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  1. You placed “all” in the very front of the sentence, and in front of “businessmen”, and “are” right after it to link a definitive connection with “businessmen” and “conmen”. This choice of words is declaratory and accusatory. And very clear to understand. Tacking on “of sorts” at the end is such an ambiguous, ill-defined choice of words that add no clarity, understanding or context to the preceding words. Little to no subsequent remarks furthered any understanding of what “sorts” you were referring to. But what the hell does it matter? What “sort” of conman is better than any other whether a thief, a liar, a cheat or a slander. A conman is a conman regardless of “sort”. So, I don’t really give a rip about the last two words you chose as qualifyiers. Rather than humble yourself, you’d rather defend your position with an inference that others lack in reading comprehension. All we can do as readers is assume you understand the English language and sentence structure, and that that you related to us in words the clearest expression of your opinions and beliefs, based upon your reasoning and writing abilities. We don’t, however, have to believe you know what you’re talking about, nor do we need to stand idly by without calling you out on your bs.
  2. I’m businessman as are many on here. You made the indiscriminate blanket statement. Not me.
  3. 3-4’ of 350-500 kcmil copper will end a bad dudes day real quick too!
  4. Probably shot my last match in 2012 but still have two pair OMV Bisley 44 magnums. Hogleg Smith bass Asia action job. I think 17# and 30# springs.
  5. As to making a movie, and not needing the money, that might be a nice break from routine and get to have fun with peers.
  6. There was a guy around here that did just that. Farmed for a living. Flew in marijuana on the side. Son was killed in a plane accident involving drugs. Operation ceased. All the money was laundered, as he made it, into real estate and cattle. Relative of mine handled his legal needs. He owned land in every county in Georgia. Timber, crops, cattle, trailer parks. And some land out of state. Leased out several thousand Holstein milk cows to farmers across the south at $1 per day. I know his wife and foreman well. Upon death worth roughly $150,000,000. Left I recollect $30 million to charity. I was there the day the wife found out and she was crying upset where they’d get that kind of money. His two kids got $1 million cash upon his death but also got operation and rights to assets via his multitude of companies and trusts. They all drove 10 year old vehicles lived in modest homes and looked like typical dairy farmers. That was roughly 15 years ago when he died. Land is worth double or more now. I know he bought 4-500 acres on Lake Oconee just before he died . Lake front 3/4 -1 acre lots in developed golf communities go as high as $1 million.
  7. Very neat stuff. I could never do it. Getting out of sight of land is bad enough. Not seeing bottom is worse. Not seeing sunlight, or even moonlight, completely unacceptable.
  8. I have a gp100 in 44 special looked at charter arms but the Ruger was attractively priced
  9. Electric whole house are generally 20-24 kw. 80-100 amps.
  10. I just read a more detailed account. This happened November 27, 2022. These videos were just released and had been delayed due to ransom ware, or perhaps enough time has passed for the outrage in the community to subside?
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