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  1. ▲ I saw this movie when I was a kid in the 50s didn't end well then and probably worse today does make me wonder if they would have to wear masks against covid?
  2. the Sun does weird things to black fabric.
  3. something like this LGTBQ Pride Rainbow Flag
  4. I'm always impressed with the Rangers' leather--great workmanship
  5. I can see it now, 10 years in the future: If you or a loved one has ever taken any of the Covid-19 shots you may be entitled to compensation Call now, operators and standing by Don't leave you loved ones without funds to handle your passing
  6. I've been 'messing' with reloading very short shells. For a shot cup I use ½" strip of target paper--about the same as the old manila paper in school. For such a small amout of paper it produces quite a large bit of visable bits
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