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Amigos pistoleros, I am sitting in my living room, looking across at my beautiful bride eating her breakfast.

Today marks 26 years of wedded bliss.

Yep. Married on Halloween.

Folks have asked us if we're Wiccans, Druids, if we follow The Ooooold Waaaays ... 

... nope ...

Just over a quarter of a century ago, when we were living in Sandusky in an upstairs apartment, we agreed that it was time, we consulted our schedules, we discovered we had one, and only one day off together in the next three months.


So be it! -- we made the necessary arrangements, and on a truly lovely fall day, bright, sunny, leaves whispering ancient secrets as they skidded like dried claws across the wind-blown sidewalk, we walked into a bed and breakfast, she in a dress and me in a suit, and we walked out as husband and wife.

One year ago today, we'd planned on a visit to a place that was expensive, meaningful and significant.

We were thinking Gettysburg.

One year ago today, we were in a place that was expensive, meaningful and significant.

ICU stepdown unit in the local hospital.

My wife survived a complication of that damned Chinese bioweapon virus, she had more and more severe clots in both lungs than either she, as a CT technologist, nor her plumonologist, had ever, EVER seen, in their combined, lifelong careers.

I honestly thought I would be a widower.

I have not taken one single day of the past year, for granted.

Last night we finished the bathroom ceiling project; together we put up tile and last night we finished the trim, and we did it together.

I'm looking at my wife eating breakfast.

She asked me why I have this big idiot grin on my face, and then she saw a wet trickle down my cheek, and she knew why I have that grin.

Edited by Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103
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Happy anniversary to you, Mr. Keller!!


And sincerest humorous condolences to your bride for having to put up with you for these many years!


May you both enjoy many many more together!!

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Happy anniversary to you both!

My folks had an odd wedding date also. Middle of March in west Michigan generally isn't a popular wedding month. Interferes with the ice fishing maybe? But then there's my sister's birthday in early September.........:D

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Happy Anniversary, my friend!

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