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  1. https://simpleflying.com/vought-os2u-kingfisher-america-wwii-float-plane/
  2. And you clean it out. The thimbles (back then) weren't really accommodating of the pipe coming in at a 45.
  3. I've seen the part from the article since a few hours after. I've heard the audio. Shot-shot-shot. Then shot-shot. The first three shots from the shooter and the second two from the USSS(?) neutralizing the shooter. I can't believe that no one has realized that, after the shooter "turned around, saw the officer peering over and pointed his gun at him", he then turned back around and quickly snapped off the three shots toward the Don. IF that officer really did "peer over" and the shooter really did "turn around and point his gun at him", then "by the grace of god Trump didn't get killed" is on that officer because he interrupted the shooter and threw him off balance.
  4. @Wild Bill Blackerby SASS # 34989 is the only one I know. Probably one of the ones the Horg is referring to.
  5. I've never heard of a PCC side match. As much as it pains me to say it, I agree with Phantom.
  6. Mom would have nothing to do with us kids having guns. Period. The day I turned 18 I bought myself a Glenfield (Marlin) model 60. You know the one, it had the squirrel engraved on the wrist of the stock. IIRC the 100 ct. box of CCIs was $1.99. I shot the action out of that gun, literally. Probably because after about a year I started shooting CCI Stingers almost exclusively. In earlier years, I remember folks coming into the country store and buying ammo loose. They sold .22s by weight, just like nails & screws. Had a milk bucket full of 'em behind the counter - no idea what brand, probably all mixed up. "Deer rifle" cartridges were sold individually. Folks bought/carried what the gun would hold. I don't recall that store even having any centerfire pistol ammo.
  7. "Lighten up Francis" is the quote you're looking for.
  8. In 1949 a pack of smokes was within easy reach of every man. What are the levers for?
  9. Why stoop to posting bull shart ? There's enough of that crap. If you want to tell a joke then tell one.
  10. Look at the top of the piece of paper. The establishment may be 107 years old, but I think this is a WWII era "menu". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Price_Administration
  11. Same month, actually. I would think that a CVE carrying a load of P-47s wouldn't be sailing alone. But perhaps she was.
  12. In July of 1945 I don't think the IJN was capable of mounting much of an attack. Even the Kamikazes were pretty much done by then.
  13. Guy was passing through Fuquay-Varina, NC and pulled into the Burger King for lunch. After he ordered he leaned over the counter and quietly asked the girl, "How do you pronounce this place?" She replied, "Bur-gur King."
  14. Anybody wanna give Conetoe, NC a try? 😀
  15. Used to shoot with a crowd from Naw-fulk... at least that's how they pronounced it. The 'l' is barely discernable, but it is there. In the 70s, when I lived in Williamsburg, VA., lots of folks in the Newport News/Hampton Roads area said Nor-fork. It was/is pronounced so many different ways... people knew where you were talking about and just got on with it.
  16. Brian Shul. He passed May 2023. The entire video is well worth the time.
  17. August 9th. Nothing special about the day, but... on our wedding day my dad presented us with the mantel clock that his parents had been gifted with on their wedding day - August 9th 1909. After dad found out when our wedding day was going to be, he dug the clock out of storage and had it mechanically restored.
  18. It was rhetorical, but within the theme of whacky cartridge naming conventions... or lack thereof.
  19. '78 - '80 for me. Qualified Marksman first time, Expert every time after that. We shot Remington Model 40s. Nothing but Eley Match ammo. We had enough cadets shooting to field three five-man teams in '79. We took 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Next year they said, "You can only field one team."
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