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  1. Or get a set of unfluted 44 cylinders from Linebaugh, Clement, Bowen taken off from guns converted to 5 shot ,or Gunbroker for that matter.
  2. Tempting, but taking wife to Ireland this year for our anniversary.
  3. I don’t have a clue what my family says sometimes. Now you have to admit, there is some value in that!
  4. The Siemans one I looked at IIRC had 3 year full manufacturer warranty. Seller would service and adjust for life. Replace tube for life. ( life of unit???) That was standard. I didn’t go into much else beyond those terms. She let did me leave, wear it for a good couple of hours away from the place while I ate lunch, went and worked a bit, took phone calls both with phone to my ear and on my vans Bluetooth. I couldn’t get over the difference in the Bluetooth calls. One annoyance was hair rustling when adjusting my hat. Another was they irritated my ear. She did say it wasn’t exactly final tuned. I will say it was like mono to stereo.
  5. Self employed. I’m covered for the big stuff. Hearing, glasses, teeth I take care of on my own. Which reminds me, my daughter wants braces. And I’m getting checked for glasses next month. Can’t read anything up close. My arms are getting too short.
  6. One of the benefits of having the opportunity to get shot at! I did not serve. One of the things I wish I had done. Veteran taxpayer count?
  7. I have hearing test each year for DOT and have no problem with the whisper test, but in the last year I can barely understand my kids, ask folks over and over to repeat themselves. Some folks I just give up. Doctors for years have said my cilia? is flat and both eardrums pretty badly scarred. I’ve had real bad tinnitus since 25 or so. I’m almost 44. I tried some of the Siemans hearing aids today and was totally blown away. If felt like sinus pressure was relieved and the ringing ceased and stayed that way for hours after I took them out. My ears have rung 24/7 since my mid-late twenties. The examiner said severe-moderate loss in both ears in the tonal range of conversation. I do know this, that annoying buzzing electronic digital alarm sound I cannot hear at all out of my left ear. She estimated I may be missing as much as 20 of words in conversation. When I watch TV, I notice lips moving and hearing nothing quite a lot.
  8. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/6-best-squirrel-recipes-ever-pics/
  9. It is funny this came up. This morning, my wife and I discussed some of these things. We both came out of public school systems. We have taken our kids out and mostly home school. Our oldest goes to a very small Christian school. One thing I noticed, looking back, having grown up us a have not, is that the haves generally made good grades and did well; participated and excelled in various activities, while the have not's generally did average or below average. Those in the middle socio-economically could go either way. But in general, most people regardless of background, are, well, just average, and I try my best to just look at all people as simply people, regardless of anything. But I do believe if left on their own at too young of an age to direct their lives, without any consequences or expectations cemented with accountability, young folk will simply under perform, and their adulthood will be end up lacking. Now I never once felt the haves were more intelligent or gifted than the rest, though results may seem to attest to that. I don't find much of what school requires to do much with intelligence at all, but just doing your work and working hard at it. My kids can be lazy as can be, and when allowed to do, so flounder. But when they work hard, they develop understanding on their subjects and excel. Sure people's ability to reason and understand vary from person to person, but I have found that intense personal focus, not worrying about the next person and strong work ethic enforced through accountability to be great equalizers in academics. Sure the kids that play in the nicer sand boxes may not have to worry about working or transportation or what have ya. But I'd be willing to bet there are some expectations set forth, and solid consequences to see they are done. Rich or poor or in between, we all have the same problems, the same weaknesses....look at Steve Bezos ( about to pay for the most expensive piece of a** in history) or every other train wreck celebrity or just the hobo in the rail yard. Somewhere focus, discipline, accountability, personal responsibility or just plain good judgement were lost. But with my kids, when my kids have failed, my general view is somewhere it's been due to me lacking in enforcing responsibility and accountability. Hey, I don't claim to be right. Just my opinion, my observations, and what works best for me and my family in our decision making; and I am in NO WAY insinuating that anyone here is doing something wrong or are bad parents. We fight the same battles in my home EVERY DAY over dishes, clothes hampers, clean rooms, not pissing on the toilet seat, you name it....
  10. I find the best lessons in life are taught when youngsters are handed full responsibility and are consequently held fully accountable. With my kids they generally get a leather strap and punishment to boot ( scrub toilets, clean shop, make them work on some elders yard or what ever, something that has to do with doing something for someone else and taking up their time away from a self indulgent mindset, behaviors and activities) I’ve always found grounding only good at building resentment. It only gives them the opportunity to find other diversions or sit around and mope. Not a good strategy for changing behavior. It only instills a mind set of waiting it out til the return of the status quo. I do incentivize good grades with cash (but I can afford it) and punish for bad grades and bad effort. YMMV.
  11. Forestry major, geologist, or biologist of some sort. Something to get me outside.
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