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  1. Darn Gateway you say that real nice. 1++++
  2. Congratulations Mom and Dad you have two wonderful children and Pat and I are proud to know the four of you
  3. The better (for me) rigs have either steel or a high quality plastic sandwiched between the leather. That enables them to hold their shape almost forever and the steel makes them a bit heavier. Be prepared to spend $500 for a top quality rig. Several that I can vouch for are Mernickle and Blocker used the krap out of them and they still work. There are a number of others.
  4. When I was young a fishing pole and a rifle were my first loves. I met a young lady that understood exactly what I meant. I would announce I going fishing/hunting in the morning. She would say you want me to pack a lunch, get some clothes ready? 50+ years later I've mellowed a lot since then but she has stayed pretty much the same. Love you Pat.
  5. No, they were 34.620136 years old in the box. ( not adjusted for leaps)
  6. Phantom's right (gag, choke, sputter) I just loaded three in my 97 that were 12,636.35000 when I loaded them. First one fired well at 12,636.3575 days old, second one fired as well at 12,636.35821 days old the third however failed to fire at 12,636.35829 days old. They really should put a warning on the box with the use before date.
  7. He didn't happen to be an elementary school principle around 1956 or 7 did he?
  8. The stove is really cute but not big enough for a much larger tent. Sparks from the chimney, at least with the wood in this part of the world, would melt a few holes in the structure. Plastic sweats (captures moisture) so the walls would be wet and perhaps drip. If you could build it double walled like a plains Indian tepee would probably mostly eliminate that. They did have a sharp ax and knife. I think I'll find out about that stove though for horse camping it would be nice.
  9. don't worry Bob more's coming
  10. At various times USFA pistols are going for more money than real Colts.
  11. I own and shoot a Ruger Blackhawk and a Smith and Wesson model 57 in .41 mag both do the job I want them to do. The Blackhawk does the heavy lifting and the S&W does the fine work. The S&W can not withstand the punishment that the Blackhawk can under sustained usage with high pressure loads. I use the Blackhawk for hunting and or anything else that in my opinion requires top performance out of the 41 if I need more I go with the 475 Linebaugh. I like the Blackhawk over the Super because the trigger guard on the Super hits my knuckle in recoil and hurts. The S&W I originally purchased to shoot PPC and what a wonderful firearm it is, superbly accurate. I now use it for Bulls Eye once in a while and bowling pins. The double action trigger has been worked over and better sights but its a shooter. As I said they both do the job I want them to do but if I only had one it would be the Blackhawk if you feel you need more gun the Ruger 480 is just a short cased 475.
  12. Just a short story, I'm not particularly proud of my actions conversely not ashamed either. It was a rather dark and stormy afternoon in mid-winter Salt Lake City. As I approached the doors to a large mall a young man cruised into the handicapped space near the door. As I approached the car I noticed that there were no handicapped plates nor a mirror tag on the car. As the driver exited his car a hurried toward the door I said "did you know that's a handicapped space?". His response "I'm in a hurry A** hole. My response "how long do you figure it'll take to change 4 flat tires". He looked at me with a quizzical look and went back and moved his car.
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