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  1. I was issued an AR15 twice and had no love for it. I also have no love for the Colt Python either they are over priced junk
  2. Let’s also not forget about those who came back physically but left their souls behind
  3. If you look at our local news readers the women are pulling their hair back and the men are wearing hats when doing remote news. The woman are wearing glasses instead of contacts and reporting from home
  4. In a neighboring community spectators were not permitted to yell anything negative from the stands directed at a player, coach of official. If this rule was violated the spectator was ejected, no warning was given. A second offense would get you banned for the season
  5. The weather forecasters claim to be scientists, what a joke they are lucky to be able to tell you what happened yesterday. Who else could be so wrong so often and still have a job. Remember these are the same people pushing the global warming agenda
  6. I was really happy that my son was not interested in youth sports. In the community we lived in they were taken way to seriously. Little League games had announcers and play by play men who gave batting averages and even called errors on eight year olds. They played night games under the lights and they were televised! Parents and coaches were out of control and umpires often had to be escorted to their cars by a police officer. Midget football was just as bad.
  7. Duelist 1954 has a great video on the care and feeding of the 577 on his YouTube channel
  8. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a mask think how you’ll feel on a ventilator. There is a hell of a difference between being afraid and being cautious and prudent
  9. I would never embarrass someone by pointing out mistakes in spelling or grammar in public. That is just plain rude.
  10. I’ll continue to wear a mask in public and remain at home as much as possible. What do I have to loose doing that. On the other hand......
  11. I also had months of chemo that I’m still recovering from. Those shots and the side effects are a real treat aren’t they
  12. The only double action 44 mag I own is a Redhawk it’s been in the bottom of my safe in the box unfired with the cylinder unturned for at least the last ten years.
  13. That is what mine was on Monday always great news
  14. With my experience you couldn’t give me a Taurus
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