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    Cowboy shooting for sure, but before that I shot IPSC and ISHMA, and PPC. I'm a pilot, Sailing, rock climber, white water, skier, caver, diver, and anything else that looks fun.

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  1. That's great try get refused when you're using cash.
  2. If you are really serious about competing then match them up. Ruger Blackhawks are also a consideration if you are going to shoot an age based category.
  3. Yes sir, I think the real tip off is the Uberti on the barrel
  4. Situations differ while Sue could be run off by a rude Posse Marshall that only tightens the grip for some people that refuse to have a can tied to their tail. Mine is a bit different I have been competitive most of my 20 year SASS career. In April I learned I had cancer and an aggressive one at that. May25th they opened me up and removed the offending parts. Post operation problems almost did what the cancer hadn't had time to do but it was hard. Now, I'm not the shooter I was can I go back and limp around and still enjoy myself. Just how important is hearing your name called how fr
  5. Type in endoftrail.org, nothing, no wait a bit, under construction, just nope. Is there something I'm mossing?
  6. I'm not calling myself an expert but I have won more than a few matches with Ruger Blackhawks. Normally all that is required is springs a bit of internal polish and it's done. The Blackhawks that I own or have owned none was clunky either new nor later and I have literally wore a few out. As I don't know what you call clunky it is difficult to accurately give you advice. Single actions do "clunk" from cylinder to cylinder but it isn't a clunk there is quite a bit going on the pawl pushes the ratchet on the cylinder the bolt retracts the cylinder spins and stops as the bolt drops into the
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