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  1. My prayers will continue until you are cancer free
  2. My wedding present from my wife was a Ruger #1 in 270. That was forty years ago and obviously its not for sale. I also have a heavy barrel in 22-250 and a number 3 in 45-70. Great guns
  3. You have my prayers and good wishes. You can beat this monster. Its going to be a tough fight but with prayer, good doctors and support from family and friends you can do it. If I could kick its ass surely you can. Love HTH
  4. When I’m using my I Phone to sign in to the forums I cannot get into the saloon . I can get into every other forum instantly just not the saloon. Any idea what the problem is. I don’t have the problem with my tablet
  5. Thank you that seems to have done the trick
  6. I spend most of the day doing laundry, dishes, shopping and cooking. Of course most of my afternoon is spent napping I’m a professional at that
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