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  1. Rabbit populations around me come and go. I’ll start seeing rabbits, and along with it, come foxes and yotes. Then won’t see many rabbits for a while. Predators move on, rabbits come back, keeps cycling. Since I logged my pines off and briars, sweet gums, under growth has come up, rabbits everywhere. Barely saw them before. Lotta woods around us are mature pine or hardwoods. Can be great for squirrels, deer, turkey, hogs, but the mature hardwood forests provides little to no cover for rabbits, and a lot of times doesn’t provide the cover and food deer want. if ya want healthy turkey and rabbit populations killing yotes and foxes ( and hogs) goes a long way. For deer fawns too! My personal opinion is Id poison hogs, foxes and yotes if it were legal and I could be 100% certain of no collateral damage.
  2. Get a Foxpro or icotec game call. Set up and shoot’em just after sunrise, right around sunset, til they wise up. Don’t over call. Might get a ‘yote too! Yotes seem to catch on pretty quick..... i shot three grey foxes in a 30 minute period using an icotec game call a couple years ago. I wouldn’t worry so much about “furbearer” season if they are threatening my chickens, just shoot’em. We had possums real bad this past year killing hens. Trapped 3 or 4 back in November and keep two traps set at hen house at all times. Ain’t seen a possum since November though....Caught some feral cats and armadillos, though. I can bring those to ya if you like. My predator hunting is limited and mostly luck.
  3. Not only that, but Confederate veterans are classified as domestic terrorists, but largely ignored are the crimes against humanity, during and after the Civil War, perpetrated by Sherman and Sheridan!
  4. Ingles, for those not in or around the Southeast, is a regional supermarket, based out of North Carolina. The latest sale paper offers 10% off to veterans. Kind gesture, and I have to admit the picture made me grin. As you can see, there are uniformed representatives of the major American conflicts in the ad. I won't point it out, but it's plain to see the Southern bias in whoever put this photo together.
  5. I had a pair of these once, Colt grips, SBH hammers, Joe West action job with the cylinders fixed (reamed to match bore diameter). I’ve bought and sold a lot of stuff, but only really truly regretted selling a pair of these. Back to the top for a good cowboy.
  6. I would not assume the dogs stopped or that they hold to a particular pattern. Been there done that.
  7. I have long been an admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  8. I found only two other threads on other forums on these 11.15x55R Turkish rounds, with no resolution. I'd chamber cast first, then, if nothing matches and if no cases are to be found, sell it, re-barrel it or: A) Find other calibers close to the chamber cast along with same/close rim diameter. B See if 4-D has some reamers to open the chamber up to, in an available caliber. (may take a couple of different reamers to get what you need,plus headspace gauges -$42 or so per reamer set-up w/ guages) Example ( say it could be opened up to 43 Mauser): http://4-dproducts.com/product/43-mauser/ C) Find a competent gunsmith to ream it out. Another thought, and John Boy may be able to chime in, If you come up empty on finding the correct case, maybe you could get lucky enough to find a common case really really close. Close enough to fire-form, cut to length (which may take some trial and error experimenting).Then you could resort to only neck-sizing and crimp with a die close enough to do the seating/crimping only.
  9. They don't won't to be your friend either. Have a drink on me. https://quran.com/5/51
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