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  1. US-19, "Suicide Alley". Deadly combination of Senile Retirees (like me) and overzealous, testosterone overflowing young drivers on the same strip of asphalt at the same time.
  2. Went up the hills last friday to drop off my grandson at Western Carolina University and saw a total of six dead deer on the side of the roads. I'd hate to see what the cars that hit them looked like.
  3. Niceee! I had been wanting a 317 Airlite for the longest time. That is the aluminum version of the 63. But nobody had one. Finally I found two at a gun show and a Model 63 which went for about $100.00 more than the 317. Being a cheapskate I opted for the 317. Ever since I have been regretting it. Enjoy it.
  4. Who knows what goes on in a dog's mind when they have to put up with the antics of us humans! I'm sure he was happy just to be in control for once!
  5. I don't think we have advanced much.................
  6. If that doesn't wake you up it's 'cause yer dead!
  7. I drink two cups of coffee a day but since having moved out of Miami over a year ago I have not had a single CAFECITO. The real stuff. The stuff that goes down like ambrosia and makes you smile.....................and keeps you awake for days if needed! Only other thing I miss is the cute Cuban waitresses that serve it to you with a lovely, sticky, sweet smile and an endearment that makes you feel you are really the love of their lives!
  8. Bring it on, Brother, we love you!
  9. I'd wear them over my face as I walked out.
  10. Yep. It'll probably take one or two generations. Old beliefs die hard.
  11. Man, has it been that long? Somebody, I can't remember who, gave us a piece of the wall. Just a small piece of concrete. I kept it in a small jar but lost it sometime since.
  12. You are correct, of course, but I find it wrong when Hollywood messes around with real history and tries to make a real event into a video game or a chick flick. That is why I have not gone to a movie in years, but rather wait ti it comes out on DVD and then choose.
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