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  1. Jonah Hex, I'm relatively new to the SASS game having just begun in late 2014, still working running our small business. Given that, I don't get to shoot nearly enough to 1) make me happy; 2) become competitive, especially at these larger state matches. Having just attended the Texas State Championship and watching the speed rifle and speed pistol competitions, it is rather frustrating to see 10 rounds from a rifle fly out at 2.82 seconds while I felt great with a personal best of 5.99 seconds. I had not been able to shoot since late February so that showed as fumble fingers and lower speeds. Day 2 was an improvement over day 1. You bring up some very good points about: The motto was, "if it didn't exist in the old west or if you wouldn't see John Wayne using it, it was not allowed." Knowing that owning and running a small business is going to take up most of my time for the next 10 years or so, I'll then be in the Silver Senior category. Maybe it is a good idea to separate out the "speed racer" shooters into another category. Maybe separate categories for 'modified' firearms vs. non-modified. Maybe moving targets back a bit would make it more challenging. Some of the pistol targets seem to be close enough that I could lean over the table and whack them with my pistol. Adding more elements like the dynamite throw, sitting in the jail cell and having to 'break out', etc., could add to the fun and challenge. Six Gun Justice in Idaho did those things and that is a fun shoot. Kind of frustrating when I had a reasonably good match, only 2 misses the first day, clean the second but would still have had to shave 120+ points off my score just to get into a buckle at the TSC. I'm not begrudging those that get to shoot every day, a couple times a week or even weekly. I would love to be able to do that and know I would improve greatly. Just wondering if there might be room for some changes. But even if things stay exactly as they are, I will still play, still costume up and still meet some of the nicest, best people out there. SASS is wonderful and I wish I would have discovered it a couple decades earlier.
  2. As a relatively new SASS member and shooter, late 2014, I tend to agree with the above to an extent. I have shot matches at a couple of ranges in the Phoenix area, one up near Scottsdale, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Illinois and Texas. Each one does things differently; from slightly different to quite a bit. To my eyes, it appears there is greater emphasis on dumping rounds as fast as possible at the largest, closest targets possible. Many of the pistol targets are so close it seems I could hit them with my pistol attached to a 3' lanyard. Ray Charles would have a hard time missing them they are so big and close. I've shot some where my boots were getting hit with splatter while I was shooting. Rifle targets seem to be a bit smaller but again, close. Close enough to be watermelon seed spitting distance for 2nd graders. Now granted, if the 'need for speed' is the main goal, which it seems to be, there will be misses for those of us that don't/can't get out to practice every week or day. I often go several weeks to a couple months without having a chance to even touch my guns since I'm not yet 'retirement' age and have a business to run and often travel for work. So I will never be competitive in my category when I go to larger shoots. I've also shot a couple of matches where the pistol targets were more on salad plate size and roughly 1.5-2 times farther than the Phoenix, AZ rifle targets. Rifle targets were about the same size but 2-3 times farther than the pistol targets. These matches were run by groups that were no longer SASS affiliates, according to them due to just the exact reasons we're discussing here. Personally one of the most fun, challenging matches I've been to is Hell On Wheels. Assassin and the crew up there put on a great event with lots of movement and challenging stages. I know I'll never get to the point where I can compete at Assassin's level, but it's fun to compete with myself due to the diversity of the stages and targets. Shooting pistol targets the size of Viking shields 10' away gets boring. Shooting rifle targets the size of Nissan car hoods at 20' gets boring. Shooting the same round or square targets gets boring. Seeing repetitive stages over and over, with very little variance gets boring. Yes, I know I need to get more involved, become an RO2, write stages, etc. Working on it as I can. I love this sport and the people I get to hang out with. But that doesn't mean that maybe some adjustment isn't needed.
