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  1. followed this advice ▲ and never looked back--really makes a big difference the fact that they are all of six miles from me helps, too. see they are now also into motorcycles
  2. I resize all my AAs with a MEC Super Sizer, then check with a case gauge. Do lose a few each time from being stepped on or plastic part too big. Still have plenty to reload When I get complete holes in cracks that form at the crimp area they are trashed
  3. monthly matches are great times to get that brand new RO's feet wet. The new TO can be shadowed by an experienced RO who can step in if/when needed. The new ones need to get OTJ training somewhere and EOT is not the place
  4. We ran our first match with practiscore and found it very close to ACES which we have been using forever. one thing: on combined scores it shows P's, B's but no M for misses? are we missing something (other than the occasional target)? thanks
  5. I'm a man, but I can change, If I have to, I guess
  6. I use mine every time I reload shotgun shells. Run all the fired hulls through and then check with case gauge These are worth the $
  7. respectfully I think I would use the $$ for reloading the calibers I shoot at matches
  8. I would say, if possible, find a mentor or club member that you help you out face-to-face. also getting a reloading manual should be on your list of things to purchase early on. We, the wire, will need to know if you'll be reloading just pistol caliber or both pistol and rifle caliber to steer you towards a reloading press FWIW I reload pistol on Dillon SDB and what few rifle I shoot on a single stage. Dillon 550s and 750s will do both rifle and pistol let us know cr
  9. I take it you don't get any staining from laying brass on bare metal screening? I use a piece of black thin fabric to aid in heat buildup and to keep brass off the metal have to give it a try without the cloth cr
  10. bet it's something like the sub was getting in the book On the Beach
  11. a bit off track: always liked the way you drop a rolled up bandsaw blade on the concrete to get it to spring open. Just don't stand too close in shorts when you do that. scars are like tattoos with better stories.
  12. they can come down to Houston and take as much as they'd like. We have way too much these days
  13. If DiNozzo comes back because the show Bull get cancelled then you could have a nice 3 person family which every bad guy in the TV world is looking to bump off. Hope Ziva is more than a one or two episode cast member
  14. another "blinker" user would make sense: ▲ Ramblin Gambler and I are in the same club
  15. I love cottage cheese with Lowery's Seasoned Salt. Can empty an entire container in no time
  16. and then the devil said, "add letters to the math . . ."
  17. m most plugs have two different sized openings. the fire dept hooked into the larger of the two in the pic. That was our SOP too. then there was a time the homeowner grew a bush that kept us from getting to the plug. Fire axes have many uses
  18. being the old man out I built an annealer and do run my .45 Colt brass through it after a number of reloading. cut split cases way down. I like to tinker and once I built the machine figured I needed to use it
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