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  1. Today is the first saturday of the week which is then followed by five more saturdays and ending in the one sunday which is a day of rest. And, yes, I am retired.
  2. I am so glad I was not drinking coffee when I read this. Apple computers are expensive to repair!
  3. Alpo, haven't you noticed those tiny bliking lights at night???
  4. Big brother is watching..........YOU!
  5. In my part of Florida we are almost in drought condition. Crazy!
  6. Shhheezz, it was just an innocent question.............I didn't mean to star a revolution..............
  7. Not to highjack Trigger Mike's "Why I like pineapple on pizza", how about mayo in my hot dogs?
  8. Only pizza my wife would eat was "hawaiian" which has pineapple. I can take it or leave it To me this is like what do you put on a hot dog.
  9. Why oh why oh why do I ever try to read anything without my glasses!!
  10. HMMM................sounds kinky..................tell me more, more
  11. Yes they do. I bought a new phonograph about 6 months ago. Only way to play my very large collection of LP's
  12. Fantastic movie, I've watched a couple of times. In 1995 a remake was filmed starring Jim Belushi. It's also good to watch but I found a bit of overacting in it.
  13. When I took delivery of my 2021 I maxed out on all their maintenance programs. I told the finance officer that I just wanted to put gas in the car, everything else is up to them. I paid quite a bit for that, but all parts replacements and labor cost are covered. At my age I like to lie down on a bed not on the ground.
  14. Thank you , gentlemen, the feeling of guilt is gone. Now, about a Smith Schofield and an 1850 army and a Remmie...............I'm thinking, I'm thinking, but the insurance company is threatening to drop me unless I replace the roof on my house, and this is no good in sunny, soggy Florida, so more guns may have to wait awhile.............. Rats!
  15. I don't think I new another single action.................pero quien sabe?
  16. The young girl, Helena Zengel, in my opinion was the greatest actor in the movie. She is German and was 12 when the movie was filmed. Tom Hanks had great praise about her and said that she did not need detailed instructions about any of the scenes, she instinctively did everything right. She bears watching.
  17. I just can't get interested in series. I've tried several, like Longmire, Criminal Minds, ect. and usually after the third or fourth episode they just become repetitive and I stop watching. Sorry.
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