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  1. I was looking around for my wife a new suburban as hers is getting old . While looking I also looked for expeditions from Ford. I stumbled on a new Ford f250 shelby package. 127,000 plus 10,000 for market conditions. GOODNESS. That got me to hankering for a f250. Currently I drive a chevy 2500 to pull the tractor etc. I found that used with 22000 miles was 80,000. I checked dealers up in Atlanta and they had new ones but some were 98,000. Makes me want to trade in all my cars and get a bike until prices drop.
  2. My favorite is a S & W Governor. .410 or 45lc or 45 acp. Can't go wrong.
  3. Was the American Helmet a front seam or rear seam? I probably have one and you could keep yours orange and buy another for collecting.
  4. I remember when the swine flu came just a few years ago under obama, and how some began to wear mask and the CDC and others kept telling everyone the mask are useless unless they are a N95 mask. I bought a box of N95 mask for when it became necessary. At the beginning of this virus faucci and the CDC and others said mask were useless unless N95, then they switched. My son caught the virus while being around someone while wearing a mask and the sick person was also wearing a mask. I was around that same sick person the same day without a mask and he without a mask at that time. I never got
  5. Why not just get both? You can't take green paper with you but steel last and last. :-)
  6. You should make me an offer I can't refuse, otherwise I will want to buy the ruger 10/22 they make that has the m1 carbine stock
  7. They went out of business, sadly. But being built on a ruger frame it can't go wrong. The only oddity on it is the tiny screws that hold the gas port in place sometimes come loose. It does not alter the function as it is mostly cosmetic and holds the front sight
  8. Thx. Btw, the previous owner did a good job setting up the front sight.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/23/delta-variant-pfizer-covid-vaccine-39percent-effective-in-israel-prevents-severe-illness.html?&qsearchterm=pfizer
  10. The other day cnbc reported the Pfizer vaccine is only 35% effective against the delta variant
  11. Same reason I don't get the flu vaccine, the variant is different than the vaccine targeted and flu shots mess me up. I never do well with them and get more sick the years I get the flu shot than years I don't get the flu shot.
  12. How much is the Kingston m1 garand in 22 worth these days? Last time I saw one on gunbroker they were asking 1150. It is a ruger 10/22 frame and uses their magazine.
  13. I want to sell my 45 lc / 45 acp artillery black powder frame revolver. The barrel was cut down by a previous owner. Shoots good. No longer need it. $450 shipped .
  14. A restaurant in Atlanta has all employees vaccinated but they still got the virus, so the news reported today they put out a sign, "no vaccine, no service". If the vaccine works then how did they get sick? Since they did get sick, how do they know if a vaccinated person didn't give it to them?
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