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  1. I have started to wonder if some sort of “compromise” will try to be struck on “assault weapons” where , as in fully automatic weapons, the firearm may or may not be tax stamped but the manufacture will be ceased although you could buy pre 202x year “assault rifles.” The supply and demand affect of this would ultimately price these arms beyond a reasonable threshold. And maybe this idea has been floated.
  2. I worked all weekend, late into last night. All PM's answered. Heading outta town for several days on work. I'll be back Saturday. One cowboy in particular was ahead of everyone else wanting all of the brass, but the 45, pending price and shipping costs. This sudden rush of work and me having to head outta town is hindering me from getting it all sorted.
  3. If you’re married, you’re never unemployed.
  4. Funny. This reminds me of an industrial tumbler a customer uses. The use these Wheelabrator and BCT shot blast machines to clean aluminum wheels that have been shredded through an SSI shredder. The blasters basically tumble and steel shot blast the shredded aluminum. About 2500 lbs at a time. Most shot remains in the machine but a handful escapes. None can be allowed to remain as it will contaminate the alloy at the foundry. Before going into the bags, the material runs through about a 30’ incline tumbler full of holes to allow any residual steel shot to fall through. Where the tumbler dumps
  5. Are there any issues with primer pocket sticking? The old porcelain media I used was awful in 357/38, sometimes even 44/45 I’d break a depriming pin.
  6. What’s the best source and size for pin media for brass cleaning? Havent looked too far or wide, but I found some on Etsy, of all places for $89 10#.
  7. Q anon flag. I just want one to irritate my brother and sister in law. I don’t by into all of it. It’s a conservative counter culture thing for me.
  8. Heck I can’t even by a Q flag on eBay or Amazon or Etsy anymore. Need to find one to push the buttons of my more tender and fragile relatives, that and build a mini Trump shrine in the living room....
  9. I know this is an off the wall request and kinda off topic. But there is a rather well known photo of Johnny Cash, guitar, biting his lower lip and giving the middle finger to the photographer. Someone please photoshop Trump’s face (biting his Iower lip of course) over Cash’s face, and send it to me.
  10. Marlin 1894 44-40 24" barrel. Original action work by Mid Maryland Gunworks and that was pretty dang good. Widdowmaker Hill worked the kinks out that developed: Marlin jam, timing, extractor and had the bottom of the lifter welded up and machined. The only thing that has not been done is the swap to a one piece firing pin. I have never had an issue with Federal or Wolf primers. I am looking for a straight trade for an equal condition, and by equal, that means not only in appearance, but the bugs worked out too (Marlin jam, lifter, timing) JM Marlin Cowboy in 44 magnum. I would trade for a 20"
  11. They definitely need to get their act together.
  12. Heck even Amazon Prime gives a warning on Andy Griffith Show for violence and drug use.
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