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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Mine is a brand new Pedersoli manufactured in Italy. These people have a heck of a reputation for manufacturing high quality stuff and my rifle is simply gorgeous. I intend to start off with HSM Cowboy Action 405 grain and some Fiocchi 405 grain Cowboy Loads. I think it will be safe. After that it will be depending on how my right shoulder feels after the pounding.
  2. Don't think that's in Florida..............................
  3. Haven't had a chance to try out my Pedersoli 1873 Trapdoor carbine. Also concerned about the ammo. Don't want to blow it up.
  4. There is an alternative ending which did not make it in the movies' release. It's where the son of the sheik come in a big fancy helicopter, lands on the ranch and comes to pay his respects. I got it on DVD but I don't know if it was shown elsewhere.
  5. This has got to be the most hilarious yarn to have come out of Hollyweird in decades. I played it for my oldest grandson and he wanted to watch it again. The barroom scene is unique! Heck, the whole thing is unique! Felt sad when the lion died, but what a way to go for the two old brothers!
  6. We've had that phenomena occur almost every year in the Caribbean for as long as I remember. It's so common that nobody pays attention to it anymore. Usually the effect is a dry haze that lasts several days.
  7. Kind of overkill unless it's just loaded with caps. Effective but noisy.
  8. Good news about your wife's tumor. I'm praying it continues to shrink and then disappear!
  9. Yep. I do. I was born in 1942 and never saw an automatic door opener 'til the late 50's or early 60's.
  10. Been trying to find out why Colt built his 1851 "London" Navies using steel backstraps and trigger guards as opposed to brass. Looked everywhere and can't find a reason why. Anybody?
  11. My son lives in Gastonia, N.C.. Yesterday, Friday, a tornado hit between his house and his neighbors. By the grace of God it only ripped out three trees behind his house and went on down the golf course. No other damage to either house. He said it was real quiet and then came the sound of a train. Scary stuff. He has lived in Gastonia since 1998 and this is the first time he's seen a tornado in his area.
  12. Wow, that's one heck of a tour of Russia!
  13. I'm wearing a mask and keeping three feet away from the screen as I read this post because I don't trust none of youse guys to keep three feet away from your screens!
  14. Happens in Daytona Beach all the time. Just seal all the doors then wait til the tide goes up and float it out. Simple. Unless this happened at high tide.............................. Actually it might need a witch with a big broom!
  15. I would take it to a good jeweler before messing with it and damaging it. It may just need a good professional cleaning.
  16. I was stationed in Daytona Beach when this happened and we had gone over the old bridge a couple of times while visiting in the Tampa Bay area. We started crossing the new bridge in 2000 and every time we did my wife always tensed up, crossed herself and mumbled a prayer. The new one is a beautiful and impressive structure. We moved into the Tampa Bay area two and a half years ago but when high winds are present and they post warnings signs I turn around and go to I-75 which adds at least one more hour to my destination.
  17. Definitively needed when being attacked by militant mallards or gnarly geese.
  18. Lordy, the real true story of what happened to these guys after the war is so full of twists and turns that make finding your way out of the Minotaur's maze a piece of cake. Great story, thanks for posting it!
  19. They are all slightly different, the same as with The Virginian.
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