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  1. The love of my life and the woman who has had to put up with me for the last 53 years is in the hospital suffering from a very dangerous condition. I am a fervent believer in the power of prayer and would humbly ask of you kind folks to keep my Nilsa in your thoughts. Thank you and may God Bless. Dawg Hair
  2. Nah, Quasimodo just poured the hot oil to the front steps and managed to kill the owner of Tara who was carrying a big assault weapon.
  3. I dearly pray that they find it was accidental and not deliberate. I'm a non practicing Catholic but nevertheless recognize its importance as a symbol as are so many others like it. t will be expensive, but look at so many others that were practically destroyed in WWII and have been since restored to their former glory. But somebody's going to lose his job, that's fer sure, that's fer danged sure!
  4. Why do we do that? Is it the remnants of a rebellious spirit because we have never really grown up?
  5. Nice piece. Jim Supica's book on S&W can tell you the year it was manufactured.
  6. Nine? Wow, you got me beat by five! A new baby is always a welcomed gift from God. And now you'll have enough for your own baseball team!
  7. Frank Hamer has been unfairly depicted as brutal and overbearing. He was the right person at the right time. While Bonnie and Clyde have acquired the visage of Robin Hood and his merry band. Maybe this movie will make public opinions swing in the right direction.
  8. I'd like to hear what the guilty one told the judge! What a complete idiot!
  9. In my last 36 years at work I went to OKC for training at least 30 times. During that time I went to Cattlemen's about 20 times. The place is full of history and charm, and, although it's not the best steakhouse in OKC, to me it was a must.
  10. They did away with that in Florida a ton of years ago. It put lots of people out of work, and there was a secondary business carried on by most mechanic shops where they would mess with the timing so that the car would pass the smog test. The car would run terribly but after you passed the test you took it back and the mechanic would make it run right again. With the advent of computer run engines this kind of testing became superfluous.
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