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  1. Pair of lacers, pair of Levi's, LS Henley shirt and I'm good. I don't do Wal-Mart, but that's been my street clothes many times. Don't even need a hat (although if you shoot a toggle-link you'll want one). Look at the "shotgun belt" thread with the video of JJ (from many years ago). Take the hat off and... It is. And now the proverbial slippery slope: "I don't care what the super golden dragon El Senor Grande guy wears. Just glad he's still out here shooting with us!" Or buckaroo, or lady, or... we're always "just so glad" to have not-male 18-to-60 y/o folks "out here shooting with us" that we don't mind. OTOH, if you're Lead Dispencer and win EoT and you're on the cover of the CC wearing a Henley you get fried here on the SASS wire.
  2. You can get a pair of Italian revolvers, a Rossi '92 and a Stoger SxS for the cost of a slicked up '73. Then, if you stick with the game, you'll want to get them all slicked up and/or upgrade. Just as the young fellow from your gun club will if he sticks with 3-gun.
  3. When I started CAS in 2003 you couldn't give away an 1897 "trench gun". Mosey over to gunbroker dot com and have a look now.
  4. Different strokes I guess. PM me. I'd like to know who was at that match that hated them.
  5. That was done one year at the NC State match. It was very well received.
  6. Since 2003 I have shot many state & regional matches from top to bottom of the US and been to EoT twice. I have seen exactly 1 rifle/pistol target go down due to... whatever... while a shooter was engaged in the stage. Shotgun targets, maybe a half-dozen. While a shooter was engaged in the stage. So for those that argue that the reshoot takes too much time... that dog won't hunt.
  7. Were you at the Raid on Andersonville match that year too?
  8. So if the range requires it - not the host club, but the RANGE where the match is held requires it - then a "championship match" shouldn't be held there?
  9. Was thinking the same thing, but elected to keep my yap shut... until now. Makes for a long day if everyone gets to shoot a warmup run then shoot for time.
  10. Right, but as I said, the stage writer didn't want you to get started with the first pistol before arriving at "the box". True.
  11. I'm not positing there was. But looking at the wording on the page that TW posted a picture of... ... tells me that the stage writer didn't want anyone stopping short of "the box", shooting the last two SG, then getting started with the first pistol before arriving at "the box". Whether it was a perceived advantage or perceived safety issue I can't say. But it's evident that, for whatever reason, the stage writer wanted the shooter at "the box" before the first pistol round went down range. The stage writer realized that, without the "note", anybody shooting the first pistol one-handed on that stage could get started before being at "the box".
  12. Pretty simple. To make sure everyone shot pistols from the same spot. "Butt" as you said earlier, a simple prop would have accomplished the same thing.
  13. Likewise. Same powder charge though. The 105s are a bit cheaper. Too light of a load in rifle will slow you down too. When you have 'bang'... tik-tok... 'clang' it'll slow you down. To put it another way, if the spotters raise a finger between the cartridge going off and the bullet hitting the target, then you're too light.
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