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  1. I have a VHS copy of that somewhere I bought it about forty years ago. It’s as relevant today as it was then
  2. I have several that were passed to me. I have my great grandfather’s Model 92 in 38-40 and I actually shot a match and a deer with it. My father left me the Luger he brought back from WWII just to be a smart ass I qualified with it as a police officer for off duty carry. I also have a Colt Cobra left to me by an old close friend and mentor
  3. Here in the Lake Erie snow belt we just call if February
  4. It starts itself every Wednesday afternoon and runs for about ten minutes it charges the battery and keeps everything lubed. It also lets you know everything is working. Mine is a Generac and runs on natural gas
  5. Boy did my whole house generator sound sweet when it fired up this afternoon for it’s weekly exercise
  6. I grew up listening to him as a DJ known as Jeff Christy on KQV in Pittsburgh. We were both just kids
  7. Darn corrective spell check It will probably be a pretty nice gun but it be a CZ not a Colt. The only thing left of Colt is the name
  8. The point I was making is that Colt is like Winchester no longer an American company
  9. Mike Beliveau has a series of You Tube videos on one he cut down as well as those from Italy
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