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  1. Having been there, done that twice, there are three things mentioned in this thread with which I completely agree. 1. Get "proper" electrical service to the building with an interior breaker panel with room for expansion. 2. Insulate it. 3. Mini-split for climate control. While more expensive up front, they're way more efficient than window units and most have a dehumidify (dry) function. Most require 220, so see #1.
  2. Stump Water


    Appears so. https://www.ruger.com/products/vaquero/overview.html
  3. And it has an 18.5" barrel, so it's good even if you add a regular butt stock.
  4. Mike Venturino (Iron Duke, SASS#913) was at one time a staunch advocate of CAS/SASS and his articles about it appeared in lots of publications. I learned of CAS/SASS from an article of his about EoT in Shooting Times in 2002. I've been a shooter all my life and had never heard of CAS/SASS until then. So setting up a booth at the local gun show isn't "preaching to the choir" at all. It is my understanding that Mike became disillusioned with the sport and left. We haven't had such an advocate writing articles for the gun rags about CAS/SASS since. https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gear/reviews/g64/1277291/?slide=1 https://americanhandgunner.com/discover/the-gal-behind-the-lens/
  5. Once upon a time I had a book (titled Guns of the Gunfighters, or something like that) that detailed all of the "customizations" that pistoleros of the day made to their guns. They did things like cutting out the front of the trigger guard or removing it completely; filing off the sear or removing the trigger altogether. "No external mods" rule not applicable. Instead, as Dave said, "what gives me an edge".
  6. Of course there are the few exceptions, but '97 shooters don't load-one-stuff-one because it's slower than single loading.
  7. I agree with the first sentence and encourage everyone else to do it. I agree with the second sentence. I don't agree with the third sentence.
  8. I'll have to disagree. The rifles are the same other than the pistol grip stock has a bump between the lever and the toe of the stock. Print the pics in the OP and put them one behind the other - everything lines up. The stock drop is the same, the lever is the same, the sights are the same. The pistol grip stock may cause you to shoulder/hold the rifle different than the straight stock, but the sights don't "sit higher" in relation to the comb or heel of the stock. To answer the OP, I prefer the pistol grip because of the checkering - which doesn't make any difference at all until you shoot in the rain. Of course checkering can be added the the straight stock(s).
  9. AR15 and M&P can't cycle fast enough to keep up.
  10. All else aside, lots of internet forums don't allow uploading of pictures, but, instead, allow posting of links to pictures on other photo sharing sites. Nothing unusual there.
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