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  1. What got me is how can those guys hold a salute for so long? My arm would have fallen off!
  2. Felicidades en su aniversario. And may He grant you 100 more years of happiness together.
  3. Beautiful, but how long 'til he is totally deaf?
  4. I lived in Miami for 35 years and moved out three years after I retired. To this date there is still an old fashioned ice cream truck that drives thru the neighborhood twice a week. I don't think he sells enough to pay for the gas he uses, but he still does it. Little kids still come out and buy from him. By the same token, there's a fellow that sharpens knives and scissors and comes around every two months or so. Even if I didn't really want ice cream or had to have knives sharpened I always stopped them. It was like remembrance of things past. Made feel at home.
  5. Propellers diameter was/is a tad over 13 feet.
  6. M1 Garand, or, with enough duct tape, any long gun.
  7. For the last 45 years or so we have been owned by Cocker Spaniels, six to date. Since my wife passed in 2019 I've been living alone with my black, sweet, very smart, friendly to everyone, but stubborn as all get out female. She's small and very cute but has grown up with my daughter's two Dobermans and is very capable of laying down the law when it comes to feeding time!.
  8. Whenever I run out of it I just use olive oil in my salads.
  9. Oscar I would ever watch lives in Sesame Street.
  10. Think of it, a ton of nearly brand new cars all with worn out tires!
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