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  1. I don’t have personal experience with an entire SB kit, but am familiar with the set screw approach for the lever arm from an earlier attempt on my Henry. After two SS kits from Cowboys & Indians, I’m sold on their approach and find bending the carrier lifter arm more intuitive. It’s a very small tweak, not gorilla moves. Straightforward and simple even to someone like me. YMMV. The C&I 3rd gen kit with aluminum carrier dropped right into my Uberti Henry without fitting. The 5th gen kit I dropped into my 73 carbine was another matter because it’s an older model Uberti where I kept the original brass carrier. As mentioned above, PGW’s kit wouldn’t work in my old ‘73. They’re very up front about it, so if you decide to query them, be sure to tell them about your gun before ordering.
  2. Cowboys & Indians kit gives excellent instructions on how to modify the brass carrier and also bend/file the lifter arm to adjust timing.
  3. Nope. Instructions were very straightforward. All I had to do was bend the lifter arm a minuscule amount. There may may be a bit of filing necessary on that arm where it makes contact with the lever to adjust the timing of the lifter rise and fall, but didn’t have to on my Henry. (Only had to do that on a 5th gen SS kit on an older Uberti 73). Again, the instructions are very straightforward.
  4. Wish I’d known this weekend so you could’ve shot mine! I have a 3rd gen in mine from Cowboys & Indians Store. I also got the aluminum carrier which avoided having to modify the brass original. The whole kit dropped right into my gun with minimal adjusting. Pioneer Gun Works makes an excellent kit, but it won’t work on some older Uberti rifles. Be sure to ask. Found that out the hard way, but they allowed me to return it without any fuss. Don’t forget to add lightened lever and hammer springs.
  5. The fine folks at PGW will have the best answer. Call ‘em up.
  6. An absolutely great CC throwdown Major! Of course, the Henry challenge is the best part. And you sure cowboyed up to the triple dog dare! Congrats! How many of us Henry shooters were there? We’re gonna need even more next year?
  7. Shamrock, I've been using the standard Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension .45 Colt 3-die set I purchased in 2009 for C45S cases when I first started reloading. I use them on a Hornady LNL progressive press, lead bullets only. They reach down far enough to seat and put a nice roll crimp on the cartridge, without any modification, where other brands do not. No muss, no fuss, or need to mix in other dies like .45 ACP, auto rim et al. Haven't produced a faulty cartridge yet in 13 years and many thousands of rounds, BP or smokeless. Full disclosure, I've only used them in pistols, but I've little doubt they'd work fine in a properly modified toggle link rifle such as Colorado Coffinmaker's. EDIT: the same dies work great on .45 S&W (Schofield). Label on box says: Series II Item # 546582 Use shell holder # 32 Good luck!
  8. You might also want to ask in the Wild Bunch forum or any of the 1911 forums out there such as: https://www.1911forum.com/
  9. So am I. And as I asked, please educate us. I’d really like to know what you have to say.
  10. Straight up questions: are you a business owner, investor or in a position to make such judgements on behalf of a business? If not, are you willing to put your own money on the line? Please educate me. Seriously.
  11. Unless you are the seller and have intimate knowledge of the market and profit margins, “foolish” and “unnecessarily” are presumptuous judgements.
  12. Pat, have you ever owned a business? I do. We’ve NO idea why these businesses don’t do business in these states. Usually it’s because it’s not profitable. Look at gun manufacturers as an example. But if a business decides not to for reasons unknown to us, you say “**** ‘em? I don’t get that.
  13. How do you know it’s foolish or that they’re sticking it to themselves? Maybe the cost of doing business with those states isn’t worthwhile.
  14. I’m not sure if this is rant about corporate greed or a plea to organize a union for the collective good of the oppressed. Sorry to be so blunt, but to me there are more important inflationary pressures that affect us deeply. This is recreation. Adjust accordingly.
  15. Welcome back! Now could you please educate us on Marshal’s helicopter thread?
  16. I did that for the first time today at the same pump that prompted my rant. Thank you!
  17. Except for fast food, all of the ads are pretty much interchangeable. You have no idea what the product or service is until the logo appears at the end. You could use the same imagery for almost anything.
  18. I meant to mention that. Very important.
  19. Never ever respond to those things in any way. If you do, that tells them they have a legitimate contact and that will be shared with even more scammers. That goes for the emails with the unsubscribe option too. Don’t click it.
  20. What grey font? Where? Seriously, I don’t see it.
  21. Anybody remember 2003 when DC went into total panic when a farmer who was PO’d at the govt. drove his large John Deere into the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in protest? Shut the whole city down for a few hours. People were literally running in the streets. As I recall, the city was supposed to be among the most prepared in the nation after 9/11. But when this happened, the only plan they had was tell people to leave their buildings immediately and run for it.
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