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  1. I had some of those a long time ago and I think they had to scrape me off of the ceiling with a spatula!
  2. In Spanish that goes: "El cafe hay que tomarlo Negro como la noche, Caliente como el infierno, Y dulce como el amor!" It probably goes like that in several other languages and all ring true!
  3. I lived in Miami for 35 years (34 1/2 years toooo long!), and down there you can get a shot of espresso (cafecito) in just about every third street corner. I (we) got hooked on the stuff. I own one of these percolators and use it frequently and so does my daughter. We have family dinners every sunday and my daughter always finishes with a "cafecito". She does not even have to ask me if I want one, it's a given!
  4. Is anybody else getting tired of these ridiculous TV ads like Liberty Mutual's EMU, or Progressive's rather dated "Flo commercials", etc., etc, etc?
  5. Time sure does fly Utah Bob, but it's sure nice to remember.
  6. Data anonymization is a type of information sanitization whose intent is privacy protection. It is the process of removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous. In other words, nobody knows who came up with it, but if it's on the internet it must be true!
  7. A third year student at Juilliard would have to count the beats with his toes!
  8. Just another version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"..............not...............
  9. Buy a good set even if you can only buy them piecemeal, just one at a time. This is the stuff you use to prepare the food you eat. Be nice to yourself, splurge, treat yourself! The same goes for items such as knives and cooking utensils. I normally go for stuff that has a real lifetime/no questions asked warranty. Expensive but worth it.
  10. Great post, Calamity Kris, you just took me back to 1942. I've lived in seven houses and owned the last five and each one has left a very special set of memories of family and events. I'll be thinking of and reliving small vignettes for the rest of the day. Thanks!
  11. If California breaks off and floats away will it become Hawaii East?
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