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  1. All dies work. Some dies make you work harder than other dies. I load a lot of lead lubed bullets and I'm lazy. Dillon dies have an insert that allows you to clean the lube out without having to reset the die. I like that pop out pop in.
  2. You set them up, supply a scenario, score the match, you take them down, tell me the score. That's all I need to be very, very happy.
  3. There some tunes that only Bagpipes can play satisfactorily.
  4. The Light Colonel one position under the cut off for Full Colonel and our victim on the list lead the investigation.
  5. OK, but where in Wyoming are you going to find 3000 feet?
  6. Taking the time to respond USELESS, useless, funny, FUNNY, funky.
  7. Assassin, would it be easier if you called it 4.545 furlongs and quit those big scary numbers
  8. Never had a problem with the telephone.
  9. Although many successfully seat and crimp in one operation there is sufficient evidence to suggest two steps is better. Almost everyone has their favorite dies with which to do it. My favorite is Dillon, because once you have adjusted them and locked them in place your done. No more readjusting after cleaning or in the case of the sizing decapping die bending the pin on a rock or smaller case stuck inside. Don't worry about the crimping groove as much as overall length at cowboy ranges its really not as much of an issue as length in feeding. 200 and 225 grain RNFP molds are available ask OLG he probably can give you the numbers. Good luck.
  10. My alias is made up for me. My ancestors on my mothers side were a pair to draw to and their known hardware consisted of S&W break tops and Winchester '66's. The only firearm associated with my fathers side is a Winchester '73 in 44/40 and perhaps another in 32/20. The former resides with an aunt and the latter foolishly traded away by me in the 60's
  11. Hoss, I also said that a chain fire wasn't going to happen in a 650. Well, within a couple of thousand rounds of that statement here on the wire I touched off 100 federal magnum small pistol. Quite a show I can tell you but the containment vessel worked great. Took out both my overhead lights but otherwise was just noise. Dillon replaced the primer feed and I was back in business but a quite a bit more careful seating the primer. Don't know how many rounds I have loaded on the 650 but from 10 to 20 thousand each year since 1992 or 1993. So for me (knock on wood) its a very rare occurrence.
  12. Jabez, I meant no disrespect to the 38/40 its one of my favorites. Just saying the 32/20 is a little outside of the norm as well.
  13. 1st choose a category, why because the category will have it's own list of probable candidates for firearms. 2nd decide if you want to be competitive in that category. Rugers are hard to beat in any category but if you are going age based don't forget the Blackhawk. The big sights gives you an aiming point that you are probably already familiar with. The 73 is the most used rifle and has tons of after market parts. The Marlin 94 is a good rifle but some have been having trouble with the newer ones. Lots of shotguns, the 97 is being slowly replaced by the SxS as techniques develop. The next thing is do not spend a lot of time and money on guns without considering good or very good leather. More good gun decisions have been ruined by bad leather than anything I know of. 3rd ammunition buy and learn to use a good loader, ask around for help if you don't already know( there are several million years of experience available on the wire). More matches have been destroyed by squibs, failure to fire, failure to feed or failure to extract as well as crimp failures in the magazine than any other cause. As Jabez said the 38/40 is a wonderful cartridge but if you really don't want to follow the herd then its the 32/20 for you. 5th learn the rules, nothing hurts more than receiving a penalty for something you didn't understand was illegal. Many times your local club will allow variances that other clubs will not. Travel hundreds of miles spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars not to mention the time just to foul out on a rule that you were not aware of. 6th met people the shooting is fun but the people are terrific.... (perhaps the wire excepted)
  14. Shot with a guy in Idaho that carries 16 inch barreled Remington C&B. What a hoot.
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