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  1. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Other times you have to show them who’s the boss. On the girlfriend/boyfriend and my teens thing, I think of that Fleetwood Mac line, ”women they will come and they will go”…. I may assess and critique them in my mouth mind, and definitely keep an eye out for trouble, but remember they are most likely a passing, fleeting part of their life and that one or the other will dump one or the other for the next thing they become enamored with. The whole keeping the “girlfriend” from parents thing can be a hiding thing, an embarrassment thing, a not wanting your input for a change thing, control thing or simply kids growing up and wanting some sense of privacy. It can be good or bad but it usually isn’t. And it’s usually just control and privacy and not getting unsolicited input and flippant remarks from parents. It’s not necessarily bad or abnormal. Idle time, frittering away productivity and things that build a teen into an adult, those are things to look out for. And let’s be real, we’re 40-50-60 year old men screwing our time away on the SASS wire, YouTube, Fox News etc. The apple doesn’t fall far from the cart. Letting them grow and mature and work out maturity and self control on their own sort of has to be done at a certain point around 17-18. I hope I explained that well from my perspective. But you’re still the boss. You and the misses…. And all that said, raising boys sure is different than raising girls.
  2. I’ve got some 180 grain corelokt round nose that oughta do the trick on papa moose.
  3. Archery hunting has a new found appeal, but my sons bow is only set at 35 lbs and he has not shot in a year. I’m good to 50 yards. 60-65 with practice. But I really want him to have this chance to shoot his moose. I think I’ll run the gauntlet around NYC, through CT and Massachusetts. That two lane from Albany NY to Bennington Vt onthrough NH into Maine I’ll pass on. That route adds 3 or so hours. My bro/sis in law live in Wyndham, CT. They only come to Georgia via 84 . The nephew just road down straight through on his Yamaha two weeks ago in all that rain.
  4. Lot of good advice here. I want to enjoy this trip. I think I will leave the handgun at home, put the long arms in individual locked cases with all bicycle cable locked together and that cable redundantly cable locked to the bed tie downs with ammo in locked ammo cans inside of a locked bear proof cooler inside of my locked camper shell. Oh yeah, I may as well remove the bolts from the rifles and put those in their own individual locked containers inside of yet another locked bear proof container. You can’t be too safe when it comes to “gun violence .”
  5. I’m avoiding 95 altogether heading up through Carolinas and the Virginias into PA. Avoiding NYC altogether.From there. it’s cutting back into CT, through Mass. New Hampshire and into Maine or I can go from Scranton to Albany NY through VT and New Hampshire into Maine
  6. Heading to Maine Friday with two 12 ga shotguns (hunting pumps 26” barrels) and a bolt action 30-06 and a bolt action 270. Also considered carrying my Glock 48 CCW. We will probably stop in on a campground in Pa. for one night. All interstate highway travel except fuel, the one night camping and Maine (only) state highways. Any convoluted gun laws to consider? My firearms will be in bed of truck (in camper shell) and/or behind seat. How about my CCW? It’s a 10 rnd 9mm. Only bothersome states to me seem to be New York Connecticut Massachusetts
  7. There was a video floating around of an old , I think, Case 110 or 150 or whatever steam tractor hooked to a modern sled tractor with unpteen hundred horse power. Weight trumped hp as the modern tractor simply popped a wheelie and buried its self to the axle. Both great feats of engineering, just different era and technology.
  8. Taking the keto burn and keto boosts supplements do curb my appetite along with at least 1/2 liter of water per hour. I dropped 35 or so on keto in ‘19 pre surgery but 2 month recovery and sitting round gradually gained it back and then some. I have a habit to binge eat under stress. Does not help.
  9. Way to go fellas. Im down to around 230-235 from high of 255. shooting for 220. I got down to 208 in 2019 but was hungry and irritable all the time. 215-220 I feel healthy and content.
  10. Just great. They’ll start filling the shelves in lawn and garden with Christmas ornaments, lights and TD Jakes greeting cards real soon. HD and Lowes will go to crap too
  11. How? My guess is alcohol, and a dare, and possibly a woman, were probably involved.
  12. Me likey. Especially the Wyo. Wife preferred the Apple Pie Moonshine I brought her. Too rich and sweet for me.
  13. Or as Barney would say “therapetic”
  14. Their sisters, presumably. Incest. Women were not counted, generally speaking, in the Old Testament. It is not until Genesis 6 when the Nephilim introduce new genetics into mankind and relieve the human race of all of the inbreeding. At least that’s how I read it. Do I believe it? Not really.
  15. I think one Tyrels great great greats was the first to touch the monolith
  16. I’ve been looking at diesel 3/4 and 1 tons. I’ve concluded buying any of them have built in catastrophic failure risk with 5 figure repair bills to be expected. The DEF systems are one thing all could do without. Fords are engineering, maintenance and mechanical nightmares. Every local diesel shop here is backed up 4-6 weeks with 3-4 dozen trucks setting outside, 90% or better are F250/350 Powerstokes from 6.3-6.0-6.4 and the latest 6.7. The remainder are ragged out Dodges pickups or old GMC/Chevy bucket/utility trucks with the old 6.whatever Detroit diesels. The Ram Cummins is robust but the rest of the truck was designed by either Roper or Amana, and the cab and bed has to be built with their left over appliance parts. Then Ram sticks it to you with the Mopar branded parts. My cousin, a Dodge mechanic, buys his engine parts from Cummins rather than Mopar to save money. Go figure. Chevy/Gmc gives you comfort and ride quality and sensible power, plus there is the throw-away engine design, but I have never known a Duramax owner that was worried about paying the inflated premium for the truck, or keeping the truck long enough for a rebuild. I’m buying a gas burner 3/4 ton in the future. Doubtful a Ford, but keeping my 01 F250 gas burner
  17. 1900- great grandfather Never had the inclination or interest to search any further than those I personally knew. Ive never really knew too many living relatives well, but to second cousins and first cousins once removed. I do have this nice piece printed on linen.
  18. All the law they’ll ever need is the law of attraction.
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