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  1. I'm sure you could have turned it around on a dime JB. Why aren't you on the BoD of Vista? "A fella familiar with Remington". Got it JB. As usual.
  2. https://www.outdoorlife.com/story/guns/wheres-all-the-damn-ammo-federal-premiums-president-has-some-answers/
  3. https://ruger.com/products/newBearcat/specSheets/0915.html
  4. Thanks for posting. Boggles the mind. There's a hundred primers in a tube. Anybody that needs a counter... Just proves that you can spend as much on something as you want to.
  5. I've never noticed the "blooper" in the meadow scene. JW has the rifle in his right hand and the pistol in his left during the initial charge. When they pass he turns and shoots a bad guy with the rifle. Cut to bad guy falling off his horse. Cut back to JW and the guns have changed hands and he shoots another bad guy with pistol. Cut to bad guy & horse falling. Cut back to JW reining his horse around and the guns are switched back.
  6. Well, they obviously weren't listed in the SASS classifieds. Helluva find.
  7. In 2006 at Mule Camp a shooter pulled a round for a reload from his holster. He had sewn a "thong" onto his holster to hold the round. BB RO declared it an illegally acquired round because it wasn't a "proper bullet loop". And so the bullet loop bruhaha began.
  8. Where y'all stay? Should I contact Joe and arrange moe-bile akommidayshins?
  9. That's in Joo-lie, raht? We just might. Might be time to go "Unforgiven"... pull off one last job.
  10. They postponed buying another safe. No problems so far.
  11. If you want to shoot original guns or grampaws ol' shotgun for the nostalgia factor, great! "Fun" is defined by you. If you're not having fun, then why are you even doing this? As Doc says, guns that are reliable "don't get in your way" so you can focus on the other aspects of the game that can make you faster. Transitions, etc. IF you want to get faster then you get reliable guns. Then you reach the point where your "reliable" guns - not "tuned" mind you - hold you back. Then you get your guns tuned so they don't get in your way. There is a
  12. Yeah... I couldn't stand that.
  13. About 12 years ago I was asked to write up some TO tips. These are those. You MUST know the stage. Spotters: - Make sure you have three. - Poll all of them after the shooter is done. Learn to anticipate trouble spots in the stage. Such as: - Dump targets. Especially important to count shots. - When the second scenario on a berm reverses the target sequence that was in the first scenario. - Shoot pistol from one position, move, then shoot other pistol… particularly windows. - Sweep left, then right, double-tapping the end. -
  14. Agree and agree. I remember the first time I had SG targets "called" for me. Was a two-day match somewhere and half the posse was "together" and from some other part of the country. First stage, first shooter, first SG shot and that half the posse, as loud as they could possibly yell... "DOWN!!!!" I actually stopped shooting and turned to the TO... WTH!? Don't do that. Ever. Not even if I'm shooting BP.
  15. All else aside, lots of internet forums don't allow uploading of pictures, but, instead, allow posting of links to pictures on other photo sharing sites. Nothing unusual there.
  16. My opinion also. Riding the hammer down or getting back on it before the trigger is pulled (personal timing, as DS said)... different problems.
  17. And you don't even have to be a Deuce Stevens/Red River Ray class shooter to be able to shoot five out of a tuned revolver faster than a semi-auto's mechanism will allow you to shoot five.
  18. Depends on the shooter I reckon. I was told by a fellow at the top of this game, "When you have to move, Move! Shoot when you get there. If you're drawing on the run you're not moving as fast as you can." Since he's better than me, and since I can move pretty good and just shoot pretty OK, I put it into practice. Works out better for me. Exploit what you're better at.
  19. Depends on the shooter I reckon. I always felt like I could shoot 2-2-1 faster than I could shoot a 5-shot dump. So one day I went to the range with the timer and... it's twue, it's twue!
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