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  1. The only 1886 that I currently have is a Winchester made in 1897 with a factory letter. Not a collector because it has been reblued and some point, but a nice shooter. Horace
  2. Those are all manufacturers. Sometimes there is confusion about manufacturers and importers. As far as I know, they are all high quality. I have owned guns of all of those manufacturers. Horace
  3. Our barbecue places offer barbecued bologna sandwiches. A big thick slice that's been in hot barbecue sauce made into a sandwich. Mmmmmm !
  4. A coworker lives out in the country. I loaned him my 10 gauge that I got from John Browning and some shells. He said it kicks substantially. Horace
  5. Haven't started reloading yet but got it all set up to go ! Thanks ! Horace
  6. Got my info from Tequila Shooter. I have a MEC in 10 gauge and most of the components for it from Ballistic Products and Track of the Wolf. Thanks, TS ! Horace
  7. Since I got my 10 gauge SxS off the classifieds, I have all that I need to reload the shells. Today, I looked online at Cabela's in Fort Worth for a box of shells. It said "limited stock", so I went there and they had 3 boxes. I bought one box. $50. Gun prices were better there than would have thought. Horace
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