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  1. MS Word. Turn off "snap to grid" and "snap objects to other objects" and things will stay where you put them.
  2. I load 1 gr. HP38 in a .38 S&W case. 82gr bullet. It reaches way out to those 5' away pocket pistol side match targets just fine. .38 S&W brass is thin as paper at the mouth. I lose a few every time I load. Even in a single-stage press, going easy, you just can't feel that thin-arse case crushing.
  3. I do it more like BB says, but instead of dropping it from my shoulder I let the muzzle drop. If the muzzle can rest on the table/prop in front of me, even better, as it gives more stability when shoving the round thru the gate. After the round is in it's just like coming off the table for the first shot. As LH & BB both state, the key is to be able to see - and look!! - where you're putting the round. Just like loading the shotgun.
  4. It wasn't. Hang fire = Hammer drop, nothing... tick-tock-tick-tock... bang.
  5. What HJ said. Or... contaminated powder. Primer didn't ignite all the powder in the case. Then, when things got hot and the rest of the powder "dried out", it ignited.
  6. Pretty broad brush you have there. I'm guessing you shoot full house .45 "wart pig" loads that warp targets. Caliber has nothing to do with it. If you load your ammo such that is goes bang... tick-tock... clang, then you're not getting the feedback you need to shoot fast. Of course, if shooting fast isn't your thing, then carry on.
  7. Deuce, who did that work, please?
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