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  1. Have two lemon squeezers (top-break) - an H&R owl head and a S&W Safety Hammerless (3rd gen... I think). No link to load data. But I can't provide a link to the loads I use in my .38 spl main match ammo either.
  2. 1 gr. HP38, 92 gr. LRN
  3. Stump Water

    Cell Phone

    Sure would be cheaper to buy a flashlight, magnifying glass and a watch.
  4. For easy to pull I would recommend the pneumatic tires. https://www.amazon.com/Berlin-Flyer-Sport-Wagon-Terrain/dp/B00GFMBGS2 BUT... that one weighs 40 lbs.
  5. In my case I loaded the rifle. I carried it to the line & staged it. What I didn't do was re-install the mag. spring, follower & cap last weekend after I cleaned it. So, when I picked the rifle up to shoot it... Yeah, it was the first stage.
  6. Chili, since a gunfighter can shoot a stage double-duelist style (even if pistols are back-to-back), and since a gunfighter now can shoot one revolver dry before firing the other, the only thing that separates gunfighters from duelists is that they can have two loaded revolvers out and they can alternate shots from revolvers. Take away one of those things and the they're even more analogous. That's all I got.
  7. Certainly.... with one caveat. You reeeeeaaaallly don't want me shooting with my left hand.
  8. Taurus' "Judge" series of firearms gave the 45C new life as a "defense" round.
  9. Way back when it wasn't uncommon for a stage to incorporate a pocket pistol or derringer or single shot in addition to the four main-match guns. You could use your own or the "house" gun & ammo. It was fun. Then it was decried as "not fair" to those that had to shoot the house gun because they suffered from a lack of familiarity with the gun.
  10. This ^ Sandia Peak Tent Rocks National Monument Bandelier National Monument
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