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  1. Police officers and Fish and Game officers have a hard and thankless job. As there are several million of them you will find very good ones and very bad ones most are just doing their job as outlined by someone upstairs. Being a jerk, happens to us all at some time or other on the job or off. If you are polite but firm 99.9 % of the officers I know will cut you as much slack as they can. However, if you lie or attempt to conceal what they probably have already watched you do. You're probably going to be toast and in the process of encountering the biggest jerk cop on the face of the earth.
  2. We all make assumptions, in tis OP we assume it is a SASS match rather than a IDPA although it isn't stated. We also assume the revolver was a single action not a double action although it wasn't stated. We assume that the match was being shot under SASS rules rather than local club rules although it isn't stated. We the caveman/stumpers choose to assume in the absence of other evidence the loading table and the shooter conformed to SASS rules and regulations and therefore the revolvers were loaded properly although it isn't stated . This puts us in the position of not wanting penalties. The other group or individuals choose to assume in the absence of evidence that a rule was broken and therefore a penalty should be given. That puts them in the position of wanting penalties. I still like the innocent until proven guilty approach I know things are changing but as a stump I'm somewhat slower socially than you may be. I prefer this kind of an approach "if you think its a miss its a hit" not everyone likes this approach but its the best we cavemen can do.
  3. Dead topic; some people get their kicks giving or seeing penalties given some people don't. So without a Foolproof method of determining the actual position of cylinder in question for myself and the caveman/stump it's just not a no call but something not even to be considered. Assistant caveman/stump signing off
  4. The book is worth the read, lets you know that mostly his loss and others was due mainly to the failure of some of his superiors. Then the ten year fight to get what he did recognized as valor of the highest caliber.
  5. Read the question. The shooter had already shot one pistol and had drawn the other to engage targets and then reloaded. No movement other than drawing, opening the gate, rotating the cylinder and inserting a round. No movement no staging no leaving the shooters hand.
  6. Read, learn If having a pistol in hand with a loaded round under the hammer is a stage DQ then NO ONE COULD EVER FIRE A SHOT without a DQ
  7. If your looking at age based categories consider Ruger Blackhawks.
  8. That's really sad enjoyed my visit. Lots of sets that seem familiar.
  9. You have to hit them all before time matters. Sights, barrel and trigger.
  10. I have attended several large matches this summer 50 to 100 shooters which this year is large. I have not heard of anyone getting sick.
  11. The only trouble is there are fewer and fewer companies that want to earn your loyalty. It seems that we put them out of business by using Walmart and the computer.
  12. I have a fantasy and that is to get the call about going to jail if money isn't sent to xyz. Explain to the caller that you have just received $150,00.00 for your house and it is in cash. However, I'm confined to a wheelchair and can't leave to get the gift cards requested and have no one that can help me to the bank until the next day. If they would come in person or send someone I would pay a lot to stay out of jail because there is an old outstand warrant for my arrest and I would die in prison. Then sit back and see what happens. The plot thickens.
  13. It is tragic that any child is injured by anyone much less the police. However, those of us in Utah are much more likely to find out what actually happened rather than demand death by media.
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