  3. HSM is The Hunting Shack based out of my home stomping grounds in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, Stevensville, MT to be exact. I've used a lot of their ammunition, pistol and rifle, over the years and really like it as a 'factory' alternative. I have NOT used any of their Cowboy ammo but would assume it would be every bit as high quality as what I have used. Still have a bunch of .38 and .357 HSM ammo. BCS is Bear Creek Supply out of Waterford, CA. I believe. Not familiar with them other than having heard the name.
  4. I think this statement goes a long way to show how "dumbed-down" society is becoming. Despite all the NCIS type shows that expose all manner of ways technology can be used against a person, apparently these Hunted folks don't understand a lick of it. I'm not watching this show since from the previews I saw, it seemed to be another rigged show like "Survivor". If Survivor really wanted to be "Survivor", they would not have paramedics standing around waiting to assist with every little boo-boo. These "reality" shows aggravate the daylights out of me since they are so far from reality they might as well be animated cartoons.
  5. I love watching Alton Brown. I always learn something about cooking and chemistry. I love to cook. So it's all good. Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup or bisque. YUM!
  6. Another charity available on smile.amazon.com: Sass Museum and Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Fame
  7. My oldest brother, Bluewater Ringer, servered 24+ years in the Navy and shot multiple competition disciplines. He got me into BPCR in 2012 shortly before his liver started seriously failing. I became caregiver #3 and spending a lot more time with him and during his better times he introduced me to CAS. I love shooting. I love the old west. The ability to shoot and pretend to be in the old west is fun and the people are wonderful. Mostly good hearted folk that are friendly and willing to teach and share their experience and love of the sport with others. I joined SASS in late 2014 and am paid up through Feb 2019. We got my 2nd oldest brother to join SASS in 2015 and now the three of us try to make several bigger matches together each year. Montana is home for all of us, but I am living in Texas currently, Bluewater in in MT and Bluewater Ringer is in AZ. Makes it a bit challenging getting us all together. Looking forward to converting to a Life membership. Wish I could spread the cost over a few months.
  8. Getting the conservatives or even anti anti-gun folks to vote is key.
  9. I got my Ruger NM Bisley Vaquero's from Long Hunter a couple years ago. Called them up, talked about possibly getting sequential serial numbers. They said that would take an extra 6-8 weeks so I opted not to do that. Ordered the pair, was told it would take two weeks. Eight days later, my FFL calls me and tells me my pistols have arrived! WOOT! When I walked in the door, the FFL says: "Nice pistols and with sequential serial numbers". Long Hunter is top notch IMHO. I added the Altamont Rosewood grips and really like them.
  10. When I bought my NM Vaquero Bisley's from Long Hunter, they came with 15# hammer springs. They would not reliably fire all round. Only fired 33 out of the first 50. I called them up and explained, they rushed me two 17# springs. No problems until recently and now about 1:40 won't fire. I was under the impression that the OEM was 19# for the Bisley's? Not sure if the straight Vaquero are different.
  11. Having raised, sheered, butchered, lambed thousands of sheep in my childhood, I can speak to this. When the sheep are wearing the wool, it is coated in lanoline, a greasy wax substance secreted by the sebaceous gland. Wool coming directly off the sheep does not itch and is quite soft in many breeds of sheep. The processing of wool for textiles removes the lanoline and results in a scratchy, itchy wool in most cases until it is processed, combed further or artificial chemicals are added back in.
  12. Had an incident about 10 years ago living in Monument, CO, watching the morning news out of Colorado Springs, 12 miles away. Weatherman forecast for Monument was "Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, high in the mid 40's". Took some pictures of what was going on outside: It had started snowing about 1am, about 6"-8" accumulation and coming down hard. Weather station I had at the time showed 28 degrees at 1am and a current temp of 18 degrees at 7am and dropping. Sent him the photos and data and asked if he had even bothered to check the I-25 CDOT camera on top of Monument Hill. His response was basically: "I was just going by the computer models. I guess I should to a better job of gathering more data". He didn't even bother checking the LPES (Lewis-Palmer Elementary School) weather camera. A 30+ year veteran meteorologist. Now granted, Monument Hill can have it's own climate vastly different than what is going on just a couple miles north or south, but still.
