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  1. I think it was for ease of loading can understand why SASS outlawed them--not cowboy at all I was just wondering how they did it--that all. now back to our regularly crimped shotgun shells
  2. the pictures of those domed crimped shotgun shells that Pale Wolf really got me wondering how it was done. Not that I would want to use them--more just how do they do that? turns out there is a company in Italy that makes a special, and expensive, tool/machine/thingy that is used. From watching video the tool must be heated as the top of the shell seems to melt at first station only €300 = $350 + whatever taxes, fees and shipping from Italy to here. home page: https://www.omv.it/ page for the machine: https://www.omv.it/chiusura-pg/ YouTube of it in operation:
  3. What do you call an Aggie 5 years after graduation? Boss
  4. depending on The 3 Hs I either buy clean ingots or melt scrap The 3 Hs you say? Heat, Humidity and Health. Houston in the summer has two of these maxed out and, at 75, Health is a on-again, off-again proposition.
  5. up-date: saw that a bunch of folks use Publisher so decided to give it a try. There is a learning curve but then, knew that gong in. with Word I have saved each stage in its own file and can easily "insert/object/text from file" and pull the needed stages into the match booklet Publisher is different in that I needed to have all the stages in one file and then can "Select/select all document" then do a copy and paste. Neither way is necessarily better, just different do like the way all the targets pictures line up nice and neat in Pub. Will be using it in 2022 to give it a through work out--always nice to learn something new thanks to all who shared
  6. I believe they march at a different cadence, too
  7. knew all of . . . one--shaver I can sleep soundly tonight finally, at the age of 75, knowing about macaroni. Never too old to learn
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