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  1. It just shows how silly and self absorbed people have become for them to think that if they take off their clothes that I will change my moral standards. Roll tide
  2. Ditto on the unlocking service. Once as I was checking out at Walmart during my lunch break I heard the cashier on the phone with a locksmith who said it would be 45 minutes before he got there. As I went to my car I couldn't find the keys and realized they were locked inside sitting on the middle console. I was about to go ask the cashier who was coming to help her and then thought of onstar. I didn't have 45 minutes to be away from work. I had their number and called it and 30 seconds later I was driving back to work.
  3. But the hotel commercial says "nobody glows" but it might be a yankee chain. My wife used to say that she glistens
  4. I think if I was as bony as her I'd keep my clothes on. Thankfully I am not SO should I pose naked in support of Alabama? If I followed her logic I would. Can someone come help me set that up?
  5. She needs to visit a steak house and put some meat on those ribs based on the picture in your link.
  6. I read a headline that this woman was mad about the new law Alabama passed so she is going to pose nude in protest. How is that a means of protest? Since I won't ever see the pose how will I be forced to effect change?
  7. For some odd reason my children didn't laugh when I told them this joke. I think it is hilarious
  8. They just don't write songs like that anymore
  9. Dukes of hazzard sid him wrong in my view compared to how he seemed in gunsmoke and other times I saw him
  10. The sticky holsters work really well for iwb for the 938. They also work well for in the pocket and the 938 does well in a front pocket. The sig plastic holster is good too. My colt often released the magazine in the pocket but the 938 only did it once
  11. Do you have any holsters or magazines etc to go with it?
  12. My son cant shoot the beretta even with slim grips without it jamming a lot. I may try the slim grip. I can shoot the beretta better with the slim grips from wilson but the medium grip of the sig 320 seems nearly perfect for me. But a 1911 grip is perfect and a revolver is always wonderful
  13. Tex Jones, can you expound on the 21 round magazines on the grip it comes with? Are there thinner grips than the one it comes with, if so then my son or daughter could use it more effectively
  14. Mine just rolls her eyes. I make it a point to sell one once in a while and talk about how I sold it for weeks to make up for future purchases
  15. Another case of you better pay attention as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I'm not sure it could be cured
  16. I always said I preferred the beretta and hated they went with a foreign company and said I refuse to buy one though I collect military weapons but yesterday I had a chance to fire one and was told by the guy who had it that he preferred it to his glock. Upon firing it I have to agree. I know what I am about to say is blasphemy but I am wondering if it may even be better that the 1911. It claims to be made to withstand dirt. Has a good grip. Good balance and light trigger and 1911 style safety. Holds 17 rounds. Good visible sights. It is definitely better than a glock. I fired some hornady breast cancer light loads and the rounds were tight in the lower left diamond of those stick on targets.
  17. I wonder if the ruger version is more accurate and better quality.
  18. I researched the 17wsm and it looks like what I want. This means the savage camo 93xp that caught my eye won't be following me home as it comes in 22 mag or 17 hmr at my store and I already have a 22 mag bolt I got used off the wire. I will make do with it for now. The camo savage was real pretty and I was trying to justify getting it
  19. They are open to hunt here and are a nuisance. They travel from pond to pond cleaning them out as they go like the aliens in independence day.
  20. Otter will clean out all the fish in my pond that I spend money to stock. Last year I saw a family of 4 otters in it.
  21. Seems the general view is 22 mag instead of 17. I was afraid a 223 would bounce off the water if we missed. My nearest neighbor is over 100 yards through trees but don't want to take chances
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