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  1. Interesting video that comes on after the “choo choo” vid.
  2. Running would be a lot easier if you’d take off those chaps.
  3. To me, a steam locomotive (or any steam powered machine) is one of those rare pieces of machinery that appears to live and breathe when you stand next to them as they huff away or are running at speed. I couldn’t care less about the rest of the train, but there’s a small piece of me that’s sad when they’re punctured and bleed steam, looking like a harpooned whale. Yeah, I’m weird, but dang I love steam power.
  4. None of my friends know who I voted for. That goes back to my first election in ‘72. None of their business.
  5. Erin Moran a.k.a Joanie of Happy Days comes to mind. So many child stars chewed up and spit out by the grist mill that is Hollywood.
  6. One would have thought the ban was a slam dunk. This gives me a little hope that any future foolishness from the present administration could be successfully challenged.
  7. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?” - Satchel Paige
  8. Must be an automatic/select fire gun as it appears to have a cap for gas. Or would that have been kerosene?
  9. If you're thinking of the man at the table with Wayne and two girls, that's Lee Dixon. He does have a passing resemblance to him. Otherwise I don't see Walter Brennan, who was already a star at the time the movie was made (1947)
  10. A full length insert sounds like it would make the gun heavy.
  11. They're great guns for quail & dove. I've no experience with 12-gauge inserts, but I'm thinking the pattern would be wide since it doesn't have the benefit of a full 28 gauge barrel.
  12. No different than the new Corvette my neighbor bought. Racetrack performance and 180+ mph. Fortunately it will never see anything but suburban streets, since he lacks the training & skills it requires to take advantage its capabilities. Looks like a Matchbox car IMHO. It makes him happy, so to each his own.
  13. NRA leadership needs new blood. For many years they represented us, but I think these days they represent themselves.
  14. My paid-for cars are 16 and 24 years old with lots of life left in them. No battery pack will last that long. Lots of really toxic metals in them too. Not for me.
  15. My mom had a key lock box at her house that the fire department could access. As tough or tougher than the tough door. A bad guy wouldn’t mess with either and just smash through the many available windows. No bad guy gives a rip about a damn key..,
  16. I’m thinking that little RCBS tyke might have his thumb in the primer punch. That’s gonna leave a mark!
  17. I’ve spent some time over the years remodeling bathrooms. Always have to clean and prime walls before painting due to hairspray overspray. Ugh!
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