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  1. I just had to say goodby to the sweetest angel that walked on four paws. She was suffering from continuous seizures and there was no cure. Thank you, Sadie Aria for the wonderful nine years you gave us. I'm 81 myself and in so-so health so we may meet again soon.
  2. From being from such a small island the Brits sure had a large appetite. Heck, they even owned half of France at one time. I wonder if being of Germanic descent had anything to do with it? Look at them now.
  3. Like Mahnna? Sounds wonderfully miraculous!
  4. I'll be coming over about noon to help you with your haul! YUMMEEE!
  5. I say, didn't that gallant WWI ace pilot Snoopy.............................sorry, that's still classified.
  6. I was in the day room of the second floor of my barracks in the triangle area of Keesler AFB, where I was training as a radar repairman. Something I'll never forget: on Hwy 90 in Biloxi there was a big billboard which said "Impeach the Kennedys". It was taken down after JFK was shot.
  7. Handsome feller you got there! And the raven will always deny, deny, deny...............Nevermore!
  8. He who invented the torque converter should be sainted!
  9. Love prosciutto, and not cheap either.
  10. There were many die-hard Nazis among the POWs but many others either did not want to go back to Germany or eventually got back here and lived out their lives.. The biggest weapon Hitler had over the German people was the propaganda fed them by Goebels, and the hard core indoctrination of the Hitler Youth. Lessons here to be learned.
  11. True but if you go buy a gun and don't have the CCW you have to wait the three days before you can pick it up. I live in the retirement capital of the universe so I rarely carry, but I like to just be able to walk into a shop and walk out with the piece. Traveling is definitively another reason to have it.
  12. You should have gotten a letter advising you the the CCW was going to expire in three months along with the renewal form and instructions. Mine expires in December and I just sent them a check. Had to pay Walgreens $18.18 for the picture. Now, if you are a AAA member they will take your pic for free.
  13. Try arguing the point with a 16 year old about the price of a pair of leggings or a simple pull over from Lululemon. To all women, and that includes every one over the age of 12, price is just a number. Now, having said that, I admit and confess to having spent nearly $2,000.00 on a Standard Manufacturing single action and then, a couple of weeks later having splurged on another one. We humans love our toys.
  14. Yep! It all depends on what floats your boat. You can't take your money to the grave. Soooo..............
  15. I don't like to wish evil on anybody but I'm glad she's gone. I'll have a celebratory drink tonight.
  16. I don't like to wish evil on anybody but I'm glad she's gone. I don't like to wish evil on anybody but I'm glad she's gone. I'll have a celebratory drink tonight.
  17. Only a good southern girl can do that....................well Munich is in the south part of Germany.............
  18. How can you possibly impress a girl like that? WOW!
  19. Oh yes, he will indeed be missed. He was my late wife's favorite singer.
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