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  1. He is just another Hollywood hypocrite he made his living with guns but actually hates them. He is like most every other actor that spent his life mouthing words and thoughts that came from someone else in his pretend world
  2. No the only thing that I assumed was that my buddy was going to screw with me. He was also the one who told me that you only needed two things to fly a plane a pilot and a dog. The pilots job was to feed the dog the dogs job was to bite the pilot if he tried to touch anything
  3. Landing was just a matter of following the ball and keeping it between the lines as long as nothing went wrong
  4. I was lucky enough to live and work in the community that housed the USAIR training center with it’s flight simulators. A fellow scout leader was one of the trainers. Sometimes after training was done for the night I was able to use one of the obsolete flight simulators. I learned flying a jet liner was easy until he let the crap hit the fan then you discovered very quickly how skilled a pilot had to be. Those days sure were fun.
  5. It’s taking way to long to get an update
  6. Blaney came out and said he was committed to push him and their bumpers hooked
  7. It’s pretty sick when you deliberately wreck out the leader at 200 mph. I hope that it didn’t cost Newman his life or career
  8. I learned the hard way to take a corrugated card board box sit it on it’s side with an old towel in the bottom and disassemble spring loaded guns in there. If you do launch a spring it’s usually contained or at least doesn’t go far
  9. Fifteen minutes total for my wife and I to both renew here in Pennsylvania that includes a thank you from the deputy for renewing
  10. Thirty nine years ago today my wife gave me her hand in marriage at times it has been a rough ride especially the last two years but she has always been beside me. I would never have made it without her
  11. You still didn’t need to correct him
  12. We all understood.There was no reason to correct him in public by the way Immunotherapy is correct
  13. I take xarelto and have been on it for six months with no ill effects but I'm very careful not to get cut. The one time I did injure myself that caused me to bleed the bleeding stopped pretty quickly. Xarelto has a short half life and clears the body quickly if you are going to have any medical procedure
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