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  1. Required basic equipment for the crew must have been bones made of rubber and a big box of band aids.
  2. Thanks Alpo, yeah, they talk about using a "flared" punch which is pretty much what I figured one would need. But I'm restocking my 98K with a brand new, beautifully figured, black walnut stock I got from Brownells and don't want to run the risk of marring it. Somebody in this whole wide world must have done it and posted a video on how to do it. I just can't find anything
  3. I know this has nothing to do with CAS, but does anyone know how to install the bolt disassemble discs on a Mauser 98 stock? I have looked everywhere and can't find info on how to do it. I think it's a press fit but that's just my guess. Thanks
  4. True. I love playing mine, but try as I may I just cannot slobber over it like I did the last time I sat on a Steinway. And notice I said SAT, not PLAYED.
  5. In my next life maybe I'll be able to afford one, but in this one I'll have to stick to my Yamaha.
  6. If you had not been so stubborn and just sent then your SSN and PIN you could have avoided all this. Now look what ya got!
  7. Well...................they spelled it right..............
  8. TANK COMMANDER TO DRIVER: Why are we going round and round??
  9. Well, if this was from a REGULAR 22 there would be no problem, everybody knows that. But it's from a 22- 45! That means the pointy thing at the CENTER of the bolt must be split down the middle! Sheesh, it's so obvious! Unfixable! Send it to me, I'll just thrash it!
  10. I try to watch every episode of C&Rasenal.com. Othias, the host, goes very deeply into the history of all these old guns and Mae (I hope I am not butchering their names) does most of the shooting. My kind of girl!
  11. Right, only 8 hours a day but they take a 10 min break every hour so technically they are on duty only 6 hours 40 minutes but then they have an hour lunch break (by union contract) so it only comes down to 5 hours and 40 minutes. I may be off in some of my calculations but then again I was never in the union. Ooops1 Sorry, I thought we were talking about Air Traffic Controllers.
  12. They forgot to mention the car is free with your first purchase of batteries. Radio Shack and Wally World will love ya!
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