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  1. Regardless of the diameter, it is hard to go wrong with any 308/30-06 case based cartridge for NA big game. Just find an appropriate bullet for the application. The 7, 8 and 9.3 Mausers will get it done too. The high bc bullets these new fangled cartridges are starting to be designed around don’t offer any advantage til 350-400 plus yards. I don’t know that the average hunter shooting a box a year or less of factory ammo would see any advantage.
  2. Sounds like a cheap vacation to a gun friendly state and a FTF purchase would be easier
  3. It would have been a shame not to have received this. NICE!
  4. Size 11 Durango(?) stove pipe mule ear brown $90 shipped Justin, low heel black round toe. Slick leather sole- All I ever did was two step and line dance in these. About all they're good for..... $45 shipped Tony Llama- Burgundy lower, dark blue upper. Pointed toe. $100 shipped Pics upon request.
  5. $35 shipped. Blackwater gets first dibs. Blackwater check your box.....
  6. My FFL USPS 2 day shipped a revolver to Texas early this year. Took 7 days. I USPS shipped a Marlin Centennial to Washington once that got momentarily lost, like two weeks. Ended up being in the back of the destination post office with no label and under a pile of other boxes, IIRC. Shipped an Uberti 40-65 High Wall to Texas about 10 years ago. The stock got broke. Took United Parcel Service 3-4 months to settle the claim for the replacement stock. Last December, it took 21 days for a Lee dipper I shipped to make it to Texas.
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