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  1. They and the photographer arrived and departed by crain
  2. With two of you shooting and with unknown desire at becoming the next Champion. Bite the bullet and purchase the 670 (was the 650) you very well may need the volume. Having five operations with a single pull of the handle isn't as intimidating as you think set each up then go for it. Buy Dillon dies if your going to load uncoated lead they can be removed for cleaning without having to readjust your dies a huge time savings. Powder and bullet weight there is a lot out there. If going fast and recoil is a large concern a faster powder and lighter bullet is called for. Personally, for reduced loads 231 is the slowest I use but am very happy with Trail Boss, Clay Dot and Clays and back them up with a mag primer to keep the burn more consistent. Some will say just increase the powder charge and they are correct however that defeats the minimum coil idea and the cost is a toss up. Good luck
  3. As a long time collector of Japanese swords both Katana and Tanto. I don't think I would enjoy wacking steel with them.
  4. I'm on Pats side of the fence so I'm happy your not a moderator. Ruger Red hawks poor grip design. An outfit call Wheeler I believe produced a modified Ruger in 45/70 all of it was poorly designed. Any Double action semi-auto pistol an answer to a question that should have never been asked.
  5. Thank you Allie for this wonderful thing your doing. A hug and kiss from 12 and Pat.
  6. Almost any die will load a workable cartridge. I have several 1880 era loaders and they work. However, if you load lead with lube Dillon Dies will save you time and effort.
  7. Well I'll be darned, enjoyment and success to all involved.
  8. Yes, they do keep making them better so many improvements that they are almost as good as a 1911.
  9. I found 3.1 worked well crono said 730 avg. with 105's.
  10. ?????. A Tory unit of displaced (Canada) Americans during the American Revolution.
  11. Well actually it is heartbreaking; children encouraged to be criminals by the states authority figures; victims intimidated by political/legal authorities to be passive in the face of robbery and/or physical danger. Of course these "kids" represent millions of dollars in legal fees if not hundreds of millions. Kind of job security at the expense of a social order that is finding it more and more difficult to afford housing, warehousing, feeding, clothing and otherwise enabling this anti-social, criminal element.
  12. The Browning Museum and Trans-Continental Rail Road Museum in Ogden, Utah and a few miles away the Hill Air Force Museum and the Golden Spike Museum and monument. As well as 9 SASS clubs within 2 driving hours of downtown Ogden and we are the 3rd safest (fewest infections) virus wise.
  13. Sorry the 2007's are out of stock. However, I do have several Gathering of the Posses cups and Dixie Desperado cups of various dates and conditions. Including one of unknown origin with a bullet hole though it.
  14. Used thirteen years and sipped from very daintily, can tell he was dainty cause no chipped or worn place on the rim. If I heard the story right he even washes it annually. So it must have been defective. I'd be happy to give you one of mine.
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