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  1. did the same thing with my SDB. 4 screws to switch tool heads. just depriming pin only have to add a shell--progressive action drops them into bin all on its own
  2. +1 on rebel 17. fine equipment made for the job I use SS chips instead of pins. Much, much smaller and seems to do a quicker job. have to send them a message on Facebook or I think they now list an email https://www.facebook.com/southernshinetumblers/ Also use a car Wash and Wax and the brass doesn't get dull. Had some over a year old and still shiny. They got a bit darker but shine was still there.
  3. don't forget you don't have to anneal every time. you can get several reloadings before having to do it again
  4. 4-4 Match Booklet-B-.pdf
  5. wonderful to hear! keep us posted
  6. ain't that the truth!
  7. We (Thunder River) have shot two matches now under our guidelines. Many of them match the guidance from SASS. Getting about 2/3 of what we had beforee 12 max posses everyone spread out masks are not required but some wear them for far worst problem is heat/humidity of good ol' Texas Gulf Coast weather. Gone to summer dress to help with this
  8. you can always rent them https://www.angieslist.com/articles/rent-goat-clear-brush-and-maintain-your-lawn.htm
  9. never underestimate the weight of cartridges in belt loops. They add up pretty quickly have a slide that holds 3 which works just fine
  10. that's my favorite. fry till almost completely dry and love the crunch.
  11. no one mentioned The Alamo? required watching for kids in Texas
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