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  1. I've been on blood thinners for a long but then time closing in on ten years (long time to me) I don't bruise very easy I never did. I don't bleed very much at all but I never did. The only thing I noticed is that I don't heal as quick as I did once. So I guess there is a large variance in a persons reaction to the medication. Blood thinners are not fun but then being dead isn't either.
  2. You can not eliminate negativity you must manage it. That's what Zen Golf is trying the tell you. Breathing is a major factor in relaxing and performance in general. In your own experience can you lift more by holding your breather or exhaling? Does oxygenating your blood improve performance(deep breaths)or not? There is not magic bullet except maybe hard work.
  3. Its tricky but with foreknowledge of soup for lunch bring home a double whopper with cheese and say I believe I'll have this instead.
  4. Coast Guard; If you knew what it was like to earn your Boson Badge on the Columbia River Bar or find yourself in the arctic with a 50 foot short duration sea running. In hurricane force winds and almost no visibility with ice building on the superstructure 100 miles from a safe port and a rescue to accomplish. Its a wonder some of them can walk with those brass balls.
  5. I couldn't help but wonder what the look on the face of a hand drier might look like if the person ahead of him made the urinal identification error alluded to in the opening post
  6. I'm more in GJ's corner however I'm really careless and leave them all over. Therefore, the best knife for me is something I can lose without breaking the budget. I don't mind hitting them with a stone ever now and then to keep them sharp then again I don't need to shave with one. I like a folder and a little on the small side I don't need it for defense or chopping wood. I have on occasion used mine in a restaurant that had poor cutlery but mostly they see paper, cardboard and tape. If you want a good story and see me at a match somewhere ask me about the offensive capability of my K-Bar.
  7. Yul, these men are terrorists of the very worst kind. Their death is something to celebrate the only icing on the cake would be if it was painful and very slow.
  8. Then after the Browning Museum the Old Cars and the Railroad collection. Go to the Hill Field Museum while its not a complete collection of Air Force aircraft 1942 - 2015 it comes close. It's just 15 minutes from the Browning Museum and well worth your time. While your at it there are three cowboy clubs within 30min. of the Museum as well and another four within an hours drive. Taking a little more time and you have the Golden Spike National Monument two hours away. So come and spend a week we will keep you busy.
  9. Ya, but part of that Trump extended pack are damn dumb.
  10. However, even if shot exactly straight up the earth will have moved under it. If nothing else effects it's flight it will land somewhere east of your location depending on your Latitude.
  11. But what about the guy left in the "bookstore" does he/she know yet? Can you imagine tell anyone "someone stole my goat and pickup while I was in the dirty bookstore" Oh boy that deserves a dirty goat story. I do feel that the goat is an innocent victim here
  12. Well of course you should have your own category. It’s actually disgusting that matches don’t offer custom categories. Entry forms should have spaces for the contestant to name their category. Twenty of twenty five blanks should be provided on the entry form to write in your preferred category names. Duplicated category names then would be handled in a first come first served fashion. The contestant should also be able to choose between small, medium, large or extra-large trophies. This is easily accomplished by simply adding a small premium to the entry cost. $50 for small, $75 for medium, $100 for large and $150 for extra-large as well as $50 for custom engraving. Engraving would of course include your name and chosen category in extra-large bold type. You could also include at no extra cost your desired score. Actual attendance would be optional for a small handling fee over night or next day delivery of your trophy or trophies could be arranged. Because you can choose your own score and you don’t really have to attend perhaps it would be necessary to place an asterisk after the names and scores of those that went through the laborious routine of actually attending and using an outmoded and unrealistic category. Of course your mileage may vary.
  13. The rules do specify that 5 shooters are legal but must have a safety notch.
  14. I f a company would start producing rim fire firearms someone would make the rds. The old create a market and you shall flourish.
  15. I like it the larger size now if you just include the smell feature.
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