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  1. I’ve never watched the Titanic movie from the 90’s til this evening. Now, I know it just a movie, but I don’t think a legit recovery team would take a grinder and chain to that safe on the deck of the ship. Nor do I think they’d reach in raking all the”artifacts” out without any concern to their integrity. Highly undisciplined and unprofessional. And, not to be petty, and I know 70-80 years had passed, but Rose sure did let herself go.
  2. The function of government is to take money then dispense as seen fit; read as politically advantageous to elected officials. This group is simply trying to tap into that.
  3. I need something a bit bigger. These are pricey but really opened my mind to possibilities https://intech.com/rv/models/flyer/discover/
  4. “Independence” was a step backwards for many of these “countries.” They operate their self-direction through despotism.
  5. Heck, I think I’ll just build out a utility trailer……
  6. Who decided to standardize this for public speakers and social media presentations? Once I started seeing virtually everyone do it, it became an annoyance.
  7. I think the sex relations with that French gal was made up and there is no evidence Robert the Bruce’s dad was a lepor. Im not a fan of historical fiction. Longshanks didn’t die the moment Wallace was beheaded. Then there’s all that running.
  8. Yeah three days south to meet Longshanks army with no provisions or supply line….
  9. What drives me nuts about these medievalish set movies- whether Braveheart or Robin Hood (Costner) or fantasy movies such as Conan or the Hobbit trilogy- is all the damned running. You have this mass of guys spread out all over the forest just running. Or spread out running across an open plane. Or the hero, and perhaps his trusty sidekick, running up a mountain peak. Running- so cliched in these films.
  10. I don’t think half that stuff actually happened. Just a hunch.
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