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Weather Forecasters...Grrrr

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I swear, these "weather people" and their dang forecasts...


Tell me, besides politicians, who else gets it wrong so often yet still gets a paycheck and aren't held accountable in any way?

These rass-n-frass'n, goombas get it wrong day in and day out and yet we still believe or at least hope they might be right...or wrong, depending on what they say or broadcast.

They always have an excuse...

"the computer models were wrong"...

"it's hard to accurately predict the weather because of the jet stream, or the ocean current, or the off shore flow..."

I swear they did a better job when I was a kid with weather balloons and manual weather stations.

Heck, doppler radar and satellites should have made things so much easier for them but, no, they had to upgrade to COMPUTER MODELS. Now they just blame that.

"Oh, I'm sorry - the 'computer model' is wrong...


Why the hell do they listen to her any way...she doesn't eat, she's bony and malnourished and she probably can't think right because her electrolytes and glucose levels are all off...Morons.

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And yet we are to believe them when they tell us what the weather will be in 10, 20, 30, 100 years.


It reminds me of back in the 70's with all the reports of the impending global ice age. Now it's the opposite with the impending global charcoal briquet.


They barely get right what's going to happen tomorrow, especially in the seasons of change.


Now come about May thru September in Texas, NM, AZ, they can be pretty accurate: HOT.

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Just a sample of modern American education. No one ever taught them, hay stupid, just look out the window!

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Had an incident about 10 years ago living in Monument, CO, watching the morning news out of Colorado Springs, 12 miles away.


Weatherman forecast for Monument was "Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, high in the mid 40's".


Took some pictures of what was going on outside: It had started snowing about 1am, about 6"-8" accumulation and coming down hard. Weather station I had at the time showed 28 degrees at 1am and a current temp of 18 degrees at 7am and dropping.


Sent him the photos and data and asked if he had even bothered to check the I-25 CDOT camera on top of Monument Hill.


His response was basically: "I was just going by the computer models. I guess I should to a better job of gathering more data". He didn't even bother checking the LPES (Lewis-Palmer Elementary School) weather camera.


A 30+ year veteran meteorologist.


Now granted, Monument Hill can have it's own climate vastly different than what is going on just a couple miles north or south, but still.

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In my area they obviously don't even bother to look out the window. Only job I know that pays about 6 figures and you can be wrong almost every day. And they wonder why some folks don't buy into the global warming thing. Just how long did they think the glaciers would last anyhow. They've been slowly melting for thousands of years. Just like ice in a drink, the smaller they get--the faster they disappear.

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In these parts we refer to 'em as the "weather guessers." :mellow:


Kind of on a par with the "news readers." :rolleyes:

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If computer programmers were held to the same standards we would all

still be cleaning up Y2K.

Atsa fac jac.



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I guess I must be living in a bubble. The weather guesser I watch every evening is pretty right on, most of the time. He's a little bit of a showman and exaggerates on occasion, but still pretty accurate. I would rather he tell us we will get 2" of snow, and we only receive 0.2" than the opposite.

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What joy the local guy gets out of telling us all that it is going to SNOW and then watch the panic.

I think the guy is a disciple of the Marquis de Sade. He seems to delight in the mention of the

SNOW word.


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A few years ago I recall hearing that a whole Chinese weather bureau got to spend time in tha callaboose for getting their forecasts rather wrong.


Something about monsoons and flooding or some such .....

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What yer gonna need is your everyday WEATHER ROCK!


Tells time and weather both.


What ya do is get a rock, a rather large rock, and put out in the yard free of overhead structure.

When the rock is dry the weather is dry.

When the rock is wet the weather is rainy.

When the rock is cool the temperature is going to be cool.

When the rock is warm the temperature is going to be warm.


When the rock has sunshine on it, it is daytime.

When the rock is dark it is nighttime.


Got it all covered.

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I had one but it rolled right over ...... :blush:



I now use a weather string .... much the same as the rock but also includes air movement indication ...

.. string moving = breeze

.. string horizontal = stronger wind

.. string missing = batten down the hatches; OR thief in local area




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Weather folks tend to hedge their bets in these parts, especially during the summer.


The '20-30% chance of isolated thunderstorms' they forecast for basically every day from May to September around here is a good example.


What they mean is,


"It's hot enough for heat effect thunderstorms to pop up in the afternoon, so let me put a small chance of isolated storms in the forecast just in case someone happens to be stuck outside where it ends up raining today."


They know it's gonna rain for a short period of time somewhere today. The question is, whether or not you are standing there during the 20 minutes or half an hour that it will last when it happens.

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