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  1. I spent summer camp there with the guard in about 1974 I really don’t remember anything that makes it stand out
  2. I do believe that somewhere about-45 the scales meet
  3. I was the President of the Crime Prevention Association of Pennsylvania. The main speaker at our yearly conference was Steven White the Chief Deputy Constable of the Republic of Northern Ireland. After the conference we adjourned to a friend’s home in the woods to continue the conference. We cracked a large bottle of Jack and the three of us started in on it. I thought I could drink but I was wrong. That bottle disappeared and I learned never try to out drink an Irishman even if he was from the North
  4. Since her death was expected I’m sure that her replacement has already been picked and vetted. A new justice will be appointed within a month
  5. Before the days of Super Vel that was the load I carried in my off duty Model 36. I’m considering going back to it My duty load was a Winchester 357 mag 158gr semi wadcutter fired from a Colt Lawman. Two cylinders full and you were firing a smooth bore
  6. About fifteen feet I wish that I could find the pictures but that was five moves ago. The maintenance guys had it back in service in two days and that included going from Virginia to Pennsylvania for parts
  7. Does anyone else know how high a 105 howitzer bounces when dropped from 500 feet
  8. I can never forget or forgive I hate them
  9. We have had constant waves of thunderstorms and heavy rain here in Western PA. There has been a little over three inches of rain today with more to come
  10. I bought good Analon and Calpalon twenty years ago and their still doing fine. The pot I use most has most of the none stick finish warn off but it is as non stick as it was the day it was new. They are heavy and heat evenly without warping. I also have a full set of cast iron that gets used constantly. I have a very expensive set of stainless that I never use. Buy good and treat them well and they won’t let you down
  11. Unfortunately my quack doesn’t believe in open MRI’s he claims that they aren’t clear enough
  12. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer my Urologist ordered a full body MRI. It was seventy minutes of pure hell. I swore that if he ever wanted me to go through it again that he would have to put me out. It was the worst part of the treatment
  13. We were all video recorded riding the lightning it was interesting
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