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  1. How does the nagant shoot with the 32acp cylinder? Is it as accurate?
  2. I'm not sure I'll be alive in 15 years and if so, too old to spend that much money on anything besides medical bills and nurses.
  3. Ive mentioned the AR to my oldest and my youngest has used one, but they both have seen how hard a deer falls with a 30.06 and sometimes we hunt in brush and a .223 is deflected too easily.
  4. Those are good points Dan. Most of my deer shots down here in south Georgia have been around 140 yards. Even a cheap loose savage could make do at that distance. My 12 year old traded hus ruger american 308 to my for my weatherby vanguard 30.06 with Leopold scope. He likes it better. I thought of getting rid of the ruger in favor of the sig but it's smarter to keep the ruger. Especially after reading your valid points.
  5. While doing my research I also found out that sig has a scope, range finder system. The range finder sends the info to the scope and the scope tells you where to aim the croashairs. I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money on a rifle, I want good optics. Since the new tech is not currently available, I think I will wait on the rifle.
  6. Is that what the mini series "centennial " was portraying with Richard crenna?
  7. I have several covert wireless cameras. 30 seconds to send a picture to my phone.
  8. I felt the same pat riot. Then I saw the sig and tge barrel is 4 inches shorter and only 6.5 pounds. I don't think my weatherby vanguard 30.06 is that light. It got me to wondering about accuracy and reliability.
  9. My sig pistol experience is what is partly driving my inquiry. I have a 220, 938, and a m17 and they can't be beat. I've wanted a sig rifle just because of that but don't really want an AR 15. The bolt action seemed like a good idea.
  10. Fox had a South African dr say the symptoms were mild and over in a couple of days. A mild cough and fatigue. No damage to taste and smell. Only 500 cases.
  11. I mainly wanted a hunting rifle that is different than what I have. Sig is 6.5 pounds and a shorter barrel.
  12. I ran into one on gunbroker by accident and got intrigued. Sog is hard to beat, but so is ruger. Never owned a precision style rifle but my son keeps clambering for one and sig just seemed like a good potential solution.
  13. Does anyone have experience with the sig cross in 308 and how it compares to the ruger precision 308?
  14. We are going thru the early episodes and I have decided it's junk and has zero likable characters.
  15. It worked, except everyone said I put too.much salt. I'll try again
  16. had a 13 pound butterball for us all. 325 for just over 3 hours. covered it first in sunflower oil and butter and but pats of butter and pork meat under the skin on the breast. salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, orange zest spice, a few carrots and blackberries and pecans in the cavity, lid off until the last 45 minutes. just right.
  17. My grocer had a package of pork side meat cut up like bacon so I bought it. I put the slices in a zip lock bag with salt , pepper and brown sugar to sit until we cook it tomorrow morning. I took 4 pieces and tucked them under the turkey skin . I'm wondering if the bag with salt etc will work?
  18. I often think about how he will feel in his old age from all those wounds.
  19. True. No one follows me there. I only have 55 or so so called Facebook friends.
  20. That is true. We were in basic noncommisioned officers course during land navigation. A sergeant got lost. We searched for him from late afternoon until the next morning. Enough lights to light up an airport. He never moved from a hilltop near the road We were launching from. He never wandered from that spot, though he was lost and could have seen the lights and heard us call his name all night long. He was sent home.
  21. For fun I put a comment on fb that business owners should be issued an ar15 and looters should be shot in hopes they block me for a while. So far they have not. I don't know how long it takes.
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