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Twin names


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Twins are frequently named similar to each other. At least in fiction. While I have met four sets of identical twins in my life - well, three identicals and a mirror - I don't remember their names. It's been 40 or 50 years. Except one of the girls were Donna and Deborah. We were in band together. One plate of (played a, otto you dork) flute and the other was a trumpet. Three sets of girls, one set of boys. The boys were the mirrors. Dean and Doug. I just remembered their names. They were also in band with me. One play a sax and I think the other one was a cornet. Still can't think of the other girls. They were children of coworkers. I obviously didn't know them as well as I did classmates. I remember one set was blonde and one set was redhead.


But in fiction. You have some of the dumbest things people do to those poor children.


There's an online story where the girls' names are Holly and Molly. That's bad.


The worst I had ever heard was in the Westlake novel Two Much. We have Beth and Betty - EliZabeth and EliSabeth. Gave the poor girls the same name, just changed the spelling.


But I just found one that's worse than Beth and Betty. They are a pair of lady wrestlers in a web comic.


Mel and Lissa.

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I've known...


Brett and Brad (identical)

Glenda and Brenda

Melissa (Missy) and Priscilla (Prissy) (identical)

Kathy and Kate (identical)


I actually went out with both Kathy and Kate although I didn't know it at the time. They may have looked identical but Kathy was far different than Kate...far, far different.:wub::ph34r:

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Jean and Joan in high school. Not identical in any way.


Eula  and Beula, my father' sisters.  I never met them nor knew much about them except they were spinster ladies who lived in a Christian community of some sort.


Then there were twins whose names I can't recall.  Couldn't tell them apart until the freshman year of high school when one developed boobs and the other grew a mustache and sideburns.

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38 minutes ago, bgavin said:

I am told an Italian uncle was allowed to name the twins while Mom was in recovery.
He named the first Denise... the other he named Denephew



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Not twins, but...


Around here giving ALL your kids similar names seems like the thing to do.


Just coworkers kids, you have Jody, Judy & Johnny;  Eric & Evan; Dylan & Dalton.  

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My father was Roy, his twin brother was Ray.


My wife went to school with twins Charles and Charley.  :rolleyes:  

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taught a pair of mirror boys--5th grade




never cold tell them apart--drove the classes crazy as they would yell out all sorts of differences for me to notice--still "no joy" for me


just called both, Matt-John for the entire year



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My understanding of mirror twins is they are called that because it's like looking in the mirror. Dave and Doug not only part of their hair on different sides of their head, but one was left-handed and the other was right-handed.

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sandy and sharon on my mothers side that i knew - i never knew the other pair that died before i was born , on my fathers side it was sandy and andy , they were all fun girls and they were all very good to me even tho they were older , , 

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My aunt had seven children five girls and two boys. The girls first names were all Mary. One son married a girl named Mary the other a girl named Terry. Another uncle named all of his kids with names starting with K

My twin grandsons are named Joel and Elijah. The only way I can tell them apart is one is left handed and wears glasses 

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