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  1. We have the Operation game for my grandson. Horace
  2. Looking for 32-20 brass for a friend. Maybe 50 or 100 cases? Thanks, Horace
  3. Dusty, I will take the Henry hop stick if you still have it. Let me know how much and where to send it. Horace
  4. I still have my Dad's Underwood carbine that he bought in the sixties. Looks unfired and in the original shipping carton from Tooele arsenal. Horace
  5. I bought two boxes of 405 grain bullets from them. All good and love those boxes. Horace
  6. This is the load that I started with over 20 years ago.
  7. I do have a Pedersoli Rolling Block in 50-140. I need to retire so I can shoot more ! Horace
  8. I've got one just like that ! You can just reach out and knock the targets down ! :-) Horace
  9. It is certainly one of the guns I have always wanted. Now reading a book by Wiley Sword on the Henry and Oliver Winchester. Horace
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