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  1. What a great match. Sierra Starr and I had a GREAT time. Already turned in our entry for 2021.
  2. Congrats Matt Black. I only got to see him shoot one stage. But think it was 11.xx clean. Smooth, clean, fast. Just amazing.
  3. Got them on my rifles. Like them. Personally. I got the big one.
  4. Widder is right. This was always one of my favorites every year. So glad I get to go back and shoot this match again after missing it for a few years.
  5. Not all body's are the same. What works for one may not work for the next. Not just your gut. But shoulders, arms, wrist might all have something to do with how you wear your holsters. Colt Faro Leather. Adjust them to where you want them. Tighten the screws. They don't move unless you want them to. Best darn leather I have ever seen for SASS. Looks good. And the most functional I have ever used.
  6. You got that right. Non Stop has really taken to shooting DD.
  7. Nuttin Graceful when he was really going. And don't forget Billy Boots. All the best Duelist I know shoot Double Duelist. There many be a few out there not. But most do. Someone above mentioned Pecos Nick. Another top DD.
  8. Another thing about Land Run. The parent club OKC Gun Club and a LOT of members. Feel they could put more money into the range if need be.
  9. That's how many they used. But pretty sure there is more there they can use. Or room to build more.
  10. Can't remember. But pretty sure there is more. Or at least room for more.
  11. The folks on the radio this morning was listing all the hit songs he wrote for others. Dang.
  12. For practice. I would go 16. A few round. A few square. I like to practice with a smaller target than at most matches.
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