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  1. My wife and I saw "out of africa" when it came out in the theater on a date before marriage and promptly fell asleep in the theater. Years later it came on TV so we thought we'd try again to see what we missed. It didn't last long before we changed the channel
  2. I've been thinking about getting one as well, and been considering the defender due to price. I want a stainless due to looks. I had a mil spec years ago and miss it. I really don't need one since I have a colt and kimber and others. I just remember the one I had was great.
  3. Moultrie makes a panoramic camera that does well. I have one and like it
  4. Covert wireless are real good and send the pics to your phone.
  5. I just bought a pedersoli carbine for the same price and it is great. Both my 14 and 10 year old sons like shooting it with cowboy loads. Good quality
  6. Local store has some and my 10 year old wants one
  7. i picked up a bench made skinning knife the other day. I have had their pocket knife for a couple of years and always sharp and retained the finish so I figured the skinning knife will do as good. my other brands kept getting dull.
  8. while some wonder and think themselves non-binary, my truck is a girl and i stroke her dashboard when she gets me around something in a hurry. My hunting rifle is also a girl. I've never heard them complain about being referred to as a girl.
  9. My local dealer posted on Facebook he has a 5 1/2 inch barrel 45 colt for 1799. Is that the going rate right now?
  10. I had just started to put this rifle out of my mind. I had handled a marlin and henry and rossi to compare it with and was putting it out of my mind as a friend got bed ridden and thought why buy if you get sick someday and here you put it back on my mind like the Ronnie Milsap song, back on my mind again.
  11. I bought mine from Dillon precision web site, I don't remember it saying that. I have used it for lead
  12. A Louisiana wife of 12 years suspected her husband of cheating so she attacked him with nerf guns, hitting him several times and chasing him out of the house and down the street where cops arrested her. He had cuts and bruises from the nerf guns. Too much violence in the world.
  13. My son got on an airsoft kick lately. Is one brand better than another?
  14. Its looking like the 60s and 80s under Reagan are just reoccurring again.
  15. Figures. Next thing you know it will go the way of vaping and start to be banned because it causes death or cancer.
  16. Then they are overpriced as they want 900. I have always wanted a trapdoor carbine but backed off the real ones since so many rifles were made to look like a carbine and thus worthless. I decided to settle for a reproduction but have an armisport musket so don't want that brand and thought pedersoli would be better quality. Guess I will keep looking
  17. Local store had a pedersoli trapdoor carbine that had zero carbon in the chamber anywhere and barrel looks unused. It appears as new in box. What is a good price?
  18. I've had good success with covert wireless cameras. I tried 2 spy point WIRELESS but they worked a month and stopped. I have over 6 covert and 2 stopped sending but one of those still took pictures, had to buy 6 more due to 5g and of those all 6 work well. I love the nature shots. My favorite is my camera caught a hawk midflight catching a crow while the other crow still sat on the ground.
  19. Bass pro has the colt king cobra (or did til I got there) and a 1911. I didn't ask if they had an AR. I recall under Obama a colt AR would sell for 1100 , then Obama would talk about gun control and the colt would jump to 2000 but other brands not as much, especially the no name brands. I recall a time even during the 2000 a piece era that safari still brought only 800. Colt always held value on its name alone. Sad they are stopping.
  20. I think of you often Sixgun. You and I were in the middle of something at the time it happened and I have been praying for you ever since. I am in South Georgia . Hang in their!
  21. A 410 derringer was hurtful so it's gone as is the beretta 380 double stack 13 round as the recoil hit the nerve in my thumb web that had been pinched in my neck. The ruger lcp I used to have jammed no matter how many magazines I bought or how many times I cleaned it. It found itself in a pawnshop.
  22. Wilson 1911 ultra light carry compact 45acp. Perfect balance and excellent accuracy and reliability no matter what is fed it. Doesn't make my pants drop from the weight of carrying it either
  23. BTW I guess i had missed anyone insulting legal immigrants on this thread and Im so used to the "R" word that I missed it being used as well.
  24. now back to our program, :-) I am glad we export oil now that the attack has happened, we are in much better shape to absorb it, but countries like china and japan are not. Saudi Arabia will suffer as well. The point being this attack may help us more than the attackers had hoped
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