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  1. I’ll stay here in PA where men still walk free. We don’t buy our guns from a list, English is not a second language and we know enough not to crap in our streets
  2. The rest of the country is being californicated by those fleeing the mess they made and taking their California ideas with them to destroy our country
  3. The Amish hang their laundry all winter and yes it dries.
  4. Mine is a 5 screw no dash model. It has a small amount of holster wear down to bare metal other than that it is excellent condition. The action is butter smooth
  5. As a police officer I was never far from a cup of black coffee . Today retired I drink a cup with breakfast and that’s it. A Keurig only makes sense I wanted to try the Black Rifle Coffee but there were just too many hoops to jump through on their web site
  6. I have both a HS and College ring both were seldom worn and are in a drawer somewhere. When I outgrew my original wedding band I started to wear my fathers. As a martial arts student and instructor I only wore it for dress. The day my son got married he took it off my finger and to this day wears it around his neck. Several years ago I bought a beautiful handcrafted silver and turquoise wedding band by Jimmy Smith in Phoenix I wear it for dress. What I do wear faithfully is a Saint Christopher medal it was the first present my wife ever brought me I’ve been wearing it for 40 years the only time it ever comes off is when the medicos make me
  7. If Woody Harrelison is in it I’m not interested
  8. I still can’t believe it’s over . Monday I’m going to get back to the normal world
  9. After nine months of extensive treatment including hormone treatment, forty five radiation sessions and multiple cycles of chemo I rang the bell. With the exception of the hormone treatments which will continue for two more years I am finished with treatment and cancer free Now back to living with what ever my new normal will be
  10. I don’t believe in open carry but I support your right to do it. With friends like that you don’t need enemies
  11. Turn that hollow based wad cutter around and you have a serious defensive round
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