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  1. Between Neanderthal man and Cro-magnon man?
  2. Memorable moment: I remember showing up at Riverbend, he’s sees me shooting the warm up, and out of the norm, I’m shooting smokeless powder. He hollers out, “What happened to you? Did you grow a vagina?”
  3. My vote is for a 1/4” hole, 1/4” x 1 1/2” long lead anchor and 1 1/4” #10 sheet metal screw for this application in concrete block. I don’t like or use plastic anchors. But I have to ask, how are those blinds attached? Wood screws or concrete anchors? In my limited experience on concrete and block structures, window and door openings are typically framed with 2x4 (or 6 or 8) for windows and doors to nail/screw to. I still think I’d check and see if there is wood under that sheet rock within the first couple inches up from the top, and to the sides of the finished window opening, but no more higher or wider than that. Too high or wide and you’d miss any wood underneath and be back in block again. Hopefully there’s some wood there, and you could simply use a drywall or wood screw.
  4. Or get a set of unfluted 44 cylinders from Linebaugh, Clement, Bowen taken off from guns converted to 5 shot ,or Gunbroker for that matter.
  5. Yes, I have found that in foundries and other excessively hot environments, at least in my experience in foundries, LED and metal halide fixtures cannot take the heat. HPS will still work. We’re talking 160 degree F plus environments. The various flourescent lighting options ( T5 HO, corkscrew retrofits for 400 watt and induction lighting) do not last in high heat environments either. Used to be trucking terminals used primarily HPS to keep glare down for yard jockeys. I generally insist on installing surge protection to any LED fixture I install ( if not already installed by the manufacturer) AND at the lighting panels. My only problems have been with storms or power issues zapping LED drivers in commercial/industrial applications. Satco makes a surge device for about $6 each that will take up to a 5k surge, but really only limits 1.1 k of protection. Cheap insurance. You can easily fit two of these into a deep 1900 box. LED is great but you’re installing electronic devices when you wire them in. They should be protected as such.
  6. Looks like they are going to LED from HPS. I’m an electrical contractor. Over 50% of my work is in lighting. HPS was popular because the lumen output per watt is greater than metal halide. Maintenance is typically less and lamp life longer. Metal halide always gave cleaner light, cheaper lamps and cheaper ballast. HPS are also more efficient cycling on, so the concept of using a capacitor and igniter (in metal halide, as used in HPS) led to the development of pulse-start metal halide, but I have never liked them. They are problematic.
  7. I would not assume the dogs stopped or that they hold to a particular pattern. Been there done that.
  8. I have long been an admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  9. I found only two other threads on other forums on these 11.15x55R Turkish rounds, with no resolution. I'd chamber cast first, then, if nothing matches and if no cases are to be found, sell it, re-barrel it or: A) Find other calibers close to the chamber cast along with same/close rim diameter. B See if 4-D has some reamers to open the chamber up to, in an available caliber. (may take a couple of different reamers to get what you need,plus headspace gauges -$42 or so per reamer set-up w/ guages) Example ( say it could be opened up to 43 Mauser): http://4-dproducts.com/product/43-mauser/ C) Find a competent gunsmith to ream it out. Another thought, and John Boy may be able to chime in, If you come up empty on finding the correct case, maybe you could get lucky enough to find a common case really really close. Close enough to fire-form, cut to length (which may take some trial and error experimenting).Then you could resort to only neck-sizing and crimp with a die close enough to do the seating/crimping only.
  10. They don't won't to be your friend either. Have a drink on me. https://quran.com/5/51
  11. I don't think they could ever come up with an appropriate adjective for her or Ann Margret. Yeah, I'm partial to redheads.....
  12. Some ideas..... Quesadillas Buffalo Chicken Dip- I like mine on thin sliced toasted french bread Jalepeno poppers Hollowed out brown and serve rolls stuffed with sloppy joe and topped with shredded sharp cheddar- bake and serve.
  13. I assume by full load you are talking factory loads,not including Redhawk/Blackhawk/DanWesson only hand loads?
  14. Amazon has the AmazonSmile program where .5% of eligible purchases go to the charity of your choice. Over 1 million on the list., including the NRA, and even some local 4-H youth shooting program. While I am not a huge Steve Bezos fan (not really a detractor either, just disagree with some of his stances), I do shop Amazon quite a bit and thought I'd pass this along. Just do a search for NRA in the AmazonSmile search bar (or whatever other charity you may feel compelled to help). http://smile.amazon.com/
  15. Unlike the imperialist federal forces of 1861.......I don't think their secession will lead to a civil war. Would Trump build a wall from Oregon to Mexico?
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