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  1. I used one for a while but the grandkids kept fooling with the sights on the rifle + they took up a bunch of room I could have used for cowboy stuff
  2. kinda hard to move through woods without making noise
  3. +1 here didn't have any misses on either but earned, fair and square, a P in each. and as mentioned above, I, too, write our stages
  4. my brother had a pair of Rugers he got used. One would do that. the "gunsmith " that worked on it lowered the height of the cylinder latch to try to get the gun to go faster. new part and he was back in business
  5. https://usa-hunter.com/ looks to good to be true
  6. saw them on TV when they performed Dancing Queen in front of King and Queen of Sweden. Queen really liked them one of my favorites, but then so is Marty Robbins, with a Big Iron on his Hip
  7. here's a twist on12 ga CAS shotgun loads due to multiple surgeries on rotator cuff (+ the doc said there was no way to repair any additional damage ) I have gone to ½ oz shot with a piece of foam backer rod (½ inch long x 5/8 dia--get it at home depot) for filler. that with a very light powder charge of Red Dot and a heavy SxS (dead mule added to hole in rear of stock) pretty much removes all recoil best part is they have no trouble with my club's KDs backer rod: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Frost-King-5-8-in-x-20-ft-Polyurethane-Caulk-Saver-C23H/202262332
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