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  1. Lets hypothetically say, you have a nephew and let’s say he mentions his friends from up in New England went to Portland/Seattle to join the merriment of urban destruction. And lets hypothetically say I, I mean you, thoroughly dressed him down and made some choice remarks about these people he calls friends. Fast forward two weeks, and lets hypothetically say you you find out he is going to the PNW to visit these friends. Now lets further venture into hypotheticals and get to what is bothersome. I doubt he is up to mischief. Good kid. Liberal, but good kid that’s done all the right things. But here’s what concerns me and I feel like someone needs to keep an eye on him, cause wrong folk can get you in bad do-do. A: This hypothetical nephew is CURRENTLY ENLISTED. B: He is in military intelligence and attached to a government agency that deals in domestic and foreign surveillance. Easy to figure. Think Snowden. Any military brass on here with any input, please direct message me.
  2. All three had a criminal history, go figure.
  3. I would not venture to call the young lad a hero, yet. I would not at all say he had misguided ideals ( God, guns and guts) , but I hear a lot of grown men making talk about "what they would do." Mostly I hear a whole bunch of that from veterans I personally know, or read about on social media, "ready to once again uphold and defend the constitution" Or rednecks I personally know, or read about on social media, "ready to open a can if they come round these parts......" About all of the men I associate with are veterans or rednecks. A few of them succumbed to peer pressure and went to college, but generally engage in traditionally manly activities and values. Point being, youth are impressionable. Remember that. Second point, that 17 year old kid will likely regret that night, but he showed he had a bigger pair than most of these grown folks and all of their big talk.
  4. Historians still debate the trials and triumphs of Colonial militia(s). We might as well rehash that too. Washington wrote, “I am wearied to death all day with a variety of perplexing circumstances, disturbed at the conduct of the militia, whose behavior and want of discipline has done great injury to the other troops, who never had officers, except in a few instances, worth the bread they eat.” Washington added, “In confidence I tell you that I never was in such an unhappy, divided state since I was born.” Yet, Liberty endured.
  5. All three he put down had criminal records: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/update-evidence-shows-young-kenosha-shooter-kyle-rittenhouse-may-acted-self-defense-three-blm-criminals-prior-arrest-records-video/ https://archive.is/R2JYm Just sayin'
  6. Yet you laugh at underwear....don’t be a stick in the mud
  7. I thought about getting a diaper and smearing chocolate or peanut butter, a little lemon juice on the inside, then fashion a mask out of it with the fake excrement exposed. I wonder if I can wear it on my flight to Montana in September...
  8. I prefer to now call them the Washington Foreskins
  9. I have had similar inclinations myself. If you read the declarations of secession from the Southern states, they hammer away on legality of slavery, anti slave states, property rights etc up front in those documents, then jump in to rights conveyed under constitution, or by God, to break away, rebel etc. whatever you wish to call it. My history teachers, here in Georgia, all taught slavery had nothing to do with the South becoming independent, and that Lincoln didn’t fight for slavery but to preserve the union. The latter may be true, but the former, I think my teachers were full of s*** for teaching such nonsense when the Southern states own secession documents built their case for secession in defense of their, at the time, legal right to slavery and their property rights ( that property being slaves). The argument also has been made that most that fought, for the South, fought not for slavery ( most apparently did not own slaves) but loyalty to states etc. My opinion has tried to resolve that over years and I get past the power of conscription, the power of wealthy land owners and politicians over a largely poor agrarian population and the ginning up of anger, fear and resentment to far away devil Yankee folk. I have often wondered if they were no more than the BLM/ANTIFA/George Soros/Hitler personalities of the time manipulating ignorant, fearful minds into a doomed endeavor to preserve their own wealth and plantation lifestyle. Never underestimate the willful ignorance of conceited pride and mob mentality. I have to admit, I have let go of much of the Southern pride, the myths and legends, bygone ignorance, foolishness and fallacy. We all had ancestors from the dark and Middle Ages that clinged to ignorant notions. Why don’t we stand and cheer that on too? But, I’m not going to join some “cause “ for this or that, just practice justice and equality in my own life. People can practice and enjoy whatever they believe, whether it’s fact or fiction or if I’m right or wrong. I will admit though, the idea of AH Stephens State Park bothers me, if not alone for his “Cornerstone Speech.
  10. Old, white guy, bad. Im sure they’d tear a John Brown statue down based on such grounds. Anybody with a beard like that, that’s not tattooed, pierced or in skinny jeans MUST be a racist Southern hillbilly.
  11. The move to blast Stone Mountain goes back decades
  12. I’m a Scott man myself
  13. What brand of toilet paper do you use?
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