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  1. It was a round that had not been seated right at the factory. I mainly want to sell it because I am getting older and diabetic and I doubt my family would know what to do with it. I also would put the funds into the farm
  2. I did what was suggested and lifted the extractor and got the round free and got it out. Prior to posting I had tried to do it myself and had disassembled one side. I would take out each piece so I could put it together later. I had a piece fall out, it retains the firing pin. I didn't see where it came from so I took it to a buddy who is a gunsmith. he got it back together and looked it over and said all is well. maybe I can sell it.
  3. Local store showed me a new toy, he said it is a 3 barreled shotgun by charles daly. I looked and the tag said charles daly 410 for 1069. I then looked at the barrel to see the size shell it would take and the barrel said chiappa. I mentioned to him the barrel said chiappa and he reiterated it is a charles daly as you order it through them. Looked neat, but I put it back.
  4. I do. Barely used though, but I don't know the value, feel free to make an offer
  5. When they tell me they are canceling my ssn due to fraud, I tell them GREAT. Can you go ahead and cancel everyone in my family to prevent more fraud? They hang up. My favorite is the arrest warrant. I like to tell them to come on over now. I'm ready.
  6. My old police chief encouraged all of us to carry that same gun in our pocket as a backup.
  7. What's a ballpark price for a B+?
  8. That looks like the size I am thinking of getting. Small enough to park easier yet big enough to sleep a couple of kids and have a close by bathroom.
  9. Would a ruger bearcat fit the holster
  10. The recoil for the 686 seems a little stout and since I pinched a nerve in my neck is impossible to shoot. Haven't tried the redhawk but I do know that the recoil for a Smith and wesson 45acp revolver is negligible and even with my nerve problem. Might try the governor as it also shoots 410
  11. A 737 but not the max. Iran refuses to turn over the black box. I did read where some think it was shot down by Iran by accident
  12. Ruger put out a lcp II in 22 long rifle. A 22 in a pocket 380 sized pistol. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? Sometimes I carry the browning 1911-22 and I wonder if the longer barrel on the browning makes any difference
  13. had one once. I really liked it. sold it because I moved on.
  14. I was using Goex Black Dawg black powder rounds , I have never had problems with that brand before. the barrel is marked 44wcf and I was firing 205 grain 44.40
  15. I was hoping to sell my original 1873 and fired a few rounds to show the buyer how accurate it is. The holes touch at 12 yards. Sadly the 6th round appears to have a swollen brass where the bullet sits. This means the bullet can't go in without shaving a portion off the bullet and then can't get past the bulged brass. The extractor has a solid hold but can't clear to eject the round either. I took off the side plate and part of the levers came out but with the bolt not being able to move much I don't know how to proceed.
  16. Have a 357. Like the idea of a 9mm revolver for some reason
  17. I left if as originally issued. I bought it because when I was a boy a neighbor was a civil war fan and he had one over his fireplace. I decided back when I was 10 that I wanted a Spencer. I got one when I was 50. Just ready to move on now.
  18. A real one? If so I can send pics. I can also send pics of an original 1873 rifle In 44.40
  19. from what I read, he was a security guard for the church, so he was doing his job.
  20. I'm looking for a smith 986 with 2 inch barrel in 9mm. I have a revolver fetish lately.
  21. Actually my 16 year old daughter did it recently because she heard it made them fluffier, and it did. She separated them, whisked them separately and put them back together in the pan
  22. I don't smoke but tell me please, if we legalized pot because people were smoking it anyway, including under 18, why make tobacco illegal for under age 21? We have an underage drinking problem that we can't stop, how are you going to enforce underage tobacco usage?
  23. My thought as well but silly him took it off and threw it across the yard.
  24. I keep telling him over and over he doesn't need one. He mainly rides during the day and it has head lights for the rare time it gets dark on him. He seems to mainly be trying to keep up with the other kids, something I also keep trying to teach is a bad idea. He also says he wants underglows for some strange reason.
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