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  1. I used to use MSMA a lot on those weeds. I had Bermuda grass and my neighbor had St. Augustine. The St. Augustine took over our yard for the most part and the Bermuda went to his yard. I never figured that out. Horace
  2. Makes me think of a half bison skull that a friend gave me. It was found about 8 feet deep in a wash by a pipeline project. I briefly tried to find someone who could age it but could not at the time. Horace
  3. I believe for use in Bermuda grass. It may kill St. Augustine if I remember correctly. Horace
  4. .45 ACP More range pick up, not cleaned, 350+ pieces, $50. I'll take one box of 350+ if you still have them. Let me know details. Horace
  5. Thanks for the info, Mike. I'll pass right now and let someone else get it. I'll wait till Dillon has it all. They are currently out of stock. Already reloading 4 calibers now. I guess I can wait for the fifth. Horace
  6. If the 45 acp set is all I need to change my 550, I'll take it. I've always had it set up for 45 Colt so I've never changed it. I'm at 76248 Keller Texas (Fort Worth area) Horace
  7. Excellent answer, BQ. Some have forgotten about courtesy these days.
  8. Years ago I owned a 4006. A very nice piece of stainless steel but heavy. Horace
  9. I would first look at the Western Powders website for load data. For 45-70 with 5744, there is data for Trapdoor and similar rifles, data for standard loadings, and data for high pressure loadings. I have been loading 45-70 with 5744 recently, starting with a minimum load for standard loads, but I am loading for a 1886 Winchester. I would definitely be careful with loads for a Trapdoor rifle. http://www.accuratepowder.com/load-data/ Page 84 begins load data for rifles in this caliber for various powders. Horace
  10. Goody, look who I found a picture of ! Horace
  11. El Paso Saddlery (2 rigs) and a rig from Don ? (Grouchy old Bear) Horace
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