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  1. They use standard mags or two connected. Two triggers, two sets of internals. Standard parts except upper and lower. Also, you can adjust one barrel left/right and the other barrel is up/down, so you can adjust POI. I wouldn't mind having one but they're like $2400. Horace
  2. I saw this in a LGS here. A double barrel AR 15. They also come in 16" barrels. https://www.gilboa-rifle.silver-shadow.com/page-2/page-11/
  3. I picked up the '73 Uberti rifle from my dealer today ! It looks brand new !!! Thank you Augustus !!! Horace
  4. Augustus, You can't receive messages. May inbox is full ? Horace
  5. I've been around a while, but I just ordered Capt. Baylors book. I know he is legendary. Horace
  6. I have seen them occasionally for sale. More years ago than these days. Horace
  7. Geoff, Go watch some shoots and get lots of info from participants. You will learn about preferred guns and the way shoots are run. I went to several before I bought guns and gear. Lots of good info out there ! Horace
  8. My Great Grandfather was a western artist. As backing cardboard in a picture frame I found part of a movie poster for that movie. Horace
  9. For the last two weeks and probably two more weeks, we've been on from 5am to 5pm so I've been getting up at 3am. Pretty soon, no more of that ! Horace
  10. With 49 years in my industry, I will retire this month. It's been good work but I don't want to work until I die. I want time to do what I and my wife want to do. No more getting up at 4:30 every day. Horace
  11. Trapdoors are neat but not as strong of an action as a Sharps or Rolling Block. 45/70 being the most popular caliber but there are lots of calibers to choose from.I have a Rolling Block in 50/140 but also lever guns in 45/70. Horace
  12. I have a leather fringe jacket from Sportsmans Warehouse and a long old Swiss coat that I changed the buttons on. Horace
  13. I'm reading for the umpteenth time, "Charles Goodnight, Cowman and Plainsman". My copy is signed by the author before he passed. It is a very informative book about the cattle drives etc. Horace
  14. There is a dealer here that has the stainless steel 3.5" Runnin Irons. I currently have stainless steel 3.75" OMV's and I thought the Runnin Irons might be a little lighter weight but I also thought about changing to an ivory color grip if I buy them. I thing Runnin Iron grips are one piece ? Wondering about where to get Ivory color grips for them. Horace
  15. If you eat bran muffins, do you get an automatic membership to P.O.O.P. ?
  16. Looking at these guns. What gripframe is that? Might want to get new grips for them. Horace
  17. A man walks into a pawn shop and sees a giant stuffed rat. He buys it and as he is walking home he notices that increasingly, more rats are following him. He goes down to the river and throws the stuffed rat in and all of the other rats run into the river. He then goes back to the pawn shop and inquires; "do you have any banjos"?
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