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  1. The OP said "Lets Talk Single Action" so by golly I went to look I have about 15 revolvers that I call single actions. Not counting cap guns and old slab sides. However, they are obviously not what most of the people on here call single actions. Mine are mostly Rugers lots of different flavors, some have transfer bars some do not. They all shoot well and they all hit were you point them. I don't seem to worry much about the investment value because I basically have no plans to sell. I would however be surprised to learn that their value hasn't keep pace with the economy despite the fact
  2. Yes she has. A Browning over and under about 50 years ago the gun has seen a lot of use and is still one of my go to's. A few years later a Ruger M-77 in 25-06 it is going Antelope hunting with us this year. As the years passed and my needs became more specialized she approves purchases rather than make them. She 's one of a kind and I hope we get another 52 years.
  3. Many people put blood, sweat, tears and money into the Ranch and for them I am truly sorry.
  4. Yes, but the next processing step does make it a little undesirable.
  5. I guess we could make everything fair, not reward effort and not say anything that could ever be thought of by anybody as offensive. However that isn't likely so it is what it is. If you don't like it don't sell to him/her if you don't care then accept their promptness and sell away. Pretty simple really.
  6. The couplers shown in most westerns are not the couplers used 1840's to 1880's (link and Pin). That being said it all has to do with slack. If the coupler is under tension pulling the car or train then the pin quite probably could not be lifted at least not by hand. However if the coupler is not under tension or very little tension, car or train being pushed then yes the pin can be lifted quite easily.
  7. You could always shoot age based and find a pair of Blackhawks.
  8. I like nice things. However, my nice may not be your nice. A watch for example I wear a Timex It loses 2 seconds a month tells me the time with in known limits and the date its a nice watch. My pocket knife its a Buck it cuts paper, tape, string and occasionally a jagged finger nail. I touch it to a stone every now and then its a nice knife. I wear Pendleton shirts in the winter keeps me warm and I like the plaid I own others but its a nice shirt. Point is my returns don't diminish I bought an item to do a job and it does the job to MY satisfaction. How can you loose?
  9. Come on over to Price, Utah July 16-17 and shoot the "Castle Gate Robbery" a great shoot put on by the finest group of people you'll ever meet. On a great Range paid for in part by Phillips Petroleum which by it's self is something to see and I'll personally take you though 9 mile canyon a whole day of Petroglyphs a trip well worth your time..
  10. Nome, Alaska in 1901. 18feet 4" Daughters house Nome Alaska 2002, 18 feet.
  11. Love that common sense line I think I'm going the steal it.
  12. I love Damascus steel and have several shotguns with what i consider beautiful barrels. I also have a few very well made Damascus knifes. It's the craftsmanship not the utility most modern pieces are better because we learned to make better metal.
  13. Yes, you can use them but it requires extra work and you must inspect the primer height after loading and before using if it extends beyond the case base I wouldn't use it in a rifle. It also helps to clean the primer pocket before loading so that the primer can seat to the bottom of the case and be extra careful with Federal Primers they are softer and will detonate with the extra pressure used to make sure the primer is seated to the bottom of the case. I used rifle primers in 45 LC shooting in a Ruger for many years mostly with Winchester cases.
  14. For me it isn't that they had a glitch, in which case I'm understanding. What I'm concerned with is they didn't think enough of Kris to notify her. The fact is that the cost issue flows both ways whether the estimate is free or paid Kris's time is being wasted as well. Rude behavior is rude behavior regardless.
  15. I guess they don't know a watched pot doesn't boil. Or does it only have to be twice as hot for a Cyclops.
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