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  1. Better get one or the other. I doubt you can eat their burger AND the banana split. Just the banana split will fill you up. Horace
  2. I have not shot it with BP but I should. I have shot it with 5744 which is good for the large cases. BP would be more appropriate. Horace
  3. Absolutely. I just happened to find the 50-140 online and bought. It was advertised as a 50 Sharps so I thought 50-90 and bought dies etc. When I got it, the chamber was 50-140 so I had to exchange the dies etc. Horace
  4. Mine is a Pedersoli/Navy Arms Rolling Block in 50-140. Loaded cartridge is 4 inches long . Horace
  5. Watched that movie again a few weeks ago. Great movie. Horace
  6. I might have to try BRCC if it comes in K cups. Horace
  7. The best that I have tried is Dunkin Donuts coffee. Horace
  8. When the company I worked for was moving we donated about 5000 sq. feet of circa 1957 office furniture to Habitat for Humanity. They came and picked it all up. Horace
  9. Hard to clear leather with that. Have to use a Gunzilla style shotgun sleeve. Horace
  10. It's been years since I've been out there. I believe that I'll get back to it and I hope so. Horace
  11. If I remember correctly, I got mine from Buffalo Arms and they were made from 348 brass. Although I could be misremembering. How much brass are you looking for? I will try to check tomorrow to see how much I have. I think the dies were Lee dies. Horace
  12. My driveway is pretty steep and the palletized safe was 700 pounds. The guy just had a pallet jack. I figured he would have something motorized. I guess not. Horace. https://www.snapsafe.com/modular-safes/super-titan-double-door
  13. When I was a teenager, my parents, two brothers and I went to Palo Duro canyon in a motorhome. Parked in a space for it, but we noticed a cave in the canyon wall that hikers were trying to get to but couldn't because the cave formed from a wash out and although they could climb vertically, they couldn't get over to the entrance. We climbed up higher than the cave entrance and found a sinkhole. At the bottom of the hole was a hole into the back side of the cave. We were able to get in and the cave floor was pretty flat. The only living things in the cave were what we called grand daddy longleg spiders. I guess the cave was maybe 20 feet long IIRC. We went back down to the RV and got our camping gear and climbed back up and we spent the night in that cave. Never saw any snakes, thankfully.
  14. Absolutely. Been thinking about that very thing lately. On the other hand, my safe is too small so I ordered a safe from Snapsafe. It is a double door safe. Not their biggest but next to biggest one they sell. So while I've been considering what you posted, I bought a much bigger safe. Makes perfect sense to me. If anyone is interested in Snapsafe, it is great. There are things to consider though, such as inclined driveways etc. Horace
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