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  1. Answer to the OP is, no. Above is a good reason why.
  2. "Any loaded firearm dropped during a stage will result in a Match Disqualification penalty assessment." SHB p. 17 "Stage – synonymous with “Course of Fire” from the beep of the timer once the shooter has signified “ready” to the last shot fired." SHB p. 45
  3. Federal Estate Target Loads. Yes, "ribbed" hull. Yes aluminum base. Fall out of my SxS 99% of the time (more than most reloads I've seen).
  4. Same here, except it was Shooting Times. An article about EoT by Mike Venturino. 1999 or 2000... I think.
  5. 1887 design. '97s were made well into the 20th century. Those made after 1899 are legal.
  6. When Bud was on top of the/his game I think I recall BJT lamenting loading tens of thousands of rounds a year for live fire practice. Am I mis-remembering? Regardless, yeah, he was freaky fast. As are some today.
  7. Earlier in the thread Billy Boots said... "Probably more movement than any EOT I can remember in 20 years." And... "Reloads, more shotgun knockdowns, lots of movement produces greater times."
  8. https://www.nyxeyewear.com/category-s/102.htm The Pro Z17 model with the rimless insert (pictured at the top of the linked page) may be what you saw. SASS members Sassy Teton Lady & Deadwood Woody are reps for NYX.
  9. Outstanding work, Yul! Thank you.
  10. Found that out with the timers used at the NC State Match one year... BEFORE the match.
  11. All else aside, lots of internet forums don't allow uploading of pictures, but, instead, allow posting of links to pictures on other photo sharing sites. Nothing unusual there.
  12. My opinion also. Riding the hammer down or getting back on it before the trigger is pulled (personal timing, as DS said)... different problems.
  13. And you don't even have to be a Deuce Stevens/Red River Ray class shooter to be able to shoot five out of a tuned revolver faster than a semi-auto's mechanism will allow you to shoot five.
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