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  1. Wait, time out.... A 34 year old female stripper can be a Lt Colonel?
  2. Originally came off a Snap On truck and it wasn’t a calender
  3. Not really that pretty, but practical.
  4. I found what I needed on eBay.
  5. A Buell, whats that? Something you put out to pasture to service heifers? Seriously, I've never heard of a Buell......
  6. I’d did mention reaching out to Mike. He’s owned several of these. He shows up on the wire once in a while. Like once every year or two. I forget his alias but I have PM’d him and he was helpful to me. Good luck!
  7. Mike Bellevue is up to speed on these. May wish to reach out to him. He did videos on his.
  8. So if the world population would all take hot showers 3 times a day, social distance and wear masks we may be able to have the world partially up by spring 2021?
  9. Dear Lord please, call me heaven or just expedite my one way trip to hell....someone on the SASS wire referenced a Russia Today article......
  10. So any 4-click Uberti will have firing pin in the hammer? I found a 7 1/2 44-40 locally advertised ad 4 click. Haven’t seen it other than online
  11. But the trip involved is worth something too....
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