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  1. I think they should have just left him there. When he started to cry for water or food just tell that the carbon footprint is too large to do that. Then nature could just take it's course.
  2. My 650 came to me in 1991 0r 92 has plates and dies for 14 calibers. As an interested competitor since way before that i have loaded 20k or more a year since then and that's a lot. The parts that die and I keep spares for are 1) ring indexer, 2)case insert slide spring, 3) shell plate 4) case insert slide 5) indexing arm spring 6) ejector wire 7) bellcrank cube, 8) case insert slide. 9) ring indexer spring. Of course, other things can and will happen I blew 100 large pistol primers once that was a thrill but mostly it runs fair and square if I do my job, attention and maintenance. Your mileage may vary.
  3. i dont get anything from the shooters application. did they mean tomorrow or maybe september
  4. look for Pecos Nick better than good
  5. It's a nicely researched book with some interesting bits that are not common knowledge, I highly recommend it.
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