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  1. I saw it when it first came out................'bout 200 yrs ago.....................Sheez, I feel old!
  2. Most of my knives are Wusthof and I also have a few Cutco which my son sold when he was in college. Pricey but well worth it. The Wusthof all come with a lifetime guarantee. My father-in-law once broke my Wusthof 6 inch chef knife. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get another and mentioned the breakage to the sales lady. She asked me to bring her the broken one and when I did she gave me a new one for free! Now that is a real warranty. They are not cheap but they will last a lifetime. The Cutco are very hard to find, but also worth every penny.
  3. Mine passed three years ago after almost 53 years. The void in my heart is still there but the pain has eased. Faith keeps me going in the hope that someday we may be together again. Life goes on, Pard.
  4. Wonder whatever happened to the German pilot who flew the JU188 into the British airfield?
  5. Hang in there, brother. Never give up. Prayers up.
  6. You've got that right! It took me nearly a year to be able to hit double high C on my B flat trumpet. My next main hurdle was double and triple tonguing.
  7. Thank you, I thought I was the only one.
  8. In my case I would also add two trips to Home Depot, one to Lowes and possibly two to Ace Hardware! And given my propensity to hurt myself one trip to the drug store for first aid stuff!
  9. Yep. "Walrus" had his canteen full of "good" whiskey.
  10. One of my favorite westerns and one I've watched maybe 10-12 times and there is a part in it which always kinda puzzles me. The gang has just robbed a bank and are being pursued by the US Cavalry and to escape they opt to cross a stretch of 75 miles of salt flats desert. My question is: On all sides of the salt flats there are mountains. Why did they not choose the mountains where there could maybe be a chance of finding water? I've never been west of Oklahoma so I'm not at all familiar with anything out there, but it bugs me they selected to follow a route which could easily lead to death? I know it's just a movie. This beside the fact that it's supposed to take place in 1867 while everybody is using SAA's which came out in 1873 and 1892 Winchesters, but if we forgive The Duke in "the Comancheros" we can forgive this one. Anybody?
  11. Rudolph is driving. He's just kinda short.
  12. Beautiful. I can see how using any type of public transportation must be a challenge.
  13. As a coffee drinker I've been meaning to try it out. I am, however addicted to Dunkin.
  14. Man at those distances I can barely see the horizon!
  15. Well, he definitively is not Che Guevara.
  16. Don't you ever get tired of sleeping on the living room couch?
  17. Blows me away how they can fly with such little wings. No wonder they have to flap them so fast.
  18. If I would ever not hold a door open for a woman I swear I would probably see my 4' 11" mother glaring at me! Heck I do it for my daughter and for my two granddaughters. They both giggle and think it's cute.
  19. The answers to me were predictable, it would like asking anyone younger than my parents if they knew who Rudolf Valentino or Theda Bara were.
  20. Respectfully, I will not be watching it.
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