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  1. I know I've read this somewhere but can't put my finger on it thanks cheyenne Shooters Handbook p10 MINIMUM ENTRANT CATEGORY MANDATES
  2. Glad to have you among us. this is the place to ask questions and find out 'stuff' all you gotta do is ask
  3. Altamont they have great looking ones https://www.altamontco.com/pistol-grips/ruger
  4. I saw all of 5 minutes of games, mostly cause I dropped the remote and it took that long to find it due to technical difficulties we are eating Thanksgiving dinner today--can't wait
  5. dressing with cranberries on top yum-yum
  6. going down a rabbit hole (but not about the 31st state) I do a complete tear down about twice a year and today was one of them (got to 59° and guns weren't hitting primers hard enough until sun came up) took an hour to do first--25 min for the second--amazing what I had forgotten in 6 months--but they're minty fresh for the cooler weather now
  7. was in civics class in 12th grade. Real world came into the classroom that day
  8. I got used to them being an elementary teacher for 35 years--and being only man except for custodian in entire building. brother is still coaching HS baseball and detests them
  9. As Clint said, "Even worms gotta eat."
  10. I enjoyed it and actually remember some of the events 'back in the day' I was so true that they were hauling off bodies almost every week A lot of my heroes in that movie
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