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  1. So now we find out he (Crooks) surveyed the area with a drone hours before the incident?
  2. At all cost. There were 10 people there…with a car….and they still couldn’t muster enough force and mental aptitude to breech a gate or scale a fence. Honestly the best way to bust that lock on the gate would be hooking a chain or tie strap to the lock/chain and floor it! Hell a blow with a claw hammer will break master lock shackles, have several times. Or a tow strap and car to rip down the chain link fence would be quick
  3. Ok I’ll get on that. Let me find a fence. I do not own dress shoes or handcuffs, but can improvise. Im 49 6’2 245 lbs for the record. And I do not train for such crap as this, though these guys should, but not in the least daunted by it. Rest assured, if their wife was on the other side of the fence being raped, or kid/grandkid being abducted, their efforts would have been Herculean and they’d had been over in moments.
  4. You left out the part of what Junior needs to do with his trooper hat. That little detail can wreck even the most well thought out of plans.
  5. I’m calling bull on this after seeing a bunch of 5’ nothings from Central/South America breech fences, razor wire and barriers far more challenging than this in nothing more than jeans and T-shirt’s. A lack of a sense of duty and determination is the problem here.
  6. Well, they need to work on their problem solving skills then….
  7. I think some all of these examples of dereliction of duty lies with many of these guys being more enamored by the authority of their position and uniform than the duties that come with their position.
  8. https://babylonbee.com/news/want-to-be-a-secret-service-agent-here-are-the-12-job-requirements
  9. We all knew ahead of time where this would end up.
  10. An impact and a wrench would have removed those corner clips real quick…….I don’t think government agencies want actual “tools” when they say they need the “tools” necessary to do their job
  11. Finally….I wondered how long it would take for someone to get the joke. Of course. It was air conditioned.
  12. What we need is a year long $20 million investigation along with a $100 million study followed by a multi-billion dollar budget increase to provide more training, equipment and a whole new bureaucracy of incompetents to administer it all. Of course, bolt cutters and axes, but mostly balls and common sense, would have made an exponential difference.
  13. Buford T Justice would have had no problems. Those two troopers were like Junior in Smokey and the Bandit , “Daddy, Im too danged big. I can’t fit through the gate.”
  14. Not to be dismissive to you, but in an active shooter emergency, who cares? Two or three guys could have pushed over and bent those 1”-1 1/4” thin wall fence post. Policeman with his sleeves rolled up to show off his biceps may as well put them to some damn use other than picking up emergency room nurses. They obviously watched too many movies and seen where the car crashes into the gate busting the lock shackle. Or how about this, I notice there was no top rail, and they have have ripped their trooper uniform or lost their hat, regardless of that, didn’t anyone consider climbing over the damned fence and rushing hurriedly to the scene ? 8-10 guys being held up over this? Honestly, this may as well been the William J Lapetomane Thruway
  15. This is about the most clueless bunch….I particularly find humorous the guy with gun drawn seeking cover behind others before Enos tries to crash through the gate. Pathetic….. https://www.foxnews.com/video/6358227266112
  16. You placed “all” in the very front of the sentence, and in front of “businessmen”, and “are” right after it to link a definitive connection with “businessmen” and “conmen”. This choice of words is declaratory and accusatory. And very clear to understand. Tacking on “of sorts” at the end is such an ambiguous, ill-defined choice of words that add no clarity, understanding or context to the preceding words. Little to no subsequent remarks furthered any understanding of what “sorts” you were referring to. But what the hell does it matter? What “sort” of conman is better than any other whether a thief, a liar, a cheat or a slander. A conman is a conman regardless of “sort”. So, I don’t really give a rip about the last two words you chose as qualifyiers. Rather than humble yourself, you’d rather defend your position with an inference that others lack in reading comprehension. All we can do as readers is assume you understand the English language and sentence structure, and that that you related to us in words the clearest expression of your opinions and beliefs, based upon your reasoning and writing abilities. We don’t, however, have to believe you know what you’re talking about, nor do we need to stand idly by without calling you out on your bs.
  17. I’m businessman as are many on here. You made the indiscriminate blanket statement. Not me.
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