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  1. Horace Patootie 35798 From Keller, Texas 20 years? off and on I'm on the left
  2. I wonder if they will mix 2f and 3f bottles to make a case? I would mostly use 3f but have a couple of other cartridges that would use 2f. Horace
  3. Absolutely ! I guess Gunzilla is easily identifiable. The other one, Old Bob, made my guncart many years ago. He made many guncarts. Just looking through a bunch of old pics today. Horace
  4. I shot my brothers 454 Casull. That was enough for me. Horace
  5. Aflatoxin is primarily a problem in corn. Corn is a large grain that more easily stress cracks. The fungus (a flavus) causes aflatoxin which enters via stress cracks, etc.. Human consumption is limited to 20 parts per billion. Dairy cattle consumption can produce aflatoxin in the milk. Milk producers had/have a limit of one half of one part per billion. Some animals have higher levels of approved consumption. The company I worked for for 45 years tested lots of corn for aflatoxin and fumonisin (another mycotoxin). For many years now, some companies have produced crop treatments to reduce
  6. I did find some on gunbroker but too expensive. I do have some original rounds. Horace
  7. I would like some 8mm Nambu ammo if I could find it at a reasonable price. Horace
  8. I use a 550 for 45 Colt and a Lee turret for 43 Spanish and 50-140. Horace
  9. A few years back, I had a pair of short OMV Birdshead guns and a pair of 7.5" OMV plow handle guns. I switched the gripframes. I still have the short plowhandle OMV's. Wish I still had the long Birdshead OMV's. Very nice looking. Horace
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