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  1. Only if they want to reuse it.........
  2. About 50 years ago I started building a large balsa kit of an F4U Corsair. The kit was made in Japan and the instructions had been translated (I imagine) quite literally into English. I could barely make out the very basic stuff and had to wing most of it. It just about drove me nuts.
  3. (My nurse at the VA asked me if i was having any troubles. I told her I may have because I'm old. She looked at her computer and told me that 78 isn't old unless I have problems. She then told me that most of my problems are "self inflicted" and have nothing to do with age.) I just turned 78 but I don't think I ever "self inflicted" any of my problems. But then I guess I'm just wrong...............again! Heck, I'll just keep getting older and older, forever! I have no intention of ever stopping!
  4. You are absolutely right about that. Spanish is my vernacular, but if I try to read something that was written before the 19th century, say, anything by Cervantes, I would almost need a dictionary. It's like trying to read something written in English in Elizabethan times.
  5. Wait til you see what they can do with liver!
  6. My oldest grand daughter turned into a vegetarian several months ago. We are dearly hoping that she grows out of this, but, I think I'll forward this post to her anyway.
  7. One of the many reasons why I don't subscribe to any of the "local" channels, like NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, etc.
  8. My prayers and best wishes to you both, Bob.
  9. I was a VERY HEAVY smoker and quit about 25 years ago. My wife passed away last July from complications of lung cancer and I have recently been diagnosed with COPD. Needless to say I can't be in the same zip code with a smoker. Stay the course, pardner, it's not easy but it will get better. Good luck!
  10. He was a real ACTOR. The current group just call themselves CELEBRITIES.
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