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  1. Thats fantastic news! but I still can’t bring myself to say anything positive about Dallas.
  2. Title brought to mind this vegetarian down our way that runs an organic farm with lots of heirloom veggies, fruit and such. She also raises pastured hogs, slaughters them herself and cures them by hanging the old fashioned way. Mainly for family tradition, not the little she makes off if it.
  3. I was thinking of apple butter or syrup boils.
  4. Ive had a few Glocks and one 1911. The 1911 shot best. The 17 shot well. The 30 shot well. All three are gone. The 1911 was too big for my carry needs even at 6’2” 240 lbs. Too bulky, too heavy and in the way of other stuff. Same goes for the 17 and it was a joy to shoot. The 30 was accurate, but an odd duck with the blocky double stack mag and the finger grooves in the wrong place. I never cared for or found comfort with whole cocked and locked 1911 thing vs the Glock offering of reliable striker fired handgun I could simply carry chambered, pull and shoot. In general 9
  5. If I sell you a pair of shoes, am I supposed to assume you don't know how to tie them and I should show you how? If I sell you a car, am I supposed to assume you can't drive and teach you to drive? If I sell my gun company to your gun company, would it be my responsibility to teach you to make guns that are no longer mine, convey all the hick-ups and nuances of hand fitting and finishing rifles of a style you have never made before and convince my former employees to move from my liberal paradise to your liberal paradise and hold your hand til you get up to speed and make your first mill
  6. I’m striking out this morning....a lot of gun shops and gun stores here won’t or don’t like to ship. My $10 FFL is a gunsmith/True Value hardware store. He is in his 80’s and said the heck with it.
  7. Got it. I have an FFL I use to receive guns for $10, but he absolutely will not ship for anyone.
  8. What is the typical cost to ship a revolver? My best option is Fedex. UPS service center is too far away (50 miles). All I have local UPS are franchises. won't even ship rifles. Even with UPS Next Day Air it wasn't much less than Fedex anyway; not to justify an hour drive. I ran a cost estimate on FedEx Express Priority Overnight $138 with $1100 declared value from Georgia to Texas. 1 handgun. 6#'s packaged weight. Does this sound right? Doesn't sound right all these $35-$45 shipping I see on Gunbroker, everywhere else
  9. Love was never meant for me True love was never meant for me It seems somehow, we never can agree Life is full of misery Dreams are like a memory Bringing back your love that used to be Tears so many I can't see Years don't mean a thing to me Time goes by and still, I can't be free
  10. Ok try this I've seen men look at her before And they think, I don't see I'd like to think it makes me proud But, I'm only fooling me I know she'll be lookin' back The minute I'm not there While she pours herself on some stranger I pour myself a drink somewhere
  11. Well, I got both things to meet in the middleBut I can't seem to get 'em tiedI don't care long as I know you'd be by my side
  12. If I had to guess Jeff Healey? But I won’t give a Google search answer
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