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  1. I dunno. The post was the one just before mine...I checked again....
  2. Is the chili recipe one of the options? In my experience, they say call 911.
  3. Britain declared war on Germany when it ivaded Poland. By then it was too late; the analogy goes back further, at least to Czechoslovakia. And well before that, the Rhineland...
  4. Why do Californians use 'the' for freeways? The 5, etc.
  5. It will be interesting when they actually come to market; how widely available and...the price. For some subjective reason, I always have liked the 336 better than the Win 1894. The only .30-30 I own is a Mossberg 464, bought on a Big 5 special some years back. I'd surely consider a new 336.
  6. Just today I was talking to an old friend who travelled to southern Mexico with a tour a few years back. The trip was great and went off without incident. The company told her later that they had hostage insurance on the tour, as a matter of course. Included in the package; premiums not high. Standard operating procedure.
  7. I had quite a lot of classified material in my possession after I left government employment. It worried me for awhile, and then I realized that all I had to do was mentally pronounce that the documents were no longer classified. And the pronouncement need only be to myself! I was comforted also by the precedent for the move. Things are fine, now.
  8. You can get insurance for almost anything if you are willing to pay the premiums.
  9. Dies at 78: Sal Bando dies (mlb.com) Man, I will never forget those great years in the early '70s when the A's burst upon the scene. Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Sal Bando and the rest. Best MLB seasons ever, in my own personal world. Going up against the NL greats especially, Reds and Pirates.
  10. This reflects a low opinion of our aesthetic senses....in Washington, anyway.
  11. Abominations. Why must we too explore the near and far shores of unnatural conjunction?
  12. They would probably advise against the computerization of important information, because it can and will be leaked, on purpose or otherwise. Not so very long ago, for example, if you wanted somebody's medical records, you'd have to burglarize the hospital building or the doctor's office, and then find the file room and unlock that. Now, all it takes is one person to leave his laptop on the car seat, and hundreds of thousands of records are released. As far as my social security number is concerned, the important thing to me is that the check keeps coming.
  13. I have the Marlin 1894 in .44 mag; the Big 5 special I bought in my early SASS days for $325. It has 'hardwood' stocks, probably stained birch or sycamore. So I don't need another. A great rifle. I would like, however, to buy a 336 for self and posterity. For some subjective reasons hard to put a finger on, I've always liked it better than the Win 1894.
  14. Those are the two I would expect when there are two more. Good news.
  15. "Accidents" are the opposite of intent, as to the production of injury. The fact that negligence is present doesn't mean it's not an accident, it means the actor fell below the expended standard of care with the result that an unintended injury to somebody occurred. Most automobile accidents involve negligence. They are still accidents. If there can be no accidents with firearms, there can't be accidents with cars or any other instrumentality.
  16. Going on 56 years from age 19 and I say amen to all.
  17. Frying pan to fire if gun politics the reason. So I doubt it.
  18. Most A-fib is asymptomatic. I've had it for years with zero symptoms of any kind and no restrictions. [knocks wood....]
  19. I agree with him. Stagecoach is basically flawless. Red River is great, but marred by the ending, where Wayne's crazed monomania is resolved with just a fistfight and a handshake. The Searchers has lots of great stuff, but it's constantly being rated as one of the best of all time, which is over the top. For one thing, it's got way too much of the 'stage business' of the era: the half-wit sidekick, the moronic suitor, the you-betcha settler, etc. Lots to discuss there, though....
  20. I don't like Cage, I don't like his mustache, I don't like the little girl, but mostly I don't like movies I haven't even seen yet.
  21. I wouldn't draw any conclusions yourself, or at least not take any action based upon your own suppositions. Ask your doctor about your thoughts on the subject.
  22. We were in Scotland one time; I'd reserved a rental car in Edinburgh. Went to pick it up and they said they only had a stick shift on site, that it'd be hours before an automatic was available. (We'd routinely specified auto.) If I'd take the stick, they'd knock 50% off the price. I took it, having been raised on sticks on the floor and on the tree. Found that a stick was as easy with the left hand as the right.
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