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  1. Factory tours…let’s see Ben and Jerry’s I guess that’s it.
  2. There’s enough to do here without sorting out other people’s problems. Western Europe has the resources to fend for Western Europe. Once the west decided to stop handing out punitive damages and reparations to the enemies they never truly defeat, then tax the American lower and middle class to fund foreign aid and rebuilding nations for the next despot, does anyone really expect any enthusiasm to stay entangled in the global shit show? I read in the news the last two years more people crossed the Southern border than the population of Indiana. Where are these people gonna live and work? There’s not enough water in S Cal or electricity in Texas as it is. We can’t take even care of ourselves. Why is the step child Ukraine a worthy dependent? Sad truth is too many men, regardless of national origin, go and die for places that aren’t worth a warm bucket of spit.
  3. I’m wasn’t buying muzzle loaders and such aren’t firearms, so I looked at the ATF definitions. Even without a definition I still know a firearm when I see one. Or a gun for that matter. Firearm: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guides-importation-verification-firearms-ammunition-gun-control-act-definitions Antique firearm: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guides-importation-verification-firearms-national-firearms-act-definitions-antique
  4. Bob I’ve been hearing how corrupt Memphis is from my family up there since the late 80’s early 90’s
  5. I get the breaking point thing, but five cops simultaneously reaching a breaking point, or is this like the sled dogs early in Call of the Wild where there’s one Alpha and the rest idly stand by for their turn to pounce on the kill of a weak and offending member of the sled team?
  6. I still say Bigfoot is a hoax. It’s a holographic display put on by the grey aliens used to sort out the stupid people so they do not get mixed up in the human-alien hybrid program being coordinated through the UN and funded by the Rothschilds. The Clintons stole this idea from Bob Lazar, and casually suggested it to Kofi Annan while having pizza at Comet Ping Pong.
  7. I used high brass when I did it. Cant recall any problems. But maybe the extra weight at the high brass base helped. I had picked up 1000 new primed dark brown Fiochi high brass from Franklin Guns back in the day for $30 per thousand. They had 30-40-50,000 of them. I bought one box of 1,000 and was disappointed when the Jr wouldn’t crimp. I was years later when Dash Caliber was loading for a vintage 10 ga 1887 that I discovered roll crimping. I have not shot a match in a good 10 years, if not more. Sold all that off to T-square. Not sure what he made of it.
  8. I used to do this for some BP loads. I used it for some Fiochi high brass hills that I could not crimp crimp in a Mec hr. I used an old Mec jr to do all of the steps and then moved to a drill press with the roll crimp tool and hull vice from Ballistic Products. This was using lubed fiber wads, over powder and over shot cards. The mec definitely does things up.
  9. Closest smith to you I’ve dealt with was mid-Maryland gun repair. Very impressed with the rifle I received from him.
  10. Let some loads set on the shelf a year or more, then pull a bullet and tell us if filler and powder pour out. I did this once and filler and powder were hard as a rock. A solid plug. Found this out when I tried to fire old filler loads and they didn’t go bang. If you shoot them up rather quickly it’s no problem. I recommend at least a card between filler and black powder.
  11. I loaded some 400’s to right around 2000 fps once. After firing 2, I pulled the bullets on the other 8. Some things ought not be shot from an 1895 Marlin Cowboy.
  12. Those cops weren’t professionals from what I saw, but amateurs. Maybe I’m missing something, but it is not hard to spot when a situation is not under control. Memphis is a crappy city for the most part. You have to head east to places like Germantown to find civilization. I have family up there and never liked that place. Drugs, hookers, corruption and whatever other sorts of vice you wanna find flourish there. The agencies of government are likely just a reflection of its idiot leadership. In Memphis, it seems you’re never more than a block away from trouble. Kinda like Miami and Jersey City- too other places I’d rather not set foot in again.
  13. Opinion piece by Van Jones, but of course it gets play from CNN. The modern civil rights movement is cemented in victim mentality, blame and finger pointing. There is no room for self-discipline or personal accountability, so long as it can be pinned on someone else. The deficiencies, indiscretions and shortcomings of a community have no room in the conversation. It’s always someone else’s ( whites, Asians, cops typically, the “rich” excluding athletes and entertainers ) or histories fault. All this does is cause people of different races to self-segregate more than normal and fertilize resentment, fear and hostility to one another in a most illogical fashion. It’s all just another part of a rapidly accelerating moral and cultural decay bent towards government control, intervention and puppeteering. The honest truth is people self-segregate any way based on various socio-economic, demographic factors. It’s human nature, not something that I feel can be defined as good or bad, just human nature- one part of human nature that is grossly manipulated and weaponized as causal of society’s ills but the so-called fight against seems lately to cause even more ills, if that makes any sense. Ive got to work over on Ralph Abernathy/West End Mall area either tomorrow or Sunday. You can bet I’m going heeled. Or if the Antifas go crazy again I’ll stay home so I won’t be forced to go Rittenhouse on their asses. Our Governor has already mobilized the National Guard. At least our governor does his job. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/georgia-gov-brian-kemp-activates-1k-national-guard-troops-ahead-of-anti-cop-protests/ar-AA16OePa
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