  13. Nowhere near enough. A few years ago, before starting our own business, I was shooting several times each month. Running .45ACP & 9mm about 2,500-3,000/month each, .38-.357 about 500/month, .243, .270, .308Win, .30-06 about 200/month each. .40-65 about 50/month (trouble finding ranges with enough distance to make it worthwhile). .30 Carbine (rifle) about 100/month, pistol (Blackhawk) about 50/month. .300 Savage, maybe 20/year (expensive and hard to find brass at a reasonable price). Over the last nearly 3 years, shooting has dropped off dramatically. Owning and running a business not related to shooting can do that. Getting back into shooting more often now but not where I was or want to be.
  14. Another vote for the Konus here. But the right tripod will make even a mediocre scope improve. My brother has this one: http://www.buffaloarms.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=159284&CAT=4099 and a lot of people that shoot the Quigley in Forsyth, MT (windy!) use and love these. I need to get one, should have bought when they were still $150.
  15. I searched for Fredric Remington wall calendars for 2017 and came up empty. However, for an artist that is along those same lines, C.M. Russell (From MT so you can't go wrong). http://www.calendars.com/C.M.-Russell-Wall-Calendar/prod201500009618/
  16. And yet we are to believe them when they tell us what the weather will be in 10, 20, 30, 100 years. It reminds me of back in the 70's with all the reports of the impending global ice age. Now it's the opposite with the impending global charcoal briquet. They barely get right what's going to happen tomorrow, especially in the seasons of change. Now come about May thru September in Texas, NM, AZ, they can be pretty accurate: HOT.
  17. I've used a 50-50 mix of water and Simple Green. Seemed to work quite well.
  18. Strongly dislike both teams, can't stand the halftime 'performer'. Wife and I will spend the day going to the shooting range and catching a couple of movies.
  19. Exactly. I was an annual NRA member since about 1974 when dad signed us last 3 at home up. Didn't convert to Life until about 10 years ago. I get zero calls and very little mail. My monthly magazine and every couple of months something from NRA-ILA or a raffle.
  20. Hi Mark and welcome! You are in for a fun ride. I'm relatively new to SASS myself, a bit over 2 years but will try to help. 1) Go to the SASS website and look up clubs in your area. Contact the person listed for the club(s) you're interested in, explain your situation. 2) Most folks are more than happy to let new shooters try out different firearms, leather to help find what is going to fit them. 3) The BFR may be a bit much, most people have a matching set of pistols for a variety of reasons: uniformity, commonality, ease of use. 4) Stainless is not a problem. I have a pair of Ruger New Model Bisley Vaquero in .45 Colt. My shotgun is a Stoeger SxS in rough nickel finish. 5) I don't have the SASS rules here, but I think there might be some class limitations with the BFR due to modern sights. I could be mistaken but someone will jump in here. 6) Most clubs should be very accommodating in getting you both shooting. Maybe not actually in a match first time, but work you through a stage or two. Just get in touch beforehand and they will be happy to welcome you in. Good luck and keep us posted.
  21. Well now we know. In two weeks there will be two NFL teams that we don't like and a halftime 'performer' I can't stand. Great excuse for the wife and I to head to the range then catch a couple movies we want to see.
  22. By prorating, I was meaning what I have paid ahead, not what I have already used.
  23. I'm paid up in SASS until February of 2019. Looking to upgrade to Life but can't quite handle the one time $$ to make that jump. I did inquire a while back as to whether the $800 would be prorated with what I have already paid, the answer was yes,. I also asked if there would be a payment plan coming for Life membership and was told that option was being looked at. Apparently nothing has been implemented on that issue as it is not an option showing up. I keep checking the SASS web site in hopes of being able to spread that cost out over a few months, but nothing yet. Emails have gone unanswered as to whether a payment plan is in the works. I plan on signing our granddaughter up next month at her 1st birthday also. Sure she has a ways to go before even being able to shoot, but that's ok.
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