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  1. https://www.google.com/gasearch?q=many men. paul anka&tbm=&source=sh/x/gs/m2/5
  2. Even though I have absolutely no need for one I find the Rosco very interesting especially at that price point
  3. Why yes I did. I was told that there was no sense in going to college as I would never make it, I spent my last two years at Penn State on the deans list and left grad school with a perfect 4.0. One of my greatest memories was walking back into that school and throwing my badge on the desk and demanding records. The nun almost crapped herself
  4. Sorry I wasn’t an English major and never could spell worth a damn. I actually spent 12 years in Catholic schools
  5. Our language is being destroyed by people to lazy to type out the full word or trying to be cute.
  6. After my prostate cancer treatment I can create those jeans all by myself
  7. I was involved in scouting as a scout from Cub to life scout when the troop folded under me. I then became an Explorer until I left for college. My son is an Eagle and I was involved WITH him for the whole journey from Tiger to Eagle. I was a charter member of the Council Urban Emphasis Program. So I have been totally involved. In my humble opinion dropping the word Boy was a good idea. How many adolescent young men wanted to be identified as Boy. As far as girls in scouting show me the harm they have done
  8. When I was doing the physical evaluation for hiring in multiple departments in our county what kept most of the women from passing was scaling a six wall. In my forty year career I never once had to do that
  9. Only a half dozen that was about all that fit in my badge case
  10. He hasn’t been on facebook either
  11. Those airman who were captured were executed as well as the population of any village that they passed through. Those Japanese islands should still be uninhabitable radioactive wastelands
  12. Even though I can’t shoot anymore do to health problems I will never give up my old model. They were tuned and sighted for my loads by the late Bob Munden . I will never give them up
  13. Now he will stand and be judged by the Lord
  14. With my arthritis and other strength issues I’m going the other way I’m going back to my Model 31 S&W. I plan to go to a 32 magnum as soon as I can raise the funds
  15. Good drugs one of my medicines when mixed with alcohol gives me very vivid and weird dreams
  16. I’m not pulling the trigger on that one
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