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looking for the best popcorn

Trigger Mike

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Any Orville's popcorn! I prefer popping in a pan with oil but that darn microwave stuff is soooo easy!!! No muss no fuss! ;)

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Mrs. Lose uses those hot air poppers and they pop nearly every kernal no matter what kind you use. It's a bit noisy but when you mute you're hearing aids it's not bad at all, just remember to unmute them.

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I've tried most of the ones on the market. Orville's seems to be the best. Also tried a bunch of poppers and eventually went back the the retro method of my youth. Takes longer but I think it's best.

Oil, pot, stove.

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I don't like to spend a lot of time with prep and clean-up for popcorn, so I stick to the microwave variety now.


In my opinion, Costco's Kirkland brand microwave popcorn is the best.


And, it's sold in a box of 42 individual bags for about $8 or $9.


I've tried other microwave varieties that are so bad, I couldn't eat it and returned it to the store.

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A couple adders you might want to try, sprinkled on the cooked popcorn (tossed, and mixed in to get to the whole batch) are:

--- granulated sugar

--- ground, black pepper


They are nice once in a while to add a little flavor.

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Our nephew farms close to Dawn, Tx., and he grew popcorn one year. He gave us a 5 gal. bucket full right from his grain truck. We had to pour it in front of a fan to get rid of the chafe or what ever that stuff was, and it was by far the BEST popcorn we have ever had. We popped it the old fashioned way, pan, oil, on the stove. I think what made it so good was it was FRESH. Sadly he stopped growing that kind of corn as there was more money in field corn (fed to livestock). But it spoiled us for store bought pop corn.

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Garretts carmel corn from downtown Chicago.

One of the very few reasons to go into that place.

They ship em most anywheres.

One can will gitcha three kinds if you are indecided.



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I confess...I have not popped popcorn in years.


Around the Holidays, I gorge on gifts of caramel corn.


The rest of the year, I like Smartfood - popcorn covered in white cheddar cheese (also available in Jalapeno Ranch and Caramel) .


All popped, coated and ready for eating.





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Anyone tried this stuff??? It's pretty darn good, a little pricey but convenient as all heck!



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Yul Lose,


Which popcorn & flavoring do you use? Hot air pop corn is kind of bland tasting.


Thanks, Keystone

She uses Orville's popcorn and then savory salt and Parmesan cheese.

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