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  1. Turn that hollow based wad cutter around and you have a serious defensive round
  2. What really po’d. Me was when I sent it back to the factory even though I told them it was my service revolver it still took seven months to get back . I replaced it with a GP100 and never looked back. After the second incident I lost all confidence in it and wouldn’t carry it on a bet. It lives in the bottom of the safe
  3. I can testify that it isn’t BS had it happen twice with factory 125 gr Winchester rounds
  4. If you can find one the Berratta Model 21 can’t be beat I loved mine unfortunately my son loved it more
  5. I remember the tears of joy in my wife’s eyes when I took the badge off for the last time. As she listened to that song last night I saw them again. May Saint Michael keep everyone safe today
  6. It’s a very important part of training without sparring it’s an just an excersise in theory. I was 65 when I quit sparring the body just gave out on me
  7. My at that time teenage son and I studied together. He was several belt levels higher and an instructor. When we sparred it was either legalized child abuse or outright elder abuse no quarter was asked or given. When we lined up across from each other the word NO would ring out loud and clear We both carry residual injuries from those battles. I stopped sparring years ago when I came to the conclusion that I didn’t bounce or heal well anymore
  8. 1968 a Marlin-Glenfield Model 80 G I bought it from Clabbers variety store for the princely price of $23. I refinished the stock years ago and of course I still have it and always will. No serial number so of course it doesn’t exist
  9. My wife and I went into the Sheriffs office today to renew our permits. In and out for both of us was eight minutes total absolutely no hassle. The young female deputy was surprise wearing a nice stainless 1911 Nothing like living in central western PA Still for the moment the land of the free
  10. The only thing open carry says is Hey look at me
  11. The Amish don’t change they just deal with our to them screwed up system
  12. Nice to see that the saloon is surviving
  13. Congratulations I have 3 more chemo cycles left then I get to ring that bell.
  14. Royal Wade Kimes Cowboys only cry in the rain
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