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    If it goes bang Ill shoot it, Martial Arts, Photography, Cooking, Fishing for critters with big teeth, naturism, and the Civil War

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  1. That’s the only.25 I have ever had
  2. My point was that Putin has taken a page right out of Hitler’s playbook. Hitler invaded Poland using the same rationale that Putin is now using and when he wasn’t stopped the whole world payed the price.
  3. I was using them in 1971 with my c rats
  4. Japan should still be nothing but uninhabitable smoking rubble
  5. We never used any of those silly abbreviations and my wife loves those phony police shows like NCIS which I hate and laugh at
  6. My twin grandsons are Elijah and Joel
  7. Sorry Bob but unfortunately I know just how you feel
  8. If you think soccer is boring try watching your six year old twin grandsons play on a coed team you’ll change your mind in a hurry absolutely hilarious reminds one of trying to herd cats
  9. I’ve met Frassinito and have his book on Gettysburg. Gary is knowledgeable and a good speaker if only his arms could be tied down
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