to make you happy with the 1,000,000 category's we already have. There is just no making you happy. Enough is enough.
  13. That is the wife and I both have on our guns. And have had for years. And when I replace them. I will go back with them also.
  14. Another +1 for Gunslinger with Baikal's.
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