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  1. A lifetime ago I qualified with a Luger that my father brought back from WWII it was and is accurate and dependable with factory hardball. I did it to pull my chiefs chain I never carried it but I did carry a Erma baby Luger in .380 off duty a few times
  2. I’m one of the lucky guys, my wife considers fishing lures her favorite jewelry
  3. Turkey Tettrazini is the only reason to cook a turkey It was great as always and the Jim Beam bonded 100 proof will come shortly
  4. Sadly the NFL antics have spread to college football. An Ole Miss player cost his team the game when he knelt in the end zone after a score and pretended to urinate like a dog. I hope that his parents and school are proud of him. disgusting. If I were his coach he would be history
  5. As far as I’m concerned football is only played on Friday night and Saturday afternoon
  6. I haven’t watched the NFL in over five years and have no intention of ever watching them again
  7. The bird had his butter bath and his massage. He is now resting comfortably in his sleeping bag in a nice warm oven
  8. It is a national disgrace but why not detail a detachment of SeaBees to rectify the situation
  9. But allergies and lactose intolerance kids would be a problem.
  10. There is a hell of a difference between getting a child to try something and essentially forcing them to eat it or go hungry, Fortunately neither my parents or I were that cruel
  11. The spread was twenty one so Penn State didn’t do too bad
  12. If you put salmon or many other foods in front of me I’ll push it aside, Everyone has foods that they don’t like, give me mayo and I will gag on it. Toddlers and other young children have likes and dislikes that change by the day. Forcing a child to like what you like or not eat is nothing but child abuse
  13. Since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and I seldom drink more than one cup the K cups make sense to me. Even a small 4 cup pot was a waste. I’d like to try Black Rifle Coffee but it’s out of my price range
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