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  1. Wallaby, I will take it if I can get my FFL to call me back, I will text you. Horace
  2. Similarly, my wife mixes a box of cornbread mix with a box of yellow cake mix and the creamed corn. EXCELLENT !!! Horace
  3. Well, I reload 45 Colt, currently. Do you have a 44-40 Iron Frame? If so, pm me some info on it. Is 44-40 more complicated to load? Horace
  4. Do you still have the Model 8 ? I've never owned one but thought they were very neat guns. Horace
  5. While relating to someone that we have never lost power in our neighborhood so far, they asked if we were near a hospital. I said that there is one about a block away. Actually much closer on a straight line. Maybe that's why the power is not turned off in some areas. Horace
  6. My brother has a tankless water heater and it froze up and burst today. I started looking at the Generac units online yesterday. Horace
  7. What few times I've shot it, it was stout. I was loading it with 5744 and a 685 grain bullet. I would like to try it with APP. I have not bought any APP yet or found it locally. Horace
  8. Don't know about 38 special, but I use it for 45 Colt. Horace
  9. Stg44 with Krummlauf? It had a sight on it for just that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krummlauf
  10. Just notified that our city (Keller) water tanks are empty. All water is what is in the lines. We have bathtubs full plus buckets. Bottled water for drinking(my wife always keeps this on hand) and pots of boiled water also. After this episode, we will concentrate on being better prepared. Horace
  11. It was 1 degree here this morning. I sure as heck will not come to Montana !! Of course I'm kidding. I have long thought that someday I would like to see that part of the country. Been to Colorado alot but never quite to your area of the country. Horace
  12. This is just not the sort of thing that happens here in Texas very often, so we are not prepared for it. The last one was in 1989 where we live (Ft. Worth area) so that is why we are not prepared for it. Yesterday, I did look online at the generator installations available. Also, since our water supply facilities are down, we have to boil water for necessary use and restrict our water use otherwise. Horace
  13. Several of us went to work today, but no power so will try tomorrow.
  14. I'm in the Ft. Worth area. People all around us lose power for an hour at a time or 12 hours. Doesn't seem to be any particular schedule. Oddly enough, we haven't lost power at all yet. It's 1 degree now outside. I told my daughter that the satellites that turn of the power can't see me because I'm wearing my tinfoil hat :-) Horace
  15. Yul, How long are the sleeves from the shoulder seam to wrist? Thanks, Horace
  16. +1 My Olympic is an early 45 ACP gun, but I have 5.56 and 300 BO uppers also.
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