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  1. I use my microwave timer for everything. Too much technology addles and confuses me.
  2. I ordered the DVD when the movie first came out but it had not been released yet. A few months later Amazon finally sent it to me on 22 Nov 2021. It's currently not available but, hopefully, they'll re-release it again. I can't remember how much I paid for it but it certainly was not forty bucks. Damn good movie even if you are not a Tom Hanks fan, which I am not.
  3. I've had the DVD for a couple of months, but never sat down to watch it until last night. Thai is a darned good movie about a subject that has hardly been covered in films.
  4. I think UB and Alpo have teamed up....................
  5. They never did much better with cars. They are indeed a strange and mysterious race. But, in all fairness, in the liquor and gastronomic departments they hit it out of the ballpark!
  6. Are you talking about the German Sport Guns in .22 lr ? From the outside it's a dead ringer to the original in 8mm Kurz and it's pretty much just as heavy. I've had one for about 8 years but it's so heavy that shooting 22's out of it gets to be a chore.
  7. Nice, but definitively not Florida.
  8. Well, he invented the internet...............or he said he did.
  9. I go to Mark Kubes at least once a month. I got my Mk 3 SMLE and my Mosin M44 carbine as well as a whole bunch of ammo from him. He was the only place I could get .22's from during the ammo crunch. My kind of place, small, kinda grungy and old, jest like me.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I've been to Caatle Keep maybe 1/2 dozen times but always found everything overpriced. I've been going to Patriot Pawn and Gun in Seminole Blvd. In fact I've used their FFL to get five guns and have bought three more from their displays. I was sorry to hear the old gentleman that was always there passed several months ago.
  11. I was going to go to the Two Guys Gun Show at the old Minreg this weekend but I figured I don"t need another gun right now and the ammo is way too expensive. I like their shows because there is usually a lot of old stuff which is what I like, but right now I'll wait til they come back to Largo and see if things have improved. About eigth or nine months ago there was a gentleman with about 20 (or more) Springfield Trapdoor Carbines who, he told me, was trying to thin out the herd. I was really salivating but I had just bought a Pedersoli Trapdoor Carbine so we just talked. Another time there was another vendor with a really nice Eddystone 1917 Enfield and was asking $700.00. I'm still kicking myself for not trying to haggle for it.
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