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  1. ▲the reason is you want all the dead folks to be healthy
  2. Actually Texas now calls this LTC (License to Carry) we can carry openly but not sure why anyone would want to do so--this is my 2¢, I'm sure others have valid reasons--like wanting to be the first one shot during a robbery, having store employees asking you to leave, having your friends NOT invite you over (this actually may be a very good reason to do so)
  3. back when I started 7th grade (3 of the greatest years of my life) we had a guy name Captain Kennon named after Captain Steve Canyon of the funnies fame
  4. some folks must have way too much time on their hands. NC, "Next shooter!"
  5. reason mine is in .357 and use 38 Sp mouse phart loads in it
  6. I've got a rock that was used by early Man to kill the first T-Rex
  7. But it must be true! . . . it's on the internet!!
  8. just got to remember to bring that BBQ lighter with me
  9. so I'm guessing the "***" meant something couldn't be read??? *** OK, went back and looked at original article. *** showed the end of the various sections
  10. bus must be in trouble--that's a seat pack parachute--kind pilots wore in case they had to bail out Airborne chutes look more like a backpack
  11. I had a dust bunny that would never come when called--always had to go under the bed to get him
  12. It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature!
  13. our 5 shelter cats all came with fleas (and all at one time--but that's another story) Got them into a small room by offering tuna juice then did the blanket thing over them--gentle as possible were able to get two at same time on one occasion did the flea bath in bathroom x5 didn't take as many band-aids as we thought to cover all the scratches and bites FRONTLINE is way to go -- had to treat twice before all the fleas were gone. Each still has 18 intact toes all are indoor all still love tuna juice. best of luck
  14. should have laid dual lines from the fire hydrant
  15. that sounds like fun! where do I sign up?
  16. first time I have heard of them but that doesn't mean their products are not good. we do have a large number of SASS member who 'dabble' in leather making. A quick look through the Cowboy Chronicle will turn up a bunch. Also most clubs will have a leather-maker among the membership. Might want to check this out as you get to coon finger the products ahead of time. Good leather does cost but I will last forever (unless you grow and there are ways to addressing the 'girth' situations. We have 3 members in TRR that do top notch work. If you're interested PM me for details--don'w want to violate rules and such on the wire. cheyenne
  17. "It could be worse, it could be raining," Igor, Young Frankenstein
  18. If you have a home owners assoc. be sure to check if flag poles are OK. in our subdivision flag pole angled on structures are OK, flg poles--no
  19. Glad you are having some relief what is the time table for you getting back to cowboying?
  20. The lazy folks: we shot them! It's in our rules that if you don't work you can be shot--one warning and you're fair game. So far we've only had to shoot two. Everyone thought the first one was an aberration but after the second one they knew we meant business. The law in the county has ruled they died of Suicide by Lazy. Not sure if it's legal anywhere else than The Republic.
  21. your reply shows just how much I don't understand cell phones. my hope is to one day be lost in the woods without any form of contact with outside world and be eaten by wolves
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