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  1. The Thunder River Renegades (TRR) is again hosting its annual match, Last Stand at Thunder River. This year we are calling it "Who was that Masked Man?" in honor of everyone having to wear masks for the better part of this year--you find humor where you can. It's a two day event so Fri, the 4th will be side matches, pistol-caliber silhouette side match and check-in. Saturday, Dec 5th is the main match of 5 stages, hamburgers/hot dogs proveded by the club while side dishes are asked of everyone coming. We have raffles of a hand-made Texas Flag quilt, a Ruger Revolver and a Henry .22 lever action rifle. Standard cowboy swap meeting where everyone exchanges their "stuff" for others. It'll be a nice club annual for any snowbirds wanting to get out of the northern climate for a time. Attached please find a list of categories available, computer-fillable registration form and list of Fri's side matches. TRR's website is: https://thunderriverrenegades.com/# Last Stand's section: https://thunderriverrenegades.com/event/1st-saturday-match-2020-12-05/2020-12-04/ cheyenne list of SIDE MATCHES.pdf Silhouette Side Match.pdf category listA 2020 for regisration form.pdf Registration Form - LSTR 2020-D-Fillable.pdf
  2. two things I semi-carry on my belt are my revolvers. As soon as I can they go back on the cart till the next stage. my old back and knees thank me at the end of the match.
  3. We're starting to work on next year's matches all you need to is exchange one weapon for another. Hope you have a good arm Thunder River Renegades' gift to our fellow cowfolk cr Sans Primers Stage.pdf
  4. You meet the nicest people on a . . . . . .
  5. OK, it's now a cartoon, rather a video but it fits right in with this thread https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/472407264700006420/752092951068278794/video0_-_2020-09-05T214339.268.mp4
  6. From IZA's website: Main Areas of Expertise Our in-house research on the future of work covers four areas of expertise: - Changing World of Work - Workers of the Future - Sustainable Labor Policies - Work and Social Cohesion
  7. in Texas Allie would be counseled on "bring enough gun" as 32s are a bit light
  8. but you still can be the bug as this thread shows
  9. https://www.foreignmre.com/ saw these people in the parking lot one time. Wife said the French ones were good--Russian was at the bottom of the list
  10. turn the light off and take it down at sunset
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