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  1. Any center fire semi auto I’m to broken down to chase brass. I hate shooting my Ruger #3 in 45/70 it’s just brutal but it’s also light handy and deadly accurate but oh that metal butt plate
  2. Easy choice it would be my Ruger Single Six. I bought it new in 1970 as my first hand gun. We have been together ever since. The finish is worn and it probably has a quarter million rounds through it but it is as tight and accurate as the day I got it. It will be my cold dead hands gun
  3. There were six in my yard yesterday there are so many deer here that they are a pia. They love eating everything that I plant and lord help the shrubs in the winter. Somehow they all manage to disappear opening day
  4. WOW I live in Western Pa. There are over 100k acres of State game lands open to public hunting within a half hour of me and probably two million more acres across the state. There are also tens of thousands of acres of National and State park land open to hunting. There is no shortage of either public or private land open to hunting
  5. If you’re really concerned about this I would call my local police department and ask what they carry and carry that
  6. If you’re worried about that issue I would call my local police department and ask what they are carrying, That’s what I would carry
  7. I have been so low today that I would need a ladder to climb out of the depression that I’m in Your problems make mine seem insignificant. I will be praying for peace and contentment in your home your family and your heart
  8. For most of my law enforcement career I carried a Baby Browning as a back up gun and office gun. In retirement I live in rural central Western Pa. with my location and life style I am more likely to need a gun to dispatch an injured deer than a person. I have carried everything possible as an off duty gun. Now I’m carrying what to me is the perfect carry gun. I have settled on a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace laser. If I’m going somewhere where I might need more firepower I just won’t go
  9. From what Ali posted I see a whole lot of restrictions both written and unwritten on lane splitting here we just call it improper passing. And we all know that insurance companies don’t care about the law. They care about who could have avoided the crash
  10. There is a big difference between two bikers riding in the same lane and riding between lanes. What you did was extremely dangerous and arrogant. As a working police officer I would have cited you in a heartbeat
  11. I’m glad that you’re on the mend but of course the girls insurance company is balking. What you were doing was dangerous and illegal in most states. You were at least partially if not totally at fault
  12. No I was a real police detective and a deputy US Marshall
  13. I was a detective not an undercover officer
  14. Grisham has a habit of writing books that drag on and on then race to an ending, That is why I stopped reading his books
  15. As a plainclothes officer my summer uniform consisted of tan slacks and a polo shirt. The shirt had my department name and badge embroidered on it along with my name. My badge was clipped to my belt next to my gun and I was still a little self conscious
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