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  1. Fill the defects with epoxy mixed with sawdust from the cuts or not. Lots of burl wood need fillers. Lots of help on youtube.
  2. With the 7 1/2 inch barrel, they are worth what ever someone will pay for them. Sequential serial numbers will probably help. Not legal in SASS except in age based categories, very little or no collector interest.
  3. You've never had AR-15 soup? OH!! what a sheltered life.
  4. OH WELL date conflict with Four Corners Regional was planning on it but oh well.
  5. Stop by the trailer at Winter Range the wife plays it almost every time company comes.
  6. By in large keeping control over your muzzle and your finger off the trigger mitigates any potential danger when moving with a firearm. As with most firearm rules and regulations the anti's hide behind and promote more layers of rules and regulations in the name of safety while failing to properly enforce and regulate rules already in effect. What is actually dangerous when moving with a firearm? Poor muzzle control and your finger on the trigger. This is true from the loading table to the firing line, while firing and from the firing line to the unloading table. The hammer back rule has bitten many folks mostly newer shooters but veterans as well. The Marlin was by far the largest violator of half cock in my experience, for what ever that's worth. I am often amazed and amused at how many folks get their shorts in a wad over things both large and small this is one of the small ones and one we could lose without any heartburn as your safety is already covered adequately by other rules. The club I'm TG for voted to not change the rule, however, I was NOT polled and a quick check shows the TG change was not noted by SASS, our fault, my fault but in any event we didn't vote. If I had it would have been not to change the rule. 12
  7. Last weekend we used a Broomhandle Mauser and P-08 Luger for a side match. Blazer cheap stuff worked great. The Mauser did have two failure to feeds but crap its a 129 years old. They both put them were the sights were pointed most of us liked the Mauser for looks and the Luger for shooting. I had the wrong stripper clips for the Mauser so it was hard to load. Both were accurate.
  8. Yes sir: MERRY CHRISTMAS : Welcome to the survivors side. The wife had advanced stage four with a lousy prognosis that was thirty two years ago. Good for your family a true Christmas present.
  9. I shoot Winchesters that were made in 1900, 1904. 1906. 1916 and 1950 they are all great guns. Do they break, well, yes they do but then so do my Rugers. My match gun for years and years was the 1906, left extractor broke twice in eight years and the hook screw and ejector broke during the same period. That's 3 stage ruined issues in eight years in which I shot one match every week and practiced (dry fired) several times a week. I started using the 1950 gun four years ago left extractor gave up in the first two hundred rounds knock on wood been going good since. The 1950 gun seems heavier than the older guns but that may be me. I use the '00 and '04 as dry-fire guns and they seem to be happy right now. The '06 and '16 are backups and Clays and Five stand guns right now they are holding up well with one or two hundred birds about four or five times a year. While it may not be necessary I replace the left extractor and ejector before Winter Range each year and in the others as needed. I have discovered that many Smiths polish the life out of these old guns in the name of smooth and some of these old guns fail because of it. Mud Flat Mike finds a lot of '97's in and around Seattle and understands what it takes to be a good candidate for CAS and would be a good guy to talk to about finding a good gun. Everyone has a favorite Smith TL with Cowboys and Indians was my favorite but he has retired the only other I have experience with is Brisco Joe and I would trust him with my match gun anytime. You will get another hundred opinions but Garrison Joe and Widder are both knowledgeable and able to express themselves. Good Luck.
  10. Max what I do is I keep my hearing aid in and put a set of regular or electronic muffs over them. Normally for me the wearing the regular muff's over my aids allow me to hear the timer but still give the aid some help in protecting what hearing I have left. I have use electronic muffs over the hearing aids as well when I want that extra 0.02 of a second. The three sets of aids I have tried this with have worked very well if I kept the muffs volume in the lower to mid range.
  11. The material will tell if it holds an edge but its a cool way to order and the price seems to be alright
  12. One thin dime one tenth of a dollar is in the ball park depending on how much you spend for components. My Cost Bullets $50.00 per Thousand = $0.05 Primers $30,00 per Thousand = $0.03 Powder $18.00 per Pound purchased in bulk = $0.009 Cases $67 per Thousand purchased in bulk reused 10-15 times =$0.007 your cost will vary
  13. He tuned mine as well and if you hear a sour note while this maestro strokes its velvety sides, its all operator error.
  14. Deuce, no desire to argue just a little enlightenment. The actual issues? Painted into what corner? Remember, not fighting not arguing just want a little more light on the issue.
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