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  1. I’m truly sorry that we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. It should have been two thousand
  2. The next time we talk remind me to tell you a story about miniature canons
  3. But you have my favorite big box store Canadian Tire
  4. I needed to replace the battery in my wife’s 2016 Ford Escort took it to Advance Auto Parts and despite the big sign on the window touting free battery installation they refused to install it since it was buried deep in the engine compartment. I finally found someplace to install it and it took him an hour. He got my business and a $20 tip. Automotive engineers deserve a special place in hell
  5. I don’t know how anyone could vote for something that fugly
  6. My custom plugs were made for me by Lones Wigger almost forty years ago. I don’t know how I haven’t lost them in all those years. They still work fine. I have to have custom plugs or muffs my left ear canal is too small for generic plugs.
  7. I have been getting this same message for months every other forum goes in seamlessly. Doesn’t matter if it’s my phone, tablet, or laptop. I accidentally discovered that I can get into the saloon from chrome on my phone but not from chrome on my little chrome book. It’s a puzzlement
  8. Sorry when I need a gun I need it now
  9. Don’t have a horse so don’t need spurs
  10. I just got off the phone with him Out of respect for his privacy all I can say is he is doing as well as can be expected
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