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  1. Watched it last night. To say I was touched by it is an understatement. It made me feel there is still hope for us in our country.
  2. Definitively better than all those stupid insurance commercials!
  3. Looks like something the "Orange County Choppers" would come up with.
  4. Don't know if it's real or not but if'n I see one that big I'll be fast, very fast departing in some other direction!
  5. Mine adopted me.............and owns me! And, without really much effort has trained me very well.
  6. Today is the first saturday of the week which is then followed by five more saturdays and ending in the one sunday which is a day of rest. And, yes, I am retired.
  7. I am so glad I was not drinking coffee when I read this. Apple computers are expensive to repair!
  8. Alpo, haven't you noticed those tiny bliking lights at night???
  9. Big brother is watching..........YOU!
  10. In my part of Florida we are almost in drought condition. Crazy!
  11. Shhheezz, it was just an innocent question.............I didn't mean to star a revolution..............
  12. Not to highjack Trigger Mike's "Why I like pineapple on pizza", how about mayo in my hot dogs?
  13. Only pizza my wife would eat was "hawaiian" which has pineapple. I can take it or leave it To me this is like what do you put on a hot dog.
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