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  1. Just had one this morning. May all the Gods in Valhalla bless him who invented propofol (although Michael Jackson would not think so). The results came back negative, thank the Lord for that! This was recommended after the results from my testing with CologuardI came back indicating there might be a problem in my guts. it had me worried sick for several weeks because my mother passed away from colon cancer at a much younger age than I am at now. I spent two miserable days with the prepping but now I feel a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders and am happy I did it. I'm good to go for the next five years (at 78 years of age this can be a concern) Pards, I apologize if this posting offends any of you, but I feel this is really serious. May God bless all of you and keep you and your loved ones healthy and able to enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah, Quanza and every other holiday I forgot! Oh, in case I forgot..............QUIT SMOKING TOO!
  2. Very sad indeed. I was able to visit the place a couple of times. The size of the reflector dish is three times a football field. One heck of a big radar. I think you had to have a masters degree in astronomy just to sweep the floors. Junior PHD's got to make the coffee.
  3. What y'all tundra dwellers of the far north don't realize is that anything south of Lake Okeechobee in Florida is actually Tropical, with the normal temps and humidity pretty much equal to the Caribbean, so when the temp drops below 65 F it actually feels uncomfortable. Now, if it drops into the fifties it becomes A NATIONAL EMERGENCY! I remember Christmas Day (I believe 1984) when the temp rose ONLY to 35 F. VERY RARE AND UNUSUAL, and pretty much caused old Cuban matrons to think the end was really getting near. A somewhat favorite pastime for locals is to go to the beach during "winter" to see the crazy yankees and Canadians cavorting in the water. Fun times. Something to talk about while sipping a cafecito and munching on Cuban pastries.
  4. There is a run of parkas, mukluks, and heavy winter gloves in Miami!
  5. Boot lace ends grow at a different rate from each other. It's a scientific fact! They do that just to mess with you! First the left, then the right, etc.
  6. Can only drink tea if iced, unsweetened with lemon. Coffee, hot, black with very little sweetener, unless it's espresso which has to be black, sweet and hot as hell. Can't stand milk or creamers of any kind.
  7. I'm with you, Big Sage, my son turned 52 this past June and my daughter turned 50. DANG IT! I AIN"T THAT OLD, AM I? May you get to play with your Great Grandchildren!
  8. Aww, c'on admit it! Confession is good for the soul!
  9. Wonderful story, thank you for posting it. I'm sure 99% of our population never heard of Fr Crowley.
  10. Great list, but as you say, it's just a list. I own or seen maybe 35 of these but can easily add a couple of dozen more. Thanks for posting it, Utah Bob.
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