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  1. Dee is a class act and a great competitor
  2. Maybe I'll try Trail boss my go to powders are getting in short supply. 4198, RL-7, and 3031.
  3. Its rumored that Joe Biden may bid on it unless owning it requires him to tell the truth.
  4. I first thought of the Brewster Buffalo but the 52 is truly a great airframe.
  5. I believe a gun like attached to an Abrams. Fun to own, fun to drive, fun to shoot.
  6. Good luck Sue. Any way you get there will be better than staying at home.
  7. You got them my friend, good luck and Gods speed.
  8. Speaking only for Alaska Airlines, masks are required vaccination not. As of today. Any other requirement and I may be in Maui a lot longer.
  9. I agree with Bob it's his attitude that i'm wrong because I own a BSS and he's right because he painted his shotgun
  10. One of my regrets trading away my M-25 enjoy. My advice dont fix the scratch put more on it yourself.
  11. I really don't think it matters if it was 1 day or 100 days. Men died, mothers and wives cried, hero's were made when hero's were needed. They could have left but they didn't they stayed they fought and they died. I don't include the Alamo with the likes of Custer and the Light Brigade. Although the men were brave there leadership was flawed.
  12. Many stupid things are made to work by privates
  13. He's right it's hard to get 100 grs' of black in a dinky 45-70 case. Reaming to 110 length is easy and could easily be a DYI project reamers can be rented. Heck, he could even go for a 45-120.
  14. In Alaska Aircraft have the right of way on public hi ways. There is lots of signage to remind the out of towners of that fact.
  15. The mans name is lost to history at least my sources of history. In August of 1897 a gentleman boarded a steamer bound for the Klondike in his possession were 1000 eggs. After landing at Skagway he proceeded to haul his outfit and his eggs over White Pass that took 3 months. He and his eggs wintered at Bennett Lake until ice out in May of 1898 then started down river to the Yukon. After 3 months navigating the hazards of the Yukon River he arrived in Dawson. Sold his eggs for about $2.50 each. They were described as tasting alright but a little tough. That was very close to a year but s
  16. I use both in the ear aids and electronic ear muffs because a significant amount of "NOISE" is (transferred/transmitted) to the ear by the boney structure of your skull. Feed back is the most common problem doing this but solve that by placing some foam over the aids mic.
  17. Darn, I would like to but I've got a bottle of Bourbon that expires on 02/30/21. Don't ya just hate those use before stickers
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