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  1. And sometimes he volunteers to be the dedicated LTO, and that's cool too.
  2. Red Dot for the same reason. Add 45C & 44 Mag. to that list. The only other pistol powder I use is HP38 for the .38 S&W, and only because the load is one grain.
  3. There's some good back and forth here. But McCandless has pretty much hit it... every post. I don't have any "untouchables" other than those mentioned many times. So the "touchables" are those matches that sell out every year. They have the magic potion. Read McCandless' posts again.
  4. Disclaimer: I have not read all five pages in their entirety. IMO SASS needs someone that knows digital marketing. Somebody that can ride herd on Google Analytics and Google Adwords and get SASS in the face of people that are firearms enthusiasts/owners and have an interest in the shooting sports. Two or three years ago I would have dumped a bucket of manure on what I said above. I've been in I.T. for 35 years. If I can change...
  5. It's not so much bullet weight. I've watched a few shooters evolve into state and regional champions. As they got faster they increased the velocity of their loads in order to get "feedback" from the targets faster. Some say, "Hogwash! If you're running stages in the teens there's no way you're getting 'feedback' from the targets. You're just working the gun." Then you haven't been there. Some require more feedback from the pistols or use the recoil to help them set the next shot. They tend to experiment with bullet weight more.
  6. All else aside, lots of internet forums don't allow uploading of pictures, but, instead, allow posting of links to pictures on other photo sharing sites. Nothing unusual there.
  7. My opinion also. Riding the hammer down or getting back on it before the trigger is pulled (personal timing, as DS said)... different problems.
  8. And you don't even have to be a Deuce Stevens/Red River Ray class shooter to be able to shoot five out of a tuned revolver faster than a semi-auto's mechanism will allow you to shoot five.
  9. Depends on the shooter I reckon. I was told by a fellow at the top of this game, "When you have to move, Move! Shoot when you get there. If you're drawing on the run you're not moving as fast as you can." Since he's better than me, and since I can move pretty good and just shoot pretty OK, I put it into practice. Works out better for me. Exploit what you're better at.
  10. Depends on the shooter I reckon. I always felt like I could shoot 2-2-1 faster than I could shoot a 5-shot dump. So one day I went to the range with the timer and... it's twue, it's twue!
  11. Dig'em Deep pulls 2 with left hand & 2 with right hand. He goes over the top with the left hand ammo for first 2 shots and then finishes with the 2 rounds in his right hand. He's "fairly" quick with a '97.
  12. What Creeker & Boggus said. Unless shooting BP or subs, of course. Non-CAS/competition guns less than that. A clean, oiled bore is going to give you a different POI. Enough that it matters when your target is way out yonder.
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