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  1. Unless you are just REALLY stick on a 92. I would suggest doing your daughter a favor and rethink. Marlin Carbine to me would be a MUCH better choice. Kids don't have fun if they are fighting there rifle the whole time. In my opinion the Marlin would serve her MUCH better.
  2. Don't know of any lever rifle that likes wadcutters. Poor choice of bullet for any lever gun. Most of the 92's I have seen, seems to like a little longer bullet than many of the other rifles used for SASS. But Nate would be a great person to ask.
  3. Mexican food seems to really vary depending on where you are. Down here most places have what we call Tex-Mex. But know a few places that you can still get the real deal Mexican food.
  4. Same for me. Have worn bifocals and now have trifocals. But they do not work good for me shooting. I end up having to tilt my head to get the lenses to the right spot. And that was just not working at all. So eye doc gives me a sport script for shooting. And like the above. Makes my sights real clear and the targets might be a little fuzzy. But not really that much. More so the rifle targets than the pistol targets. Works pretty good. Much better than the bi-trifocals do for shooting. At least for me.
  5. You can't keep changing thing to fit everyone. Lots of other games they can play that use a 1911. If they can no longer handle a Single Action. Then I am sorry. It's just time to not shoot a Single Action game. Just the way I see it.
  6. Shot the first Hellfire. And it became one of my very favorite matches to attend. Hope to make the next one.
  7. Lets see. Training the horses and retraining the horses after those city slicker have been on them screwing them up. Watching after them to make sure they don't get hurt or break everything they touch. Fixing everything that they do break or mess up. Babysitting them for a week. Feeding them for a week. That price seems pretty fair. The work they get out of them? That's a joke right. They are just finding thing for them to do to make them feel like they are doing something.
  8. The opportunity to shoot State or above matches. Keeps the body of cowboy action and it's uniformed rules in place for all involved clubs. It me. If you want to drink the milk. You should help pay for the cow.
  9. Got some SASS shooters that live in Vegas. Maybe you can get with them to leave at there house while you are there. Just a thought.
  10. Never had the pleasure of meeting China Camp. But started hearing about him when I started. Have never heard anything but great things about him. Have meet most of the current WB members. Some it was a real pleasure. Others not so much. As for our sports shooting greats. Have been lucky to meet or shoot with many of them. Even able to call some friends.
  11. Have seen a .22 category around here before. Any SASS legal shotgun could be used.
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