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  1. Thanks. My Elliot and IH burn 25-35 gallons a day. Trucks and vans usually 10-12 gallons of gas everyday. $5.19 per gallon is killing my profits. Crane companies we sub to vary in fuel surcharges of 5-7% of overall invoice. I fully expect it to go up. A friend works for a trucking/shipping company in accounting, He runs a program that plots and projects fuel costs. Says they started using it in 2014 and has been reasonably accurate.Diesel cost by fall projected to be in $6.50-$7 range. My brother sits in on Federal Reserve and FDIC meetings. He’s has worked at FDIC for pushing 17-18 years. He told me back in early April they’re projection is recession by November.
  2. I was surprised by all the hippies, granola crunchers and urbanites at the Asleep at the Wheel concert I went to
  3. I have not encountered a ghost. I do see some weird stuff in my dreams as I experience lucid and vivid dreams, sometimes sort of shifting between the two. In control and directing my dreams one minute, then lose control of them later. Sometimes they end, or plunge into silliness, others times into dark and distorted melodramas. Point being, I have had several episodes of these types of dreams, particularly as a child (4-5 y/o), that were super realistic, and had spiritual and demonic agents in them. Upon awakening, they seemed completely real and to this day there are memories and brief flashbacks of those episodes that resurrect a vivid recollection of those moment . Closest thing to give some context to this was when Froto put on the ring and went to a sort of spirt world seeing the Nazgul, only mine were full color and not distorted, but a sense of a physical interaction with the spirit world.
  4. Jerry Clower Ghost Session Jerry did not have much to say.
  5. Apparently, this hearing is a waste of time and includes no eyewitness accounts. Tim Burchett Calls UFO Hearing a 'Joke,' Claims Wreckage Has Been Recovered (msn.com)
  6. I can mail you some crayons and we can have a Zoom meeting, if that helps. It is easier if you start by using interesting fun stuff like, likker, women and cigars in the circles instead, til you get the hang of it. Then work up to the serious stuff like guns, boats, explosives, and swords.
  7. UB, I'm no meteorologist, but I interpret the diagram as this: What you do gets in between what you like to do and what you're good at from making money. Of course, you could redraw these things all sorts of ways and insert all sorts of stuff. Ginger and Mary Ann could possibly overlap, so long as Gilligan was left out and you inserted yourself instead, the three of which are entirely enveloped by a fourth circle called the El Rancho Relaxo. Of course, something to consider, only you and Tina Louise are still alive, and she's 88 years old. But I don't think Mary Ann, stamp collecting, and Thurston Howell would create any sensible combination, and would avoid that entirely.
  8. How many here have seen a UFO? I have seen one about 30 years ago. It did not land, but some crazy maneuvers in the sky. Congress holds historic public UFO hearing, as military struggles to understand 'mystery' flying phenomena (msn.com)
  9. With all the money wasted abroad, we could have a good start towards a socialist utopia here.
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