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  1. Congratulations to both of you earned mine in 65.
  2. The Post Office delivers Amazon packages in some places. Increased the volume of some routes plus getting out of the vehicle walking to the door and back.
  3. I believe its the light. The Corps is very anal about crooked.
  4. Dave you got good advice, the springs both the flat washer spring and the coil spring. If the coil spring is kinked replace it. Sometimes wear on the primer disk will cause problems. I have used several types of dry lube but have found that it really doesn't help much if at all. Of course wet lube just helps collect the trash and under some conditions could contaminate the primer so I run mine dry.
  5. I found or more truthfully my brother found and I verified that in some large bore black powder cartridges. Using a Large pistol primer can lower the standard deviation and by doing so marginally improve accuracy at longer ranges.
  6. Please ship it, you will be pleased with the results and won't have the "if only" factor. Quality work is worth it.
  7. Navy fed me steak and eggs several times. Could have been cardboard my attention was else where.
  8. Please, Oh, please don't run the Nationals the same weekend as The Huntsman Senior Games a major match that has run the second weekend in October for at least 20 years. It's a major match in these parts and I sure don't want to have to chose. Just thinking about it running just after T-Bones match would give everyone that wanted two majors for the price of one.
  9. Never minded midnights just trading sleep time and work time hated swing.
  10. All the comments are valid as far as they go. The argument for and against revolver and auto follow the same route. In my mind a fight in my home will be limited therefore a firearm that I am familiar with is more likely to be useful than one I am not. Shoot a SxS or 97 every week maybe that's the best choice. Shooting a couple of hundred rounds a month with your revolver might make it a better choice than an auto that you can't remember were the safety is or if it has one. Don't know what the muzzle flash or thunderous muzzle blast is like in a small dark room maybe that little 22 might be a good choice. Training, using the tools make them effective.
  11. I'm sorry but anything "Brooklyn" must have a mind altering ingredient / aspect. Try "Queens" instead.
  12. Ya get what you pay for some of the time. My experience with Amazon auto parts has not been good. Save money buy good parts to start with.
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