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  1. I learn something new every day. They must have been fearsome in their day (early 19th century), but not so much by the time of the American Civil War? I'm not familiar with them being used then. Had field and naval artillery surpassed them by that time?
  2. Adams: When he ain't lyin', Al's the most honorable man you'll ever meet. ++++++ Sol Star: I'm guessing you've done things today you wish you could amend. Seth Bullock: What kind of man have I become, Sol? Sol Star: I don't know. The day ain't %$@ over.
  3. When a thematic element becomes so pervasive that the audience becomes numb to it, it ceases to add to the story. Our opinion only.
  4. Wife is out of town visiting family. A great excuse for watching one of the most classic-est westerns ever!
  5. I'm not a gentleman and neither is my wife... err "Scarlet Letter" prudes. However, we thought it unnecessary to the story for the gratuitous use of foul language. We chalked it up to the time the series was made, which was during the "Sopranos" era. We were able to set that aside and enjoy a wonderful Shakespearian/Victorian melodrama.
  6. I don't think even one of your Henry's will fit in the bed.
  7. Back to new pickups currently on the market: motorized tailgates? That just seems wrong.
  8. An illustration exercise that only exists in the realm of Photoshop.
  9. Hard to tell, are the cops are carrying M&P/K frames or Police Positives?
  10. +1, my experience too. Much is said about 777 and its "hotness", but I've never had that experience as I don't load warthog loads. Volume for volume loads compared to BP, I don't think the difference is worth mentioning. I loaded a lot of 777 in my transition to BP and still like the stuff. Having said that, I prefer BP to subs for the smoke and flame. YMMV
  11. We don't know yet, but this is still the gold standard.
  12. Bet ya didn't notice that the first time you watched the video.
  13. This just gets weirder. Note the vertical position of the embossing. WTH? (The middle case is the one I ran thru the sizer, hence the flat spot on the dome.) The next pics were taken with my Uberti .44-40 Henry with a dummy cartridge in the chamber. And just for grins, the last pic was taken with my Uberti .38/357 '73. (I've no idea if there's a difference between large and small cal Urberti '73 receivers, but thought I'd post anyway.) Just thought I'd muddy the waters further...
  14. Play nice boys, or I'm gonna hafta dimple some butts!
  15. If you can spell that out without a typo, I’ll let ya. But you’ll still have to wear a funny hat specified by Dan!
  16. I know nothing about loading brass hulls, hence my question. The case is tall enough to accommodate a variety of loads and column heights. If the column/stack height is well below the case mouth, wouldn’t you need to glue the over shot card anyway?
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