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  1. The decals for German helmets are available from a number of sources, the colors of the helmets, however, may vary. Again there are numerous websites that address this.
  2. Not familiar at all with the Model 70, but I have owned a Miroku Winchester 92 and at present own a Miroku Winchester 1873 and will wholeheartedly recommend Miroku. Both butter smooth and beautifully finished. Japanese craftsmanship at its best.
  3. The stuff kids come up with can be incredibly funny. When my oldest grandson was about five I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He thought about it and said he wanted a "Screwdriver Football Thing". Well, that stumped me and everyone else until about a month or so later until I was wandering around in a toy store AND I SAW ONE! It looked like a football field and the players operated the game by turning levers that had screwdriver handles. "A FOOSBALL TABLE" He did not know the name of the game but had described the thing perfectly. He got it!
  4. I found out the hard way that a regular battery charger will not give enough power to crank up a truck engine. I've had this happen on both my 2004 and 2017 5.3 liter trucks. Thankfully I got AAA and both times they came out and got me started with their very powerful chargers. Both times this was enough to get me to an auto parts store or dealer and get new batteries installed. Unfortunately the new batch of batteries do not give any indication that they are going down. You are happily cranking away every time until one time the thing just dies. I'm a firm advocate of AAA.
  5. Oh those prizes! Takes me back to September 1957, a hardware/pharmacy store in the center of Gainesville, GA where I paid $46.00 dollars for a "bring back" Luger, and of all the other goodies they had for sale, like an original 1849 Colt that was going for $18.00 (if memory serves me right). If only one could go back in time!
  6. Philosophical question: Did the lightning bolt hit the ball or did the ball hit the lightning bolt?
  7. Here we go again! Elsa is just down the road from us! It's gotten so that I start holding my breath on June 1st and don't relax 'til November 30th.
  8. Just to make sure the dearly departed stays departed. I'm with Forty Rod, but I'd probably wind up clogging the sewer lines in the neighborhood........................heck, that's an idea!
  9. Yer not deleted, yer still there..............we think!
  10. I'm with you, I take 81 mg aspirin and Plavix daily and tissue paper is thick compared to my skin! Rats!
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