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  1. Don’t forget the Chevrolet Corvair with the rear engine and the fuel tank in your lap. Remember the mantra “Unsafe at any speed”
  2. And people wonder why racism still exists
  3. My son had the best angle on that. We bought him a snowblower so he could make some money. The first decent snow storm we came home from work to find the snow not cleared and him playing video games. He had rented the snowblower out to his friend and was collecting 25%. Needless to say he was handed a shovel and did it by hand
  4. The memories run deep and hard. Please ask for help I did and it saved my life
  5. This weekend my friend and partner for over twenty years retired Detective Sergeant and Vietnam vet Tony Banks at eighty years old will be playing TAPS twelve times at various memorial services. I am proud to call him partner and friend
  6. Less than twenty seconds to google the answer to satisfy your daily dose of attention question
  7. I’m very surprised that no one mentioned McClintock under comedy’s
  8. Every American needs to see the canyon it’s spectacular. Be aware if you have children there are no guardrails. Even as an adult you need to stay a body length away from the edge it’s along way down
  9. Please pray that you are never in the situation where you need help. It could happen to you in a second
  10. Great idea but if you have a cell phone and carry it with you help is just a 911 call away
  11. She will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers
  12. The 41 mag is one of my favorite calibers,for many years it was my woods walking gun at least until the 32 magnum came along. Through my police career I carried a Baby Browning in my pocket as a backup gun or my going to court gun. It’s happily retired now replaced by a Ruger LCP but it will never be sold
  13. My wife’s family calls venison government beef
  14. And where the hell is Federal law enforcement?
  15. Obey the law if you don’t like the law there is the ballot box
  16. Bob you are a true gentleman
  17. Our parents have all passed and our son lives across the state. It will be a quiet relaxing day which is what she wants. I will make dinner and take her out for ice cream
  18. I had a 17 REM and could never make it shoot
  19. Got one. It shoots a little over an inch at 100 meters You will love it
  20. I’m sure that they are really broken up about that
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