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  1. my first thought was they weren't new but don't see the ring around the cylinder so guess I was wrong (not the first time) Someone in QC was asleep at a minimun on them
  2. from what I could tell from tiny pic he looks good to me.
  3. if you scroll down you will see your mold number at the bottom https://www.midwayusa.com/product/101022582/lyman-top-punch-303 fun fact: it's out of stock but you might be able to find it elsewhere
  4. now if someone would start a cottage industry of making these for 'the masses'
  5. taking a turn down a dirt path: I'm still wearing boots I bougth in HS. You can see my socks in a few places from the outside.
  6. you know we don't place blame, we look for areas of improvement
  7. there goes my Fanner 50 I was gonna buy
  8. not all Texans can be winners, we do have our share of whiners
  9. was in 82nd before deployment to RVN we sometimes called ourselves "Almost Airborne" but those outside the division had better not Gravity: it's not just a good idea, it's the Law!
  10. I loved C-4 both to boil water with and as an explosive.
  11. can be pretty impressive when they don't, too.
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