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  1. Or you can buy the 12'x20' Cabelas Alaknak, with wood stove. Probably excess to your needs, though! We've Winter camped with one of these for 15 years with kids and grandkids; we XC ski out the front door. Two bunk cots and a few more cots and we sleep 8. Warm and cozy all the time!
  2. The best thing that ever happens to the firearms industry is the perceived 'hostility' of national administrations. In the wake of the 2016 election, there was a 'Trump slump' in the industry, as folks lost their cyclical fear of firearms restrictions. Then with Covid, civil unrest, and political worries, in 2020 the biggest buying spree ever started. With the Biden election, the demand will only continue and increase. When I think about it, my guess is that without organized anti-gun political movements in the last 50 years, there would probably have been
  3. If I have an established factory, working at full capacity because of high demand, then the decision to expand facilities is purely a personal one based upon my ambitions, my assessment of the costs and risks, how the future looks, etc. Beyond that it has nothing to do with what other people would like to see me do. If somebody says, why don't you build another factory to satisfy my wishes?, ...that would be low on my list....
  4. We did a lot of travel around the mountain West for several years using Forest Service campgrounds. They range from large to small and they are all over the place. You can get easy-set up Coleman 5-6 person tents for very little; $100 range. Nowaday, when I tent camp, maybe once or twice a year, I always use a cot. Two cots (standard size, not large) will fit into such a tent, and make for comfortable sleep and rising; necessary now!
  5. Political parties are private combinations organized to seek election to offices of state established by the Constitution. As Ronald Sime once said, "All political parties are in some sense conspiracies against the Commonwealth."
  6. Well, if Costner can have all ten rounds or so in his Open Range revolvers, Willis' 1911s can shoot out of battery.... I'll have to watch this one. Hadn't heard of it before.
  7. If you lived in England, you would see many limes, which never bear fruit...
  8. Since it's never political here, let's keep it on a psychological basis and say she's nuts.
  9. Good question. After all, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
  10. I don't particularly like it, but every time there is a website change, here or elsewhere, you get used to it within a few days. I suppose it will be like that...
  11. And it helps to be close to your blood storage place when you get the bleed....
  12. I've got a good hat, German-made Mayser, black, that has a hole in the crown. I tossed a hiking pole with a steel tip into the back seat a couple of years back, and naturally it hit the hat that was on one of the seats, and punched a hole. Getting that sort of thing repaired is nigh impossible, it seems, so I have taken to wearing it in all conditions and don't worry anymore about keeping it pristine. But now I'm going to tell people it's a bullet hole! As for my silver grey Stetson, it's a dressy fedora, not a cowboy hat, so I want it looking good...
  13. "A damsel with a dulcimer, in a vision once I saw, It was an Abyssinian maid, and on her dulcimer she played, Singing of Mount Abora....."
  14. Take my fur felt Stetson broad-brimmed fedora. It's silver grey. Bought it three years ago at the last true hat store in Seattle, just before it went out of business. There seem to be no more men's hat stores. I take pretty good care of it, but with the light color it's getting smudged, now to the point where it's starting to become noticeable. How do I clean it? The local dry cleaner I've used for years won't touch good hats. The hattery, as I said, is no more. I don't know if there's a real hat shop north of San Francisco. Figure the cowboys here can help!
  15. One thing about a bankruptcy filing, 'strategic' or not-- we should get transparency and see where all the money is going and has gone, which would be very good.
  16. A small LGS here has happily taken my check, once for a certain revolver, and once for a rifle. On the other hand, both were ordered and the first checks were down payments. So if they hadn't been good, they'd have known it before the final purchase..... I'm finding in general that checks are sort of fading away. Local places that always took them no longer do, especially restaurants.
  17. I don't live in California, and the only time I did was for a year as a freshman at Cal in Berkeley in 1966-67. The politics nowadays are too bad, but California used to regularly produce both Dem and GOP governors and senators until recent years. I live in Washington, in the Puget Sound area, extremely beautiful, but when all is said and done, I think that California is the most beautiful single state in the United States. My late uncle had a ranch in the hills in Sonoma, in the Russian River country. Redwoods in the draws, oaks and California buckeyes in the uplands. Rugged and s
  18. I've written checks for things for decades. Less these days, just because checks are less common, and I've paid off everything anyway long ago. I am sure my bank never cared how I spent my '$$$'....and nor do they now....
  19. The great thing is, that when the contemporary conspiracy theories peter out, the hoariest of them all is still there to fall back on!
  20. I pay by either cash or credit card, just like anything else.
  21. Almost as bad were the first few criticisms I read in the day after pointing out that Amen had nothing to do with gender, it mean 'so be it'. or 'truly' ...in Latin...
  22. Two bottles are definitely better than one!
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